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  1. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Forget SBMM When this can happen

    Seriously WTF is this? even monkey can do better sorting than this yes i know i played when the're less player but still
  2. Seriously Im just upset this only happen when i play my favorite Ship it look like the game try hold me down for some reason. -The problem appears Radomly. -only happen when im playing/match -is not My Internet and if is my internet i can just re-log but not when this problem happen. - sending ticket is just waste of time because they gonna blame my Internet/ISP. -Feels like i'm being sabotage
  3. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Remove DETECTED notif on plane

    than is your problem and swedish DD AA excel if there a CV and whenh plane fly near her and you dont take account things like RADAR ship in team.it doesn't mean is always you got the bad team sometimes is the opposite.also not meant to offend somehow your HAKU and SKK damage is way too low even tho your GRAF is decent so is something you must fix. like i said is not help much but is advantage,CV wasting their time searching DD even for just couple of minute meant your team can get benefit from it.
  4. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Remove DETECTED notif on plane

    What do you mean by blind? im not getting your point most AA cruiser have AA range same as her air detection by using concealment skill and upgrade. punishing you mean sudden death flak you lose couple of plane and be replenished after next 5 minute also is probably work once after that any sane CV player gonna avoid them but still CV can retaliate in late minute because her AA is getting destroyed or he's alone.
  5. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Remove DETECTED notif on plane

    only pan europe DD which have great AA then again is only for" delaying" not "stopping" since CV have unlimited plane and good CV player still can do damage even kill if he's want to,also if you lose all of three squadron because you trying focus on ship like friesland is your fault. you can avoid her and attack in first minute.
  6. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Remove DETECTED notif on plane

    Because German CV is coming i have suggestion same as title seriously in ship is still acceptable but in plane usually your strike distance is inside of AA range and big ship can be spot by CV before their AA range why the hell you need to know your plane is being detected. DD cant advance because pilot have Spider sense that their being watch how the hell is that even work yes is little thing but is help. DD is now being always being harras by CV "P" button is only delaying not stop the plane from spotting and yet DD role being emasculated because everytime im playing DD CV fly by after that they instanly knew where i was because yellow text said "DETECTED" in their plane is not much change for the gameplay anyway but still is advantage for DD player.
  7. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Winning and Losing on certain Ship

    So i dont know how to ask this but after losing streak in my hakuryuu there always thing im notice for so long why i tend to lose in certain ship even though i play really well and and vice versa. example my BB tend have good winrate. here some proof Amagi Seattle SKK ZAO HAKU You can see in this picture my winning ship barely reach AVG even can be said as below meanwhile my losing mostly where the ship i think i really do well when playing them.
  8. so i played ZAO for last couple day because i tried to get Cruiser achievment at first my game is done really well, then something really weird happen i get 15 lose streak , and all of them feel really somewhat humiliating because is where your team get massacre 80% of game my team only can kill 2 or atleast 4 player and in game which the game only last for atleast 10 minute. then another weird thing is my fire chance become so low sometimes scores 100 hit and only 2-3 fire also sometimes my hit show more shatter than penetration, lastly in all 15 game, i've seen 3 dentonation on my team, two twice in a row, and one including me. is like the game try to tell me to play other ship.
  9. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    limit on Win/Lost ratio on every ship

    i dont know how to explain this more easily. but why in every ship there always maximum winrate which i cant break no matter how hard I try. i dont know any of you have similar event. also this is solo play This one of example For past 5 month i tried to increase my Atago winrate from 46% to 50% so i need like 30 win to reach that point. from 46% to 49 i did it in first 1 month . but for some reason from 49% to 50 is really hard . i need like 15 more win to reach 50%. so is but every time i won 3 or 4 game is always kick me back to -15 again sometimes 18 . but next day i usually win again. after that the cycle continue.
  10. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Ask about Saipan fighter

    I dont know if this happen in other up tier7+ CV, because i never played another tier 7 CV beside Saipan and this problem never happened on my tier 6 there's three question i want to ask First why when i want to strafe, instead going to strafe path my fighter suddenly do a U-turn near the circle and im not even inside white Circle Second i cant strafe out from fighter lock, my strafe path is already yellow but they didn't react. or the enemy usually strafe out first so my fighter suddenly got stunned for 1 second . another one sometimes i cant event put the strafe rectangle path when i click the mouse it didn't respond to my clicking. i still have at least 2 plane.also this usually happened when i want do strafe out and in strategies or when i click too fast. Third i mention being stunned after enemy plane do strafe out first is this normal? because often the plane respond on my command
  11. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Unbalanced skill MM

    is not when i lost but how i lost.even sometimes i play like a Potato, example when you see all your DD in your teammate die in first 5 minute because of blind torp by someone on their enemy. or this recent gameplay in estuary domination mode im using CV most of enemy plane have been slaughtered also most of the ship have been destroyed. we have more ship 1 BB and 2CV, and 2CV in enemy team, but the enemy have more cap 3/1 , so enemy have more point like 800/600 point, we still can win if the last BB which he's position near A cap and we still have 6 minute to go, he just need to push and cap , but guest what the BB player decide to do?.... he turn back to my spot which is near C (because i want to cap it) and Stop behind me. you tell me how that's make you feel?
  12. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Unbalanced skill MM

    low moral cause it when i already lost half my team and no chance of retaliate usually my playstyle become sloppy. what,it affect the MM
  13. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Unbalanced skill MM

    i dont mind losing , but is how you lose, sometimes you have great time even you lose.but sometimes when you play you realise you're already lost half of your team in first 10 minute. that's what drives me crazy. after that my i got carried away and it affect my playstyle.
  14. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Unbalanced skill MM

    well you can do that, but sometimes i get blinded and get carried away.
  15. _AmaryllisBelladonna_

    Unbalanced skill MM

    well i've been there.