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  1. What do you mean by this? I am intrigued.
  2. I played quite a few t10 games. I have a t8 and all i see is tier 10s - this much is the same on our server, sadly. High tier cv players are the worst. They have no excuse to be bad. They might have a great battle with each other but when they are both potatoes does anyone really win? Tonight a shokaku lost all his planes to a strike lexington. And couldnt understand he could still use his fighters to spot for the team. Sadly this is representative of my experience.
  3. Thanks, changed it. I didnt realise that was a no-no here. Now that youve quoted me its a bot of a moot point though.
  4. I'm having the same issues. Unless you torp smoke where they can't see them, you'll only hit water. Those torpedoes have a flashing light on them visible from Saturn.
  5. Hey folks, thought I'd say hi. I am from a different server and have come across to play with some friends from work on the Asia server for what was supposed to be some "fun". I think it's great that each server has their different play styles, and here are some I have noticed. 1. This server is obsessed with CV's. Oh my god I have never seen so many CV's in my life. I'm yet to see more than three or four on this server who knows what they are doing. That's as polite as I can be. Fighters? lol. Spot for team? What? 2. 1 DD per team. And if they decide to cap (lol, i know, how strange) they die in 30 seconds. Wow. 3. BB players on this server can I be polite. They are the most passivest players, I guess. They demand you cap, but camp at the back of the map and sail away from anything that is red. Losing with the most HP gets you an extra heroic achievement here I guess? 4. "weekend warriors". We have this on our server believe me. At least there it ends on Sundays. 5. Nobody uses chat. 6. Everybody goes to D on North and A on Neighbors (lol what!) 7. Yamato players only have an S key. 8. SEA server has a much better cruiser meta than NA. NA will have 8 BB's per side, whereas cruisers are everywhere on Asia and people play them very well. Man.
  6. I thought I had a few hours to go, so I finished work early to grind out the last 2 or 3k XP. I log in and it's not there anymore? It's still July though, right?