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  1. Two of our clan members received similar copy paste responses that are, in typical WG customer "service" fashion, completely and utterly unhelpful.
  2. Bump can we get SOME communication on the matter please? @TheURLguy I know its probably not your bag, but can we get some idea? It's been a while now and we get nothing.
  3. ManOfTheYear

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    From East coast Australia I have a 106 ping to NA, and have done from 3 locations over the last 3 years. Ping to Asia server for me is about 40-75ms average.
  4. ManOfTheYear

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    It already is. You think those are actual humans you're playing, reversing in spawn and spamming HE with their Fuso? @Moggytwo on Asia, reload mod des Moines and Salem are out of the question. The 15.6km range is useless because battleships reverse from game start yet.... miraculously have great aim. Playing cruisers on SEA is incredibly difficult, especially in mod tiers. Say you have 15km range in an atago....to use that range you need to move so far up to shoot enemy spawn and behind you, you're now 20km in front of your team so you are getting focused by the 2 CVs on the enemy team. 2 CVs because this is the Asia server after all. Not sure how you can say sea is not camping festival, but you are entitled to your opinion.
  5. ManOfTheYear

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    They probably see that like NA server, the game is dying on SEA and want people to start playing again. I'm sure this is just an asking, not an offer. But it's a step closer to a solution for those of us who hate playing on this passive bot ridden server.
  6. ManOfTheYear

    Server Migration

    Wait, this is possible? Amazing, I want to do it too.
  7. Operations are a damage race. You need things killed ASAP. Bringing a CV is bad, because the damage they do is not fast enough. Not only that, it's really selfish of you. And here's why. Consider this. Your DD has 8 torps headed for the enemy BB. That's a certain dev strike. You go to drop it with your torpedo bombers, and it makes the BB turn away, dodging the torps. You land one torp for 3k damage, and it lives. That is really selfish of you as a player to drop that person, so you get 3k damage, instead of letting it get dev struck. You also make enemy ships alter course, meaning they are no longer showing broadside to 6 of your team mates, but instead, you land one torp for 3k damage and now that thing is nose in, and lives for a minute longer than it would have. What's a better situation? You landing one torp in your Ryujo, or 6 of your team shooting AP at a broadside Aoba. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I WONDER. Please be less selfish, and play a non pest ship in operations. Sincerely, People who play for the team.
  8. ManOfTheYear

    Using MM Monitor is truly horrifying.

    In your humble and unbiased opinions, of course 🤣🤣🙄
  9. ManOfTheYear

    Using MM Monitor is truly horrifying.

    This is exactly how I feel. I try to make moves that would win games on NA, but because my team is literally 10km behind me saving their health to lose, I get focused and die and lose. I will agree with the statement that Asia players are better at the top, but there are fewer of them, and the gulf to the next level of competent players is enormous. NA server, there are less people at an unattainable high level, but more people who hover around the 65-75% area. There are so many tryhards here, CV divisions, and people who play to win at all costs, or to deliberately limit the fun of other players. It's incredible.
  10. ManOfTheYear

    Tutorial T6 DD vs T8 CV Rocket Bomber ?

    At the very least it employs one of the greatest security tactics of presenting yourself as a hard target. Do you want me to make a thread on how to play DD effectively?
  11. I am fairly new to this server as I mostly play on NA, and I use MM Monitor here because I don't know who to watch out for at high tiers. I have to say I am absolutely astounded at the win rates for most of the people - on either side. I am not saying its particularly bad here - I don't use it on any other server, but it's likely just as awful. Server average win rates are around the 48% mark as far as I can tell - yes, most players average a loss. But I frequently get DD's with 200 games in their ships and a 35% win rate. I just....How is that possible? People in tier 10 CV's with 20% win rates. HOW DO YOU EVEN ACHIEVE THIS POORLY. What do they find fun in averaging 15k damage in their Izumo after 45 games? I mean, that is just astounding. That's one salvo. What do they do the rest of the game? Even Stalingrads that average 35%, I mean honestly. How do you do this? It's almost impressive. That is the point where you are actively sabotaging your team's chances of winning by playing this game, and is incredibly selfish. How is it possible to be so bad and not realise?
  12. ManOfTheYear

    Tutorial T6 DD vs T8 CV Rocket Bomber ?

    People just play Gnevny wrong. Your first 4 point skill should be AFT. This gives you concealment of 6.8 which is still ok, but a gun range of 14.3 which combined with excellent fire chance lets you kill cruisers and BBs from afar. You should not cap in a Gnevny until about the half way mark when your team has chunked the enemy DD down or they're spotted and you can ambush them. Play Gnevny open water gun boat going fast and shooting and turning and more shooting and stopping and starting. It's not really a DD.
  13. ManOfTheYear

    Tutorial T6 DD vs T8 CV Rocket Bomber ?

    Hi there, I am an above average DD player on two servers. My advice to you is two pronged. You either stop playing because the game is horrible right now, or you bite the bullet and play anyway. You're going to be frustrated but here's how you do. I'd actually advise avoiding caps completely for about the first 5-8 minutes of a game and just focus on torping or shooting from a flank. Unless there is somewhere you can shelter from incoming shells. You'll likely die and dead DDs are what loses games. A few steps of how I play: 1. Hold down H and see what your air spotting and AA firing range is. If your Air spotting is less than your AA gun range: 2. In game, turn on your Minimap "air detection" circle. It will likely be around 2.5km. while there turn on "last known position indicators" too. Now you have this set up. In game, don't do anything for 30 seconds. Don't move. 3. Press P to turn off AA. 4. Drive to nearest cruiser. Good CVs spot with their rockets because they are the fastest. The first wave will target you, so stick with a friendly and at least make it cost him planes. You hopefully survive the first rocket wave unscathed and rhent he comes back with bombs or Torps and they are easy to dodge. By this time your CV has hopefully spotted the enemy team for you. Take note of who has been spotted and count them. Hit tab and see who's missing. Assess where they could be. Ships in a division will be together, DDs will not spawn next each other, etc. This is the crucial part: determine which ships are.coming to your flank and of they counter you, and this will determine how you play your side. Alternatively, switch sides. 5. If the CV comes for you. Have your AA off. 6. Go right at the planes and by the time he spots you he can't aim in time so he will have to come past and line it up again. If he drops fighters, push P and shoot them down. Of you must enter a cap, do it just as planes leave. Do not smoke straight away. Wait until you see the planes come back again so you have about 30 seconds left to cap, then smoke. You want to be at full speed then hit your smoke, then slam the brakes on. Wait a second or two, then hit full gas again. Then slam the brakes on, and reverse into your first puff, always be moving and angle your butt towards likely angle of Torps. Alternatively do this a few times to make a largeish cloud. The cv will tryhard to drop your position in smoke but you've just moved forwards. After that drop, you'll be reversed into your first puff, and whatever DD has torpedo your smoke will have done it in front of you, cos. That's where they saw you headed. If there is an enemy DD there, spot him. Do, not, shoot him. Wait til he smokes, and then you leave. If it's German or Japanese DD, do a circle and come back. His smoke will be wearing out and he can't see you because he's in smoke. So, wait til his smoke runs out and spot him. Shoot him and bait him to shoot back. Now, he is spotted by your team and has no smoke, but you do. So you smoke and get to kill him for free. This is ideal because you kill their DD and get the cap at the same time. It sounds easy, because it is. Just don't eat potato Torps. You should now get the cap. Leave and spot and Juke the planes as required. Good luck, but playing DDs while rockets exist is so frustrating.
  14. ManOfTheYear

    Infuriating experiences on this server.

    Citation required for this one. It doesn't matter if you take 80% damage or 30% damage, your rewards are the same. You get more XP in a win, but credits it doesn't matter win or loss its the damage. So people aren't interested in XP ?