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  1. Unable to switch servers

    I primarily play the asia server but have an account on the NA server. With 7.0.1 I have been unable to switch servers, I don't get any error, just keep returning to the login screen.
  2. Update

    Ok now, had to reinstall game center app, thanks though
  3. Update

    Not loading stuck on "checking for updates". Suggestions please
  4. Clan thread

  5. Clan thread

    Is there a thread somewhere soliciting clan members? I can't find one. Looking for an English Speaking Clan, I in +8 time zone (Manila)
  6. Just caught this video, thought I'd share. https://youtu.be/j_syMKoTsi0
  7. 7/23 Super League Mission

    Only valid 1 day, ranked battles only, T8????