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  1. PhotoNinja101

    Advanced stupid

    I dunno, there is something about playing a Destroyer that brings out the stupid in me. I frustratingly realize it after I have played stupid in the game. That Wow!, had I just hid and capped, totally would have won. But..., that CV, alone, by itself, taunting me with it's secondary batteries..., oh I can totally take it! And then!... F! Stupid me. Grrrrr.
  2. PhotoNinja101

    Why are Asian servers full of non communicative players?

    Some matches I am open to conversations, some matches I am too focused on the mini-map to see the chat, and some matches I really wish I knew what character was displayed in the chat rather than the mystery square. For Domination and Epicenter matches I will chime in with where I am headed; in Standard Battles I generally ignore the chat and focus on the mini-map instead. But I still wish I knew what the mystery squares were saying in the chat thread.