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  1. Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    You are not alone mate. It happens and aside from sending a ticket not much will come of it. Z
  2. Finally, good games

    That looks about normal Icy.
  3. Not my problem. I play a number of games some are good some not so good. I play as I like same as we all. Mind you I have had a problem with downloading WOWar Planes as I really love flying games and have been playing them since Wing Commander. Any thoughts as to how access that program more easely??
  4. Don't understand what all the fuss is about. I've not had anything else and have had no trouble. Takes a short while to activat but works well. I have a good internet connection, twin core and 16 GB of Ram. Have had the same problems as everyone else with drop outs, MS fluctuations etc. BTW I have never had a weekend set of games like this one. Rank, Random and Senarios ( bad spelling) full of really unusual players ( about the only way I can put it without really saying how I feal ) Pathathic group of over payed youngsters with boats that are unable to hit the water let alone another boat. Me I am not a good player but I can and do hit most of the time. I get sunk a lot but the attiude today seemed to be don't get in the way you might get sunk??? Unbeliveable situations that do not uphold the honour of players of this fine game. Keep playing gamers I love this game. PS Ralph welcome. Z
  5. "Legendary" Upgrades

    Thats one hell of a stutter you've got there Icy. Have to agree though. A couple of things: Tried to join a couple of clans reciently in my time zone (East Coast Aussi ) didn't even recieve a negative reply. Also how to change credit card details at WG. None of the answers I recieved made any sense. Ideas anyone? I'm not a great or very experienced player but I keep plugging away at it and maybe one day will crack the secret to staying afloat. I'v noticed some of the newer people playing are waaay too serious. I thought it was a GAME. Stay afloat all. Z
  6. Can't connect to server

    Same here at Rum City Ausland since 07.30 this morning. Just sent a ticket. Have to wait and see. Z
  7. Japanese Naval flag

    There are many many things in our human history that will be found offensive today by others from all over the world. What our forefathers did is not our burden to carry and nore should we. So I agree with LtDan and spixys. PS. Growing up helps!!!!
  8. Thank you Ralph, have to agree with Dire_Venom as this Captain page does not come up on my system either in the shop page. Just checked the URL and saved it. Z
  9. Well this has happened to me a few times as well PeterMoe1963. I'm central Qld. and have the telco dropouts about once a day. So far I haven't been punished though I believe it is only a matter of time. I'm not the best as i'm still on the up curve ( very steep ) and only just bought my 1st. Tier7. Not much money so it is slow going. I'm finding the camping of players to be a real drag when it is so easy to see the holes into which a team could slip and do real damage. Almost given up on Random at certain times and on weekends though senarios can at times be a pain but ok. The AFKs and BOTs i've had as well and it is annoying. This is a world wide game. Have a look at the news media and see all the Wackos out there. We are going to come across our share no matter what we do. We can keep it together and continue to enjoy what we do. Love the game and when I get up into the rearified levels of T9 & T10 you may have the pleasure of trying to sink me!!!! Good luck and fair seas. PS. my stats. are terrible but i'm trying not to be so aggressive, I'll have to learn to BOT a bit and last longer....LOL. Z.
  10. Well said Ralph and LtDan.....
  11. Thank you Ordrazz. This has happened a number of times to me as well. I thought it may be a new type of captain addition. Picture this: in open ocean, in IRON DUKE at 8K range of a CV about to shoot and CV disappeares. 30 sec. appears again. Happened 3 times in that game and had it happen in other Random games also not just with CVs but with BBs and CLs and they were not behind islands either but in the open and in range of a shot. Every time directly in front and cannot be seen either in zoom or non-zoom. It's a strange one alright.
  12. Zeni_th

    Just a quick one. Are we able to use X-Box Controller to control our ships?
  13. Zeni_th

    Hello again. Q.. When you recieve cunsumables from a crate how do you access them for use? The repair and time reduction consumables I recieved seem to have shot thru. to some where. Is there some where like flags etc. where we might be able to access them and use them as required? Untill I have access I will not be asking for them again.. Seem like a waste of grind. Thanks Zeni_th.
  14. Zeni_th

    Thank you Z
  15. Zeni_th

    Hi! A quick question? When we start a game the team linup is displayed. What do the symbols before some of the player names mean. Some are stars and bars while some have a shields with an A in the centre. Please advise.. Very courious. Zeni_th PS The Ping and FM seem to have setteled down for which i am very gratefull THanks to you all.. Z.