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  1. Zeni_th


    Yea me too in Bundy. Can't get in yet. Whole computer has slowed down, even when accessing the Forums. Have to wait I guess??? Z
  2. Zeni_th

    what to do with excess ship XP

    Just a note on this subject. I've sold a number of ships over the few months i've been playing and for one reason or another I bought a few back again. When I did this I found that the XP earned on that ship came back with it. Found it very useful at times. On another note off this subject I've noticed a number of players have fully detailed ship pics in the carosel in port. Mine are only white outlines. Could someone advise how to make this happen? I really like the look it presents. Thanks Z.
  3. Zeni_th

    Is it a bug:Can't receive"Major Contribution"

    Happens all the time to me???? DD gets same as me 2 kills, 3 Planes. Gets a heap of base HP and Ist on the ladder. I get the same and get 5th on the ladder. In the emerald that time but has happened on a regular basis. I'ts a bit dishearting. Byw the rest of the team do not do as well. Oh well . Z
  4. Zeni_th

    WoWS Update 0.7.9

    Don't know if this is the right place for this, gained the Acasta ( not a bad little boat ) in port it says it has it's own Camo. Mine does not. Thoughts anyone. Does not come up in Camo section either. Any other place I should look? Thanks Z
  5. Zeni_th

    Damn the orders, hard to port.

    Yes mate, I don't normally play DD but having a bit of fun with the new Acasta and today have had a few very strange changes of direction I did not expect. thought I must have hit the wrong key and the checked just before I got sunk that I had not. I thought weird but let it go.??? Bugger Z
  6. Zeni_th

    Sudden Disconnect When In-Game

    Don't know what is happening. My ms is all over the place I stopped a few hours ago to let things settle down am about to get back in and try again. I dropped all my video down to low after being on medium for the last few months. This douse'nt not seem to make any difference. Z PS has Public test finished? Played a few days and not able to access since last Tuesday. This happened last time too.??? Anyone???
  7. Zeni_th

    Sudden Disconnect When In-Game

    It's coming Ralph we can't avoid it. I rearranged my contract and it works great when it is working. Today so far have had no drop outs even after the minie cyclone last night in Rum City CQ. Down load and up load speeds went from KBS to over 6MBS. Unheard of in this part of the world. So keeping the fingers crossed I dont drop out in mid game again and get pinked"again". Worst was the player complaints sent into WG as all thought I was a deliberat AFK. Might see you in ranked as I only go up to T VIII and am looking forward to have a game in that area. Z PS Fox- I decided to activat my Wi-Fi as well and can switch quickly from the direct connection to the Wi_Fi and get back quicker as the Wi-Fi is not as affected as the direct connection don't know why??
  8. Zeni_th

    Sudden Disconnect When In-Game

    I was connected to the "new" NBN in Aussi a few days ago. During the day have been disconnected over a dozen times. This resulted in being pinked twice. Not nice and is giving me 2nd. thoughts about continuing to play. Icy I have spoken to my ISP provider and the only result is that I am informed after the event. Not very helpful for me and can only hope it becomes more stable. I think I'll become a pest and stay on their backs. Never know might do some good. Z
  9. Zeni_th

    Disciplinary action for being rammed?

    Everyone has put forward some good points regarding going pink. It happens Deacon and I can sympathise. Regardless of all the ranting what I do is go to Tier1 and play a few games in Co-Op and have a ball. It seems to get me back into aiming better and when I go back into the main games my actions seem to be a little better. I take a little more time. Cheers all. Z
  10. Zeni_th


    PS. I'm a bloody site older than you old one..And still going... ZZ Ha HA.
  11. Zeni_th


    Have to agree with you old one. Mind you a lot of posters on this forum have a lot of growing up to do before they become adults. Some times it is dishartening to read the absolute crap they write. Every once in a while something comes up where they are specific and accurate. Don't hold your breath though, I'm not gud( as they say) but I still have a few kills to keep me going and maybe next time I will have a win. I'm disappointed that the Public test has so few players this time. It may be the very special people don't have the guts to take on anything heavy and are afraid of losing. Who knows only the special ones LOL. Z
  12. Zeni_th

    A quiet Monday at Garden Island, Sydney, Australia

    Thank you Ralph. Wonderful to see the peace and serenity in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. Hav'nt been there for years but still have the memories. Z
  13. HI mate. I've been playing since 02/18. I'm not good as per the relevant people on this forum. I suck at DD. Not too bad on others. Stick with it and don't expect to become an expert overnight. All of the info. above is relevant. It takes time and effort like anything worthwhile. I love this game and keep getting sent to Davy Jones but it does not matter a lot as you may still gain valuable insite and gain points as you progress. Main thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself and ignore the snowflakes who can't handle losing. They have a lot of growing up to do yet. Go for it..Z. PS> I have a feeling you may be playing in Tiers above you ability at the moment but you will improve. Cheers.
  14. Zeni_th

    Claim your Mid Autumn-event Gifts

    Agreed and thanks for the note WG.
  15. Zeni_th

    I was watching Peter, I was watching.

    Sorry guys. But can anyone track the HACK from India re Escorts??? What a load of SHIT???