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  1. Using Des Monies will be hard now, you will need to focus on AA whilst no getting spotted by it, especially using the legendary mod which is not a good option for a moment due to its 15.8 KM main battery range and quite high air concealment, some captain skill need to be sacrificed for AA build since tier X CV is quite strong at the moment Worcester is a bit okay, the air concealment will work fine with its 6.9 km long range aa with a 90% hit probability and her stock 16.7 km range is decent since the ship's concealment is good Tried Harugumo and some DDs, can't really play aggressively as I used to when CV plane fly around my area, will be targeted for sure upon spotted since AA is not that good plus low HP pools might need to rework on this since no much people are playing DDs Regards, Gig