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  1. 5 games in Akizuki yesterday and 3 games in Nurnberg today,I teamed with bots at least 4-5 matches totally,they either just charging to the front and never turn back,or sailing near their teammates and keep firing in a dd.one of them even AFK(Not the issue of connection,his turrets had pointed towards the front)
  2. I know it's weird to make two threads at the same time but the questions came up to my mind at the same moment so I wish to understand all of them.Since sharks could be winning the contest,does it mean that eagles players can't get the container?Or the contents are not as abundant as the sharks one?
  3. Question about anti-smoke firing

    My friend told me that there's a option to see the smoke comes from the chimney of the superstructure through the smoke screen by enabling an option thus to get the approximate location,but how?(I was told this year ago and he quit the game and we no longer have any contact)
  4. I saw a Zao had two flags equipped(a duck and a shark),isn't this feature applies on American ships only?
  5. Should I change my team?

    No it's not,I contributed 300 pts to sharks today already so I was thought that even I switch my team tomorrow,they should still give me tokens
  6. Should I change my team?

    I am 74 tokens already,if I switch the team tomorrow,will i be able to get the last token and collect all 75 tokens?
  7. 所以那個19技艦長回了農村,永遠不會回來?....
  8. I didn't get tokens today?

    I joined Sharks for the first day when the contest starts and I still remain as the member of Sharks for not switching team
  9. I didn't get tokens today?

    20 for yesterday and the amount is the same for today?
  10. About tokens

    Do players from both team get 195 points?
  11. About tokens

    Will I get enough tokens to unlock worcester camo by getting tokens by keep staying at the same team before the contest ends?what's the other way to get tokens besides being loyal to the own team?
  12. 關於日本巡洋艦

  13. 電腦人優先攻擊最近,低血的玩家
  14. 雷服是什麼?