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  1. hey, Recently i made a post how i couldnt play wows anymore that day, because the multiple disconnects made it unplayable. Starting off today in Nari getting one shot by the misery (aka missouri) kiss all those specials signals goodbye - couldve sold them for over 200k.. I then get to playing chump... and it is a chump as i then get to enjoy no less than 3 disconnects, kiss goodbye to 7 signals worth of earnings, by the time the last one and im back in its to later at the end game to even hardly get in effective range and when i do get to a target, its conveniently everything blows up just as my shells are about to hit time. Even when i think ill out smart that and aim further back.. Anything about my missing 7 specials wg... no no problems my end send screen shot and have i run ping plotting and all that ... Everything else and every other online game 0 issues today.. Youtube and other platforms also fine.. >_> at wg tho nope... another session of oh ffs again.. Now to put this in context you cant wonder why, when i do take time to fill in a survey for your guys benefit, when you ask "How likely are you to recommend this game to a friend" the result i give is a low number.. Have a nice day.
  2. Man_Over_bored

    Captain Training is Rigged.

    Dear WG The long TLDR Its about paying twice in Grind Captain Exp / Fxp for re-training your captain, on tech tree a ship. Which that captain was previously "Fully trained". In the following. I'll use ship examples as Ship's 1 and 2 for reference - Not ship levels or names in an attempt to keep it brief. (Describing Fully Trained on a ship is not Captain level 21 - its trained for that ship with no Captain level training penalty ) A player as they progress down the Tech Tree, transfers the Captain from Ship to Ship The Captain initially is on Ship 1 - and is Fully Trained for that ship > No Captain Training Penalty on Ship 1. Player unlocks the next Tech Tree Ship - Ship 2 Player Transfers Captain, who was Fully Trained For Ship 1 to Ship 2 Ship 2 has the regular Captain Training cost / penalties Player then grinds that same Captain, formerly Fully Trained on Ship 1, to be Fully Trained for Ship 2 (Yes this is OK to this point - business as usual no problem) (So for clarification ) *Captain from Ship 1 Has no training Penalty on Ship 1 Ship 1 Captain Transferred to Ship 2 and gets fully Captain trained for Ship 2 - no captain level penalty applies. Now having no training penalty on Ship 2, that same original Captain that was previously fully trained on Ship 1 - is now Fully trained on Ship 2 and Captain starts to level up as normal. ^This is stated to cast out the taters thinking "No bro you dont understand. the captain wasnt fully trained on Ship 2 So you're actually talking about transfer back to Ship 1 from being partially trained Ship 2 captain which of course = training". Next Some later time and for reasons that do not matter to get caught up in; The player decides to put the same Captain that is now Fully trained on another ship - Back onto Ship 1 (which that Captain was fully trained for previously) There starts the slippery slope . . . Where WG decides its good to charge the player again... for "Re"-Training... ...On a Ship the Captain had worked off the training the first time . . and was previously Fully Trained on before moving to another ship ..only to get hit again with exactly the same Training penalties as the first time which had been completed previously. Like the captain had a NPC brain wipe... as soon as walked onto another boat in the Tech Tree. Therefore at its core, to the Player they've already previously made the Economy of Grind time / Captain Exp or Fxp on Ship 1 - Fully trained. Deciding to transfer said Captain, now fully trained on another Ship 2, then sent back to the same ship 1 where it ,gets another Full round of Re-Training penalties. With the knock on affect to players economy of Captain Xp or Fxp players grind time will have to spent a Second time! To achieve what that had done previously, and removing a training penalty by becoming fully trained on a ship yet again! For WG Im sure theres implications for WG economy, if a single Captain can roam up and down a tech line. Maybe having a 21 point captain at T5 isnt a good thing... Right!! In saying that it can be be done with premiums 21pt captains even possible at T2 theoretically, however impractical... That part of WG Economy Captain Exp and Fxp generating will take some % impact. But its kind of over inflated by the mechanic in the first place. At the same time its a very poor affect in practice from the players perspective. Already having to grind levels 19-21 being effectively a full 1-19 regrind because WG magicked it up. However im not suggesting for an instant that Training for a ship is removed. Only remove the second Training costs for a ship which a captain has previously already been fully trained on. They had earned it after all. This charge them again is double dipping - for grind and Captain Exp and Fxp which has already been used in the first instance.. Please, I politely ask WG to address this travesty, moreover without making existing things or new things to compensate for the % economy hit WG will take. Regards
  3. Man_Over_bored

    Update 0.11.1 Bug Report Thread

    Hi Its fixed now. But no dont believe i was. Basically using a vanilla modstation for the calm seas and different aiming sights at that time..
  4. Man_Over_bored

    Update 0.11.1 Bug Report Thread

    My entire game freezes and trying to deal with it via task manager seems to be ineffective, as in shutting down. Today its crashed very 2nd or 3rd game. Restarted PC to see if that would help. Utter waste of special signals.. on the last game so tilting I quit out. There was a driver update for my Nvdia GPU, on Thursday. However in my 4+ years in wows its the weirdest bug yet, as in not being able to at least close wows by task manager end program. The only thing of note, was my (offical) mod station was updated prior to todays game play. Yesterday crashed once looked like a drop from server. But today freeze screen, thats new. Perhaps its relevant to the update. The only thing I can add as to a possible cause was it seemed to happen when i pressed the Ctrl key, on the left, hadnt tried the right Ctrl key for comparison if any difference. Default map keys apart from using an official mod station Aiming Sight, theres not to much different to my client from stock, best as I can tell. Everything is updated on my PC including wows client drivers etc. Cant play this game in its current state and wasting special signals isnt really a fantastic outcome. (no i have enough premium time thanks) Good luck in fixing this one.
  5. Man_Over_bored

    Update 0.10.11 Bug Report Thread

    Hello and merry xmas over worked developers. Have another one for you, it appears as of this recent patch Thur on Asia server that the black listed players function is once again out of order. Now there are many many elements of this title which are in need of attention. Seemingly more as time goes on. However having trolls verbally attack you for the thrill of getting some sort of response from you is not Fun or Engaging. Moreover, its even less so when every time the same person who's been chat banned for extensive periods of time returns only to immediately pick up where they left off. Over the holidays in particular is the least impressive time to endure this "bug" as assholes have even more free time to troll. Where talking about insults about your family and having sexual relations with them type trolling. Repeatedly. With this in mind and with multiple warnings on known trolls. With a history of being banned for utterly degenerate behavior, only to come back and repeat them straight after the ban is lifted, or in this case due to error being able to view chat from said troll as they can also view mine. Actually beyond frustration and highly annoying. Yes. Yes dont interact with them Im more than aware. Although it doesn't matter, they will pick certain words from anything you type to anyone..then troll you. And chat dies. Because no one wants to interact or have someone like that sitting there waiting to jump on anything you might say. You blacklist is ineffective and so is your dealings with repetitive trolls. Please address this ASAP
  6. Man_Over_bored

    Missions bug patch

    Hello, I'm guessing the area's displayed by red box, see attached image, are meant to display a ship type to complete the mission. Dear War Gaming, can you guys please just stop. Whatever you guys are doing that is not arts department related is not working. The game continues to get more and more buggy since the CV rework of a couple of years back or so. At the moments its virtually broken. Moreover Im getting frustrated to the point of anger how the decision was made to turn the Public server into a test server. ToS be damned! ToS basically says like it or lump it. But god dang it have some respect for the fools paying for your over priced store items who put food on your table and a roof over your head and stop F with us and the Public server. This is why you have a Test server. WG is making more than enough, get proper testers put it in the budget!! Im sorry if this makes you guys a little butt hurt, but not sorry because you're actually not helping the gaming by continually making it worse with more and more additions and increasing constant issues stacking, to the point where its at now. No more Test on the Public server!! Its your cash cow not your play pen!! Have a nice day and a very Merry Christmas!
  7. Man_Over_bored

    Update 0.10.11 Bug Report Thread

    Hello, Also past few days, bug with the tech tree ships. Either when you select another nation the former selected nations ship. Other times they partially load like the space is there for a ship separated by a - but theres no image or data. Another player whom I chat to regularly also has this issue. I am using official mods station. Screen shot Also noticed past at times game results take sometimes a minute to appear. Seems to not be a thing as much since last patch. System R5 3600 GTX 1070 (8gb ram) 32GB System Ram Everything is updated, in drivers and windows 10
  8. hey, I'd wish for RNG not to troll me and allow me to only nearly 0 out hp on ships, that shouldve been a kill shot. ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVE A MISSION FOR SO MANY KILLS. IT DOES NOT MAKE ME APPRCIATE OR ANY PERCIEVED SENSE OF PLAYER SATISFACTION IN COMPLETING A TASK ANY MORE WHEN I KNOW IM BEING TROLLED Y CORRUPT RNG. It only makes grind longer, and as in all games with grind, this only encourages spending to get it done faster.. lets not mess around with word play wg.
  9. Man_Over_bored

    It's whaling season

    Someone above said "given you cant buy steel with money" Erm you BUY stages, You have ALL stages You get Steel. You are buying steel, with the condition that you complete the missions. Make no mistake just because of the way its presented to you.
  10. Man_Over_bored

    Halloween Event Operation

    Hey, Agreed, its not worth the credits for time spend in a continual series of fails thanks to lack of awareness difficulty and this stupid match maker of 3 DD that can get deleted in a couple of Tower / catapult hits. Saving Transylvania (Hard) I've spent entire games perma on fire 2+ Soon as DCP is over back on fire .. In the DD 2 shot at the end one shot from near full HP If you lose a ship or 2 along the way thanks to inexperienced and or lack of situational / priority awareness its over. If you best option even with a full team is to T bone block the Boss at the end.. well yeah thats sure balanced. The boss heal unless its on perma fire its HP barely decreases. Had games where team mates are saying pretty sure I nailed the boss for salvos of 14k and nope .. still F. Theres to much scuffed match maker every single time im the dd class there is two other DD. This is ridiculous when perma on fire or steering out. You need HP pool yourself to survive this mode. With 3 DD youre cucked from the start. Is weegee actually expecting your average brain (the likes who think things like "subs when" "yay funsies" player) to take 5 minutes to watch a video clip on how to complete this mode successfully. I've had more attempts at this mode than i care to note in excess of 20 with the DD. But always that 3 dd to ensure getting #@$#@ over by less skilled team mates... or getting magical one shot at the end while trying to smoke.. Moreover 200K+ dmg 180K+ damage... barely 10% of that in credits.. for all that time.. Nope im out.
  11. Hi, It hasnt reached its full subpocalypse yet. The fools who'd used to scream "Subs When" didnt recognize their impact past yay funsies mode. Evidence that this is a fact is that the subs highest % of games played in testing was in weekend. The part timers. Well done noticing that weegee. The weekenders wanted it more than the regular actually have a clue about them players. This being said. The Maximum joy will occur when weegee starts to collect on ALL its time invested. Including the stagnant "new surface map when" debacle - its been well over a year weegee! You threw all the eggs in one basket subs. Instead of taking even a little longer and building at least one extra map along the way.. Delegate your staff resources! Edit I'll add in the 24 hits to a sub with depth charges ... that didnt result in a kill when sailing the smolensk.. Now the real fun and engage ahh yes, Weegee has to make its profit on ALL these hours and hours on undersea maps. (ignoring the majority of regular full time players arent that interested as a % shown on charts of % played games). This oversight or ignoring this is stupid in ignoring your target markets requirement.. Any other business throwing 100% resources into a 50% popular product or FAR LESS % on weekdays might consider the better investment is to spend that resources doing something else.. So here we go let me paint it for those who are still stuck way back in the "Subs When mode" Did you think about - Stalimium RU subs! Premium subs and their longer everything. Subs with additional modules and or upgrades With research points in the Armory making them even more troll. WeeGee youre currently on the path to creating sea of torps after the smokless DD hypersonic torps of Doom, youve now added water homing missiles, That track right up to the point where impact is virtual un avoidable unless youre bow or stern on at speed + with practical compulsory speed upgrade propulsion mod 1. But in a dd... 77 knots that track you to mere couple of hundred meters or so. or 1.2km for CV with CV turning circles.. NO everything is broken from that point onwards! Stop making excuses.. That noob cv is going to stop flying along to and F back to duke torps? Or try to exit out of a Animation while its attacking with torps or rockets bombs and it cant... meanwhile precious seconds tick by... Oh oh but you can use the mini map ... sure they will while stuck in animation or even about to strike after flying 25-30 seconds.. Im beyond convinced the bs mechanics are to encourage CV, which i have no love of for their mechanics, and DD captains are being actively encouraged to ditch these class's in favor of playing what will kill them.. YEP SUBS. This is literal intent by design. Is this so weegee can go oh look boss the new line is popular (because of troll mechanics but % of weekday players nope) its jsutifying al lthe work done, spread sheet says so.. Now Bonu$$ time for our good work. Meanwhile experienced players saying its going o be worse than CV relaunch and dd sucking rockets of doom... then those same captains thinking if you cant beat them join them, becoming CV captains. This same process for CV and DD will occur with subs vs troll mechanics for CV and DD avoiding homing torps moreover WG is well aware of this. Smolensk vs T10 sub 24 depth charge hits several minutes it just wouldnt die... Close in vertical dispersion Troll as F but can He splash damage them at 10km..
  12. Man_Over_bored

    Alt + Tab to desktop F

    Update Seems to have been some issue with what screen mode I was using. When I'd taken the screen shot, in game, both the Tabs image and Port looked fine, full screen top to bottom. No issues there to be seen. The Tab screen (you can see it in the picture) Shows a full screen, everything in the tab is on screen is visible and in place. But once I pasted the screen shot into paint, that print screen shows a good portion missing off the bottom of the screen. Erm.. thats not what my eyes were looking at when i took the print screen. What I'd seen with my eyes, nothing cut off at all either in the Tab itself or regular port. So now we have: Print screen while holding Alt + Tab paste into paint When pasted that image shows the bottom of the Port is cut off. TF Yet the Tab screen in that image shows the Tab itself revealing a full screen. What I'd seen with my own eyes showed port was fine, nothing missing on the bottom at all or in the tab. Erm... So I go to messing around with settings. Changing window borderless etc and trying Alt +Tab after each change. Note - I have never messed with the positioning of my screen monitor settings, or even had to in recent times in game prior to this. Moreover why was this only in WOWs Why was it only the bottom of the screen that wasnt screen captured.. If it was aspect ratio or something else the whole screen would be "scuffed". If it was some weird aspect ratio, which i dont need to mess around with, then the top and sides would also be off screen, right? But thats not what the image shows only the bottom is gone. Thinking ok it might be a print screen issue with holding Alt+Tab take a screen shot at same time. I'd never tried a print screen while hold alt tab. So time to experiment, never know it might just be that which caused the bottom of screen not to get captured, despite still showing on screen at the time the print screen was taken. So back into wows Only wows open Press Alt +Tab = everything looks fine on screen. Still no Task bar showing Ok So what say if the task bar is there, but like the print screen image what if its off screen. Commence random clicking at bottom of screen, particular focus to the bottom left trying to hit the "Start" on the task bar to make it pop up. Nope, not happening. Hmm. Thats when i went to the settings. I try to stay out of settings, if its working dont break it - unless its like change audio or occasionally try a new aiming sight etc. After changing each setting, some of which altered the resolution automatically. I found success with "Full Screen windowed" as for whatever freaking reason, can Now Alt and Tab Ok. I tried Alt + Tab as I'd make a change. I dont know this whole thing seems rather bizarre. Why would a display setting stop a Alt+tab at all - 0 logic. Task bar wasnt off screen, I'd checked for that at the bottom while trouble shooting, task bar as I'd searched for that, while holding alt + tab in port. Yes I am more than highly aware, that changing resolution, or windowed mode in any shape or form should not affect the ability to alt +tab , as in much as why that would stop an Alt+Tab! in any mode! - it makes no computer logic at all. I might Add I did IT for a couple of years and this is one the weirdest freaking issues I have ever encountered.
  13. Man_Over_bored

    Alt + Tab to desktop F

    Thanks for trying to help F835 Windows key + D = Nothing from the in game port screen Windows + M minimize or restore windows, like wise.
  14. Man_Over_bored

    Alt + Tab to desktop F

    Thanks for trying to help F835 Windows key + D = Nothing from the in game port screen Windows + M minimize or restore windows, like wise.
  15. Man_Over_bored

    Alt + Tab to desktop F

    Thanks for trying to help F835 Windows key + D = Nothing from the in game port screen Windows + M minimize or restore windows, like wise.