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  1. Man_Over_bored

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Really? I ditched the game center in favor of the old launchern because for reasons unkown to me, my actual in game ping seemed to be significantly worse.
  2. Man_Over_bored

    10 Reasons Not To Invite Friends

    Hello wonderful community, As the title suggest 10 reasons why not to Invite Friends to play WOWS 1) One side match maker with feeder team mates Continuing on from above 2) no actual game play or chance to win what so ever, Even sinking 4 yourself still they throw, run and and die just dont have a clue at all T9 T10. 3) The sole mechanic in the game is for the following reason To have you burn through your T 2 consumables, any signals and camo you have equipped. Then repeat that over and over in multiple one sided loss, despite how amazingly well you do, as quickly as possible. 10-12 minute games... You dont need any more reasons, although RU bias ship lines - Only Need to play one nation - Soon gets boring. Tiresome loss streaks- agane no matter how well you do, as i see the brave faces of unicum streamers even suffer this and stoically continue to put a brave face to the public... Match make sucks, losing streaks because of totally one sided teams... look i dont need to see the win rates of every individual player and put them on a spreadsheet for the world to see, its obvious enough just looking at the ranked imbalance and quick glance at the color of the Clans name their players are in vs mine ... all to often a one-sided affair. Why on Earth would i invite a friend, someone who trust my opinion and respects and likes me to these situations... i dont want them to hate me for wasting their time. or waste their cash downloading something they'll likely just uninstall. Plenty of other fun and engaging non BS one sided match making games out there where you do actually have a chance and its not up to you solely to have and absolute stunning game every game just o even have a vague chance with team mates that are only there to feed the enemy and tick over another game quickly ALL because its to get economy ticking over for WG... like WTH is that... its the only reason there would be such utter trash deliberate and recently reverted T8 match maker... simply because WG profits from it.... but its to much. So greed WG you burn those who support you to much they leave... and many more are on the edge of saying bye to this title every day... like now all but about 8 of my full clan are 100+ days afk.. ding dong warning signs... theres probably 1000 other clans out there if not more the same.. When I leave, which probably cant be soon enough for WG as I have often posted negative comments about the way the game is run from the players perspective, there wont be a single nice thing left to say, except pretty pictures, total scam price store and corrupt match making, for rapid game turn over of signals consumables etc.. for WG profit. tldr? idc have a nice day.
  3. Man_Over_bored

    T8 Scuffed agane?!

    Update Future of this game to much radar (sick nerf worcester so it cant stealth radar then bring in more RU 12km radar liek what the actual F WG) fire the people that are coming up wiith your new ideas .. they are making only more problems... you obviously havent thought this through properly, now have you... 1 Line Russians. Thats it... no need to cash... Kinda shooting yourself in the foot while nerfing others to increase sales, not an uncommon tactic in any online game... sadly. Match maker continuing to do its thing since first post, but now its only teams of useless bots in one-sided pvp battles. There is getting less and less reason to long in every patch ...every day. sure send me a free ship in 90 days.. ill look at it get bored and ditch the game agane... waste of WG resources like most hte other players do who've left. New Pc for me, cant come soon enough, time to ditch this title, there is literally only biased RU line and one-sided matches. as matched with dead head team mates at T9 / T10.. bought accounts or bots.. either way they have 0 clues.
  4. Man_Over_bored

    T8 Scuffed agane?!

    Yo What gives, I swear I've gone like 9/12 games bottom T when sailing T8. Playing DD facing X CV that can one shot half HP (no i dont sail around with AA on!) Facing as Many as 5 RADAR X ships!!! when playing a DD Come on WG get your shipt together man, its like the bad old T8 days, doid you guys try and sneak the old match maker back in??? Because match making is really sucking hard at the moment!! Its Not Oh 4 out of 10 games.. youll get F over by mm ....its one long never ending bottom T again and against Way to many higher T radar ships and numerous games with X CV... ITS NOT FUN or engaging!!!
  5. Sorry but what utter garbage. Do you not see the 3 x Rank 1 players Do you not see that we have 4 ranked players Do you not see they have only 1 player who isnt ranked. do you not see that our lowest ranked is higher than there worst ranked With such an imbalance, you will find your team mates melting away and you get focused on, its a sheer weight of incoming fire vs what you can out put, skill doesnt even become a factor. On my other account, currently with only some 70 odd pvp battles, I have a 68% win rate.. One player can not carry against such one sided match making in a TII dd with a 4.5km torp range and a 5.5km detection range.. Vs a team with all at least some skill... Lets put the shoe on the other foot WHO give the positions reversed and you were playing would want to be on the team with 4 ranked players, who all have superior ranks, to your teams only 4 ranked players, in T2 vs number of T3 ships.. Id politely suggest it would be only the delusional, unicums and no lifers.
  6. This is the start no doubt of a long list of oh so many numerous and broken one sided match making examples. ITS NOT FUN AND ENGAGING getting one sided battles 80% the time in the enemy favor! I have no clue how the match making inner working function. but I AM WAY TO FAMILIAR to the point of exasperation with the match making service its corrupt or broken or a mixture of the two. So here on this Low Tier match I start my long long list of one sided matches, that arent fun, that arent engaging that you know are over as soon as you see the player in the enemy team and their ships. Unsurprisingly the only surprising thing is the extremely rare occurrence where your team is outclassed on paper but actually pulls through. So here I will start this no doubt long hall of shame of decidely one sided match making screen shots as undeniable evidence of one sided match making that really makes the game so less desirable AND will only encourage the oh F it out gunned, more radar w/e the enemy has more of run out and die. I can count the number of close battles in the past week on one finger... and it would be the middle one! WG you should be ashamed of this sort of match making, repeatedly, its no error or one off! Please explain WG how this match making works! in the first image!! and EVEN AT TII Do not, for one iota, dare to consider replying that this is an anomaly or a rare occurrence. I and the rest of the player base endures this sort of thing all to consistently battle after battle! Its TROLL, its a perfect example of why to recommend someone to avoid playing one if not all your titles. Im not anti WG or anti the game, however I ahve a great issue with constant one sided match making where im forced to be in teams that have a lower skill base than the others. Doing well to improve your own score and Git Gud becomes a near impossibility. Why when you find yourself out flanked out gunned and in youre in the lower T ships, again consistently. These are not one off events, being mentioned by a single player - who incorrectly is thought of as anti WG, rather than pointing out an issues that is widespread a very well known issue by the regular players and something that harms the game from growing... as players get put in multiple loss streaks commonly of 5 to 7 in a row.. if not more... and when you look after match at the team line up, the issue becomes glaringly obvious it was a one sided match up to start with. This happens over and over and over and over again! Day after day this happens to me, others and content creators who experience multiple loss streaks - those guys play your games for a living!! and are near in not already unicum level! Even they get troll game and loss after loss scenarios.. Thanks for making that obvious it wasnt just me, or isolated incidences, in the first place twitch! Public, potential new players, sees unicum level players going through multiple loss streaks oin twitch and think errrm.. why do i want to even download that game play that game. and so it begins...
  7. Man_Over_bored

    MM still ignores radar?

    Hi, MM broken never! says WG We dont see a problem and never have, and still dont see the problem with T8s that had to Vs T10. Because we stunted player economy means we gain got it! makes new account not even 6 days old T5 omaha Cant even equip camo yet, account to new. FACING MAJORITY OF ENEMY TEAM T7 that HAVE CAMO out of 12 players we have 5 ranked players they have 9 we have 2 rank 1 .. they have 3 rank 1 players... the remaining majority of more rank players they have, have a better rank than ours! So even our ranked players over all are worse... THAT ACCOUNT IS NOT EVEN 1 WEEK OLD HOW IS THAT GOING TO ENCOURAGE NEW PLAYERS TO WANT TO STAY MAYBE JUST MAYBE IF WG FIXED ITS CONSISTENTLY SEEMINGLY RIGGED MATCH MAKING, "SO YOUR ECONOMY IS SCUFFED DELIBERATELY" - its no secret WG! ^ on those times when you stack special signals and good camo and then: 1) get clowns for team mates 2) out matched, more premiums or superior ships / more and better handling / range ( or as noted in the title above more radar) 3) enemy teams get early deva strike is also atypical 4) Enemy CV consistently / often has an achievement badge (showing at least some skill in the game) but yours NEVER has. If WG fixed that sort of thing, maybe just maybe players would stay... Instead of putting a 5 day old account, in a T5 ship, against teams with majority T7. T7 with the advantage of superior armor, guns, range and penetration values and a T6 CV's VS no camo T5 omaha with only 2-3 at T5 on enemy team, a couple of T6 and vast majority (T7 - hi Atlanta!) Being anything other than cannon fodder and easy points for the other team is a delusion. Try give me that trash about "but if you play in higher Tier you get more points!". waah BS! You still have a higher % of losing!! You lose you earn less! Handicapped as a individual player by ship T and your trying to damage a II Tier higher ship. A enemy with a more skill points captain and they can use camo so you have worse dispersion. The enemy has every advantage. The other ships at your T, that you actually have a fighting chance against, is on opposite far side of map again! That account also frequently faced a number of opposing players who had the collectors emblem / badge and things denoting vast experience over any newbie coming to the game... Looking at my team, less ranked, those that were are worse ranked vs enemy over all, number of starter badges vs seasoned players with at least some obvious skill.. My matches majority were closer to literal noobs, in the polite sense of being actually new. Play style of "Chickens running around with head chopped" off game play vs obviously more seasoned players. There i am in T5 vs T7 in a position to contribute the least.. and suffer the most. Fun and enraging game play I sure want to play this every day... I really want to tell my friends and my online face book clan of some 200+ players (all with their own contacts) which plays and discuss's many different games and talks about them in detail there. Tell them all about WG and its business practices.. and invite them to play lmao "not like this". I really want to purchase a single ship for the cost of a triple A title now, dont I! Especially given everything I'd have experienced as a new player. WG at this stage you have 2 options 1) Take a step back from your titles, take a broader picture of this. Look at it from the outside as a new player and what they encounter and then adapt. 2) Stick your head up your assets and deny anything / everything! In its arrogance and to think that this is nothing more than yet another one of those "for some inexplicable but all to frequent" rants by yet another of so very many, many players is an over sight and dismissive at WG's own cost. Not adapting will continue to run WG business into the ground and handicap WG growth, while continually wasting "Free" items on 90 day inactive accounts. Good day. P.S I don't mind if your brain melted having to read more than 5 lines in a post, or if its not grammatically correct :3
  8. Hi So today i was messing around doing a lot of the 200% first win of days in bots. After sometime i thought id check on the progress of the PR build in its shipyard, to see how far the next stage was from completing. If i recall correctly, somehow while i was in that PR shipyard , the select ships for battle ribbon was still visible. So while in the PR build screen,i selected the next in line of the 200% wins ships I was going to play, from the ribbon. When i selected the ship, Queen Elizabeth, the PR shipbuilding progress screen closed. I was taken to the port screen. However this is where things get interesting. The regular premium port screen appeared at first to me to be zoomed in. Like when you mount signals. However a long crane type or dark metal structure was filling up most of the screen. Not 100% sure, but perhaps the view angle was actually level at the middle of the horizon . Finding that view angle somewhat annoying, I tried to rotate the camera view without success. So I then clicked on the port button. I was thinking that would reset to the default camera angle and the view of the (Queen Elizabeth) would be shown. To my bemusement the picture attached is a snapshot of what i seen, after clicking the "Port" button. I only took a quick snap shot, as you do for weird things, and then selected a random ship the Jean Bart and she showed in the screen as normal. The port has behaved fine all day, although a number of games later I did experience a random crash at end of game close and chose the terminate option. Later on today, I had mentioned this bizarre port happening in "Off Topic" chat. Someone their suggested I post it on the forums "the community would be interested in it" so here it is. If its strange, it will happen to me, this is only another example of it. . It happened I took a screen shot, selected another ship which appeared fine and could mount signals on fine and camera angles everything was as normal. The only thing being an issue with crash a number of games later and those games seemed normal. And community, please don't troll or think its more PR drama or some photo shop type things gone on. I don't have the skill or the time, i'm too busy grinding shipt! I don't need bonus drama. Its 100% as the screen shot was, with only a edit of my clan and user ID and that's just so pitas (pain in the ass) don't ask me questions about this 2 years later. Please dont ask me, did I do this or that, I don't know anything other than whats written above as to what happened. It's just a snap shot to me. everything works fine! Only thing left to say is Happy New Years !
  9. Should i comment? Hmm... rant...-er? Yes, people who rant too much

  10. Man_Over_bored

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    yeap your right 100% sure go ahead enjoy yourself 'have fun with that Have a nice day sir... .
  11. Man_Over_bored

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Your welcome Make sure to miss my upcoming rants on the biased amounts of higher rank players at way higher T than the players in my team - this ahem imbalance in the The Tiers may have been semi addressed 1.5 years later after it twas mentioned. However this higher Ranked and more of them in the other teams continues. Dont worry im starting a spreadsheet today to provide all the evidence anyone could wish to ignore. Followed soon after by the WTH Does the enemy team always get the Public test server ships and premiums or anything other than the meta lines my teams have.. gotta miss them all.
  12. Man_Over_bored

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Congratulations you as have many other;s have completely missed the point.
  13. Man_Over_bored

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Ok I will call it like i see it and i ill do that all day every day! So i have been running through a lot of Bot games recently, mostly due to time available to play and it being quiet time and not wanting to wait for 5 mins for pvp. However i started to note a pattern. Im good at noticing patterns =.= Most recent game 2 humans rest my team +6 :Bots. One Friendly bot comes into my smoke shoots out my main gun and then almost manages to push me into oncoming enemy torps, if it wasnt for some artful dodging i'd having been in port 100% Then later on in same match, on my way to teh last bot and , approximately in the middle of the map, suddenly a friendly bot seemingly launches off random torps my side of the map... WHERE THERE IS NO ENEMY AT ALL or EVEN CLOSE OR WITHIN RANGE THE LAST ENEMY BEING BOW ON TO THAT so called Friendly bot, WHICH TRIED TO TORP ME! DELIBERATELY JUST BEFORE GAME ENDS! WHAT was that for WG HUH! some scam to incur extra service Fee>?> it all adds up right % So about now some might be thinking, Its bots, its a one of thing who cares.. BUT NOPE Theres more. But lets counter the first part. "Its only bots" "Who cares". You should care because a scam there can just as easily work its way into pvp. It also exposes the greed and mindset behind the company and lack of respect for its player base. Oh heres free stuff now shut up about the morally and business corrupt type practices, tactics and changes we make under ToS Its bots "who cares" Its not the fact that it is bots, its the fact that This company is trying to screw players over to every last tiny % and this type of thing only reinforces that thinking. Further more given that business mindset (never forget premium ammo in WoT) this friendly bots torping, could easily evolve into a seemingly real player name who is even in a clan in real game play .. and more accidental torps etc.. and You will never know! It has happened before where a developer has made a scam clan(s), to take on the leading clans (the higher % of money spenders) to encourage the upper Tier of spenders to spend even more. Now the second part Its a one off NO IT IS NOT I would not go on such a rant if it hadnt happened multiple times Including get this Playing on "Two Brothers" map A :Friendly Bot cruiser is at the entrance to the enemies cap but as it turns it fires torps, all the way back down that channel between the 2 brothers to try and torp me sitting a few Km out the other side in our cap starting position.. There was 0 ships of any sort between those two islands in that channel, only a clear line of sight between me and the :Friendly bot. Nothing on the opposite side of that Friendly Bot so WG dont try to say the bot F bugged and it fired torps on right angle but wrong side... =.= other than that it appeared to have been your typical well timed bot torp spread but with no enemy or friendly bot target in line of sight or range.. only human player. This in turn meant, the friendly :Bot deliberately sent torps down towards a Human player all the way down the channel between 2 brothers with no enemy on my side of the map or passing between us (was enemy close? not even 15km away!) and with me being the only ship in range and in line of sight at all. It successfully managed to torp me with one of a double spread =.=. THERE ARE NUMEROUS OTHER INSTANCES OF THIS ALL Occurring recently. At first it was bots torping bots, and occasional hitting humans. But now its seems there has been an deliberate assassination issued by these so called Friendly bots and as of this recent patch. Deliberately targeting friendlies humans, typically at the mid to late game status (not time actual time the games progression). Perhaps the scam of bots mostly hitting bots for sometime was to get humans acclimatized to that happening. "Moreover" in PVP, bearing in mind that i rarely get incoming torpedo alerts anymore... =.= I am very vigilant of torps as a side affect of that which continues into bots game play... So I noticed this trend and now this patch certainly the deliberate targeting of other Human players by Friendly bots in mid to late game play. At first thinking weird WTF did that bot send torps to the side of the map that only has friendlies on it.. That only has a 100% chance of hitting friendlies.. Why cos every last bit of damage done cost you more and increase grind that tiny % more... The thing about % and many many games, it all stacks... This is a clear and present SCAM Disgusting WG!
  14. Man_Over_bored

    Patch 8.7

    Dear WG A little positive feed back from me, while im epic ranter i will also give credit where its due. "Nice Work" Patch 8.7 best since before CV rework dropped. Appreciate with the changing in game mechanics and additions it will never be perfect as client is always a work in progress. AA changes - couldn't have been better / Play as CV capt more balanced now for both attacker and defender.. One little niggle with getting poor frame rates at end of Nari Love the new Tech tree using all that screens real estate better. Would be nice to see all the premiums and discontinued ships or put that on a separate tab in the Tech tree . Because Id like to know what i might face in any random battle or for others what might they face in ranked and what its capable of, so that would be a huge help. The ship modules you upgrade as you progress, if you could add in the Fire chance and Torpedo Detection range. This way, players who aren't aware to check these stats beyond the ships layout of armor (on right hand side) would have this info accessible right there.when they select a module to upgrade. (im hopeful this would positively affect all unaware players game play of these vital mechanics). for example a gun module shows range velocity and fire chance, perhaps armor pen value on the module when selected. and a torpedo module shows not only speed and damage but its detection range when selected This way all info is right there in one spot and cant be missed through lack of awareness.. Oh one last thing noticed the Audio improvements, I've installed the higher quality audio part of the client and the difference was notable, even on my budget store brand TV, which i use for a PC screen. All in All a 9/10 patch credit where its due WG 07
  15. Man_Over_bored

    Event Ships Remaining?

    Hi everyone. Recently, in the past week or so I was watching Twitch and a certain wows stream with 2 streamers hosting it. A viewer in the chat with more knowledge about how WG works with events and ships asked these gentlemen how many ships remained in an event .. The streamers face looked a little hmm how to say awkward and voices dropped when one of them gave a reply stating there was a site where all this information was available. However, due to irl noise and other distractions I never got back to watching the stream and listening again fir the information. As the streamers looked quite out of place by the question I really dont want to harass them and make them feel out of sorts as it were in a middle of stream. Thus that brings me to the question of what is this mysterious but seemingly public webstie that has all the information of how many ships are available in loot crates / aka containers. Because just like scratch to win tickets... (you dont want to be buying containers or scratch tickets if you have next to or 0 chance of wining the top prize)..... and still be paying for the privilege of having less or lower chance ...which is why i guess the some what awkward look on the face of the streamers when asked that question... Anyway does any one have a link for that information on bonus missions / ships available for event / container (aka loot rates) It would be very nice to know if im paying for a 10% chance or a 0 chance for example for top T in an event / crate etc... Many thanks o7