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  1. Should i comment? Hmm... rant...-er? Yes, people who rant too much

  2. Man_Over_bored

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    yeap your right 100% sure go ahead enjoy yourself 'have fun with that Have a nice day sir... .
  3. Man_Over_bored

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Your welcome Make sure to miss my upcoming rants on the biased amounts of higher rank players at way higher T than the players in my team - this ahem imbalance in the The Tiers may have been semi addressed 1.5 years later after it twas mentioned. However this higher Ranked and more of them in the other teams continues. Dont worry im starting a spreadsheet today to provide all the evidence anyone could wish to ignore. Followed soon after by the WTH Does the enemy team always get the Public test server ships and premiums or anything other than the meta lines my teams have.. gotta miss them all.
  4. Man_Over_bored

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Congratulations you as have many other;s have completely missed the point.
  5. Man_Over_bored

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Ok I will call it like i see it and i ill do that all day every day! So i have been running through a lot of Bot games recently, mostly due to time available to play and it being quiet time and not wanting to wait for 5 mins for pvp. However i started to note a pattern. Im good at noticing patterns =.= Most recent game 2 humans rest my team +6 :Bots. One Friendly bot comes into my smoke shoots out my main gun and then almost manages to push me into oncoming enemy torps, if it wasnt for some artful dodging i'd having been in port 100% Then later on in same match, on my way to teh last bot and , approximately in the middle of the map, suddenly a friendly bot seemingly launches off random torps my side of the map... WHERE THERE IS NO ENEMY AT ALL or EVEN CLOSE OR WITHIN RANGE THE LAST ENEMY BEING BOW ON TO THAT so called Friendly bot, WHICH TRIED TO TORP ME! DELIBERATELY JUST BEFORE GAME ENDS! WHAT was that for WG HUH! some scam to incur extra service Fee>?> it all adds up right % So about now some might be thinking, Its bots, its a one of thing who cares.. BUT NOPE Theres more. But lets counter the first part. "Its only bots" "Who cares". You should care because a scam there can just as easily work its way into pvp. It also exposes the greed and mindset behind the company and lack of respect for its player base. Oh heres free stuff now shut up about the morally and business corrupt type practices, tactics and changes we make under ToS Its bots "who cares" Its not the fact that it is bots, its the fact that This company is trying to screw players over to every last tiny % and this type of thing only reinforces that thinking. Further more given that business mindset (never forget premium ammo in WoT) this friendly bots torping, could easily evolve into a seemingly real player name who is even in a clan in real game play .. and more accidental torps etc.. and You will never know! It has happened before where a developer has made a scam clan(s), to take on the leading clans (the higher % of money spenders) to encourage the upper Tier of spenders to spend even more. Now the second part Its a one off NO IT IS NOT I would not go on such a rant if it hadnt happened multiple times Including get this Playing on "Two Brothers" map A :Friendly Bot cruiser is at the entrance to the enemies cap but as it turns it fires torps, all the way back down that channel between the 2 brothers to try and torp me sitting a few Km out the other side in our cap starting position.. There was 0 ships of any sort between those two islands in that channel, only a clear line of sight between me and the :Friendly bot. Nothing on the opposite side of that Friendly Bot so WG dont try to say the bot F bugged and it fired torps on right angle but wrong side... =.= other than that it appeared to have been your typical well timed bot torp spread but with no enemy or friendly bot target in line of sight or range.. only human player. This in turn meant, the friendly :Bot deliberately sent torps down towards a Human player all the way down the channel between 2 brothers with no enemy on my side of the map or passing between us (was enemy close? not even 15km away!) and with me being the only ship in range and in line of sight at all. It successfully managed to torp me with one of a double spread =.=. THERE ARE NUMEROUS OTHER INSTANCES OF THIS ALL Occurring recently. At first it was bots torping bots, and occasional hitting humans. But now its seems there has been an deliberate assassination issued by these so called Friendly bots and as of this recent patch. Deliberately targeting friendlies humans, typically at the mid to late game status (not time actual time the games progression). Perhaps the scam of bots mostly hitting bots for sometime was to get humans acclimatized to that happening. "Moreover" in PVP, bearing in mind that i rarely get incoming torpedo alerts anymore... =.= I am very vigilant of torps as a side affect of that which continues into bots game play... So I noticed this trend and now this patch certainly the deliberate targeting of other Human players by Friendly bots in mid to late game play. At first thinking weird WTF did that bot send torps to the side of the map that only has friendlies on it.. That only has a 100% chance of hitting friendlies.. Why cos every last bit of damage done cost you more and increase grind that tiny % more... The thing about % and many many games, it all stacks... This is a clear and present SCAM Disgusting WG!
  6. Man_Over_bored

    Patch 8.7

    Dear WG A little positive feed back from me, while im epic ranter i will also give credit where its due. "Nice Work" Patch 8.7 best since before CV rework dropped. Appreciate with the changing in game mechanics and additions it will never be perfect as client is always a work in progress. AA changes - couldn't have been better / Play as CV capt more balanced now for both attacker and defender.. One little niggle with getting poor frame rates at end of Nari Love the new Tech tree using all that screens real estate better. Would be nice to see all the premiums and discontinued ships or put that on a separate tab in the Tech tree . Because Id like to know what i might face in any random battle or for others what might they face in ranked and what its capable of, so that would be a huge help. The ship modules you upgrade as you progress, if you could add in the Fire chance and Torpedo Detection range. This way, players who aren't aware to check these stats beyond the ships layout of armor (on right hand side) would have this info accessible right there.when they select a module to upgrade. (im hopeful this would positively affect all unaware players game play of these vital mechanics). for example a gun module shows range velocity and fire chance, perhaps armor pen value on the module when selected. and a torpedo module shows not only speed and damage but its detection range when selected This way all info is right there in one spot and cant be missed through lack of awareness.. Oh one last thing noticed the Audio improvements, I've installed the higher quality audio part of the client and the difference was notable, even on my budget store brand TV, which i use for a PC screen. All in All a 9/10 patch credit where its due WG 07
  7. Man_Over_bored

    Event Ships Remaining?

    Hi everyone. Recently, in the past week or so I was watching Twitch and a certain wows stream with 2 streamers hosting it. A viewer in the chat with more knowledge about how WG works with events and ships asked these gentlemen how many ships remained in an event .. The streamers face looked a little hmm how to say awkward and voices dropped when one of them gave a reply stating there was a site where all this information was available. However, due to irl noise and other distractions I never got back to watching the stream and listening again fir the information. As the streamers looked quite out of place by the question I really dont want to harass them and make them feel out of sorts as it were in a middle of stream. Thus that brings me to the question of what is this mysterious but seemingly public webstie that has all the information of how many ships are available in loot crates / aka containers. Because just like scratch to win tickets... (you dont want to be buying containers or scratch tickets if you have next to or 0 chance of wining the top prize)..... and still be paying for the privilege of having less or lower chance ...which is why i guess the some what awkward look on the face of the streamers when asked that question... Anyway does any one have a link for that information on bonus missions / ships available for event / container (aka loot rates) It would be very nice to know if im paying for a 10% chance or a 0 chance for example for top T in an event / crate etc... Many thanks o7
  8. Man_Over_bored

    French DD = lose Karma

    Hello Dear devs, Due to the server i play on being multi lingual and the mentioned translation pack, (which you can buy in pre made and use) haven't arrived, despite being mentioned by WG again like match making issues 1..5 years ago. aaand Im losing Karma. it is most apparent players arent reading the News about French DD While i understand, from a business point of view its bad for sale, you'd not want to make it overly obvious that they have no smoke and make that overly apparent these ARE AWKWARD TO BUILD LET ALONE PLAY as it would hurt event and $. However now I've drop to 0 karma I have lost so much karma across 3 french dd.. steep learning curve and lack of guides but work around it be cautious i thought.. . Please point me in right direction if one exists! google doesn't help wows wiki is empty of info beyond specs Even some content provide haven't got them..to busy blurgh playing all the to many new release and getting their viewers numbers up to take the time to write them ... is possible.. It comes down to noob DD didnt smoke died... Report!!! T8 problem match making again.. DD no smoke slowish traverse, slowish turn circle to damn high detection with AA off, all to easy for CV to focus spot fighter and rest of team .. well.. see you back in port. T10 or all player think T8 stupid noob DD Didnt spot at T10 while perma radio located with 7.1km conceal opposition with radar ships right there on other side of the cap.. And your team wont focus the most valuable ship and biggest threat to you cruisers. Cruiser they do everything, they Support their dd ..well they should support their DD + HE spam the BB / Radar and hydro and AA. . Report! All stupid DD fault... Concealment so bad that CV can get you on first pass AA so bad that when you P activate the AA youll not be able to kill that T/8 T10 planes or fighter spotter until they've dumped all over you and wouldve had to return planes anyway... That no smoke low AA rockets and inparticular T10 rockets / fighter drops Its F bro "port" And of course the T8 match making well we all know thats broke AF so thats a give in. Amount of times I've been top Tier lmao like seriously literally its not rare never happen but its so well out of even close to even or even fair.. Also that enemy cv player has an achievement badge and well thats more often than not vs my team CV achievement badge is where? Where is my teams Atlantas? or other radar dakka ships?. so fun.. RIGHT... no smoke and that Fantasque upgrade 3rd slot is broke you want to take Accuracy so when you do hit and give away your location you hit as best % as you can. But turret traverse not that good either so you really want to take the ship upgrade for that .. but no wait AA so bad and no smoke and your ship so long that you want to take the AA module.. but turret traverse little to far behind and you want to take that in the same upgrade slot. AA situational not every match.. so its F pick % Ship is a little F in all areas. So you want to think hmm counter weakness take ship upgrade for Aiming system mod to make % shots count when you do open your self up to the world best accuracy, which isnt to bad to start with But you also do want Aiming mod for front line brawl with dd and reload boost if you have to like higher T dd especially... Then you might think to address the turret traverse you'll take Expert Marksman in captain skills... but you have 3 captain skill points.. its DD you want to take Last stand .. you need last stand esp with the 7.1km pre captain ski concealment buff. its messy and inside out build. Then Fantasques torps are 8km 75 knots wooo amaaazing... 1.8km visibility... WHY WAS THAT A GOOD IDEA? Situation. you sneak up hoping to get off some torps with 900 meter area to launch..(8km torp range) and fire before being seen with 7.1km conceal > (before 10 pont skill captain) and if ship is moving away ha! you have to get seen to get them and thats F cos torps will get seen F1.8km out.. So of course not being total noob you dont target anything even with engine boost even Jean barts and oh wait.. at T10 the torpedo bulge is as thick as it gets F Hol up it gets better!! So you Think sigh this is so yuck .. blow a ton on elite exp and now you have less issue with enemy dd have plenty of time to see you coming... camo / ship concealment upgrade.captain skill = 6.4 km... So you use that extra concealment to get up closer and launch... torps while they running away or moving slowly, even a camp T10 can get out the way... Woo T8 DD 75 knots Torp spped ! Wooo! .F you sneak up 6.5 - 7km target a bb or something without engine boost .. and Torpedo 1.8km conceal ment.. fail.. F OK for those not good at mafs say you fire those 8km range torps at 7km > with 10 point capt conceal to get that little clsoer.. you fire your woo 75 knot torps and start to get out of the area ... or maybe wait theres another target almost almost wait a little longer F because those torps seen at 1.8km away - 7 km distance fired .. = 5.2km Travel time which is quite quick and now they have your bearing and idea where you were mot so long ago.. Yo CV spot show square on map plane ded or radar ded and if you do get away from radar at first cv hunt you ded.. Btw dont forget to report for not smoke or cap french dd .. i enjoy the loss of all my rare and hard fought for karma.. people only compliment 1 in every great game I play, which is rare enough in itself.. but while in this ship, reports flow like rain in rain forest.. it makes me feel so good about this ship, even if karma doesn't affect in game play. even if i appreciate its others ignorance. You know others will think you suck with no concept of the play style or that, it doesnt even have smoke at all and its not a cap type dd....and can be easily spotted and perma fighter and ooo new ship ooo dd kill kill kill.. did testers even play this with a 3 pont captain that its issued it with.. if they did theyd have mad a number of different suggestion id think. Pre 10 point captain > this is why and it will happen Enemy dd lower detection in front ... spotting will see you.. -Vs- T10 many many games ? almost guarantee radio locate in game T10 Cv with rockets that F you and a fighter you cant shoot down till its already dumped on you same at T8 pretty much cos ships AA is under power in that instance you wished you had taken the ship upgrade AA modification module, which i ve never done as its a hit or miss % pick each game...so F value over accuracy. And until you get 10 point commander and take concealment with lower conceal you'll need that slot 4th ship upgrade slot to RUN - for time to power 50% reduction so run french run! Everyone wants to shoot the new ship Everyone wants to report the noob dd that doesnt smoke or cap Every CV can get a shot off on the first pass, with AA off cos detected by air its 3.3km even AA off and ship conceal max upgraded. Your AA isnt strong enough to kill the fighter spotter.. HOW ABOUT FIGHTER CANT SPOT COS THEY ARE TO HIGH WAITING TO DIVE ON ENEMY PLANES.... not look for smaller ships such as dd or thy only see BB.. w.e it needs to change. T 8 /10 cv will back quick smart to get your slowish turn radius stern full of rockets and drop that next fighter on you / again everyone wants to shoot dd and "oh the new ship woo!." yeah i killed it XD... This is where yet another F happens in the build, to escape CV planes incoming fire >> or have a chance to try and avoid > you want to take rudder shift reduction so take steering gears modification ... but wait!!! that upgrade is in same slot 4 of 50% to power / speed you need at 7.1km under T10 capt.. to run when having that 7.1 worse concealment as other dd is out in front of team WILL spot you first if not also have radio locate with radar ships in behind them... see a problem, here its all inside out.. and has to change the build at 10 point to rudder shift reduction from engine boost at considerable costs! You need last stand youre a big dd and youre engines are out often steering to..esp at 10 enemy.. Fantastique ships traverse ugh little to slow.. So your wanting expert marksman captain skill but a DD you are needing last stand... F Youve taken aiming mod over turret traverse in ship upgrade.to max your dmg out put. You have aiming mod in the same ship upgrade slot with better traverse -5% reload .. messy messy. .. Then at 4th upgrade slot, you want to take the time to 50% power you will get caught often...with lower skill under 10 point captain. enemy dd see you easily / detected. radar plane dead.. But the thing is the ship is a little bit like a truck.. to turn ok more large mini van.. So in that slot you want to take 50% to full speed mod.. But WAIT CV wiil see you sooner or later. Fantasique cant shoot down the planes.or fighter spotter in time before he kills you, or gets another flight there in quick time while and youre spotted by fighter of course your priority death... by all. So hmm avoid incoming shells and rockets...Steering gears modification right! in slot 4 .. but thats in same slot as time to full speed at 50% propulsion mod .. you need it to get out of detection asap. when random detection or under fire when not at speed. happens when creeping up for torps by enemy dd then of course radar. i ended up changing to rudder mod in 4 once i got 10 point and lower concealment.. i can at least have better chance of avoiding incoming if i do get spotted .. and also extend life vs cv planes a little.. so thats messy Then i ran into the ugh torps get seen to far out and give away bearing to your postion very quickly easily.. and you have to be very careful in limited selection of course mostly BB / no engine boost no radar .. those that are at the back.. and even those ships at T 10 have the better turn time... and thicker torp bulges. ..Torp ijn bb then.. well theyre quite fast. torp german.. theyll throw out a fighter a radar will drop if radar gets you some ships have over 10km secondaries.. F to much inside out things and to many little short falls. To me and having watched streamers Testing content providers playing wows and the French DD NONE of them were impressed Its like hmm we set up this in advance event to pay our WG bills listen to a bit of the feed back about what the tester said hmm wasnt positive from the community one dimensional gun boats not fun .. hmm well make them dd for sure no us mini cruiser lets give them torps we got to do something about it or event will F So WG next thing you know blanket effect little thought All 8km torps... their now its a DD players right? :D No F its mini cruiser. very situational The excitement of running all over the map fast here there woo clutch play moments... New for you WG F The higher T as is well known by those that play them = more campers. stagnant game play you aint running no where. campers holiday until one side noobs out gets bored or F and starts to dominate that side of the map.. but that camping dakka cruiser with radar is still there cos of lower detection and being T10 knows somewhere in front of all that bb coming towards him is the one dd thats not shown up in map as last known location.. . Its his job to fix that... So be prepared to lose all your, so hard earned Karma,, due to community lack of awareness how to play them.. . they dont cap they dont smoke and dance a very fine line with concealment and against CV forget about it more than any other dd. You will get hit first pass. So again because things dont seem to get through... F Fighter drop that you cant even shoot down. you want to take AA upgrade module but its situational and have no clue if its useless pre game and AA signal / signal not enough on it own) So now you got 10 point you think ok maybe you can build to some AA skill to compensate get it through captain skills .. but you need radio locate and AA mod its situational pick so not 100% pick .. but its essential if there is CV.. So if you build to AA spec youre then looking at 13 -17 point capt spec .. to make up for F lack luster ship AA and cant take it in modules to make the ship and your build work filling in its weakness. Ship torp range speed giving away your bearing quickly, due to its speed to target and long detection range and used for limited target torp picks which mostly sit at the back .. Then the messy modules where what you want to pick doesnt work until you try to compensate it but even compensating the build is F in capt skill Fs that. So frustrating that ^> Further down the build after 10 point it gets ugly, taking situational AA skill on captain all, to compensate for something that actually is benefit the ships main purpose guns with Aiming mod ship upgrade in the same slot.. Youll have to do that to compensate for when you do get to do what the ship is designed for, gun shoot everything with reload boost and get that accuracy % as high as possible and of course french run. As for Testing was not done with 3 point capt on mass guarantee you that much. For those not played a higher than T5 French DD Imagine playing a UK dd with the short smoke, which was designed for hit and run. That has no smoke And a short boost to its rate of fire and then run. Thats about it. its not a cap ship its not a smoke ship The torps and the visibility of them and limited targets, its not a torp ship. Its not a dd. its a mini cruiser. kind of like a Shchors which is a kind of a lazo if you did that event. but not as flat an arc perhaps... im not a fan of shchors either as it so happens.. that water line .. but it has ineffective AA and no option to buy one such as a DFAA in regular consumables.. nor any hydro that some dd have.. Its a confused ship and build. Better off as second crustier line as mini cruiser..but it takes damage like a dd engines steering often So you'll think this perhaps starting your build take last stand 2nd > but that turret traverse ugh! Need skill EM! .no no you take Turret modification in ship upgrade modules!... but you want to do what the ship is made to do . shoot stuff * at the right time* need the accuracy! Aiming modification is in same ship upgrades slot as the turret traverse or you F lower the % the thing its designed to do.. .shoot I know but! ugh but cv!!! only option is in the same slot ship upgrade slot as turret traverse and same slot as aiming mod.^ the AA modules . .which is F. so that only leave captain skills! for AA well do it! but maybe i need no its a must! concealment!! of course at 10 point captain. so then 13 point to get AA buff in capt skill + 4 more points to max that 17 point capt..before you have some survivabilty and effective concealment / capability to not get cucked at the jump. At the least WG drop a DFAA option on it you can make economy from it to perhaps its the quickest solution.. that doesnt gaurantee 100% loss port when spotted by cv. Its awkward enough risk management / threat potential managing as it is let alone this buld among everythng else. Might I also add and this isnt a poke or bad intention towards WG That when you have an event you dont want to give away economy unless its managed.. such as 10 point captains where they are in a position to often be facing T10 ships which have every single advantage. Perhaps pre an event release, an particular different play style of ships that you get the testers to try to sail with captain levels you intend to release them with. just a little. or certain element of the community the same ones who report French T8 DD, for not capping against majority T10 and overwhelming suicidal odds, or for them not using smoke and getting killed by being perma spotted by CV fighter spotters - noob dd.. might say the ship is trash and the build is trash and not even worth considering in its current format it mustve been a last minute rush job not worth dont waste your time. such a gring and by the time that captain is worth anything hes on another ship..even with the same skills youll need another 17 pointer captain to replace him on T8.. if taking that original captain to 10.. .so you dont get F and of course reported. Lucky im not one of those p;layers and completely understand things take time and balancing . Even at the expense of all my Karma... good luck and Fear seas o7
  9. Man_Over_bored


    Hi Like the title says. Still bottom Tier (T) at all but the higher T 9,10 again and again... oh wait look at that ... well well well what do you know ..again and again but wait theres still more thats right! and again live free and hope oh eternal optimist.. 😄 oh look bottom again by 2 T 😕 Yes this is a rant. so what its also there are several; valid points Its taken 1.5 years so its worth. .maybe it will be a new rant record so what deal with it. dont read it if tldr this isnt for 144 letter attention span 😛 WG you said WELL OVER 1 Year 6 months ago youd fix this issue. Indeed the issue is so widely known it even has its own terminology / word for this. Time enough is ENOUGH Have been more than patient endured "" battle after "" battle >>THOUSANDS OF THEM Waiting patiently in GOOD FAITH! Only to be consistently placed YET AGAIN in situation to do least damage, Out range Out armor By rate of fire By over match armor As for angle <<< WHAT get real; over match is over match Heals vs no heals you WHAT??? yeah thats SO EVEN THAT SHIP HAS 2 - 4 heals to YOUR 0 Who thought that was a good idea>? As a certain millionaire would say! YOUR FIRED! AND YOU KNOW WHAT THE OTHER REALLY SHIPTY THING IS? Im looking at the player badges. You can see the players who have unique achievement badges. This denotes some level of skill and achievement in the game. > not noobs. AND YOU KNOW WHAT AGAIN its consistently more of those player on the other team Thats how i know is a scam >> its so frequent. THE SCAM IS OVER WG > youve had to long in the oh well fix it phase we're looking into it. Lets not beat around the bush ITS to WG benefit if players % in each game dont earn. Best way to do that, put them in a situation where they cant do it... How to do that HELLO scam match making. You know, I once had a boss who casually let slip, the way that she managed a rather large company with many different facets. she mentioned this. "Sometimes you just have to tell people what they want to hear to get by" Times well and truly over> with get by its action time WG!! Get some credibility about your company! Some honor and real decent balanced game play instead of one sided F fests Not this where one team is out skill by % of better players and these bottom T and in a situation to be able to d sweet F all > repeatedly. 100% TRUTH NO LIES YOU'RE BOTTOM T ESP AT 8 BUT DONT FOCUS ONLY 8 its more notable their heals etc YOURE NOTING BUT CANNON FODDER . with few exceptions. There is a growing trend of players finding themselves bottom T and just running out and dying. And you know what? I and others aren't even wasting a report for plays poorly. Because as bad as we hate that and despise the action of those play,r who're bottom T by 2 levels.. we know exactly why they've done it.. Here's the meat in the sandwich The F scenario where there is no actual game play at all, kids with aim bots, RNG and totally one sided battles, because its really starting to look that way. Over before it starts. I see the players badges in game those with in game achievement reward badges i already know its a one sided F fest And me @ 2 levels lower again and able to do little as possible about it... nothing but cannon fodder I repeat these things because the msg doesnt seem to be getting through enough for anything to be done in whole 1.5 years! Theres "no sorry you feel that way". I dont feel that way. Its the truth of the position im put in to often and lied to ( "have to tell people what they want to hear") that it was going to be fixed. FACT REASON WHY NOT FIXED its a good thing for WG to F player economy and make grind as long as possible, why? In an attempt to encourage $pend to get over the grind. ^ Which isnt only a WG thing, im aware of that. SO Thats it FIX it No excuses No more time > over 1.5 years and thousand of games is more than adequate waiting! thank you very much. No more oh this and that and working on it! Heres your future WG, and its becoming more apparent and a growing trend. T8 Players VS T9 / T10 thought process at pre / start of game. F Im going to throw, put in the position so often > those heals.. no that armor no that rate of fire ... no i cant damage the thicker armor with my more pathetic shells..and against superior bounce angle armor I can see the other team has more players with achievement badges ... well F I may as well throw its already over. T8 runs out and dies... tries to get what they can on the way but evidently > runs out and dies... Thank you and then next T8. or other ship that they're 2 levels lower in what do you think they'll do. . Of course thats right! They see that they are II levels lower (again) maybe its a T 6 cruiser vs 4 T8 BB.. Maybe the enemy team has 5 players with achievement badge to their teams got 2 or 3.. and the opposition players with badges are in oh DD and the BB..who also happen to be the ships that are II levels higher.. CMON bros .. your know its a sham Its to old let go its over! Im calling you out on it THERE IS NO DEFENSE or REPLY for lack of action for 1.5 years The length of time that it hasnt been addressed and bearing in mind its #1 factor in the customer base dis-satisfaction with the Title!!.. only ensures that the issue is obviously to some benefit for WG .. WG is riding it for as long as it thinks it can get a way with it! Please STOP youre killing your own game, player satisfaction with the match making on a scale from 1 to 5 it a few places to the left of the 1... . apart from the usual grind which anyone complains about in any title .. Again > the match making is #1 cause of customer dis-satisfaction > to dis something is a negative prefix. . If you WG working for me, in an official role and hm maybe I was a manager tasked with achieving results and sales targets within a given time frame Set the staff or projects group a task that was #1 cause for concern after the basic platform of consistent delivery was taken care of and the staff got back and said yup were working on it and 1.5 years later nothing... How can i justify pay increase, if indeed at all even employing them, YOURE FIRED, i'll higher a special interests outside group that does it as their main role specialists that do the job. Not only do the job do it well manage it effectively and have industry knowledge in that field and can deliver it efficiently and even manage it remotely should there be any cause to do so. Ok it might cost more for specialists short term. But they get results. They will get my customers #1 concern and source of dis-satisfaction sorted. This will increase my customer base happiness and increase likely hood they will spend more when they do spend. These Hollow one off events with ongoing costs to keep doing them with an outlay of many hours and costs.... arent addressing my clients enjoyment and increasing their likely hoot to spend, its like a strong coffee cash injection a short duration a one hit wonder and then another event.. have to keep throwing events at clients and giving away massive amounts of stuff EVEN TO RETURNING PLAYERS WHO GAVE UP PLAYING HELLO ISSUE! they shouldve have never left in the frst place RIGHT! Now I got to give away stuff to keep clients that I lost .. because of a certain amount of time.. .perhaps coming most obvious at T8 (again dont only focus T8) they found themselves cucked by match making and well left.. SO I have to BRIBE them to come back... free stuff costs!!! LOOK WG LOOK THATS FACTS THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO ^ Its not rambling. > WG CUCKING YOURSELF AND REALLY TROLLING THE LOYALS AND FANS OF A POTENTIAL GREAT GAME IF IT WASNT OVER BEFORE IT STARTED! Because indeed grind fatigue is becoming a thing, for your quick cash injections. So many event new ships blam blam, you cant keep this up, youll run out of ships and releases start going mental and introduce bizarre things like idk subs to regular game play... wait.. Either way its requiring so much effort from WG .so you can get your cash injections and pay staff to do things ... but its a short term hit cash injection.. which fizzles. when the issue a major cash hurdle is at its core player satisfaction and the interference by match making which is implicated in this and the ongoing knock on affects it results in are very serious indeed critical to your own economy. these things like players leaving and bribe them to come back with even more costs... F WG F bad WG.. fix whats broke...dont dance all around it scaring up cash.. flash in the pan events and throwing out ships to keep your head above water while the match making is making players fade out to be bribed back at worst or perhaps The reason for scuffing the player economy to hope they will spend, might actually be costing you a ton more cash than youre making by implementing that tactic trying to micro manage the player earning potential.. You have enough ships now.. you have inventory stock to sell.. So the initial players have everything.. DEAL WITH IT .. congrats youve earned that. WG doesnt need to pander to old money that is already spent, no offence intended, they have your money you got what your thought was worth> . WG always need new money, drop stupid frequent power OP creep ships and introductions of new lines that (YAWN seen it so so often) will be OP for approx 3 months Then oh conveniently balanced after a good amount of sales for what ever was OP < all games do this dont hate WG >. then no one will play them except to get achievement in campaign (Def not looking at you cv now thrown back in to hard basket while staff probably have to work on next event) . Happy customers that actually refer the game in this case willingly without coercion with "tell friends etc and get free stuff" reduce free giveaways save!. I dont want myself or team mates to feel abused and disappointed in a game they actually at its core visually like and enjoy to play, because of match making.. They want a fair shot you know? the ahh theres a target i can take on oh wait hes got team mates waiiit waaiiiit and now!!! get them! instead of oh wow 2 levels lower instant cannon fodder repeatedly. over and over 2 levels lower it doesnt matter what T 2 levels lower You know match making is kind of like this Its kind of like that kid with the "insert something epic and amazing" then a bully comes along and steals it and the child is like wah! Match making is that bully. Adults getting abused by it are like Wah, not considering spending on this if this is what happens to me all the time.. <<< are you getting the logic here Ok lets get to it Plain speak this is that players thought process I feel F over Reason ok maybe im new. then again maybe im not, but it seems my teams are always bad and im bottom T by 2 levels virtually non stop. I cant see any reason why Im always bottom T Wait others also say the same thing hmm let me think back a little on my last few games days ...weeks well F me.. . It doesnt matter what T i play the % is like 85% bottom T all the time game after game after game even when i tried bots! F it im going to spend on something that F me over, oh and over and wait yeah you know it.. Who would? Would you go back to a store to buy something that 85% of the time you knew was broken. slightly idiotic.. right ... starts to think of all those games and hours ive spent playing this game 😕 in that situation.. Players will spend they will do it willingly and look forward to events and spend why BECAUSE THERES DECENT MATCHMAKING THEY HAVE A FAIR CHANCE, NOT F BEFORE GAME EVEN STARTS. If they F well i got outplayed Not i was outplayed by match making! Of course customer satisfaction relates to sales Events content encourage and promote opportunity for the customer base to enjoy appreciate the content by spending on what services and products are on offer. With the goal of course is attaining a required profit margin, or exceeding it within a set time frame or sales target.. This is WG Focus. However ... 1.5 years later those tasked? with ensuring that my clients are happy and not only want to spend but cant wait to spend ... Havent even done what they said they were addressing .. 1.5 years ago.. this would be WG And That same issue is seemingly the #1 satisfaction from the customer base! (being second only to the platform required to provide the service) If i was the director CEO the person tasked with ensuring that maximum profits are attained and the sales targets are met and even exceeded so i can get my bonus... and having people working for me that have done 0% towards fixing this in any real world shape or form. Id have no choice or even issue in having to YOUR FIRED WG on the number one issue affecting the customer base Reason for unfortunately having to let WG go .. LACK OF RESULTS WITH NUMBER ONE ISSUE AFFECTING THE CLIENTS IN GAME > LACK OF COMPETITION DUE TO MATCH MAKING. AND THEREFORE THE PLAYERS EXPERIENCE satisfaction is lower This in turn affects a willingness to spend This affects the bottom line, profits which affects investment which affects shares blahh.. In fact if I was the parent company of WG if there is one, id keep a couple on to train the new ones that can have focus and get that task done or out source it. Take the initial hit short term in costs for long term gain, happens all the time. Theres plenty of hungry" insert appropriate form of employment job role" out there and plenty wanting to make a name for themselves that can do the same job a little bit better and for a lot less.... Yeah its not nice when money is mentioned and its personal now is it .. starts to take on a more serious tone when its your bottom dollar not some F customer in game buying loot crates hoping to get a ship thats theres none left to give away... yeah folks its a thing.. see the faces on stream when theyre asked awkward questions like that.. hand in cookie jar expressions everywhere/. . back to regular rant WG EARNED IT! As a perfect storm so to speak, the recent savage battle points by ramming.. heh WG that only encourage that mindset in the T8 as its the best way for them to try and get any point "Yolo" to NEXT game ... To only be bottom tier and then do the same thing... This is your game WG... your turning it into your own worst enemy, where player satisfaction is lowering especially at the higher Tiers after already arduous grinds, and on downward trend. Theres more players now... But our survey says look we're increasing and in recent online pole we were one of the top # of games by players..ok sure but hows that working out for you.. Survey's? believe what the feed back says if you like, however dont forget its also known that people lie in surveys, especially if they think it will reflect negatively on them or how others perceive them.. The only interest is in surveys about what people like so it can be a possible event or inclusion in the game which is only good "business practices". GG perfectly reasonable and expected. Now... i dont even fill in survey. BECAUSE IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE Dont argue that point it makes 0 difference. its made no difference for 1.5 years! it is what it is fix it and lets hug it out and move on to a better brighter platform instead of this oh its over before it started... bullshipt again and again.and increasing run out and die because im 2 levels lower mentality starting to spread throughout the player base () and caustic game play ps while you're at it, Remove the stupid imbalance in points for ships lost vs ships killed thats F to. Players camp scared to die and lose points .. .rather than seek out and encourage each other to kill When you're death is worth more to the enemy than a kill is worth for your team.. CAMP mentality then mix it with the 2 T lower run out and die. thats where things are going it's starting to snowball cmon WG you know better. Thank you for reading have a nice day.
  10. Man_Over_bored

    Free XP savage battle scam

    Hi o7 No i meant what i said. To kill 4 human players - which in savage event would be = kraken win the game and get 86 Free XP is not just reward. I know its event and the kills dont go on normal record. but does that mean that the some legit real world Free XP couldnt be earned. If i had killed 4 real players and pretty much won the game in normal randoms, id be sure to get more than 86 FREE xp.
  11. Man_Over_bored

    Free XP savage battle scam

    Yo a quick one 4 kills near enough to 58k damage premium time 86 free XP you have to earn it right? This aint legit.nearly wipe out half the opposition / again. scam free xp. irdc about the mechanics the earn it part.. bros doing OT for little reward in this event for free xp. thanks have a nice day.
  12. Man_Over_bored

    MM still needs to be fixed

    Hi Wait until you get to the wonderful T8 grinds. Which Sooo many players absolutely detest. Situation where you are consistently bottom Tier. Extremely lucky if there is another 2 Tier 8 Most frequently 3 or 4 Tier 9 and the Rest Tier 10 This is going to be quite long, but its still the short version for sanity.. Heres the nuts and bolts You know those players The ones who started all this lemming train since start of the year.. When they start to get T8's what are they going to do? its this They will do what ever is easiest.. The Issue grinds - being bottom Tier all to often Most noticeable at T8 grind because its longer, being higher Tier of course T8 Far to often bottom Tier Far to often 1 or 2 T8 few T9 rest 10's This is quite likely how many of those players will think. Cant do enough damage out put, I was told i score more when i do damage but really i cant get the damage or even close range to get them, if i fire at max range i do less damage dispersion elipse blurgh mechanics..idk idc bottom Tier i get focus for easy points. all i know is that this is bs man this T8 grind sucks solution Yolo get as many points as i can! AKA run out and die. and then while my first T8 is still in battle I will do the same with my other T8 or T8's or I'll be grinding my next line (until that line reaches the T8 match making hell, while my T8 is in battle. Eventually they will end up with a number of T8 ships in different lines. To get around the grind and being bottom Tier so often, >> meh run out and die. This run out and die tactic was most notable in the Dunkirk OP A player at start, turns left, straight into mine field , before picking up convoy and dies > gets next dd does same thing . Meanwhile his team(s) are grinding on handicapped cos of missing team mate. Fun for them right. And this run out and die player? They're hoping their team will win, for win which they get added benefit for. OK so that's the basis for where this is heading. However when we get this at Tier 8 level, in particular when all these lemming mindset players, who've seemingly made this a thing since the beginning of the year, start to get more and more T8's This will start to be noticeable and will likely happen > Player in T8 Bottom Tier. "Again!, FFS!" Sighs I have the only easy answer YOLO get what i can, run out and die Hope team gets win If not meh I;ll be doing the same in my other line T8 YOLO > It will become so frequent it will be expected. T8 bottom Tier runs out and dies, the rest of that team T9 and T10 only Sigh, but think it's not unexpected. War Gaming and everyone knows players will do whats easiest. Running out and dying particularly @ T8 given the gap to T10 performance To bypass what seems like a stupid match making ( be it perceived real or not) will happen. Meanwhile this type of player, will hope their played T8 ships Team still wins and so what points they did get in their yolo means a little more. if not Never mind Because that same player will be yolo'ing already in their other T8 they've got to, in the same match making scenario. These players will get their first Tier 8 and then play to get another another T8 while the first is still in battle. Then they'll be yolo'ing with 2 Tier 8 then 3 Tier 8's. At which time this might actually become much more noticeable to those that arent looking for this an already emerging pattern.. Players will take the easiest way., its starting to be a noticeable thing and its seems to go beyond poor play, which it might be mistaken for in the past. Ask yourself players, have you seen players that seem to make big tactical blunders and honestly thought, "man that was bad!" and " they should know better especially at this Tier!!" (inparticular higher Tiers) Perhaps you have mistaken that player for a bot or unlucky. Or Is it part of a bigger picture now made more real. That will worsen over time as this matchmaking facade continues and continues to be ignored. The yolo will be more real It will get worse as the lemming mentality gets more T8 when it will start to be more apparent as they move to more Tier 8, in the coming months. Perchance, It will be very noticeable as the skill factor by Tier 8, you know whats good and bad and you know when you make mistakes, everyone does. But now with eyes perhaps now a little wider then ... the yolos.. oh yes sadly im convinced this trend will continue to grow and it will only get worse and more noticeable And as for your suffering? having this player run out and die in your team? your reports? / karma mean nothing for game play This was the short version. - why T8 is pathetic against majority T10 match ups. - what i've heard and seen in chat - my own experience that correlates to this original post - my thoughts as to why a certain or any software developer may over look this type of issue and what benefits it may have for them. Good luck and salty captains.
  13. Man_Over_bored

    Killer Whale target Guns issue

    Hello, Been having trouble for quite a while now. The issue is targeting the Gun battery / forts etc in Operations, when the ships guns are well in range of the target. I'm looking at the a fort or gun battery lets say 12km away it can have the in range circle around the target. But If max zoom, or even a few steps back from max zoom. while looking in turret mode at the same target, I can only lift guns to say 10km... Strange... Its like while in the zoom in mode, is locked cant raise guns any higher than sea level, the target indicator shows in range ... cant raise guns to hit them... perhaps a modules boost to range increase is lost. === On another note can there be a change so AP only ships can actually can do some damage to the forts such as a certain T6 crusier Russian one..the first parts of killer whale op is sailing along hitting and doing nothing...0 even dd with he does something.. .. === Thanks. o7
  14. Man_Over_bored

    Alternative colors plane attacks aiming

    Hi Im not sure if there was an option, but i couldn't find it. Is there an option for alternative color for planes the aiming targeting area? When I'm a CV captain and using planes to attack, sometimes, depending on the map, when attacking a ship using torpedo planes it can be very hard to see the aiming area to line up the attack. This is especially difficult when heading towards reflections, or if the sun is behind it. Where you have a grey white target used to line up your attack on a silver sun shine lit sea / back ground. With the rudder shift like lag i experience controlling torpedo planes the precious seconds can make a difference between a successful attack or just sucking. Thank you for consideration. o7
  15. Man_Over_bored

    Throwing Rice

    Hello, Just a quick request hopefully not to hard to implement. When AA is going off at planes it has a tendency to remind me of rice being thrown at a wedding.. rather vicious rice but still.. While the flak is the thing that actually needs to be avoided on the whole, a visual every 5 or so piece of rice being thrown if it was a red / gold yellow affect would be nice than rice vomit which you can hardly see. Thanks. Thanks for your consideration.