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  1. Man_Over_bored

    What am i missing this is annoying as F

    Sad tho at 38 passed the hour 2 missions are done... it only went live at 25 passed the hour... yet another cluster F in a series of never enders.. Done as in unavailable. oh my bad there was a scroll left actually 11 are unavailable to the left.. niiice
  2. Man_Over_bored

    What am i missing this is annoying as F

    Thanks, I've seen it just now too. Its going to be a long night...especially on patch day. Lost a few hours on this grind I guess. Still better than nothing. o7
  3. Man_Over_bored

    What am i missing this is annoying as F

    Thanks for letting me know, guess that other persons comment as in theyd found it after being told it was in port.. was ?? random. Guess im not missing out on grind as much as any others are. Really appreciate your efforts, checking with contacts and crew. Nice
  4. Man_Over_bored

    What am i missing this is annoying as F

    Thanks for letting me know, guess that other persons comment as in theyd found it after being told it was in port.. was ?? random. Guess im not missing out on grind as much as any others are. Really appreciate your efforts, checking with contacts and crew. Nice
  5. Man_Over_bored

    What am i missing this is annoying as F

    Is it bugged? But yet another player with no reason to troll, said thx as in theyd found it... weird.
  6. Man_Over_bored

    What am i missing this is annoying as F

    I logged in two times no sign of any "Beast" at port screen. Don't know what part of the equation I'm missing here... Thanks for checking.
  7. Man_Over_bored

    What am i missing this is annoying as F

    Thanks i had considered that, however after a brief chat with another player who said they had found it, after i repeated what i was told "the option was at port" But as mentioned i never heard back.. where or how i don't see it.. Moreover Starts: 2021/05/21 @ 00:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2021/05/20 @ 09:00 Ends: 2021/06/03 @ 13:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2021/06/02 @ 22:00 @this time it is 7.30PM local
  8. Hi So this beast things with the select 1 of 4 teams, them missions. Ok so how to enter? I even went to twitch after finding no joy, was told its on the portal. Goes to portal only see's same article from yesterday wheres the link or what ever to select a team? So i go back to twitch ask again Oh its in port Beasts. Goes back to client > Port No beast tile there at port, in missions or even in armory. Whats the missing factor here... Moreover why is its so fraking troll to just join a mission I even seen someone else type Oh thanks when i told them it was in port.. but they never got back to me when i asked wait what how>?? i dont see anything... Rest of chat being SEA is pretty quiet for english as a rule and 0 help... This is troll AF as i go around in circles looking for something thats about as tangible as bigfoot...
  9. Hello Captains. Help me out please. I'm very positive I've researched all ships and modules on two different servers, yet I haven't noted the Engineer of the Future achievement being awarded. research all ships and modules in the Big Hunt event.
  10. Man_Over_bored

    Big Hunt Suggestion

    Dear WG Can you please change the Boss Icon in the big hunt and in future similar style matches. Im loving this event so far, there's one thing that has caught me out many times now, 6 or more even. That would be not being able to see the Boss It will come out from behind a rock / island and be lost amongst all the other ships and their icons Its like getting bushed whacked. Last game everyone dead me and a see of the boss minions remain.. Im trying to get out / exit through the portal Im about to make my gallant escape when, seemingly from out of no where looms the boss and two shots me.. as im about to cross o the exit.. Its not the first time this sort of thing has happened. The white text saying Aurora is Down can be missed, as you're focusing on others trying to kill you at the time and a sea of torpedo's and trying to navigate. While that can be part of the fun all the Chaos getting ambushed by the boss, after youve evaded everything and made it to the last few.. thinking ahh no 5,000 points guess some other team got it while I was dodging .. and then about to run and Nope BOSS dead.. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, Quick idea to mitigate games where large amounts of Radars ships can stagnate game play becoming a issue to push. I'm throwing this out there, although I realise it might be some consternation from hard core competitive players. TLDR What if Radar was able to be knocked out like a gun turret. Not reset the the cool down timer for it, just knock out using it for say 30 seconds or so. Altho admittedly i prefer not having five Radar ships in one enemy team and two on mine. Again, Its only an idea, a consideration if you will. Thanks for your time
  12. Greetings Captains (PC version) Recently i thought i would do a quick few co-op games, quick event grind in cruisers, as that was the ship constraint for the task. All was going as expected, until early on the ship i was sailing Ship (moskva) exploded. Viewing the after battle report I did note 3 ships total that hit me combined for some 16KHP - ok fine hmmm However the moskva has some 65K total HP The other 50K is where? what did it?! So investigating further a Kremlin was credited with 54K damage from, 4ap shells... and no doubt the deletion of my moskva. However the ship responsible is only viewable in the "damage received" drop down tab, when you click on it. The Kremlin isnt listed with the other 3 attackers the Cossack, Akizuki and Charles M at the top of page. So why isnt the Kremlin listed as the 4th ship, with the other 3 at the top of the page, and credited 50k or so damage. At first glance it seemed somewhat bemusing, then oh ok hmm can see under the damaged received theres more than that 16K total. The onus on the player to have to delve even further into another drop down menu to see where the major damage came from - ship number 4 Kremlin which was the killer. Why the messing around? Why arent all damage dealers displayed at top screen blam there no questions all data in one spot easily read. Instead of hmm 75% or so hp then boom... in game .. .wait what dead. So go to the after battle report 3 ships are shown for 16k.. at the top where is kremlin for 50K? why isnt Kremlin displayed next to the other 3 ships at the top? How is the current method easy clarification when some minor damage as a % are shown but the killer and major damage dealer isnt readily seen. https://prnt.sc/wixp2y
  13. Hello Its come to my attention that what started off as a few people doing this initially has turned into plague proportions. Scenario is this. A number of players friends or associates from in game are invited to a newly created / private chat room Then they will all click battle at the same time. Using the chat as a way tell ALL in the room when to click battle. The intent they use this for is to work around the no division / premade team for Key mode battle. In one game fore Example at one time anywhere up to 7 players chased me as i amassed 6.3 MILLION NOT A TYPO in potential damage. One of them even said mockingly ALL their friend where there, at the time i didnt get it. Several days later after seeing more of this. Most notable by players leaving a division having turned off their secondaries, so as not to hit their friends next they ALL will all chase and try to farm the kill. I've just had a game where there were 7 other players ... none in a division (having left a division at the time to gang up on one other player .. none are firing at each other with secondaries apart from being well inside range). Obviously WG intent was not meant to have pre-made divisions or the option would've been included. No doubt leading to some high tier player divisions repeatedly slaughtering all. However the player work around of this has lead to a sort of mega division. where you might get several of these chat groups or 2-3 groups NOT players but groups in the one game. All focus down others not in their group - not only in their division. Theyre actively working around the intent of non divi style this is ruining the Key battle game and its getting exponentially worse!! I even seen a small streamer dong this technique - ALL join at the same time and telling others how to do it... Now 2-3 pro players i might have a semi decent chance to outlast wit / run.. but against 7 .. or who knows more .. theres no where to run.. .especially when it comes to octogon... Please find a work around a no player in a game that was with another player for 10 min something work around in match maker or whatever brilliant scheme you can think up to save the mode from being nothing but GROUPS in a private chat room owning a game(s). thanks for your time.
  14. Man_Over_bored


    This mode will be right at home for some many players! more over there will be an absolute shipton of fun and engage moments! As the mode fits into WG careful evolution of the game. That being The absolute toxic and trol lamount of radar boats to the point of a game wher nothing happens 6 radar ships WG !@!@!!!! 6! in one game including the BB IX -X SHAMEFUL! DROLL BORING, DRAB STAGNANT IS THIS TITLE - WG MADE IT THIS! FILTHY! I was in DD on a map, where the trollface RU radar can sit at 12km and radar all 3 caps withy one single use of radar. With 5 other radars there to back it up. Im in DD Why even bother "aww youre butt hurt you were reduced to spotting the whole game" No im butt hurt that i could barely even see some of them with out getting radar let alone in RANGE ..spend the whole game spotting... Because WG thinks its a GREAT idea to have 50% the TEAM WITH RADAR!!!!! nice real nice, truly you have completely lost your direction and the sole idea of this title is to pump out as many ships as possible, with 0 forethought of the impact and only reactionary.... This radar thing has gotten completely out of hand 50% THE ENEMY TEAM its on par with the OP CV rework but even more ridiculous. In addition because the WG magic of near 0 air drag soviet shells and flat arcs that blistering time to target shells enemy missing is practically hard moreover for some reason i manage to get severely chunked regardless of how im hit or angled it doesn't matter. gets hit bow angled on engines out yes yes overmatched and all blurgh.. On occasion actual continual engine out and fires - last stand what, it doesn't matter put it out then fires engine out again.. meanwhile radar close / cv spot ... so even if you have to use a smoke.. it doesn't matter WHY even dd now days... So you can sit under AA boat that races off in wrong direction taking its counter radar with it? Then whos going to cap.. 0 what happens nothing So hers one mode for you TAKE ALL YOUR RADAR BOATS and the name of the game is you can only radar the other boats and when subs come add those troll things your going to try and sneak ram down randoms throats "eventually" we all know" and the goal is to radar or hydro the entire other team first!! BRILLIANT! You can call it cold war mode!!! ... ... cos this game sure getting cold and lonely for dd and troll team mates with 0 clue how to even do anything even at X...
  15. Man_Over_bored


    Dear WeeGee While players are aware of the issues around match making .. more over the rea$ons why games are faster than ever.. its not a secret.. PLEASE IN THE LOVE OF GOD EXPLAIN How my teams CV T6 with 88 games 33% W/R vs enemy in T6 German CV with nearly 10 time the games and 54% win rate, IS EVEN CLOSE TO FUN AND ENGAGE THIS HAPPENS REPEATEDLY ITS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! ITS FREAKING NOT FUN ITS FREAKING NOT ENGAGING ITS ANNOYING AS F ARENT YOU ACTUALLY ASHAMED AT THIS TYPE OF SHAMEFUL PRACTICE$! OVER AND OVER AND OVER this happens... why is your attrition rate of players so high... ,perhaps things like this have a major thing to do with it. Stay safe and enjoy your day.. but enjoying this title is getting harder and harder!!!