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  1. Greetings Captains (PC version) Recently i thought i would do a quick few co-op games, quick event grind in cruisers, as that was the ship constraint for the task. All was going as expected, until early on the ship i was sailing Ship (moskva) exploded. Viewing the after battle report I did note 3 ships total that hit me combined for some 16KHP - ok fine hmmm However the moskva has some 65K total HP The other 50K is where? what did it?! So investigating further a Kremlin was credited with 54K damage from, 4ap shells... and no doubt the deletion of my moskva. However the ship responsible is only viewable in the "damage received" drop down tab, when you click on it. The Kremlin isnt listed with the other 3 attackers the Cossack, Akizuki and Charles M at the top of page. So why isnt the Kremlin listed as the 4th ship, with the other 3 at the top of the page, and credited 50k or so damage. At first glance it seemed somewhat bemusing, then oh ok hmm can see under the damaged received theres more than that 16K total. The onus on the player to have to delve even further into another drop down menu to see where the major damage came from - ship number 4 Kremlin which was the killer. Why the messing around? Why arent all damage dealers displayed at top screen blam there no questions all data in one spot easily read. Instead of hmm 75% or so hp then boom... in game .. .wait what dead. So go to the after battle report 3 ships are shown for 16k.. at the top where is kremlin for 50K? why isnt Kremlin displayed next to the other 3 ships at the top? How is the current method easy clarification when some minor damage as a % are shown but the killer and major damage dealer isnt readily seen. https://prnt.sc/wixp2y
  2. Hello Its come to my attention that what started off as a few people doing this initially has turned into plague proportions. Scenario is this. A number of players friends or associates from in game are invited to a newly created / private chat room Then they will all click battle at the same time. Using the chat as a way tell ALL in the room when to click battle. The intent they use this for is to work around the no division / premade team for Key mode battle. In one game fore Example at one time anywhere up to 7 players chased me as i amassed 6.3 MILLION NOT A TYPO in potential damage. One of them even said mockingly ALL their friend where there, at the time i didnt get it. Several days later after seeing more of this. Most notable by players leaving a division having turned off their secondaries, so as not to hit their friends next they ALL will all chase and try to farm the kill. I've just had a game where there were 7 other players ... none in a division (having left a division at the time to gang up on one other player .. none are firing at each other with secondaries apart from being well inside range). Obviously WG intent was not meant to have pre-made divisions or the option would've been included. No doubt leading to some high tier player divisions repeatedly slaughtering all. However the player work around of this has lead to a sort of mega division. where you might get several of these chat groups or 2-3 groups NOT players but groups in the one game. All focus down others not in their group - not only in their division. Theyre actively working around the intent of non divi style this is ruining the Key battle game and its getting exponentially worse!! I even seen a small streamer dong this technique - ALL join at the same time and telling others how to do it... Now 2-3 pro players i might have a semi decent chance to outlast wit / run.. but against 7 .. or who knows more .. theres no where to run.. .especially when it comes to octogon... Please find a work around a no player in a game that was with another player for 10 min something work around in match maker or whatever brilliant scheme you can think up to save the mode from being nothing but GROUPS in a private chat room owning a game(s). thanks for your time.
  3. Man_Over_bored


    This mode will be right at home for some many players! more over there will be an absolute shipton of fun and engage moments! As the mode fits into WG careful evolution of the game. That being The absolute toxic and trol lamount of radar boats to the point of a game wher nothing happens 6 radar ships WG !@!@!!!! 6! in one game including the BB IX -X SHAMEFUL! DROLL BORING, DRAB STAGNANT IS THIS TITLE - WG MADE IT THIS! FILTHY! I was in DD on a map, where the trollface RU radar can sit at 12km and radar all 3 caps withy one single use of radar. With 5 other radars there to back it up. Im in DD Why even bother "aww youre butt hurt you were reduced to spotting the whole game" No im butt hurt that i could barely even see some of them with out getting radar let alone in RANGE ..spend the whole game spotting... Because WG thinks its a GREAT idea to have 50% the TEAM WITH RADAR!!!!! nice real nice, truly you have completely lost your direction and the sole idea of this title is to pump out as many ships as possible, with 0 forethought of the impact and only reactionary.... This radar thing has gotten completely out of hand 50% THE ENEMY TEAM its on par with the OP CV rework but even more ridiculous. In addition because the WG magic of near 0 air drag soviet shells and flat arcs that blistering time to target shells enemy missing is practically hard moreover for some reason i manage to get severely chunked regardless of how im hit or angled it doesn't matter. gets hit bow angled on engines out yes yes overmatched and all blurgh.. On occasion actual continual engine out and fires - last stand what, it doesn't matter put it out then fires engine out again.. meanwhile radar close / cv spot ... so even if you have to use a smoke.. it doesn't matter WHY even dd now days... So you can sit under AA boat that races off in wrong direction taking its counter radar with it? Then whos going to cap.. 0 what happens nothing So hers one mode for you TAKE ALL YOUR RADAR BOATS and the name of the game is you can only radar the other boats and when subs come add those troll things your going to try and sneak ram down randoms throats "eventually" we all know" and the goal is to radar or hydro the entire other team first!! BRILLIANT! You can call it cold war mode!!! ... ... cos this game sure getting cold and lonely for dd and troll team mates with 0 clue how to even do anything even at X...
  4. Man_Over_bored


    Dear WeeGee While players are aware of the issues around match making .. more over the rea$ons why games are faster than ever.. its not a secret.. PLEASE IN THE LOVE OF GOD EXPLAIN How my teams CV T6 with 88 games 33% W/R vs enemy in T6 German CV with nearly 10 time the games and 54% win rate, IS EVEN CLOSE TO FUN AND ENGAGE THIS HAPPENS REPEATEDLY ITS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! ITS FREAKING NOT FUN ITS FREAKING NOT ENGAGING ITS ANNOYING AS F ARENT YOU ACTUALLY ASHAMED AT THIS TYPE OF SHAMEFUL PRACTICE$! OVER AND OVER AND OVER this happens... why is your attrition rate of players so high... ,perhaps things like this have a major thing to do with it. Stay safe and enjoy your day.. but enjoying this title is getting harder and harder!!!
  5. Man_Over_bored

    Ban the bots on SEA server

    Hi fair enough thread to, Ok my 5 cent addition to this., Possibly should be its own thread. But relevant to this one. There needs to be an element in the game that verifies a players win rate status. I have seen players with clear signs of decent game play if not upper echelon. as is evident by their emblems on bages when view id in teams list. But yet during game you're left with a whole lot of questions, that you can not logically answer, as they exhibit such an utter lack of skill you cant help but check their stats after the game. Then you see a win rate of 42% ... How can you have the most epic badge in that class your currently sailing in and then its for sustained damage over so many battles! and then .. utterly fail and not even angle. A bot some sort of crawler That checks the stat and win rate trends. If that win rate trend plummets consecutively on a previously well stat player.. Then clearly something is going on there. Next step that would go along with a suspect sold account would be a change of authentication and or email address.. right its Logic. So plummeting win rate change of account details around the same time the account w/r dived. thats all two constraints to search for nice and light, Then 1) flag that account for observation ...it might be their first time in a line such as smokeless dd with high skill ceiling and unfamiliar mechanics 2) track the progression of its w.r If the win rate doesnt start to improve with a skilled player in other class then the likely hood is its utter noob, bought account is higher %. Flag it for who if anyone takes care of illegal traded accounts. Ask account in email some Automated questions... Please verify your previous email or authentication details, Perhaps the seller used a different email than they used on the account. Perhaps the seller used bots to farm account then sell it and now is using the same email account, people can get lazy,. If they dont play because scared of authority after that time then .. likely hood is again higher % of noob bought account vs getting grind on regular player struggling with unfamiliar play style and as regular back at grind day after day until get good. 07
  6. Hello Can someone please explain to me why Skane, the T7 EU DD, is all to frequently the only ship or two that is T7 in the entire team. Im not sure what the exact % of this is, in my case, but im pretty sure its near 90%, if not higher! Even with a less than 10 point captain I got match against way more T8 and T9 games as bottom T. There is no 4 out of 10 games you will be scammed into being bottom T with Skane. Shes near a 90% bottom (if not higher) I can not actually recall the last time i was not the only T7 or one of less than 3 most often 2 - or the only in single dd games. Is it because of the event where in the campaign you need to get the next T8 to complete tasks, so its made stupidly hard to get that? "You have to earn it" yeah sure, while getting consistent troll mm. As bottom T against T8 CV, they will focus you as an easy kill, thats perfectly logical tactic.... and with your relatively poor AA and concealment, that CV will drop fighter on you for longer spotting. The rockets from a T8 Cv can take out 1/3 if not more of your HP, even when you're not broadside.. thats some dispersion.. those other CV get, i might add. Loonger version time to read, Horror story, what a waste of time and a complete and utter bad troll game / joke in Skane. In a recent game I played, we had two skane both bottom T of course as per normal. Against two dd with superior concealment and smokes. Against 3 in a division from the same clan whom were better than any clan in my team AND Two in a division that were in one of the top teams if not the top team on the server None of our team mates had a win rate worthy of facing them.... Skane(s) was forced to run as out spotted by both enemy dd and secondary fire from T8 / T9 BB Perma spotted and focussed on by T8 CV. Ah, i just remembered, there was also a Radio Locate on me in that one, just to make it more fun and engaging... Turkey shoot. I ask you honestly they had every single advantage in every shape and form. THERE WAS 0 COUNTER PLAY At games like that the saying comes to mind "Does WG actually play their own game". These matches is why there is no 40% of the time you'll be bottom tier in any 10 games. The thing about spreadsheets .. they lag hard. Skane is if not ALWAYS bottom T sure enough 90% bottom T, I cant recall not being bottom T in her and one of 2 or less T7 frequently.. And with match making like that who needs premium time signals or to spend. Thanks please investigate this seemingly biased match making % with cursed skane at T7 vs majority T8 / T9 How about when youre bottom T there is more at bottom T instead of 90-95%% the Team is higher...90% the games Its actually worse than the old T8 ships and match making...As a comparison for any captains that remember that dreaded T. Thanks for your time.
  7. Man_Over_bored

    De sink

    Sorry to say WG WOWS is unplayabe for me in its current format. Its bad enough getting HE farmed by an Alaska, while im sailing along trying to angle for what its worth in a yama - with legendary mod. Where i miss every shot waiting the better part of 30 seconds to miss again. It wasn't until the Alaska got to 12.6km that i actually got a hit - IN thin air in front of the target! Even tho trying to compensate for de-sink! aint sinking anything! I was aware of Desynch, only recently, after quite some time thinking i was getting worse at this game... In that Alaska game i was even trying to compensate for it.. But a yama with Cruiser range ...or worse to get a hit .. with the upgrade module. missing until <13km.. The Alaska wasnt even being particularly evasive.. until going behind an island.. at which point where it came out it was <13km.. But just now again.. Testing yama in bots, as a test I watched yama HE <7km hit a DD The salvo had one shell hit about 2/3rds back on the ship. It physically stopped paused - sitting there all yellow and such on the bots dd deck for a notable amount of time.... Indeed this was even evident on the Replay Moreover, the shell appeared on the deck of the enemy bots DD for a far lesser time in the replay, than actual game play live. I'm sorry despite how the game looks, great job art department, the rest of it pretty much sucks. Including in particular the match maker - which is certainly is absolutely nothing to do with "players in your range" Certainly in at least as in as in skill level.. Evident by the 10 min games and therefore higher turnover of signals camo and services fees // oh.. of concern is the abundance of one sided matched more than 40%. A recent game with a divi of two VOR T8 team mates (top clan) - enemy with radar, T8 CV, im radio located and also outspotted in a freaking skane.. and our other dd guess what also had no smoke.. getting hit by secondaries from a bb thats barely inside my gun range.. Note skane no smoke Absolutely everything was against that team. Notably after the match the team line up revealed yet another one sided travesty at least based on ranks and emblems of skill in so many dmg over 100 games etc.. They also had another divi of 3 also from a not noob team .. how about giving our team one of the smoke dd instead of 2 with and 2 without. How about giving our team the divi of 3 exp players vs 2 of the Top teams! Vor players! Instead of all of them in the same team - with the ships that had radio locate, radar, cv and all the experience. To be blunt the one sided F fest are getting tiresome. But this now cant even hit ships! despite often that sort of trash match maker, really makes playing this title at this time utter pointless. Couldnt even play ranked if i wanted to, I wouldnt go in already handicapped, therefore only for my own fun, hoping to get carried, while making other players roles harder.. id be a liability.. being that player well, thats certainly not cool, or considerate of those others trying to rank. Nothing about that will be fun or engaging Please Ive seen posts going back to 2015 regarding desync - its 5 years later, like isnt it time you addressed it, especially as its starting to cost you players, yes more players are only a advertising campaign away.. and throw some free stuff at them. But itd be better if you had a game that wasnt broken and people actually wanted to come play, instead of having to be bribed.
  8. Man_Over_bored

    Patch .9.4

    Dear WG Taking a little time out of the game to drop a line and say the patch changes to the port and the other recent patches, as in the mounting of signals is a very good thing! So glad its finally happened and well done to the team! Now if we could just get that language pack, the ones you can buy premade and integrate them into the chat server , so english aren't left reading [][][] box or squares in the chat! Im rather certain WG can purchase these language packs premade. I heard some mention of translations software quite some time ago 2 or so years past. At that time the Asia server was still under 10k players online and now its got 23k online at time.. and at times (rarely) match could not be made server to busy. Surely, that amount of players makes this something []L[]a[n][g][]u[]a[]g[]e[] translation software to be addressed more seriously.. It would greatly enhance the non asian speaking / typing nations chat experience and interactions. moreover Many Asian countries learn English at school, but they don't learn the vast and varied writing of other nations many are speakers of 3 languages. So can still read English or parts they recall from school learning. Even a quick google search leads me to the microsoft store that translates these languages which are relevant, to the Asia server and many others languages. Translator supports the following languages:  , Cantonese (Traditional), , Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Fijian, Filipino, French,, Hindi, Hmong Daw, , Indonesian, , Japanese, , Klingon, Korean, , , Malagasy, Malay, , Russian, Samoan,Spanish, , Tahitian, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tongan, Vietnamese. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/translator/9wzdncrfj3pg?activetab=pivot:overviewtab There all the hard works done for you! make some mass licensing deal for chat servers. or Just offer Bill gates a couple of Free T6 premium ships and a year of Premium game time in exchange! Thanks 07
  9. Hello, Im in RU crusier some maps i can sit mid cap i can radar 3 caps at once with one consumable use. This is not healthy for game play. On behalf of DD and front line ships they are useless nothing happens. If dd try to cap, they get radar hit and decap lose hp for nothing. If not outright killed. You have dd sitting to far back from cap, it doesnt want to get 12km radar spotted, then hunted by CV. So dd wont even spot cos of mega radar often. Ive seen non shima games, where the T8+ dd is actually further back than the BB... The radar cruiser camped with its AA fending off any CV planes which are trying to remove said radar ship from camping. Then big fat ships, barely moving from spawn more than a square or 2, sitting at max firing at range. Those BB's dispersion at near max, being least effective as possible. Those same BB end up camping in the open, waiting for something to get spotted which isn't happening. Then Shooting other bb that will only heal x 3 or 4 .. and nothing still happens.. This game is getting more stagnant. As a side note, id like to see this 0 warning a cap is being taken if the ship is not spotted in the cap. This means no Changing cap color as enemy takes it. it gives away to much information. Oh radar now! CV OH send plane! DD - OH F again!! 5k hp gone from rockets despite near unicum levels of wasd hax. Removing that cap change color PERHAPS mightn't be popular AT FIRST, but It would sure add some game play and fun factor! Not just being given free intel, at no risk to anyone but the capping side. Youre actually getting penalized for trying to progress your points taking 100% of the risk factor. Alternatively you hurry up and wait, see who will noob out first. (not looking at Jean Bart's trolls at all) or dies from boredom. As theres to much information when it comes to caps. Radar, Planes, mini maps last known location and the increasingly rare counter play dd, OH lets not forget radio locate! Because now days nothing happens, until someone goes stir crazy from boredom and yolo. Or freemium premium noobs funsies / runs out and dies from boredom. This 24km, or 12km each side of ship radar range, isnt helping that situation, only increasing stagnating game play, thus its becoming less fun and less engaging. The only difference being which side will noob out first. TLDR Plane spot cap Radar spot cap(s) DD can counter DD - but even that is becoming less of a thing thanks to plane and radar. Radio Locate Mini map Last know position and then soon after cap is being taken it changes color .. easy.. Enemy has to do nothing to know whats going on .. .brilliant! Nothing happens at caps "In our game" This is what it has evolved to. Stop so many radar ships... sometimes 5 a game! Nerf 12km radar to 10km. "For game play sake" Thanks have a pleasant and safe day.
  10. Man_Over_bored

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Really? I ditched the game center in favor of the old launchern because for reasons unkown to me, my actual in game ping seemed to be significantly worse.
  11. Man_Over_bored

    10 Reasons Not To Invite Friends

    Hello wonderful community, As the title suggest 10 reasons why not to Invite Friends to play WOWS 1) One side match maker with feeder team mates Continuing on from above 2) no actual game play or chance to win what so ever, Even sinking 4 yourself still they throw, run and and die just dont have a clue at all T9 T10. 3) The sole mechanic in the game is for the following reason To have you burn through your T 2 consumables, any signals and camo you have equipped. Then repeat that over and over in multiple one sided loss, despite how amazingly well you do, as quickly as possible. 10-12 minute games... You dont need any more reasons, although RU bias ship lines - Only Need to play one nation - Soon gets boring. Tiresome loss streaks- agane no matter how well you do, as i see the brave faces of unicum streamers even suffer this and stoically continue to put a brave face to the public... Match make sucks, losing streaks because of totally one sided teams... look i dont need to see the win rates of every individual player and put them on a spreadsheet for the world to see, its obvious enough just looking at the ranked imbalance and quick glance at the color of the Clans name their players are in vs mine ... all to often a one-sided affair. Why on Earth would i invite a friend, someone who trust my opinion and respects and likes me to these situations... i dont want them to hate me for wasting their time. or waste their cash downloading something they'll likely just uninstall. Plenty of other fun and engaging non BS one sided match making games out there where you do actually have a chance and its not up to you solely to have and absolute stunning game every game just o even have a vague chance with team mates that are only there to feed the enemy and tick over another game quickly ALL because its to get economy ticking over for WG... like WTH is that... its the only reason there would be such utter trash deliberate and recently reverted T8 match maker... simply because WG profits from it.... but its to much. So greed WG you burn those who support you to much they leave... and many more are on the edge of saying bye to this title every day... like now all but about 8 of my full clan are 100+ days afk.. ding dong warning signs... theres probably 1000 other clans out there if not more the same.. When I leave, which probably cant be soon enough for WG as I have often posted negative comments about the way the game is run from the players perspective, there wont be a single nice thing left to say, except pretty pictures, total scam price store and corrupt match making, for rapid game turn over of signals consumables etc.. for WG profit. tldr? idc have a nice day.
  12. Man_Over_bored

    T8 Scuffed agane?!

    Update Future of this game to much radar (sick nerf worcester so it cant stealth radar then bring in more RU 12km radar liek what the actual F WG) fire the people that are coming up wiith your new ideas .. they are making only more problems... you obviously havent thought this through properly, now have you... 1 Line Russians. Thats it... no need to cash... Kinda shooting yourself in the foot while nerfing others to increase sales, not an uncommon tactic in any online game... sadly. Match maker continuing to do its thing since first post, but now its only teams of useless bots in one-sided pvp battles. There is getting less and less reason to long in every patch ...every day. sure send me a free ship in 90 days.. ill look at it get bored and ditch the game agane... waste of WG resources like most hte other players do who've left. New Pc for me, cant come soon enough, time to ditch this title, there is literally only biased RU line and one-sided matches. as matched with dead head team mates at T9 / T10.. bought accounts or bots.. either way they have 0 clues.
  13. Man_Over_bored

    T8 Scuffed agane?!

    Yo What gives, I swear I've gone like 9/12 games bottom T when sailing T8. Playing DD facing X CV that can one shot half HP (no i dont sail around with AA on!) Facing as Many as 5 RADAR X ships!!! when playing a DD Come on WG get your shipt together man, its like the bad old T8 days, doid you guys try and sneak the old match maker back in??? Because match making is really sucking hard at the moment!! Its Not Oh 4 out of 10 games.. youll get F over by mm ....its one long never ending bottom T again and against Way to many higher T radar ships and numerous games with X CV... ITS NOT FUN or engaging!!!
  14. Sorry but what utter garbage. Do you not see the 3 x Rank 1 players Do you not see that we have 4 ranked players Do you not see they have only 1 player who isnt ranked. do you not see that our lowest ranked is higher than there worst ranked With such an imbalance, you will find your team mates melting away and you get focused on, its a sheer weight of incoming fire vs what you can out put, skill doesnt even become a factor. On my other account, currently with only some 70 odd pvp battles, I have a 68% win rate.. One player can not carry against such one sided match making in a TII dd with a 4.5km torp range and a 5.5km detection range.. Vs a team with all at least some skill... Lets put the shoe on the other foot WHO give the positions reversed and you were playing would want to be on the team with 4 ranked players, who all have superior ranks, to your teams only 4 ranked players, in T2 vs number of T3 ships.. Id politely suggest it would be only the delusional, unicums and no lifers.
  15. This is the start no doubt of a long list of oh so many numerous and broken one sided match making examples. ITS NOT FUN AND ENGAGING getting one sided battles 80% the time in the enemy favor! I have no clue how the match making inner working function. but I AM WAY TO FAMILIAR to the point of exasperation with the match making service its corrupt or broken or a mixture of the two. So here on this Low Tier match I start my long long list of one sided matches, that arent fun, that arent engaging that you know are over as soon as you see the player in the enemy team and their ships. Unsurprisingly the only surprising thing is the extremely rare occurrence where your team is outclassed on paper but actually pulls through. So here I will start this no doubt long hall of shame of decidely one sided match making screen shots as undeniable evidence of one sided match making that really makes the game so less desirable AND will only encourage the oh F it out gunned, more radar w/e the enemy has more of run out and die. I can count the number of close battles in the past week on one finger... and it would be the middle one! WG you should be ashamed of this sort of match making, repeatedly, its no error or one off! Please explain WG how this match making works! in the first image!! and EVEN AT TII Do not, for one iota, dare to consider replying that this is an anomaly or a rare occurrence. I and the rest of the player base endures this sort of thing all to consistently battle after battle! Its TROLL, its a perfect example of why to recommend someone to avoid playing one if not all your titles. Im not anti WG or anti the game, however I ahve a great issue with constant one sided match making where im forced to be in teams that have a lower skill base than the others. Doing well to improve your own score and Git Gud becomes a near impossibility. Why when you find yourself out flanked out gunned and in youre in the lower T ships, again consistently. These are not one off events, being mentioned by a single player - who incorrectly is thought of as anti WG, rather than pointing out an issues that is widespread a very well known issue by the regular players and something that harms the game from growing... as players get put in multiple loss streaks commonly of 5 to 7 in a row.. if not more... and when you look after match at the team line up, the issue becomes glaringly obvious it was a one sided match up to start with. This happens over and over and over and over again! Day after day this happens to me, others and content creators who experience multiple loss streaks - those guys play your games for a living!! and are near in not already unicum level! Even they get troll game and loss after loss scenarios.. Thanks for making that obvious it wasnt just me, or isolated incidences, in the first place twitch! Public, potential new players, sees unicum level players going through multiple loss streaks oin twitch and think errrm.. why do i want to even download that game play that game. and so it begins...