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  1. Hairoya

    Azur Lane Container missing commander

    Yeah your right... The portraits are all wrong
  2. So i bought 3 containers from the azur lane collab, only to find out that the commanders (Jb, littorio and Yat Sen) are all missing. They aren't in my reserve, nor are they on my other ships. They're just missing. I've opened a ticket to the support centre, and now I'm just confused.
  3. Hairoya

    Our collaboration with Azur Lane continues!

    Interesting looking camo for the ships... will the be for sale?
  4. Hairoya

    Design A Patch submission

    Title: The Ace WG ID: Hairoya Basic idea behind this is instead of being the Jack of all trades, be the Ace of all trades. DD, CL, CA, BB, CV.... anything at all! Hope you all like this