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  1. Thank goodness we’re still on track - quite an interesting 30 different topics we got here
  2. _Raikii

    Look at Me in my Zee Twenty Three

    Honestly surprised that you seem to describe CVs simply as an uncommon inconvenience (I could have assumed incorrectly). Especially with the current state of carriers (exclude 0.9.9 unintentional changes), when an AA cruiser isn’t going to save you. Perhaps you have better tactics when dealing with and dodging squadrons? Still though, in the current meta I wouldn’t expect many destroyers to perform well, Z23 being rather indifferent.
  3. S4pp3R is exactly right - but since you live in Adelaide, you two should be compatible. You may require discord and a headset (not required but it will make things more convenient) for direct communication with a division mate without having to type. But since Battleships are my strengths, here are some very general tips for battleships (this will also apply for higher tiers): 1. Do not use your DCP (Damage Control Party) the moment you catch fire. 2. Decide carefully where you want to go - battleships may not always be the best at relocating 3. Know your own ship - this means values such as concealment, your firing range etc. 4. Access the situation before you push/make advancements (fancy way of saying ‘charging in with style’) 5. This one may vary depending on the situation but.. try not to show broadside to an enemy battleship, and if you think you have have pushed into their territory slightly to far, reverse instead of turning around. 6. Be patient and don’t panic - you will be on fire, you may get hit by torpedoes, you may get spammed by some annoying cruiser with a fast reload but battleships are designed to do all of those things and triumph, given a decent commander. Good lines to try include the USN Battleship line (North Carolina division, so basically go for Montana), IJN Battleship lines - seriously more tanky the general population may believe with excellent firepower all the way.. can’t recommend the USSR Battleships unfortunately due to some of them having rather odd characteristics that may vary from the standard battleship (definitely worth a try later on, because they are brilliant), the MNF (France) wouldn’t hurt to give it a go, I wouldn’t really recommend the HMS Battleships because being honest, minus Thunderer and Conquerer they sort of suck. Good luck with your new WoWs career. -Raikii
  4. _Raikii

    USS Florida a decent TVII

    I have not played the Gneisenau or Colorado. Try Nagato and Ashitaka (if you’re willing to pay for it), which both I find brilliant. The battery arrangement of the Florida is found also on Alsace and Bourgogne.
  5. _Raikii

    USS Florida a decent TVII

    ‘Quite fun if you’re mid or up tier.’ Maybe because most ships are decent if you’re mid or up tier? Comparisons are generally done considering the fact that Florida is going to go up against ships like Musashi. ‘Very effective in catching an unsuspecting cruiser’ If a battleship cannot do so (especially at this tier) it’d be more worth a look at than a battleship which does so excellently. Florida is not outstanding but neither is it rubbish.. which is, I’m pretty sure, what people have been saying. -Raikii
  6. _Raikii

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    I have walked into strange things..