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  1. _Raikii


    Operations have so much potential everywhere you look. 1. They can be a very enjoyable retreat from the frustration of grinding multiplayer, allowing longer gameplay without the expense of sanity. 2. They may encourage better teamwork and cooperation. 3. They can be used for a more immersive game through the addition of historic campaigns; effectively storylines. 4. They can provide more historically accurate battles than a typical multiplayer, and potentially provide a more fun version of the Imbalanced Battle game-mode. 5. They can be used as a means to grind resources, given that the honorary achievements are fairly easy to obtain. 6. They offer a straight up better mode than co-op in almost every metric. 7. They allow less experienced players to fight with their friends/clan as a team without getting stamped on or insulted. The list could go on. Currently though they get boring fairly quickly, and seem superficial. It would be nice to have more tiers involved with operations too, and remove the tier restrictions on certain maps. The matchmaking mechanics are probably easier to deal with, since bots can be added or removed fairly easily depending on how teams perform. I also feel as though many players find them too easy, especially when fighting as an organised team. Many things to enjoy, many things to improve. Hopefully operations become something even more worthwhile in the future.
  2. _Raikii

    Is it worth coming back?

    Come back and try it. If you see a fridge floating around, thats actually kearsarge
  3. A good MvR player would be able to shred a Satsuma to pieces if it has no AA support. Watched an enemy MvR pretty much take out 60k an allied Yamato at the beginning of the battle with one bomber squad. Tried to circle back in Worcestor to help but didn't really do an awful amount of aerial damage. All the while the MvR was doing circles at the back of the map occasionally being spotted, taking a bit of damage here and there but otherwise nothing significant. I think that is still more frustrating than occasionally getting deleted. One devastating strike on a carrier doesn't mean much and it doesn't really take a super-ship to do that. Pretty satisfying though and very helpful for your team.
  4. _Raikii

    Contributing to a player's peace of mind

    Destroyers dying at the beginning is really disadvantaging for whoever loses them. Thats why people risk missing a shot at destroyers rather than hit some huge battleship for a much larger amount of damage. You can't blame the guy for being pissed but you can blame him for sending the message. Try and sit bow-in or stern-in when capping, I don't think I've been torpedo struck whilst capping since I learned that. Also don't sit in a smoke screen when capping because people will just sweep torpedoes straight through it + radar cruisers will know your approximate location. If you still die, thats really just unlucky. Good luck next time.
  5. _Raikii

    Yoshino is actually a good ship

    Yoshino is fun but not competitive. Big guns do big damage and 20km torpedoes are amusing but at the end of the day it's too clunky to be played in ranked. It's just the nature of the current super cruisers really. Some times you get stuck bow-in without much of a getaway plan and when the overmatching battleships turn up you just become a punching bag. It gets difficult to disappear when destroyers are around because of the 11km detectability and then you just die. Still fun though.
  6. _Raikii

    More Codes

    Starting another thread to gain attention faster. Some of these codes are from late December 2021, not sure how much longer they will run. Some of you may have already redeemed them. FASTANDFURIOUS and 555M1KA333A and INSPIREDBYYOU and WOWSPACESAFARIFORYOU and 555BATTLESHIPIIMIKASA. Worked for me at roughly 10am Brisbane, Australia time.
  7. _Raikii

    New Code

    Deleted. Check ‘New Codes’ thread.
  8. _Raikii

    Why Marlborough is just like California

    Fair. I’ll take this one
  9. _Raikii

    Why Marlborough is just like California

    Shut up
  10. _Raikii

    Why Marlborough is just like California

    There’s an old proverb that states ‘He who predicts Marlborough will be poop by comparing it to California should not post on forum’.
  11. _Raikii


    Friendly reminder that there’s no in game reward for posting as many stupid threads as possible. So please, shut the full cup. Been wondering for a while now whether it’s worth it to become a forum moderator just to delete other people’s posts.
  12. The entire line of fat slow American battleships is nothing much to me. The fast battleship line is much better. I don't suggest grinding for Vermont because Yamato is just gonna come along and pretty much ruin everything you worked for (not much actually, just some fat dudes with big guns). The 460's are pretty devastating on anything, and the useless enormity of Vermont will allow Yamato to score 9/9 hits at 40km.
  13. _Raikii

    Midway need buff.

    Richthofen is powerful. It's effective to play it more like a surface ship than an actual aircraft carrier from my experience. Spot DDs when you team needs it but otherwise focus on pumping out damage to large ships with the dive bombers. The bombs are not as inconsistent as you might initially believe. Generally on a tier X battleship, you would score 2 citadel hits once you're skilled with Richthofen, 1 if you're unlucky and 3 if you're lucky. 2 citadel hits from those bombs is already 18k damage, similar damage to a citadel + one regular penetration from Yamato. If the battleship is alone and without AA fire support, activate the heal and you should normally be able to do it again. 36k from one squad is hellish for battleships. Smaller cruisers and destroyers are vulnerable to the torpedoes. Richthofen has the special 'rocket torpedoes' which are the fastest aerial torpedoes. RNG does sometimes mess up the MvR, but otherwise it's capable, and will often deter pushing and camping battleships through brute force and the capability of the bombers to smash pretty much any large ship.
  14. _Raikii


    Did you also happen to notice that Jinan has guns? Like I mean seriously aren't guns quite DANGEROUS WTF?
  15. _Raikii

    Which of these coal ships shall I pick?

    None of the coal ships are outstanding if played by an average or even decent player. They all require a player who can optimise them for their strength, so it comes down to what you want. Salem and Pommern probably the easiest to play so start there. Yoshino is effective, but probably not the most fun until you learn how to push and AP with it. Immelmann is good, so is Marceau but that isn't even on the poll; both of them need a pretty good player but are powerful and effective. You might be able to use them well, I'm just assuming because experienced players generally know what they want and don't have to ask on forum. But if you feel like you can handle them, I think Immelmann, Marceau, and Yoshino are potent additions to your dockyard. Some people might be surprised about how highly I regard Yoshino. But many people surprise themselves with the ability of Yoshino when played more aggressively, rather than 20km away. The AP is capable, and the armour is tough when angled.