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  1. _Raikii

    Roast me!!!

    I like how you show a dozen different foods that aren’t roasted...
  2. _Raikii

    Noob needs an answer..

    Does the display still work for hidden stats?
  3. But wait a moment. I got the first paragraph wrong, so my bad. However, it’s true that when you conserve planes, the restoration does help quite a lot to replenish squadrons. But yeah it’s slow, MvR.. 60 - 80s I believe. I forgot to put in the conservation of planes in my response, but I’m pretty sure that if you play MvR decently, you can still be a real pain to high AA destroyers.. maybe I’m wrong? Feel free to correct me.
  4. Yes. For spotting runs you would drop 3, leaving MvR with 6 left (assuming torpedo bomber). Spotting Halland for even just 5 seconds is generally enough for the team to fire. Which is what I said earlier. Additionally, getting successful torpedo drops on DDs with Richthofen is common, so it’s not like you would just be wasting whatever squads you have remaining. Simply spotting a destroyer is enough to screw them over. I stick to my point, CVs cap contesting with DDs is still in favour of the CV, regardless of the DD.
  5. _Raikii

    Noob needs an answer..

    I don’t think it’s too important.. because I don’t think I’m too bad a player and I have no idea what that is. I don’t even have it in my UI... Potentially an aspect of the mini-map? Try playing with the control panel. (Click the small gear icon above the mini-map)
  6. You do realise that because aircraft restoration is a thing.. it doesn’t matter too much how many planes you shoot down? Which I think is the main reason why people think CVs are broken. You can shoot down as many as you want, but the planes will keep coming. When I really want to cap contest against a DD or if I want to help an allied DD, I don’t think an enemy DD has ever been able to cap. Also, I’m guessing quite a number of those ‘Aircraft Destroyed’ were from CV fighter planes (trying to perma-spot you). That’s an easy 12 planes to shoot down (M. Richthofen) because fighters all have very small amounts of HP. And I suppose this does bring to light one of Halland’s strengths compared to other DDs, it can’t be perma-spotted by fighter planes. But if you’re in a cap zone contesting with my DD, then I would just bring a full torpedo squadron, use the repair consumable and circle the area. Spotting a DD for even a good 5 seconds using this tactic is enough for allied cruisers and battleships to wreak utter havoc on whoever it may be. Doesn’t work the first time? I’ll grab another squadron from my reserves. Doesn’t work a second time? Full attack aircraft squadron should do the trick (I should probably stop wasting time by this point). My point of view is primarily on kicking DDs out of caps, or spotting them wherever they may be for position info for allies, not killing them from full health. I could do this perfectly fine even if you had 100 AA.
  7. _Raikii

    Thoughts on Dazzle?

    There's your answer... everyone on SEA server is at longer range anyway.
  8. _Raikii

    But PvE just isn't popular... ...

    The asymmetrical game mode was unfair for the lower tier team. After playing that game mode a total of around 5 times in high tier, 3 times in low tier, I don’t think the lower tier team ever won.
  9. _Raikii

    Just feels so bad...

    Sniping battleships are much less fun than brawling battleships. It’s really not about realism more than about the fun. Plus, if you really want to be realistic about battleships then the new game mode should be American battleships shooting cliffs on the coast of Okinawa. Battleships in WW2 basically never even hit enemy vessels fatally. We wouldn’t want that in game would we?
  10. _Raikii

    But PvE just isn't popular... ...

    Some people here may or may not have tried doing that in training room.. it gets boring basically after the second time you do it. WoWs PVE is also less fun due to the very basic 2D plane movement of the ships. WoT maps incorporate large landscape features as well as dynamic map attributes. I think WG just refuses to put in the required effort to make PVE on WoWs as engaging as on WoT. Hopefully more operations are in development and perhaps plans for more diverse Co-op battle features?
  11. _Raikii

    What do you think of deadeye?

    Oh right... I get it now. It would indeed be good to turn snipers into a class of patience and precision, if only ships like Yamato weren’t so easy to dodge from long range by (even the largest) cruisers. Fortunately the decent battleship players will actually be patient and precise, hitting frequently enough and adapting to how opponents dodge, thus predicting more accurately. Although the less skilled players (many of those in Yamato) may then use CQE, due to Deadeye not allowing them to hit anything. And I’m not sure which one is worse - dumb Yamato sitting at the very back, or dumb Yamato charging in and dying..
  12. _Raikii

    Fastest Battleship Ingame Right Now...

    The incoming Italian battleships also have smoke screen if I’m correct? Which is either going to be a really interesting, useful consumable or a janky get-away plan.
  13. _Raikii

    What do you think of deadeye?

    Translation should be totally fine. The Japanese one is fully understandable, so translating other languages should be okay. Although it’s a bit ambiguous, ‘完全に不要’ is like ‘totally useless’. Whilst Deadeye is not a good skill, I wouldn’t say it’s a useless skill. Doesn’t matter though, since it’s a scale from 1 - 10 it should still be easy to interpret and vote.
  14. _Raikii

    Fastest Battleship Ingame Right Now...

    Georgia was reputed to be a very good ship. Good main battery and secondary battery artillery, good speed, good AA defences, decent protection overall. Since you enjoy these fast battleships and it seems you don’t mind trading high speed for less armour (Dunkerque, Strasbourg, Vangaurd), I’d definitely recommend you purchase Georgia.
  15. _Raikii

    Fastest Battleship Ingame Right Now...

    Yeah the citadel sits rather high above the water. She’s very vulnerable on broadside at close range. Oh and I forgot the mention earlier sorry, the 39kn top speed is with engine boost. If you enjoy fast battleships though I’m sure you’ll do great with Georgia.