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  1. Dingo57

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hi, just to advise you, Badobest Chat Mod is cvausing log in issues, screen goes into a loading loop.
  2. Dingo57

    cant buy or sell

    Mod pack has updated and all is working now.
  3. Dingo57

    Daily Missions - Recurring

    Here here, totally agree.
  4. Dingo57

    Daily Missions - Recurring

    Well why is it then that is fine on other servers and not on the APAC Server. If what you say is true then other servers would be affected as well.
  5. Message sent to you in game.
  6. Why so rude??? Can you not have a normal conversation??

  7. Dingo57

    Stucked in Logging In screen.

    Server is up
  8. Dingo57

    0.10.6 bug report

    Why does the ASIA Server not get access to the Columbian and Argentine Indipedance day rewards for the code L4T4MIND3P3ND3NCI4? Why does this work only on NA and EU? I have no idea of the Russian server. I tried entering the code while the Brazil Stream was on. Why does EU and NA get official streams and ASIA gets nothing.
  9. Dingo57

    Battle of the Beasts

    Nearly 4 hours after start time and I asm in the same situation. WG, fix your shit.
  10. Is it April 1st already, I must have slept well last night. Must be an April Fools joke, no one is this short of brain cells. Amazing how many people are Software Programers or Computor Specilists these days, bloody amazing, Ahh well such is the world today.
  11. Dingo57

    a bettet bot for the game

    As if there are not enough bots already in the game and I am not talking aboiut the ones in Co-Op or Operations.
  12. Dingo57

    Armchair Admirals: the Battle of Moon Sound

    Thanks Thanks mate, the mission appeared after I logged in this morning. War Gaming at it's best. 😀
  13. Dingo57

    Armchair Admirals: the Battle of Moon Sound

    And it gave me nothing......................
  14. Dingo57

    Armchair Admirals: the Battle of Moon Sound

    Any idea when this week this will be fixed?
  15. Dingo57

    Shenyang torpedos ghost through enemy ships

    Yeh, common issue when you try to target DD's with Deep Water Torps War Gaming needs to fix this, been around since they released the PA DD's.