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  1. Dingo57

    Torpedo's- desiganating specidic ships

    Really, is this serious...................
  2. Dingo57

    Did you just assume my Regent's gender?

    What ever Max is smoking, I'll take 1/2 a kilo.
  3. Dingo57

    Can not collect daily reward

    Scroll down using the mouse wheel, It does work but is slooowwwww.
  4. Dingo57

    Alaska on sale on the NA server why not here?

    But But But But everyone had it before me. Mummy Mummy War Gaming isn't playing fair. 😭 Mikhail and Hank the Yank got stuff before me 😭
  5. Why whine about it, no one else on the SEA server is getting it early and not like the Russians or the Yanks can bring their ships to the SEA server.
  6. Dingo57

    Alaska on sale on the NA server why not here?

    Honestly who cares, the Yanks were always going to get it before the rest of us. You will be able to buy it at the same time as every other SEA Player unless you have 1 mil Free XP. 😀
  7. Dingo57

    Alaska on sale on the NA server why not here?

    Updates on Friday I believe.
  8. Dingo57

    Aircraft's ammunition is missing

    But the pics you posted are of prop driven aircraft, what has it to do with Jet aircraft?
  9. Dingo57

    Aircraft's ammunition is missing

    Internal bomb bays. 😀😀
  10. Dingo57

    Tigers of the Cold Wave Tournament is arriving!

    I think you will find that he means available via Gold, Coal, Steel or Hard Cash. Not through a Gift Box.
  11. Dingo57

    Hall of Fame Points

    Maybe it is time to NAME and SHAME these SCUMBAGS. Just had one in my game, tried to push others into the minefield and when that didn't work he went in himself and took 3 mines, top 30% of the top 100 and not his first offence.
  12. Dingo57

    Hall of Fame Points

    Remove the "Top 100" ranking. Don't state who is where on the table, you can only check on yourself or talk to team mates/Clan members. Removes the "look at me I am a HERO", so that they have no public recognition.
  13. Dingo57

    Hall of Fame Points

    These scumbags know exactly what they are doing. Go in a game, start, drive into the minefield from spawn, die, log out and jump into another game. You can get possibly 7-8 games an hour this way and if your team can get at least 4 stars, that is 560 -640 points per hour towards the Hall of Fame. If you play the full game, best your could do is 300 points per hour. Current top scorer in Hall of Fame has 16800 points at 7:30am Sydney time. That is around 168 games at 100 points per game, 56 hrs of full game play. Hall of Fame has been open approx 48 hrs I think at this stage as you needed to finish directive 4 before you can participate. Math just doesn't add up. Take a look at the Hall of Fame yourself.
  14. Dingo57

    Royal Navy Containers

    I know exactly how you feel. Others in the Clan have all DD Missions completed and boats in their harbour. Ahh well good things will come to those that wait................. maybe