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  1. SpearF1sher

    Auction - Value/Worth/Cost

    Money is fiction, the ability is to have people believe/buy in, that's the key. Ask L. Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith or even Adam Money is relative. Imagine going on a High School tramp for five days, on third day you bring out 4-5 fizzy drink cans and some chocolate bars, let the bidding begin. So how much? What I would like to see in the Auction, Personalised camo National flags Captain xp Last auction 80-10m for 100000 coal. Coal ship say 240000 = 200-250 million coin
  2. SpearF1sher

    Auction - Value/Worth/Cost

    What is the value/worth/cost for you? $80 million for 100 000 coal sounds a bit high. Like local 'ma n pa dairy' high (dairy is 7 eleven), me I like 'supermarket prices'. Example a while ago there was a dd event, in the inventory you could buy 10pt captains for $4 million. So $80 million you could have bought 20 10pt captains or 2500 coal per captain equivalent. The captains I bought were IJN -David Vortex (3) - Baron von Vagabond (3) US - Dr. Ecraseur (3) USSR - Boris the Pipe 3 - Ivan the Terrible 3 Germany - Rattenkonig 3 UK - Skullcap 4 French - Octane Diesel 3 Pan Asian - Scarlet Fury 4 29 in total. As this looks to be a frequent event and its new wg 'how much could we push this' 'this the whole point of an auction' right but if people aren't bidding or slow rolling.... It would be good for others to maybe put up what 'deals' that have been on offer so we can determine value/worth/cost. Value/worth is different for each of us but the actual cost of the items in the promos is the same for all of us.
  3. SpearF1sher

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    Your ship, your game
  4. Well a few months ago i was about to get my first steel ship, the Stalingrad. But I got FDR. Reasons for changing mind I got smolensk/kron and the cruiser tech ships thru to 10, with Petro .... Russian line by far the most top pointed captains 19 at the time. Russian saturation for me Not a cv man, so thought hey need to get the practice with a cv. Used in co-op for missions when they arise. Was also doing the Halsey missions and was 'stuck' on the 'dd/cv -12 fires or torp hits and top in the team mission'. Came close a few times but with the change in meta was getting harder and harder. Played FDR, start playing. Double check mission, "each mission can be done more than once, prize can only be claimed once'. wait what the .... lol such an idiot. FDR is sooo different from my limited experience, the planes are like flying heavy US battleships. Slow but can take a beating and hit like a truck. The lesson for me is go back to the sandpit and play the lower tier cvs more often which i'm not that keen on so I got a FDR to play co-op... This is pretty much the lesson for all prem ships where confidence and competence are not aligned to give the 'peak experience.'
  5. SpearF1sher

    What's the deal with WoWs update ?

    An interesting point was made the other day, measurement is a reflection of change (this is due to 'parties' having an intrinsic motivation, whether be individuals/business/government) . So many industries producing negative by products, GAMING. The online currencies is not going to stop because of the construct that Bitcoin and others had tried/failed but created. A currency for peer to peer transaction, with no body in the middle. No tax, inflation manipulation, parties that short and dump. Like gold its finite another strength. you can transfer coin any where in the world ,no commission, no tax. Out of the currencies which will win? Back in the day it was Yahoo not Google, My Space not Facebook.......... Essentially it has a value system like gold but has the fluidity of cash, neighbour/tradie does a job for you. CC it... imagine a cashy job where your payment system is holding value. No where does this exist, all government money is inflationary based.US Dollar in 1900 is now worth $21, in the 70s was the start of the fiat money so things start to get real whack. CC is valued based like gold, the price goes up and down due to demand, not some government devaluing their currency because they want to encourage exports etc.
  6. SpearF1sher

    KOTS-VORvFPM now

    This is it 2-2, either way SEA 1 and 2 in world. good luck
  7. SpearF1sher

    KOTS-VORvFPM now

    game on right now on twitch...2 SEA teams in the finals...
  8. SpearF1sher

    The Dissolution of Pan-Am (Pan-America)

    Unique captain - (Lord) Thomas Cochrane, I know he died in 1860 but he fought for Britain/Chile/Brazillian navies oh his record hang check this out....if you got time
  9. SpearF1sher

    Makra is Gud but...

    It would be cool to identity which team the player came from for the love/hate. Get a hate tick from a player on the other team, i'd be like Thank you! while we're wishing,we have priority target -for defence. for offence - it would be nice to know when identifying a target you have an indicator on how many have shots on, if anyone....
  10. SpearF1sher

    Is T8 worth grinding to?

    game dynamics do change because of the being in T10 ships which have all the extras to help with dispersion etc combined with an already better 'sigma'. Can be a brutal intro though . First game in my brand new bismark with perma camo, rts cv saw me and i got dev stuck by bomber without a shot fired and thinking wtf just happened. tend to get a lot of the perma camos from tornies etc aimed at T8 also...
  11. SpearF1sher

    [Asking questions] Jutland and Fantasque/Mogador

    Only realised the other day that the French dd's have park benches on the back and or side. Is this for the VIPs to 'observe the battle' while the band plays on the deck? playing Ride the Valkyries Yank Pirates? Nah, Team America $%$% YEAH!
  12. Well when it comes to having NZ off the map. I'm cool with. as the handle implies why would i want the world to know the best fishing spots..:) Maybe the it's on us to come up with something like... nothing else be said because WE know... Breaker Morant and Chunuk Bair were seminal moments of bringing two nations together, through a shared experience of realising that maybe the colonies weren't as inferior to mother england as they had us believe.
  13. SpearF1sher


    yeah man, as with everyone and everything. I do find his analytics on point, his ability to understand not just the ship he is using but, understanding the concept of how it will effect both macro/micro in WOW. And do it in such a short time comparable to other current CCs. it's the delivery, but hey he's trying to make a living. Not my cup of tea but shock jocks are popular everywhere....
  14. SpearF1sher