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  1. SpearF1sher

    That'll learn me then....

    So I thought around Mayish to stop collecting my containers till the end of the year and see I would get. Yesterday I think I was on about 545 and today "WG went surprise we opened your containers for you!" "Oh yeah, cool." So it was more the wanting to open heaps (not ichase heaps) in one go on Xmas. Must have been due to some 'new' change I get it but BRO I was soo close... Interestingly I still have 100 containers so I opened 10 and nothing of note to differentiate them from the other 450.
  2. my point was more at lest they trying to solve the issue the second was more something out of there control we need the critical mass but don't have, an observation. ( i let that ship sail long ago )
  3. WG are trying to answer the question of 'how to get more people/clans involved?' Seems the simplest solution. Doesn't solve the times thou, midnight to 4am but thats due to critical mass, which we lack.
  4. SpearF1sher

    clan brawl times

    we just dont have the critical mass of player base in the SH...
  5. SpearF1sher

    1,000 Mega Santa Container Drop rate

    So any whales wanna whale?...
  6. SpearF1sher

    let's share what you got from Santa box!

    Caveat emptor!
  7. SpearF1sher

    code has to be redeemed now

  8. SpearF1sher

    WG Code for 5x gift containers

    thanks, just got it now
  9. SpearF1sher

    bonus code

  10. SpearF1sher

    Has ANYTHING changed in the last 4 years?

    Lol you sound like you had a fight with the mrs, had a few and found yourself flicking thru your phone and found your ex's number and went bro i should give her a bell have a late night bootie call . nek minute you realise why you broke up question is did she come over or did you go over?
  11. SpearF1sher

    Why Coal is the best mechanic?

    yep and than they will shame player for not using such and such flag. (maybe because they dont have it or saving their flag for comp etc) I saw a tank review by quickybaby thou i dont play tanks, turns out he uses a free account to keep it real for what ftp players must have to do. I do think some CCs for wows need to do the same. They dont have to be ftp just have premium time..... I think Mr G keeps i pretty real thou
  12. SpearF1sher

    USS California

    wow just watched ichase review on cali, dude that ship is so broken. slower than the colorado and guns couldnt do much against a pensicola and omaha . what a let down im not a fan boy of usn but dude. how long have usn fans been talking about and waiting for cali and this is what they get. this is like going on a stag night and yourve been told youre going to a strip joint which actually turns out to be bingo night for over 80s.......
  13. SpearF1sher


    yep, it reminds me of boxing in the super heavy weight division. Everyone knows that one mistake and its lights out. so often the rounds are slow and a bit boring to watch as 'not much' is happening for fear of losing, to counter this judges will give more points to the more aggressive of the two. how to integrate this into our situation? when is it aggression vs yolo?
  14. SpearF1sher

    Where players mostly go?

  15. SpearF1sher


    For me its not so much being anti subs as such, like i love graphics are cool etc its the game play i find hard. The amount of work required I just dont think would give positive returns of input. I think there is a too much disconnect within ships/teams and trying to connect them together maybe a bit too hard. how can we encourage bbs to push/support with subs especially when the bbs have no counter? what about having heat flare to counter subs torps homing in, you could have an alarm to indicate lock and that evasive measures are needed. ( top gun here we come!) Are subs too fast? with the ability drop rise really quick maybe have some shallow reefs ( no deeper than 6 km) Echo location bouys could be dropped by cv and or bbs to create a net as such which could be on timer this is a state of diminishing returns example either keep tweeking subs or come up with counters for other ships which can then have have unintended issues/consequences for ships that than need retweeking. I'm thinking of dds (like they dont have enough issues to deal with) On the bright side given time people do come up with ideas to adapt within perimeters given. The games I have played I've chosen to go for speed with the ability to engage on my terms - french cruiser with speed boost/reload booster and hydro thank you. Writing this i've got Queens 'Invisible Man' playing in my head and thats what subs are at the mo.