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  1. SpearF1sher

    Kills, who should get the kill?

    Kill Steal Deliberate - (as you referred to before) intentional Not Deliberate Securing the Kill-Other times it can appear as a kill steal but is actually a situation where the red ship must die NOW , so other ships shooting in support to get a quick kill. Supporting a ship in a gun battle but you happen to be 15Km+ away shells can take a while to land and you get the kill due to 'The kill shot' Same as above but your in a situation where you dont have the dpm to do massive damage but hey you shoot to help and your salvo comes in just behind a BB 30km damage dealer and you get the kill.... The 2 situations I thought it would be cool to 'give' the kill to the main dealer but than again I have had many a game I'm top ship with no kills and other times have had barely 30k damage and 4 kills and end up in the middle What has happened in the past influencing the decisions of today. Like the times you saw a ship burning down about to die and maybe you switched your attention to other ships 'knowing the red ships is going to die but it doesn't' and than proceeds to take out your team and you get to sit and watch and lose. Thinking one more salvo and he was finished. Lesson learnt DON"T let low hp ships get AWAY. Secure the KILL Some games you feel you can't do anything right and other games its the opposite. Like focusing on one ship and than kill flag pops up and your like wtf and than see the close quarters kill because unknown to you a dd was coming around an island to ambush you but your secondaries go off and pop goes the dd.... This game giveth and taketh away....
  2. Will for Victory talent: Once per battle, if his ship's HP drops below 10%, the following activate for 30 seconds: "Damage control party" effect is applied (no consumable charge expended) "Repair party" regenerates up to 7.5% HP (no consumable charge expended) Dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at his ship increases +20%. Go to https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Special_Commanders
  3. Depends which nation you want to play more. Kuznetsov is considered the most op of all special commanders because of the heal that automatically kicks in you have10%hp left and if you time it well, and trigger a heal at the same time its like watching Hulk Hogan WWF wrestling come back from the edge. Not only do you get a heal, any flooding or burning is stopped AND for the next 10 seconds(?) enemy fire dispersion. Its why when you see a red ship flare goes up and the fire and flooding stops to show 'Hes' on board don't fire for a few seconds because its not worth it yeah... What do you see yourself playing in the near future? Does happen to be one of captains nation? 2 birds one stone...
  4. SpearF1sher

    Convey are just gambling!!!

    Thought it would be cool for us the player base to choose certain nights/days for classes of ships. Have Convoy but maybe Torp Tuesday - (DDs) torps only Gun boat Thursday Secondary Sunday - (BBs) could even have no ap allowed Cruising Fridays - ap and torps only CV Wednesdays 12 ships v 12 ships of all the same class would be awesome imagine 24 kearsage going at it lol or 24 Blacks Even if most people do it and a few who aren't who cares, want a change from the same old we could do it our selves through this forum have a vote on sunday for what the next day/s in that week we are doing. could have a 7 hour window for time zone cross over..... For me GK has been King attack and defend, so strong and consistent. Is it me or German BBs got sigma buff? because wow rng has been amazing with compared what I remember. Stop playing german bbs after wg nerfed secondaries.
  5. SpearF1sher

    Ruckus in the depot Bundles RNG

    Greedier/desperate two completely different mind traits but they have the same outcome/impact. I have no idea what WG finances are but considering the last couple years compounded by the last few months. What if WG have got over extended like many big companies. Covid increased demand for e commerce companies so much so these companies were hiring and hiring and buying large amounts of stock, independent finance assessments were advising to slow the spending but FOMO effect came in hard with even more products ordered and staff hired. American market has a $1 trillion market in 2019, 2021 was $1.9 trillion (companies realise they can bump the price up and blame supply issues compounding, here in NZ internal cladding panels have gone from $20-$30 a piece now $200) WG had to move thats a massive financial hit it, to up physical location and people while still keeping things going.(are the russian still able to play it?)
  6. SpearF1sher

    favourite ships

    Atago Black (free xmas ship) Captain: Matsuji Ijuin 1941-1942 was than promoted to Kongo Dec 1942. I have decided to promote him to the Yoshino along with getting his 21points. A fitting ship for Matsuji Ijuin. 'He's in the armoury if any one wants to get him.' Captain Skills 1Grease the gears/Gun Feeder/ Incoming Fire Alert 2Demolition Expert/ Priority Target 3Adrenaline Rush/Superintendent 4Radio Location/Conceal Expert T8 IJN cruiser can cause doubt and hesitancy even among T10s with the area denying 10k torps. With 'greek fire' like HE torching any foe who gets too close. But her primary task is prey is on dds and hunting dds is what is she does well. this is a high risk high reward ship. A dd in getting the cap with my Atago in support with her HE loaded is no joke for any unsuspecting dd. Get it wrong though, either to bad angling or getting detected, and the punishment will be severe. Get lucky and live and go undetected at 9.3km, cool you get to limp away and Heal up (at T 8 for a cruiser) drop some torps to slow them down. Surprising the enemy dd brings out the glean of the teeth of a shark like Atago, ready to feast on this 'dolphin or seal'. "Hydro up" ... I see smoke...but...Atago can also be the prey Atago has to be aware of when its hunted, in situations like being up tiered in a T10 game or radar. Any red ship that sees the Atago. A unison of 'shots out' from across screen will appear and its about to start raining shells that can tear her deck so easily. The speed and propeller work well in unison cutting through the water like a shark to relative safety. If atago is a shark than T10 russian cruisers are orcas and Bbs are the trawlers of the ocean, throwing their net in a hit and miss manner. Play her well and she is majestic and play poorly is a sure way for the rust to grow on her port hull. Play on the on the outside and drop torps for area denial, hitting a cruiser/bb with a 8000k salvo with a double fire. jinking and jiving taking the potential while my ships get into position and fire back unmolested by enemy fire. Atago can be soo strong but not OP well not for me.140k damage is a great game with 80-100 good. have had 3 kill games with only 20-40k damage because i got the dds and then the rest of the team rolled them and thats where the weakness comes out. Pushing ahead with floatyish guns, limited range and being mindful of angles but also just getting hit due to overmatch . You end chasing the game so kinda you don't get rewarded for making or help make The play(s) of the game. Fair Winds and Following Seas! P.s its pretty cool you can put the original captain on. would be cool if there were a synergy effect only when combined though .similar to 'special captains' perks.
  7. SpearF1sher


    Was looking for flags for IJN dd and came across this image but on a white background comes with a 5%xp commander bonus. I thought WOWS stop doing them years ago, so anyway maybe i'm the only who didn't realise the bonus with this flag if not heads up. Put it on all your ships......I think this maybe 3rd or 4th bonus flag out there that I know of.
  8. Just mute them in chat dude, your ship your game. i've had death threats ... Randoms is exactly that from new players to Weekend warriors 'hold my beer' who play for giggles and fun and for some they have invested a lot of money and flags etc so feel the tension when they play especially when there are 'prizes' to play for. the 'try hard' will only ever play OP ships 'toxic' divisions (meaning good players with OP ships) combine this with the randomness of languages to try and communicate with, the other day some one in game was telling others to speak in English. Lol we are in the ASIA server, I'm playing from NZ but hey never mind the plethora of nations. For all i know people who are speaking in "box" they are saying the same thing, speak in MY language... No matter what level your at everyone makes mistakes and life happens like 'knock knock' oh s@#% someone's at the door etc. Or your having a day to forget. On top of all this you also have RNG I'm sure we have all seen and experience a situation which is not good and for what ever reason all 'their' shots do a pulp fiction and no hits. If your newish you may think 'thats normal' and so will do said maneuver again, because hey why not it worked last time right? and insta killed or the like. Than you start to angle properly and SLAP! hey what, I was bow in. oh but that was a Musashi. Oh you didn't know about overmatch? This game can be brutal so like I said at the start Your ship, your game I have over 200 hundred ships and by my favourite is the Atago, it can hold its own with T10. but it has some weaknesses but its made of citadels but in the right scenario it can heavily influence a game. Never gets massive hp totals but I love the cat and mouse play style. A good game is 1000 000+ potential a great game is 2000 000+ potential each to their own...
  9. SpearF1sher

    Zao and Petro balancing

    As a poor cv player I got the FDR 'for momentarily lapse of judgement' and regretted it since. don't play as i don't want to hobble my team as cv has so much influence. So i thought go back to my t6 cvs and train on them and nope, I'm like why do my planes die so quickly? etc (its given me a false sense of what a true cv's ability is)...
  10. SpearF1sher

    Steer to the Lighthouse

    agree, it's about the journey not the destination.......
  11. maybe there needs to be a coupon for legendary captains?
  12. SpearF1sher

    Free 2x Cammo Code

    Thank you.Still active
  13. SpearF1sher

    Atago and Zao Commander Skills

    Rpf is the go in my opinion makes it an awesome dd hunter with the low detectability
  14. SpearF1sher

    Which Tier 10 BB would you grind first?

    GK is the way to go for outright tankiness, with 12.5k secondaries with build and flag. the main guns can be a bit palm hitting face at times and other times it insta delete.