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  1. cerebus_fighter

    Royale (tokens) with Cheese

    if you do everything i.e daily plus objectives plus abelmarle/london it comes out to more than 1300
  2. cerebus_fighter

    Did I make a mistake getting the Baltimore?

    takes little getting used to bow in your as hard as mike tysons chin broadside and well its godzilla vs bambi (the cartoon). hang in there man islands are your friend, open water is not good.the guns are powerful you chunk bbs, drop cruisers and swat dds.
  3. cerebus_fighter

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    Maybe they will if this is anything to go by
  4. cerebus_fighter

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    Conroy was saying that we get to keep the moskva and kirov so i would say we would have to regrind the new t5 and t10 ships, 9.3 was the time frame so 2 months
  5. cerebus_fighter


    Well played sir
  6. cerebus_fighter

    Time for choices again - which coal ship?

    When I play smolensk i put Bloodhound Gang - 'The roof is on fire on burn mother@#%^ burn' and for Thunderer AC/DC - Thunderstruck When you time the kill shot with 'Thunderstruck' feels reeeeaaaal good
  7. cerebus_fighter

    The Prodigal Max

    Welcome back Max!
  8. cerebus_fighter

    Network disconnects anyone else having these

    yeah disconnects from game more now
  9. cerebus_fighter

    a STATMENT from a former CN_70 player

    you have hurt the feelings of the people of China,for that we shall reclaim another island
  10. cerebus_fighter

    3 camo codes in Streaming

    they have only 2500, so when they come up you need to be quick...
  11. cerebus_fighter

    3 camo codes in Streaming

  12. cerebus_fighter

    3 camo codes in Streaming

  13. cerebus_fighter


    so how many cn 70 clan are we going to see in the top one hundred of the PR grind leader board..... WG: 'great dedication from a hard working clan, see community you can do it for free!' Community:(please feel free to fill this part in)
  14. cerebus_fighter

    Directives and Other Drama

    in the comments one dude did a really nice word play You have to Pay to Rico Too bad I'm too Poor to Rico ! (Nathaniel Florendo)