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  1. cerebus_fighter

    Clan Battles for ASIA/SEA Server

    awesome thanks man
  2. cerebus_fighter


    thanks dude
  3. cerebus_fighter


    Co-op is an awesome format. Haven't got the time, smash out 5/6/7 games in the time it takes to have 2 randoms. Having a bad run, co op it. Can't seem to hit the side of a barn, co op it. Got your eye back in, carry on or change it up. Wg even help by having the first game at 250 base hp (daily mish) so A. Focus's the mind of the task at hand B. You get your eye in C. Get your first set of freebies D. Experiment with new ships Perfect warm up for me
  4. cerebus_fighter

    How to radar?

    even tell your team before setting so they can get ready to focus suspected dd in cap, i generally check map for who can help and then chat 'radar on (A) in 3 ... ' so much better to check if people can help focus as apposed to "radar on"'mm whys no one shooting target?' looks at map 'oh green ships have no line of sight'. . At the beginning I like to go in to radar and either help from behind island or just kite at angle away and help farm go dark and repeat
  5. cerebus_fighter

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    So immediate response will be that people will not buy ANYTHING, and any grinding/clan battles will drop because it will be like Pol Pot wanting to restart to year zero. Feeling gutted, grounded out to tier ten and now gone
  6. cerebus_fighter

    [Updated]: Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    yeah man just got the same thing pop up for me
  7. cerebus_fighter

    Game Mechanics

    so if they dont know how to fix it means ive been sold on a bad product...great... \
  8. cerebus_fighter

    How to Bismarck?

    bismarck is a brawler, i tend to play similar to cruiser use the islands for stealth and support. cruisers and dds sometimes try to rush for torp drop which is where the secondaries come in handy
  9. cerebus_fighter

    Congratulations 'drakon233'

    Just finished a game of rank and witnessed a game where (MEGA)drakon 233 not only got kraken but all 6. well done
  10. cerebus_fighter


    So have been playing ranked and have found something that happens a lot. Ca and Cl out the back in the open. i thought they would be using islands for cover and help dds. have asked when playing games why cruisers do this and the usual deafening response of silence. i dont get it what am i missing ?
  11. cerebus_fighter

    Super container

    havent seen a super container for awhile, so you can imagine the excitement when hey i got one today, drum roll please 100 juliet flags.
  12. cerebus_fighter

    Its the same for everyone

    So what i noticed so far with the change is that A. you need to work more as a team. BB's escorted by CL/CA B. Who dares wins. Example when planes are shot down that gives your team to time relocate/position/push etc If feels people see AA and start freaking so start camping(flight or fright), people (BBs)they can still get you move. the effects of bombs/torps/rockets can be minimised with moving/kiting.
  13. cerebus_fighter

    screen freeze/ missing ships etc.....

    Ever since I have played WOW there has always been bugs. At the beginning it was having difficulty with queue waiting.sometime i get in (the worst was 3.50 minutes to go in game to find one other green left yep i waited) or get 'in' and find ship is sunk. This was annoying but hey its a complex, match making linking players form around asia . so i rolled with it. This queueing still happens (hence me writing this) but now I am more vested and I do care about my win rate 45% 😞 . Another issue that popped up in the last patch or patches Im playing. I scope in on red ship find that i can see the hp bar and name of ship but no ship. This has triggered me a few times decked out ship in flags and im sailing around blind, the slaptalk /insults from the other members starts up. All in all a very negative experience. I have noticed patterns early evening .(so generally wont play around these times) but then there are just random times it happens. Oh Screen freezing argghh too many times have i been in good/great position and then freeze....crash. I have never been able to complete Narai. everything is cool till troops are landing the red teams ships coming out and than........freeze........crash. So now don't play it, I can play the other scenarios fine. Could you tell me how to do replay or screen save the matches so i can show what i mean if this is not making sense. Thanks
  14. cerebus_fighter

    What is "Balance"?

    Hey People Flambass has set up a survey if you want to participate go to https://goo.gl/forms/pnRoa5C6bhOSvxeL2 he's trying a new channel(a bit like Mingles with Jingles)
  15. cerebus_fighter

    Game freezes

    yeah man this week has been a bit painful with the game freezing. my ping is fine checked computer etc but still the freeze.....