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  1. cerebus_fighter

    Why Coal is the best mechanic?

    yep and than they will shame player for not using such and such flag. (maybe because they dont have it or saving their flag for comp etc) I saw a tank review by quickybaby thou i dont play tanks, turns out he uses a free account to keep it real for what ftp players must have to do. I do think some CCs for wows need to do the same. They dont have to be ftp just have premium time..... I think Mr G keeps i pretty real thou
  2. cerebus_fighter

    USS California

    wow just watched ichase review on cali, dude that ship is so broken. slower than the colorado and guns couldnt do much against a pensicola and omaha . what a let down im not a fan boy of usn but dude. how long have usn fans been talking about and waiting for cali and this is what they get. this is like going on a stag night and yourve been told youre going to a strip joint which actually turns out to be bingo night for over 80s.......
  3. cerebus_fighter

    0.9.5 Bug Report Thread

    Dock yard takes a long to load or wont load at all, like im trying to load in dock yard now on gaming computer while typing this ....the dock yard itself shows up but the time/task line not coming up just circle of death in the middle.its been 10 minutes so far still no luck
  4. cerebus_fighter


    yep, it reminds me of boxing in the super heavy weight division. Everyone knows that one mistake and its lights out. so often the rounds are slow and a bit boring to watch as 'not much' is happening for fear of losing, to counter this judges will give more points to the more aggressive of the two. how to integrate this into our situation? when is it aggression vs yolo?
  5. cerebus_fighter

    Where players mostly go?

  6. cerebus_fighter


    For me its not so much being anti subs as such, like i love graphics are cool etc its the game play i find hard. The amount of work required I just dont think would give positive returns of input. I think there is a too much disconnect within ships/teams and trying to connect them together maybe a bit too hard. how can we encourage bbs to push/support with subs especially when the bbs have no counter? what about having heat flare to counter subs torps homing in, you could have an alarm to indicate lock and that evasive measures are needed. ( top gun here we come!) Are subs too fast? with the ability drop rise really quick maybe have some shallow reefs ( no deeper than 6 km) Echo location bouys could be dropped by cv and or bbs to create a net as such which could be on timer this is a state of diminishing returns example either keep tweeking subs or come up with counters for other ships which can then have have unintended issues/consequences for ships that than need retweeking. I'm thinking of dds (like they dont have enough issues to deal with) On the bright side given time people do come up with ideas to adapt within perimeters given. The games I have played I've chosen to go for speed with the ability to engage on my terms - french cruiser with speed boost/reload booster and hydro thank you. Writing this i've got Queens 'Invisible Man' playing in my head and thats what subs are at the mo.
  7. cerebus_fighter


    Not interested in the subs in the current form, would be interested if scenario, either being the dds escorting cargo ship or being the subs trying to kill said cargo ships. Fair point but dd can still be spotted on the surface, sub can go deep and sit on their endless supply of air.
  8. cerebus_fighter

    Soupmarine Bundle or just FREE COAL

    got my coal last bundle was the subs ...mmm... no thanks
  9. cerebus_fighter

    What am i doing wrong with Sov. Soyuz IX tier

    have you tried the training room or co-op just to practice?
  10. cerebus_fighter

    WoWs NA Community Team now also on SEA server

    how awesome, so stoked that this has happened whoop whoop
  11. Welcome , how cool. , look forward to hearing from you thanks
  12. cerebus_fighter

    Is it possible to get Soviet Cruisers for free ?

    whoops my bad. Thanks had the benham last year, did they have a ship 'giveaway' for haloween or was that just the camos like the scorpian etc
  13. cerebus_fighter

    Is it possible to get Soviet Cruisers for free ?

    Mikoyan is a premium ship, this means that you get higher returns. More $,xp, commander xp and fxp. This makes premium ships great fro training your captain up. Premium ships also have there own little perks, example Jean Bart (bb) has reload boost so you can fire 3 salvos where normally you could only fire 2 salvos. As a f2p maybe look at the other items in the Armoury that you could trade for like camos. Camos give extra xp and depending on the camo fxp/cp/$. If you go for the camos put them aside save for when WOWs give you some premium time (they come in the loot crates) the ship that your good at. Stack camo and flags, and hopefully your get enough resources to upgrade. I suggest also when stacking and your new check out the 'Scenario' . This is for T6 and T7 ships. Maybe check out Ichase gaming on utube he has tutorials on different types of ships/aiming/angling Its part of his 'How to Get good at .......' series. Other utubers flamu/flambass but maybe start with ichase first. WOWS players tend to fall into the Collectors(they want everyship) even if they don't play them they got them Try Hards (I must win no matter what)an example is when u go to play T4/5 and there a ship with all the flags, flash camo and 19 point captain (seal clubber) Weekend warrior (Just want to have fun) if you lose you lose if you win crack one open and have another game To which ever group you belong welcome and have fun Do try a various navy's ships as this will give you an idea of how differently ships need to be played, due to their strengths and weaknesses I can get Mikoyan, but is it possible to get others for free ? If you get lucky and win a stack load of tokens no The main prize for the next event will be the German ship Prinz Eugen, there is a chance of getting the Odin but that caveat is that you have to earn tokens which give you a discount to purchase her. They have a few of these events each year
  14. cerebus_fighter

    Mikoyan should be T4 if Kirov is T5

    mikoyan for me me is a great ship, very much in the vain of the heavy cruiser soviet line, cruise out the back plugging holes when needed. The range is huge 16.2k dude at 920m/s at t5 flat and hard. Kirov is a light cruiser 14.84 k range at 800m/s (floaty).concealement Mikoyan 11.98 Kirov 14.22 ,same speed 35.5 knots but mikoyan rudder 5.9s v kirov 11s. Mikoyan ap (4550 damage) is hard and punchy i feel more confident when switching to ap, Kirov the he is the norm seldom bringing out the ap (4100 damage), unless red ship is boradside and close. Mikoyan feels a little like an russian version of the italian line. I think wg have done well with having a distinct identity for both lines with these 2 premium t 5 vodka and lemonade cruisers.