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  1. cerebus_fighter

    Congratulations 'drakon233'

    Just finished a game of rank and witnessed a game where (MEGA)drakon 233 not only got kraken but all 6. well done
  2. cerebus_fighter


    So have been playing ranked and have found something that happens a lot. Ca and Cl out the back in the open. i thought they would be using islands for cover and help dds. have asked when playing games why cruisers do this and the usual deafening response of silence. i dont get it what am i missing ?
  3. cerebus_fighter

    Super container

    havent seen a super container for awhile, so you can imagine the excitement when hey i got one today, drum roll please 100 juliet flags.
  4. cerebus_fighter

    Its the same for everyone

    So what i noticed so far with the change is that A. you need to work more as a team. BB's escorted by CL/CA B. Who dares wins. Example when planes are shot down that gives your team to time relocate/position/push etc If feels people see AA and start freaking so start camping(flight or fright), people (BBs)they can still get you move. the effects of bombs/torps/rockets can be minimised with moving/kiting.
  5. cerebus_fighter

    screen freeze/ missing ships etc.....

    Ever since I have played WOW there has always been bugs. At the beginning it was having difficulty with queue waiting.sometime i get in (the worst was 3.50 minutes to go in game to find one other green left yep i waited) or get 'in' and find ship is sunk. This was annoying but hey its a complex, match making linking players form around asia . so i rolled with it. This queueing still happens (hence me writing this) but now I am more vested and I do care about my win rate 45% 😞 . Another issue that popped up in the last patch or patches Im playing. I scope in on red ship find that i can see the hp bar and name of ship but no ship. This has triggered me a few times decked out ship in flags and im sailing around blind, the slaptalk /insults from the other members starts up. All in all a very negative experience. I have noticed patterns early evening .(so generally wont play around these times) but then there are just random times it happens. Oh Screen freezing argghh too many times have i been in good/great position and then freeze....crash. I have never been able to complete Narai. everything is cool till troops are landing the red teams ships coming out and than........freeze........crash. So now don't play it, I can play the other scenarios fine. Could you tell me how to do replay or screen save the matches so i can show what i mean if this is not making sense. Thanks
  6. cerebus_fighter

    What is "Balance"?

    Hey People Flambass has set up a survey if you want to participate go to https://goo.gl/forms/pnRoa5C6bhOSvxeL2 he's trying a new channel(a bit like Mingles with Jingles)
  7. cerebus_fighter

    Game freezes

    yeah man this week has been a bit painful with the game freezing. my ping is fine checked computer etc but still the freeze.....
  8. cerebus_fighter

    server down?

    yeah cool up again thanks
  9. cerebus_fighter

    server down?

    Hey guys just checking, i can't connect - Error connecting server server temporarily unavailable..........
  10. cerebus_fighter

    screen freeze

    Hi PeterMoe1963 Yes I am referring the "Battle" with the list of team members as the loading screen. I have checked computer etc and re-installed game as you suggested , this problem does not happen all the time but enough, especially when I have stacked up on the signals and camo . Some days are a lot worse than others. Im in Dunedin (gigatown) on slingshot, is just frustrating when I log back in to find I have been pinked for poor play etc...
  11. cerebus_fighter

    screen freeze

    Normally its the loading screen but recently both loading and mid match freeze. tried playing today, can play co-op easy enough but random etc not so much. this doesnt happen all the time some days so much better than others
  12. cerebus_fighter

    screen freeze

    screen has been freezing and not letting back in when trying to log, right now while im typing this im waiting for a game to start. three of my team are dead and one of theirs also. some people have been saying its my computer. except the other day i played all fine and than other days like today. I was wondering if had to do with being in NZ(further away). oohh five three and my team will be going afk...............
  13. cerebus_fighter

    Can't connect to server

    thank you for the update Lieutenant Commander HuginnKR.
  14. cerebus_fighter

    Game not starting

    Hey guys i am having issues with my battles, game starts and I sitting waiting to get logged in, if i do get 'in' there are comments of AFK. Times delay can be 6 minutes to play and a sunk ship, better connection days are 18 minute mark. this does make it hard to play dd. I can see ships being sunk on the list, and in the last game i just penalised for inactive play when i could not get in. A) Is this my internet connection, (from NZ). B )getting penalised for the game not logging me in (has happened before) getting frustrating. Is this common?