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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to lolievangeline in Wargaming Gathering Indonesia 2017   
    Thanks for hosting such a great Gathering Wargaming.
    And thanks to all community member who give their time to come and Hype up the Gathering.
    Wish we met again in another WGG.

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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to MatterCore in Blue mermaid flag code   
    Its free

    Haifuri OVA 2 : Harekaze still repairing; prepare for Season 2
    BD movie and En sub came out

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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to icy_phoenix in Highest discriminated server SEA?   
    Here we go again...
    1. You cannot complain about giveaways. If someone is giving something for free that should not be bothering you. However, we do have giveaways here as well.
    2. We do have those as well. Plus, check the community section of forum. Lots of contests with prizes going on all the times.
    3. I think that's a marketing team decision. And I think you are correct about having lower population who actually want to buy premium ships. However, I have around 30 premium ships so far. So you can get them if you want, not just anytime you want.
    4. EU and NA clan wars aren't officially arranged as far as I know. They are also community driven.
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    RU_Chanderlin got a reaction from Admiral_Yularen in Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!   
    Thank you a lot :3What volume is it?
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    RU_Chanderlin got a reaction from amade in Counterfishing Tactic?   
    Really good fishing divs are too rare for me to worry about them. 
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    RU_Chanderlin got a reaction from Admiral_Yularen in Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!   
    Thank you a lot :3What volume is it?
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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to Admiral_Yularen in Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!   
    because looks like Puka Puka Fleet was somehow stopped in Asia server and i really love the comic ( miss them so much )so i try to translate it from japanese version with some help from KeisenEiji, enjoy
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    RU_Chanderlin got a reaction from amade in Players quality.   
    If we had no bad players we'd have smth like World of Warplanes. I hope that WG'll make some things with it, but executing bad players seems not very good for online and popularity of this game.
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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to Syanda in Just asking: What is Poi?   
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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to Sub_Octavian in ASIA Q&A, round 1 answers   
    Hello! Nice to meet you here.
    1. It is...going...slowly. No comment on that.
    2. I am absolutely sure that lack of languages is simply due to tremendous amount of information to be translated. It's tough, but I'd not expect any quick localization.
    3. First impressions - so far, so good. Henri IV AA and Emile speed will be tweaked soon. As for fine-tuning, well, it can be done mostly when we have massiva statistics, and this is a question of months, not days or weeks. In other words, we need to wait until lost of players play these ships and generate decent amount of battles. If we see any issues earlier, well, we will react earlier.
    4. We plan to do exactly what we did before with such mods. I mean, what else can we do with those who don't want to play fair? The policy remains. Those who ignore it, will have their accounts banned, even if not immediately, we will get to it. There is no point in risking your account for very questionable profit.
    The problem is with lack of consistency. The lack of consistency is caused by not reliable torpedo hits and not comfortable guns. We're buffing both torps and guns to make it better. Shimakaze is already showing better results, including median, in 0.6.4 compared to 0.6.3. And this is good. Sorry, but I cannot agree with your claim, seeing the data.
    No, we never considered removing IJN DD lines, and won't consider it.
    1. 0.6.6+, which means that we aim for 0.6.6, but I cannot 100% guarantee it.
    2. Such possibility is almost none, and gameplay-wise, I don't see any reasons for it to change.
    3. Because we did not plan USN BBs to be strong in secondaries. There are KM and IJN for that, gameplay-wise.
    Same as I see Manual Secondaries skill on Kiev - it is funny, but makes no actual sense 
    We will consider it. Rule Britannia!
    1. No promises, but we're thinking about giving her newly-buffed Type 93. mod.3 torps as an option.
    2. We don't plan to double premium camo except for some special cases. Sorry, but we don't consider IJN premium camo to be "disgusting", and neither the majority of players.
    3. No. It provides nice bonus both if you plan to have a particular T9 ship in your collection and if you plan to grind through it.

    Now, I want some pizza. And it's 21:00 here. Thank you
    Sorry for your disappointment, man. I can say we know that feeling, because there are so many "joke modes" ideas, but we mostly just don't have resources and time for them - need to work on core game.
    No "joke modes" are planned for the near future 
    On the other hand, lots of content for core game is coming - which is surely good.
    Yep. No plans, because such feature is quite costly, and there is almost zero demand for it.
    Because it is the best pefrormer among T6 DDs, and does not need any buffs. Of course we take into account the fact that she is obtainable through campaign with some requirements. And still, she rocks. Why buff her?
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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to MatterCore in ASIA Q&A, round 1   
    after 0.6.4 released, Kamikaze - ® - Fujin and other DDs in main line get buff. but why Shinonome get none? (This ship is the most useless T6 DD)
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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to Sub_Octavian in ASIA Q&A, round 1   
    Hello everyone!
    My name is Phil, nickname Sub_Octavian, and I am starting official Q&A session for ASIA
    Short introduction: I am Game Analytics Team Lead in WG Saint-Petersburg, responsible for many interesting activities, including developers-players communication on gameplay topics.
    This is my first time here on ASIA forum, so I can say it is very nice to meet you and finally catch up - I am already doing it on RU, NA, EU. World of Warships team values your input and participation, so let's make best of it!
    Right now it is hard to say what form of communication is best for ASIA - and you never know unless you try. So we start with this simple forum thread - ask any game-related questions, I will answer as much as I can (no leaks on unreleased ships however!), and then we'll see. Sorry for English only, but I hope that won't be a big problem.
    Action stations!
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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to kultabashi in Improvement is NOT impossible   
    This post is for those who, like me, have a drive to learn and improve in this game.  I hope i can encourage those who strive to become better.  My Gameplay is not stellar BUT.. i know they are not what they used to be.  

    I started playing around 2015, when Open Beta was released, and I instantly fell in love with this game.  After Work (and sometimes while at work)  i play a game or two just to relieve stress.   To this date, i Have played 7000+ Battles..  In that set, the first 2500+ battles were very bad. i didn't care for winning random games, i just wanted to shoot, and sink ships and get to better ships.   My win rate was at at an abysmal 40 - 40.5% if i remember correctly. But when I learned about how to play properly from friends and division mates....and i kept track of my stats as a tool to know how i can improve and become better.  

    I play My best ships,  Mostly US DDS and The occasional British light cruiser at Tier 7 - 9 mostly with some Low tier action at tier 4.  and I have seen improvement from before which was "very bad" to "average".  I try play to win and influence each battle and im also doing ranked battles, hoping i can get to Rank 1 the 2nd time around (Currently at Rank 5)

    My Damage inflicted and Survival Rate is slowly creeping upwards and is a far cry from when i would mostly YOLO and Sink during my 1st minute into the game and barely have any damage made.  And this changed my Win rate from 40% up 50.06% now, and still continues to rise slowly but surely.  (Im a late bloomer, what can i do)  lol, futile as it seems.... numbers are changing currently at .01% for each battle won.. lol  Im optimistic

    If I keep improving my play style,  Numbers will become much better and i do see this happening in the future.

    I post this, to encourage those who strive in random battles.  Improvement is NOT impossible since we can all do better if we wanted to.
    -  Play with the objectives in mind, but Dont forget to have fun.
    -  Learn to Adapt and look at the mini map.  If a plan is not working as anticipated.... adjust.
    -  If others don't know how to play properly,  try to carry and influence the situation for your team.
    -  Working in a Division can help improve game play.
    -  Learn from your friends who have more battles and experience playing.
    -  Statistics are a TOOL to improve in the game,  use it to see what you CAN achieve if you become better.

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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to MatterCore in Last memory about Aoki collaboration   
    ARPs are the best memory for anime fans who are playing WOWS
    the fleet emerge from the dark

    PS: Full version MVs
    Mental model Innocent blue
    Mental model Blue field
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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to Counterflak in Nurnberg unknown gun   
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    RU_Chanderlin reacted to Onlinegamer in how to Bussian Rias   
    1.open Funtaj 7

    2.play any Bussian ship
    3.then shoot
    new based
    Yuro based
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    RU_Chanderlin got a reaction from AntifoulAwl in WG,WoWs are turning wrong way   
    You don't know about problems on RU-server. They don't know anything about teamplay. We (RU-players) have more troubles with ourselves than with anything else. 
    I hope all bugs would be fixed in the nearest future