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  1. RU_Chanderlin

    World War 3 INCOOMING!!!!

    Well, I just don't like the idea of collaboration with Azur Lane. But it's only my opinion after all.
  2. RU_Chanderlin

    Do you wish April's Fools are Real ?

    Personally, I think that the idea of creating another camo to purchase with all that economy stuff is really bad. Adding it as an option for already exisiting permacamo'd be better in my opinion :/
  3. RU_Chanderlin

    HMS conqueror

    They nerfed it to 24,5 kms.
  4. RU_Chanderlin

    french memes

    No bullying pls
  5. RU_Chanderlin


    In my opinion, it's quiet easy to get xp even without these bonuses. Using PA, special camos, specials flags from "Hunting on Bismarck" and Equal Speed Charlie London really helps to reach the ship you want.
  6. RU_Chanderlin

    I just wondering this is the intended to be.

    Not a new problem. Developers will fix it in next patch I guess.
  7. RU_Chanderlin

    Camping behind islands

    If you really can't hit this camping ship (your shells just drop on the island), the best idea'll be to try to leave the place where are you at the moment. Also you can evade enemy's shells (if it has bad arcs).
  8. RU_Chanderlin

    Counterfishing Tactic?

    Really good fishing divs are too rare for me to worry about them.
  9. RU_Chanderlin

    Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    Thank you a lot :3
  10. RU_Chanderlin

    Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    Thank you a lot :3What volume is it?
  11. RU_Chanderlin

    So, the Hood is out on the NA server already....

    Hood is (or will be) available for all the servers, but Mikasa only for ASIA, not for RU. Some things can't be done everywhere. Everything is okay.
  12. RU_Chanderlin

    Players quality.

    If we had no bad players we'd have smth like World of Warplanes. I hope that WG'll make some things with it, but executing bad players seems not very good for online and popularity of this game.
  13. RU_Chanderlin

    What is the exact date of activities of High School Fleet?

    Second OVA I guess?
  14. RU_Chanderlin

    super container need to get rid of special modules

    There was a text, but it crashed.
  15. RU_Chanderlin

    Boyz N Da Hood

    I'll buy it one day.