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  1. Well you are not the only one.
  2. So anyone knows when the 4th wave hit WOWS? In AL it was last week so I hope the wait is not too long.
  3. I’m waiting for coupon resetting to get super yammy as my first steel ship, solely for gun sound and 2 harugumo on each side.
  4. NEET_13

    Kots mission chain reward

    I did get the code before watching stream which gave me 555 ribbons mission. After a while I received a message saying that I got a combat mission chain 1 for watching for a period of time. Really hope that it not the same mission. I only have 2 more pieces to go.
  5. I watched Kots stream and got a mission chain for Kots container. I clicked claimed button in twitch but the mission didn't appear in game while I got other drops just fine. Did I miss something? Please help. Thanks.
  6. NEET_13

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know when Azur Lane collab event comeback to WOWS? I missed the chance to get Yukikaze last year. Would it be around May or June since I usually see the event coming around that time every year?
  7. So I started my German emblem hunting (for ranked in top 3 in T8-10 ships) after getting JP, US and Soviet ones. I have Tirpitz, Mainz, z-46 and Hinden but I feel like those ships is not designed to be game changers. Hinden and Mainz are good ships but being cruiser means you cant deal massive damage as BBs and CVs and usually not able to cap and spot as DDs. Tirpitz is powercrept by those HE spammer and CV while its AP penetration is really weird (non-pen or overpen is very common). Z-46 can carry if needed but not at the level of Fletcher or Kita. I'm grinding CV up to Weser and not really impressed by it potential. Which ship is the best for carrying in your opinion? I'm thinking of getting Z-35 but its work more like a cruiser than a DD.
  8. NEET_13

    Regarding Santa Crates

    Oh well, that suck. I'm doing very well these 2 previous days. Would it affect my WR and stat as well?
  9. NEET_13

    Regarding Santa Crates

    So what about premium time, free xp, camos, coal, ship and commander xp earned using these flags and camos ?? I have spent some of coal and free xp to purchase new ships and research new tech tree. Will it all be gone after refund?
  10. NEET_13

    Account Stuck Synchronizing Patch 0.9.2

    I purchase premium for few days only and now it is wasted because of this bug. Even my recent purchase on prem shop is not appear in my game. WG should have compensation for this issue.