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  1. Will_Lee01

    白 龙 人

  2. Will_Lee01

    My reasons for why Giulio shouldn't be moved to T6 that way.

    Hope someone in EU or US is gonna sue WG for that,might prevent further premium nerf. For me personally,I would only accept full refund in the way I purchase,not a refund in doubloon.I didn't meant to purchase those damn containers for a nerfed ship.
  3. Will_Lee01

    白 龙 人

    那是谁?是谁?是谁? 那就是Hakuryu 哈酷鱼人~白龙人~ 背负着CV Remake之名 抛弃退款来战斗的舰娘(嗯?) 白龙人之箭是火箭弹(KKSK(指让DD玩家痛不欲生)) 白龙人之耳是战斗机(KKSK(指只要扔到对面水面就可以亮对面全体2min左右的战斗机)) 白龙人之翼是引擎加速(KKSK(指几秒钟就可以飞过对面一只伍斯特或者米诺陶防空扇区而且还不吃黑云的引擎加速)) 白龙人射线是隐身雷鱼雷机(KKSK(指随便叠DOT还能隐身雷让BB玩家痛不欲生的鱼雷机)) 手里掌握着————WG的伏特加之力———— 正义的英雄(大嘘) 白龙人~白龙人~! (自行搭配恶魔人BGM)
  4. Will_Lee01

    Mushashi battles......

    Cuz Musashi get killed fast and easily in random now so they all go for rank.So are DD players. Drive Missouri for some random games and send CV players your love by AA fire,they'll love that.
  5. Will_Lee01


    没有了。 因为WG决定涨价了,下一艘全局船将会是100W全局经验的阿拉斯加
  6. 你不能,因为根本没有这种玩意儿。
  7. Will_Lee01

    CV rework day 1 observations

    No,scissoring a ship with 2 TB squads is no big deal,and also,as a DD player,I can dodge that easily(most part of those). scissoring a ship with 3TB squads and 2 DB squads and at the same time deal with friendly CV's FT squads come to help me,on the other hand,is a different story.
  8. Will_Lee01

    CV rework day 1 observations

    Pre 0.8.0 if you want to delete DDs or CLs lack of AA with CVs you need quite a lot of practice and very accurate manuver,so yes,if I've been deleted by these guys I have absolute no problem at all(except blaming friendly CV part),so actually CVs was balanced with a very high learning cost.If you can't make sure you can delete a DD,your first wave of attack actually have been wasted,and next attack wave will need circa 2 to 3 minutes to reload. Now is a completely different story.You'll have mutiple chance in a single wave of attack,if you failed,it's fine,next wave of attack will be ready in a minute. DD remake plz.
  9. Will_Lee01

    CV rework day 1 observations

    Yep,quite accurate.That's exactly what high tier IJN DDs players are facing now. Don't worry,I'm sure WG started their DD remake right now already lol.
  10. Will_Lee01

    CV‘s dilemma IMO(the reason why DD disappear)

    Cuz radar won't last forever. Aircrafts of CVs might.
  11. Will_Lee01

    You Nerfed a Premium Warship ?????????

    WG got a lawsuit on that WOT nerfed issue. You could try to sue WG ASIA,I believe all of us would be very grateful if you really do so.
  12. Will_Lee01

    You Nerfed a Premium Warship ?????????

    Don't worry,Atlanta is still playable.
  13. Will_Lee01

    CV rework day 1 observations

    After circa 20 games played this afternoon+night,this is a conclusion:after CV's remake,it basically completely replaced DDs,make all DDs useless in battle already,especially in high tier battles.(Yeah,0.7.12 is the last days for shimakaze players,maybe also asashio players.Don't purchase asashio in current situation.) In the old version battle system of CV,they might can play some part of role of DDs,some highly experienced player might have chance to kill DDs very quickly,but first it need time to practice,second it is hard to do such thing,and in the very end,experienced DD players can also avoid been killed in a single wave of attack.AND THE NEXT WAVE OF ATTACK WILL BE TAKE PLACE IN NO LESS THAN TWO OR THREE MINUTES!!!!!Which means by then you might already finished the cap,friendly CV fighters could come to help,or cruisers nearby could come to help you in time.If you survived the second wave of attack,basically enemy CV will just leave you alone. BUT in current version,enemy CV could launch 3 to 4 attack in 2 minutes if you don't have any AA to deal with them.AND in this situation,what could a DD player do? 1:Ask friendly CV to send some fighters.Sorry,in this version friendly CVs can't send any fighters,cuz they don't have any. 2:Go for a friendly CL/CA for help.Which means you can't spot,can't cap,and can't torp——torpedo range is very limited.And once you droped them,they are very easily been spot by enemy CV. 3:Ask a friendly CL/CA come to help.But because the concealment of all ships except DDs have been nerfed,so they might simply refuse to come and get killed by enemy BBs. 4:Smoke and cap.And enemy CV droped waves of torpedo in to the smoke,and you are killed. 5:Move and cap.And enemy CV torp you/bomb you,with enemy CLs fire at you,and your HP bar vanished. As you can see,in current version,DDs have no options except hide in friendly AA fire range and do nothing or go spot and cap and die fast. SO in the very end I'll give a conclusion to the CV remake,it successfully make the CVs playable for most players(but maybe not really very entertaining,and it might be a little bit hard to learn in the start),AND also successfully deleted all the reason DDs should exist in this game.So nice work WG,successfully give CV reasons to exist by taking away DDs'.I' sure you guys really should start working on DD remake right now.
  14. Will_Lee01

    CV rework day 1 observations

    0.8.0,update that successfully killed all DD players with out satisfied any CV players.Nice work,WG.Spent three years to remake CVs come out with this bunch of crap. INSERT YEAR OF CV JOKE 1/1 HERE
  15. Will_Lee01