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  1. 88mmPotatoCannon

    WarGaming, Please remove Rental ships for Ranked

    I got Yamato, Gearing and Hindenberg rentals because I (just barely) have one tier 8 ship. Didn't play a single game in them. Didn't even put a captain in them. I could see the issue.
  2. 88mmPotatoCannon

    huge nerf in a WRONG way

    Kaga has been making mincemeat of lower tiers ever since it was introduced, with its OP torps. It's a bad ship and I don't care.
  3. 88mmPotatoCannon

    Massachusetts or Alabama???

    I would have suggested this before January, but think seriously about what you just said in the current meta. Everything you learn up to tier 4 turns to arse when you hit tier 5 and start facing tier 6 carriers. And then it gets worse and worse until you finally get to tier 8 and some semblance of fairness. Similarly if a new player is watching youtube videos trying to learn the game, any video older than 5 months (which is most of them) is now no good and will teach them the wrong way to play. You've played this game a long time, but can you actually imagine for one second what it's like for new players trying to make their way up in this game now?
  4. 88mmPotatoCannon

    huge nerf in a WRONG way

  5. 88mmPotatoCannon

    worth getting ?

    This. I got some of them to put on my ships as I moved my higher level captains up tier. And because they squeal.
  6. [Content Deleted] Politically related "jokes" in bad taste.
  7. 88mmPotatoCannon

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    So here we go, for science. My first game in the real 0.8.4 and not the weird update from yesterday. Tier 6, in a tier 8 game as always. Two teir 8 carriers, as always. I actually managed to shoot down 7 planes, which was surprising. I took 49,063 damage from the carriers. And they didn't even focus me. They were focused on the other side of the map for most of the game, where they wiped out all the friendlies on that flank. The only good part was catching the enterprise in the side after flanking the island he was parked up against the whole game. So yeah Sunlo, tell me again that mid teir ships AA can handle +2 match making. I survived because I wasn't positioned on the focused flank at the beginning, the implacable was a bit of a potato, and the massachusetts was right next to me at the end when they came looking for other things to sink. For most of the game I was fighting other BBs and I didn't care two of them were higher tier. That is manageable through knowledge. CVs are only manageable through luck.
  8. 88mmPotatoCannon

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    Really. You think tier 5 AA is effective against tier 6 CVs? You think tier 6 AA is effective against tier 8 CVs? Even better, premium tier 8 CVs? You know it's not. The cognitive dissonance here is deafening. Most people who say there's no problems with CVs are people who are already playing high tiers with 19 point captains and don't care if it's harder for newbies to claw their way up to those tiers now than when they did it, because those newbies are just cannon fodder for when they decide to take the ol' lexington out for a spin.
  9. 88mmPotatoCannon

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    Yep, what you said is very true, and even more true for tier 5 and 6. People here know it too, but they'll just carry on like they didn't hear you.
  10. 88mmPotatoCannon

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    Huh, you're right. It installed two updates around 400MB 2 hours ago, but it's only incremented the version to Why update the day before the update? Point stands anyway, this update destroyed AA. I could do literally nothing against two equal tier CVs. I could at least fight a while against that before. Two tier 8s now are going to be absolutely vile.
  11. 88mmPotatoCannon

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    So, 0.8.4 has dropped. Let's see what happened to AA shall we? First game I get focused by 2 equal tier tier 6 CVs in a Bayern running BFT, AFT and AA and speed flags. In about 2 minutes I shoot down 1 plane, get hit by about 8 air drop torps and sunk. With premium that 2 minute diarrhea squirt of a game cost me -33,286 credits. You think there's going to be an argument "raging all year"? No. Wargaming have listened to what people said. And they just replied to them that they do not care at all. They're laughing at us. There's no argument to be had.
  12. 88mmPotatoCannon

    World of Warplanes

    Edit: bah, double post. I need sleep.
  13. 88mmPotatoCannon

    World of Warplanes

    Thinking about it I reckon if the sound of AA firing uselessly from my ships was actually Tattoo squealing "DE PLANE, BOSS, DE PLANE!!!" instead of daka-daka-daka I might find it less infuriating... for a little while at least. Would be worth a giggle.
  14. 88mmPotatoCannon

    World of Warplanes

    Jesus dude, I don't think I've ever seen a sarcasm meter so broken. Did you read the first line and click "reply" without reading the rest? because honestly, I thought I made my sarcasm clear even in the first line that you quoted.
  15. 88mmPotatoCannon

    World of Warplanes

    Yeah, but remember, Wargaming don't know what's wrong because no-one has told them "clearly". No-one. Even though people have said what they think is wrong (succinctly and with pictures) so often that the regulars here and on the other regional forums whinge about "OMG ANOTHER CV THREAD", even though their CCs have told them what's wrong as well as exposed blatant exploits, even though the majority of their player base thinks the CV rework has made the game less fun... they don't know what's wrong because no-one has told them clearly. So as well as there being a problem, it's your fault there's a problem for not explaining it clearly. THEY WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S WRONG! WHY, OH WHY WON'T YOU TELL THEM? OH THE HUGE MANATEE!!! SURELY SOMEONE CAN TELL THEM???