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  1. In wowsft.com site, I can't find a difference between those two ships. (maybe a little AA?) Can you tell me the difference?? Lappland is just a test version of halland?
  2. Hey, I made a mistake on my post. National -> Standard is right. I got confused with national and standard setting. I mean standard Russian or German voice is good.
  3. I don't need any warning sound even torps or citadel. I can play without any sound, but russian or german voice is very charming to me. So i just want to play with national setting.
  4. I want to remove this captain's voice. I just want to hear a national (in setting) voice.
  5. First, it's me! (I'm Korean and I'm playing in ASIA server) This screenshot is taken on 01/03. Show me your current progress! +This one is taken 4 hours ago.
  6. Thank you. Now I understand the real meaning.
  7. OMG..... Thank you very much! My old mystery solved in 10 minutes. HAVE A GOOD DAY 🙂
  8. When you start a game with ENGLISH(UK) voice, the captain says something but I don't know what he says. I think he says 'show more ~~~' but not correct. Tell me what he is saying and the meaning of those words. I attached sound zip file. UK starting voice.zip
  9. 영국함장이나 보이스를 영어(영국)으로 놓고 게임시작할때 나오는 말의 뜻이랑 어떻게 쓰나요? 미국식 영어에서는 action station? 이던데 영국 영어는 무슨 말인지 모르겠어요....
  10. Thank you. I knew that i can collect old collections(ex. Hunt for bismarck), but azur lane is collaboration with other game. So I didn't know i can collect or not. Thank you again for resolving my question!
  11. I have only 2 items of azur lane collection. Can i get another items from daily container for completing that collection? I want to complete every collections. XD