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  1. Tell me how to avoid Ap bombers

    GZ is still completely broken. Just watched a game with Business6 on Twitch. It will completely ruin all games if it is released.
  2. To free XP or not to free XP

    So nobody wants to mention her decent rudder shift that will annoy the crap out a BB when kiting away at over 10km's along with its solid concealment allowing you to get in reasonably close then turn away? Used this to good effect. It doesn't bounce shells anywhere so you're best running in my view and dodging shells. Finished the grind on her recently and this tactic worked well for me over everything else that just meant grey screen in quick time. Near burned a Derpitz to the ground doing it while it shot all over the place trying to destroy me. Don't go toe to toe with anything. Ever. Like ever. Save your FXP.
  3. Once ever. Mine get allocated to drakon.
  4. I'm getting pretty horrible connection in Australia lately. Ping used to be steady around 90-110ms but not rocks between 170-230ms and I do disconnect a lot more with the need to re-launch the game. I always play a co-op or two first to see the state of play. Watched a bunch of shots fly right through ships last night that usually hit no problem so just called it a day rather than get frustrated in random or let team down. I think there was another undersea cable problem mentioned but not sure if that is true. My internet just sucks I'd say.
  5. Doing well in horrible ships.

    Try doing well in a stock Pensacola with lousy gun rotation and receiving citadels if any ship so much as sneezes at you.
  6. yeah karma

    I think I'd rather they don't waste time looking through the code to remove a redundant number off a screen that only you can see and spend more time on useful things. Like making matchmaker consider the rankings of players in addition to the ship matching when setting up teams. Too often, you get one gun CV player versus a potato CV player and it ruins the game for 11 other players.