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  1. So I persevered with support and while my ticket is still on hold and they asked me to be patient (i.e. don't hassle them) it appears I may be on my way. This is the normal first step to transferring from other reports so I don't play and get progress that I lose later in the transfer. Thanks for listening even if it was just a sympathetic ear Ralph.
  2. Hi Daza. I used the Account Portal option. I don't really think it's specifically the right option but as long as you can type your issue then I guess anything goes and they can answer. Would have been good if they could have set up a specific transfer server option just for this but it appears many things didn't happen smoothly anyway so this would be just one more thing.
  3. I put in for the transfer like everyone else would have done from the transfers page so it's not as though I've missed the deadline and trying to get in anyway. I've been missed and I have been trying to find out all week what was happening and why I could still access my account when I expected it to be locked as others reported. I was told by Fem it was a Korea account so can't go but that's clearly not the case and suggest that was an error in communication on their end. I don't know Ralph. All I can do is persevere and get them to see sense. I moved a NA to SEA account here no issue having requested it at the same time. I don't know. Very confused. WG's Christmas present to me I guess!
  4. No. So I've just got to carry on and on and on. Until they get fed up with me and do an out of scheme transfer. I put in for it in the first couple of days too. I'm somewhat lost for words.
  5. The lack of professionalism from Wargaming continues unabated. I'm not going to give up escaping from SEA WG. Just do the right thing please.
  6. AndersVolvker

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Yeah she found out that they were seeing me as a Korea account. I just don't get it honestly. Feels like it'll be a long hard road that may end in disappointment and intransigent stonewalling. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. AndersVolvker

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Still stuck with support ticket. If I don't get the transfer sorted on my "Korea" account as detailed by Fem, I'll just leave it to rot and transfer back the one I moved from NA to Asia. It's really sad but this is actually getting to me as I don't understand the premise on why they haven't proceeded.
  8. Has anybody managed to get any support ticket dealt with recently. 2 days and counting on my supposed Korea account that isn't? Of interest did anyone who is Korea based move to NA by any chance? Completely in limbo and understand transfers are now completed. Completely deflated by this whole experience WG.
  9. Have to raise a support ticket. Don't hold your breath waiting. They are slow and overwhelmed right now apparently.
  10. I think you should have the option for one free change in account management.
  11. I've been told my account is a Korean account and as such is not eligible. That's a new one. I've never even been to Korea....this is going to be a long haul...do they even check player logs...smh
  12. From my secondary account moving from NA to SEA that appears to be the normal process. They lock it so you don't do any progress items and lose them once it switches. Then the email arrives and it should be up and running with the same level of progress as when it was locked. You might get your username and email reset or not. Seems a lottery on that part. Still waiting of course on my SEA to NA. I check every so often in the forlorn hope of seeing it locked.
  13. AndersVolvker

    Zao Masterclass with flamu

    Stream sniping was a thing by cheats of course Ralph so there is that.
  14. I asked Femenenly on NA forum who has escalated for me. In the same boat as you. Zendesk support system is like a WTF system with pretty much nothing relevant and making it really difficult to get to the raise ticket point. My NA to SEA went through of my secondary account over there. The lack of communication is a challenge but then being on SEA I should be used to it by now. I'll check back in here to let everyone know how I go.
  15. AndersVolvker

    Newcomers guide to dying... Alot

    When you've finished reading the disingenuous insulting replies, consider re-starting on NA. While low tier is difficult everywhere to be honest and WG are looking at the broken nature of low tier CV play, it doesn't get that much better as you go up the tiers. SEA is infested with CV play so you can either seek to adapt to it and not enjoy your gaming or move on. The game is meant to be fun so do what you feel is the right thing for you. And ignore the trolling above. You'll find most of the salt currently is aimed at people leaving the server for NA by some staying behind. I don't know why. There's a saying called so long and no hard feelings but that seems to be in short supply on sea.