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  1. Twitch Prime (Free Texas)

    they blocked it in indonesia can't register for the free trial
  2. Space Battles

    reseeing my post here make me realize that i put it a bit too harsh. spacebattles is good for those newbies that haven't got their T10 yet, let them try T10 botes for half the cost and let me farm captain XP. but i still doesn't like the graphics, it hurts my eyes (looking at you norma)
  3. Space Battles

    it hurts my eyes playing spacebattles, sure the effects are great and all. but the gamemode is full of the players that haven't got their T10 yet, and the graphics made it difficult to aim. all in all it's just another T10 match reskinned, and with the added bonus of making the CV players overjoyed
  4. low number or not, i'm still a proud US cruiser player ! honestly, baltimore is not as different from des moines, you just get a nerfed reload and better armor scheme than Desmoines with the underwater forward citadel and all. she's more of a roaming cruiser than a machinegun bunker des moines is, and offer much more dynamic gameplay. i don't know why people mostly dreading the US cruiser grind past pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore are good ships when you fully upgrade them
  5. Can Donskoi defeat Moskva

    considering that it's bigger cousin can tank BB shells, yes moskva is better overall. but on a 1v1 basis i think it depends on the moskva player, would he want to be torpedoed
  6. Can Donskoi defeat Moskva

    depends. Moskva is a tanking beast while Donskoi got torpedoes to use at brawl range. if Donskoi vs Moskva happens with the assumption that both of the players similarly skilled, it is a toss up on who's making the first mistake and derped first considering none can do anything to each other if they're bow on. Moskva can disable Donskoi turrets easily though, but Donskoi can't do the same to Moskva, then again you can just ram
  7. Missouri/Iowa dispersion rumors

    hmm, so this is actually a thing ? because i noticed that now iowa/missouri shells doesn't group as tight like usual. as proven by my intact cruiser being shot by one some time ago
  8. Des Moines how to

    well des moines is not meant to straight up fight a BB alone, you need island cover to actually contribute without getting deleted. unique for des moines and minotaur is the island camping gameplay you should exploit when dealing with BB's, i believe i already written the ideal spots to shoot BB's at above
  9. Des Moines how to

    thank you :p well, i believe i'd already typed ways on how to deal with BB's. maybe i haven't write it comprehensive enough ?
  10. your usual des moines/cleveland gameplay, the US CL have. but! what make US CL and RN CL different is that US CL got armor and HE. you can see high tier 6inch gunned cruiser gameplay in mogami and chapayev, they do just fine in there
  11. eh, gonna see if i can get the camo, if not i'll just buy the premcamo.
  12. so, i got a gearing today and i'm wondering if the premcamo is worth the 5k doubloon tag. i got premcamo on des moines and i consider it a beneficial trade. but i don't intend to play gearing as heavily as des moines (in fact Des Moines is my main credit farmer), should i or should i not ?
  13. how to cruiser ?

    see IChaseGaming's video. or UrPeaceKeeper's ones. those are good for new players and old alike. look for the new players guide. and my personal advice is to learn each ship's capabilities, strength and weaknesses. those are vital for youself to gitgud in later tiers. and for the love of god please don't rush the T5~T6 ships, sure they look shiny but the decent players all play those tiers, play the early tier ships of each kinds first and decide what kind of ship you would like to grind to T10