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    Torpedo swarms

    One thing I've noticed with torps in mid tiers (MM T5-7) while driving 20-25knot BBs is that, often your friendly DDs are dead before you get into range or position and CA/CLs aren't really killing the other side's DD due to their steath and smoke. The only way I've found to tackle it in a BB, is to either 1) charge in and kill the DD which often means eating at least 2 torps (~about 1/3-1/2 of your hp) cos he/she launches them so close to you or 2) keep distance at around 8-10km, constantly switching between 3/4 and 1/2 speeds, change course from 1/2 starboard to 1/2 port (but keeping yourself angled against enemy BB fire), dodge incoming torps, wait for the smoke to dissipate, preload HE and shot him. For CA/CL torps, they are much easier to anticipate. Apart from Furutaka and Aoba who have 10km torps (super easy to predict and you just have to slow down and change course every now and then), everyone else is around 4-6km, so just citadel them when you can with AP and never let them close the range. When they lose 1/2 of their HP in 1~2 salvo, they usually back off. For mid tier, if you see a torp wall, usually means you have overextended and ran into the main force. DDs and CA/CLs might be able to get out with their stealth and speed, but it's usually GG for a BB.