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  1. Xero2301

    Y'all ready for the split in 7.3?

    True but everyone will want to try out the new ships myself included ?
  2. Xero2301

    Y'all ready for the split in 7.3?

    When the split comes, I’m playing battleships haha. There will he So many great targets out there ?
  3. Xero2301

    Missouri/Iowa dispersion rumors

    It’s not just you. I’ve got both Missouri and Iowa and even at 5km the dispersion is like a shotgun blast. Didn’t know about a bug with the dispersion mod though so I’ll remove that and see how i go! Thanks for the info ??
  4. Xero2301

    Discount on upgrades now? (28/10/17)

    I hate how these things happen without announcements... it's like they WANT you to miss it because they make less money if you see it or something.
  5. Xero2301

    Eastern Dragon WT actual F

    I never said "I'm sure it will contain the ship or other premiums you would want" I just said this package suits me now. Another one down the track MAY suit you but won't suit me. All I was saying is that THIS package NOW isn't BAD. It's something for someone. Yes they are probably offering things that not many people will want. But maybe it's a test run for something better later? I don't know. I also see all of your points and agree with some of them too. I'm not at all saying that this is something that everyone should be happy with. Just that I was happy with this one now. If I had played the game as long as some of you have... I'd have all those ships too I am sure. But I haven't.
  6. Xero2301

    Eastern Dragon WT actual F

    Look, there is always going to be packages, deals and offers that don't suit your personal needs, wants or desires. Just because this package doesn't suit you doesn't mean that there is now a personal vendetta against you ever getting what you want. I get it... you have a lot of Myoko ships. So don't buy the package. For me, I don't have the Myoko or any other ship in that package and to get them all as single purchases would have cost me a LOT more. I've never seen a ship in a super container so I gave up waiting and just got the package. The eastern dragon was just an extra ship. The other ones are what I wanted. It made sense to me. It doesn't to you. The company reads these boards and sees your concerns. Maybe the next package will suit you.
  7. Xero2301

    Eastern Dragon WT actual F

    Initially after purchasing the package and seeing all the negativity about it, I had some post purchase reservations. However, after knowing what each ship costs and the amount of doubloons that come with it and getting the commanders with the ships, I think it's a very good value package. Probably the best value package I have seen yet in the time I have been playing. Getting a reskinned myoko isn't really that big a problem when you consider the other parts of the deal. Sure I would have liked to have seen the other ship included instead of myoko but then the price would have been higher. I think it is a great package and I am glad I got it :) I do understand the frustrations of those that have all these ships already though and can't get this package because of it.
  8. Xero2301

    Mid October Discounts

    Have you contacted their support? They have good support. Usually sort things out fairly quickly
  9. Xero2301

    Mid October Discounts

    I think it did say something about a token when I bought the pack but when I went into the game the ship was already there. No need for token. Also did you purchase the ship ingame or from the website? I know they were having some problems with the ingame shop at one point. Everything appeared for me a few seconds after I purchased it. So I don't think there is a glitch from the website purchase anyway
  10. Xero2301

    Mid October Discounts

    I bought this package only because I didn't have any of those ships. So getting all those ships plus a Myoko that I also didn't have as well as 5000 doubloons made it an ok purchase for me. However, if I did have those ships I don't think this package would be all that good. I think it is aimed at people who don't already have these ships but I also think the ship advertised as being available worldwide SHOULD have been in this package rather than the Myoko. Just my opinion
  11. Xero2301

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Yeah same here. It's all I seem to get out of the containers is those stupid ship mods. Very rarely I get some of those good flags but most of the time... it's crap. Yet the ship thing isn't a hoax or at least it wasn't in the past. One guy I spoke to has received 4 premium ships out of containers. However, that persons luck was ridiculous. I have only seen 2 great things in SC's and I have opened a lot of them now. Those 2 things were 75k free XP and lots of credits. I can't remember the amount of credits as it was a long time ago now but it was enough for me to say "ABOUT TIME!!!" Usually though... you'd be better off opening a normal container and selecting consumables to get more benefit. The SC are seriously an absolute joke by wargaming and I am sure they are just laughing their asses off in the office at how silly we all are wanting to get them.
  12. So before all this about the smoke changes happening with this update... they put all these cruisers on sale. So I of course bought the MK. Now it is being removed??? WTF? Shouldn't there be a disclaimer or warning for purchases like these when in the near future they are going to nerf the crap out of the exact ship you are buying? They obviously knew they were doing this! What the hell wargaming???
  13. Xero2301

    Octopus Marathon - Fast and ...

    Finished the last one at 2am this morning. I think stage 3 took me about 3 hours. Probably an hour too long but I got tired haha. Interesting looking ship. First time I have actually had a good look at her. Looks like you would have to show a lot of broadside to shoot all the guns. Could be interesting to play. Didn't play her after I got her. Just went to sleep counting sheep. However, today I plan to play her a lot and see what she is like. Once the update finishes that is. I'll have plenty of time too as DD smoke will be useless now and I think we will see a huge shift of players moving to BB's :P
  14. Xero2301

    why Australians always get shafted in WOWS

    Obviously not cooked medium then haha You should try Crocodile! Deeeelicious!
  15. Xero2301

    Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    So it's just me that has problems in the Clemson? I love the 'idea' of the ship but I get absolutely no joy in her at all. Now granted, I by no means the best player in the game or even what most would consider a good player in the game. But even a bad player should have at least one good match in a Clemson by this OP right? I just can't get a good game at all. I'll keep trying though haha