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  1. Mmmm, whale milk. But yeah, I agree. First they start with the japanese and american navies, aiming at the juicy US market, then come the germans because Bismarck, along with the russians because it's a (bielo)russian company, and now come the british because they're in everyone's mind. When this game starts expanding the tech trees to fit all the available options (the british and the americans had several battleship and cruiser classes built at the same time; the germans deserve a battlecruiser line) and adding smaller nations with unique ships (Austria-Hungary's Tegetthoff class, the south american battleships...), not to mention the italian navy, it'll be huuuge. Check the pages in Wikipedia, they have enough material to last for decades and STILL leave people complaining about their favourite ship not being included. Hell, they can even add a couple more tiers and go all the way back to ironclads.