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  1. Hello, i reposed this from the newbie section as i thought i made a mistake, i hope I didn't violate anything. Gotten to tier 6 and so far, I love it! I haven't played much games yet but i have Farragut and Gaede. Both awesome!!! Any tips to drive them better? I want to do better with these ships. any tips are ok. Thank you XoXo
  2. Yahoo! Tier 6 Finally!

    Hmm, i think this post of mine is better off in the General section. So sorry.
  3. Counterfishing Tactic?

    Ive met really good divisions when I started at tier 3. They had skull flags on while i was still starting, they finished the battle without a single loss to own team, my team was eradicated. I hope i never get into that situation again, but i doubt it.
  4. Yahoo! Tier 6 Finally!

    Gotten to tier 6 and so far, I love it! I haven't played much games yet but i have Farragut and Gaede. Both awesome!!! Any tips to drive them better? Thankies! XoXo Duplicate thread. Locked. ~dead_man_walking
  5. Very New to this game

    Yes, so far, im at Tier 4 Clemson, and Tier 4 German DD, i dont remember the name LOL.
  6. Very New to this game

    Thank you, ive been watching youtube videos... and asking my cousin and some friends who play. Seems like Cruisers seem to be too slow for me. Destroyers are just right.
  7. Very New to this game

    Oh no that dosnt sound nice.... thanks for the advice.... im still getting the hang of the game
  8. Very New to this game

    Thanks so much for the advice... Ive finally reached Tier 4. having more fun then in the lower tiers. lol....
  9. Entertaining WoWs channels

    I like Ichase.... i learn alot.. though topics are a bit too technical for me
  10. Very New to this game

    thanks ralph. Ok, if I dont get to tier 7 before the season...well, ranked this season...is not for me.
  11. Philippines WoWs Community

    Hello! Just new! KrystalFlare Manila x0x0
  12. Very New to this game

    Thank you for for the welcome! the reason why i want to get to tier 7, is i want to participate in ranked battles. been watching my cousin play, and he seems to like ranked more then random. I had my 1st random game... and its a loss. There were lots of Veterans in tier 2 -3 games after new players like me. My cousin pointed out that they were vets because they had the "One Year Old" flag and some had the "Jolly Rodgers" on their ships. lol, I felt like PREY. also it seemed like Ranked has more teamwork which i really like.
  13. Very New to this game

    Hi! I am very new to this game, i was wondering what my cousin was playing and i tried installing it.. and its really nice and unique! Im still at the 1st 1- 3 tiers, and i want to advance as fast as possible to Tier 6 - 7. I would like to ask advice on what is the best class ship i can choose that can get me to that tier. Thank you x0x0
  14. advice for new players

    Noted.... But i got 1 Premium ship as i got into the game.... Diana i think..