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    Accidently Forum Perma Banned -Help!

    Tried every platform.
  2. gordam_rimsay

    Accidently Forum Perma Banned -Help!

    Yup; Of course. ~Same same.
  3. gordam_rimsay

    Accidently Forum Perma Banned -Help!

    Sorry this is in the wrong section but it is the only place I can post. Several months ago I got a warning for accidentally using red text in a post. Unfortunately, when I try to acknowledge warning.... there is no button to acknowledge warning!! From any device/browser. Reported to very nice mod a couple times but to no avail.... If anyone has a tip, let me know! Thx Gorbon not Gordam Screen shot:
  4. gordam_rimsay

    Detonation Smoke

    I posted this vid a while ago..... and then someone pointed out what the little black dots were. Mods removed the link for me.
  5. gordam_rimsay

    Super Containers

    The free stuff you gave me sucks. WHAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
  6. gordam_rimsay

    Please enable no CV option for ranked

    Just get above rank 10. I don't think I've seen a CV in a week.
  7. gordam_rimsay


    Ex AKB Tachibana is much better
  8. gordam_rimsay

    Must Read: Rank is not for a newbie

    The wonderful think about ranked is, is if your teams are constantly full of noobs, it's because you're a noob, noob.