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  1. Accidently Forum Perma Banned -Help!

    Tried every platform.
  2. Accidently Forum Perma Banned -Help!

    Yup; Of course. ~Same same.
  3. Accidently Forum Perma Banned -Help!

    Sorry this is in the wrong section but it is the only place I can post. Several months ago I got a warning for accidentally using red text in a post. Unfortunately, when I try to acknowledge warning.... there is no button to acknowledge warning!! From any device/browser. Reported to very nice mod a couple times but to no avail.... If anyone has a tip, let me know! Thx Gorbon not Gordam Screen shot:
  4. Detonation Smoke

    I posted this vid a while ago..... and then someone pointed out what the little black dots were. Mods removed the link for me.
  5. Super Containers

    The free stuff you gave me sucks. WHAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
  6. Please enable no CV option for ranked

    Just get above rank 10. I don't think I've seen a CV in a week.
  7. Tachibana

    Ex AKB Tachibana is much better
  8. Must Read: Rank is not for a newbie

    The wonderful think about ranked is, is if your teams are constantly full of noobs, it's because you're a noob, noob.