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  1. PeterMoe1963

    XP from HP goes to Orlan?

    That was new to me. Well observed. I have a mere 38 million XP sitting there. That would be 1.5 million doubloons to convert which cost 9k NZD. Nah. Besides, what would I spend 38 million FXP for?
  2. PeterMoe1963

    XP from HP goes to Orlan?

    That makes perfect sense. WG showing again where their focus lies.
  3. PeterMoe1963

    XP from HP goes to Orlan?

    I just logged in, game is now version 0.10.10. The XP on the special Halloween ships went to Orlan? I cannot believe this nonsense. If WG wants to be generous, make it FXP or CXP. I could understand if the XP from those ships just disappeared. The only way to make use of the 868k XP I now have on Orlan is to convert it to FXP using gold - which I will not do. What was WG thinking?
  4. I just read that article. Nicely written, but reminds me of the copy & pasted emails you get from larger companies. What change or action will follow remains to be seen. Regarding monetarization, I personally don't understand the outrage over the Missouri? WG has always pulled the wool over people's eyes in regards of Premium ships. I don't know who spends hundreds of dollars on their high tier bundles, I certainly don't. Essentially I have stopped spending money for ships. After a few revisions a good ship may become a mediocre one. I look at it like this, WG takes money for a ship = a product and then make changes making the product worse after payment was received. They say that is required for balance and that's fair enough. The right thing would be to offer full refunds for ships that get nerfed. They say "no to refunds" for obvious reasons. So I say no to buying premium ship for equally obvious reasons. I personally have also no problem with the rating. I have the impression that some community contributors have decided to make this an issue to get back at WG. When I was in primary school I bought loot bags at the corner shop - that was years before computer games. Loot bags/boxes teach kids that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose - the only person who always wins is the shop owner. For minors it is the parents responsibility what they allow their children to do, not a community contributor who is out for revenge. CV's. Essentially I stopped playing Random after the CV update. Especially lower tier games can be extremely frustrating, when some ships have no AA and 4 CV's are not uncommon. I would not be surprised if new players leave the game because of this frustration. That is WG shooting themselves in the foot. Subs. Hmmm, tried it, I don't like it. I don't like the fact that, similar to CV, you may drive a ship that is entirely defenseless against subs. The last paragraph of the post asks the community to treat WG staff "fairly and with respect". That's fair enough, it would be unfair to let the frustration out on support staff who don't make the decisions that ruin the game and cause the frustration. I hope the WG managers who ask us to be fair and respectful apologize to their staff for their mistakes and compensate them fairly. I still enjoy OPs and coop. Occasionally I enjoy one of the other modes. I do not enjoy to be treated by WG like a mushroom (kept in the dark and fed dung) and I hope that apology is not a smoke screen, but the start of some good changes.
  5. I don't play much Random or Ranked, mainly Ops. Recently this has been so frustrating because often the entire team dies and the match is lost. Any good guides/tutorials to point people to? Just look at this: I am not a good player. All I do is look at the map, try to keep islands between me and clusters of enemy ships and I try to preserve health by angling so I stay alive.
  6. PeterMoe1963

    Key Battle : The Betrayal

    Seriously - what is the point of "Key Battle? I see the point of betrayal, switching alliances mid-battle is something I don't like. The "Key Battle only" missions seem to mainly earn more modules for the special ships. You don't earn any XP or CXP, pretty much you earn "Battle Points". And looking into the armoury, you can be exchanged for special camos, captains and perma-camouflages - but the prices mean you have to play many battles because unless you win the final fight in the Octagon, you seem to earn 1k to 2k of these battle points. And container with items for one of those many collections. I'm not sure what the trick is to survive the Octagon battle, so far I have not. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I'm over this entire battle mode.
  7. PeterMoe1963

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    First SC in about 3 months. In the past one was dropped every month. This time (like three months ago) 14 days premium, that actually is a good SC... but again no ship.
  8. PeterMoe1963

    Mini-map Manual rotation controls

    If you want my advice, leave the map as it is and rotate "in your head".
  9. PeterMoe1963

    V-TEXAS: slower than scabs healing

    Well, fly a speed flag for 5% extra speed and pick Adrenalin Rush captain skill for a better rate of fire. I personally do not like lower-tier USN battleship, because they are painfully slow. There is, however, not only pain. The slow USN BB's teach you how to think ahead and position your ship carefully.
  10. PeterMoe1963

    How Can I Quit a Clan

    Being the member of a clan gives you a credit and XP bonus in every game. When you quit you win nothing but lose the bonus.
  11. PeterMoe1963

    To be honest, its time to Add Hydro on Tirpitz

    Personally, I wouldn't mind giving Bismarck torpedoes and Tirpitz hydro. The problem is that older ships are getting less attractive with power creep. Power creep again.
  12. PeterMoe1963

    Pls help me choose a cruiser line

    Not even sure about Koenigsberg in particular. I sold Koenigsberg, but I have T6 Nurnberg and everything above. I do like the German cruisers T6 and up, but I don't like T5 or lower.
  13. PeterMoe1963

    Team Damage/Penalty needs a rework

    I believe coop was intended for general practice and trying new ships. Teamwork? Whatever the intention was, the reality is that maybe 1% of players on SEA can even spell "teamwork", that's about it. The reality is that on SEA, coop is a race for kills. Teamwork is essentially not happening. There are a fair few players who play only coop, they would not like to lose coop as a mode. I personally play mostly ops, but I would not want to lose coop. One reason is to try out new ships. But coop is also an effective way to grind certain missions quickly and without the frustration of other modes. For example, if you need 500 secondary battery hits spec a German or French BB for secondaries and drive it into a cluster of enemy BB's. After a few coop battles you are done. In many Random battle the secondaries stay silent. Or missions "finish five battles top 3 of your team", that is so much easier in coop, at least for a bad player like me.
  14. PeterMoe1963

    Team Damage/Penalty needs a rework

    That's a fair comment. It would be difficult to run into shells, but certainly possible for torps.
  15. PeterMoe1963

    Team Damage/Penalty needs a rework

    Well, I have been penalized with up to 8 matches in pink. But I play mainly Ops and coop, so I don’t care about my name turning pink or me not having access to other modes. In Op’s TK is simply disabled. I wonder what the logic is to disable TK in that mode and that mode only? I believe in coop TK should be removed as well. Coop is generally a race for kills and there is no “teamwork” at all. In coop TK can happen fairly easily and without evil intent. In all other modes, I believe that 100% damage done to teammates with offensive weapons should be reflected. This would mean the only thing those pink trolls can do is ram, simply because the computer cannot decide who is the guilty party. When ramming becomes pushing take a screenshot and create a ticket. By the way, when I started playing the game, I sometimes switched targets to a friendly by accident. But I guess that would have been in a T3 or T4 battle 😊