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  1. PeterMoe1963

    Guten Tag!

  2. PeterMoe1963

    Well I was GONNA go clubbing...

    A new line of CVs makes this game unplayable (at least for me) for a while. Probably time to take a break.
  3. PeterMoe1963

    What do people think?

    With a team of players that have in their heads what they should flush down the toilet bowl this game is no fun. A single player can just not win this.
  4. PeterMoe1963

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Surprise, surprise, another SC drop after only a couple weeks: 15k coal, about 6% of a coal ship? Very generous WG, very generous.
  5. PeterMoe1963

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    The last drop was in February. I guess WG didn't drop containers during lockdown. 7 days premium, that's useful. Buit yet again no ship.
  6. PeterMoe1963

    Tier VIII premium cruiser

    Out of those, I only have Atago, and in comparison to other ships, she used to be a lot better than it is now. I tell you why I don't spend money on premiums anymore. You spend a lot of money for a T8 Premium and then WE nerfs the ship until it just isn't fun anymore. Or they rework the CVs or introduce subs that break the game balance. In recent months, I still got premiums as rewards for missions, for coal or FXP. For example, I unlocked Friesland just a few days ago. But money? No, WG doesn't get any of my money for premiums - because of the way the game has developed over the years. Besides, you can also watch for example Little White Mouse or Flamu's reviews of the ships and see what you like.
  7. Well, yes, it is that bad. I don't play much Random these days, but most of the few low/mid-tier battles I played had 4 CVs. Many lower tier ships have little AA, in some cases, no AA at all. Lower tier ships have no adequate defense against CVs, so I agree, that breaks the balance. If a CV is after you, they can kill you. All you can do is make it harder for them: * A CV player with at least half a brain will try to attack single ships with little/no AA. Don't be that ship. * So don't go by yourself, stick to other ships to combine AA bubbles. (I say stick with other ships because trying to get random players to cooperate - good luck.) For example, you can follow the BB with the best AA, for example, Texas which has the best T5 AA. * Keep an eye on the map and try to position yourself to make it as hard as you can for the CV planes. Torps generally try to attack from the side, bombers from front or brack. I said several times on the forums that WG have to fix this, in their own interest. New players grinding through the lower tier ships may just stop playing if they have the feeling they are only cannon fodder for the CVs. And if players stop playing, they stop buying ships or flags. I play mostly OPs these days, because I find Random too frustrating. However, you need to have at least Tier 6 ships for that. Currently OPs are T6, T7 and T8.
  8. PeterMoe1963

    Narai - Scharni with manual secondaries

    But they do, otherwise there wouldn't be 50k or 60k damage done by manual secondaries. Yes, possibly. But he doesn't answer the question. Maybe doesn't want to admit he was wrong?
  9. I'm asking because: I personally do enjoy playing DDs, but I cannot say I'm a big friend of DD's without smoke. I'm also a bit of a collector and approaching 250 ships. I could just FXP myself some tech tree ships... which would be probably French or European DD's, which have no smoke either. Decisions, decisions...
  10. PeterMoe1963

    Narai - Scharni with manual secondaries

    Consider secondaries damage is 50k (Scharni) 60k (Gneis). I struggle to see how I could do this damage and more by shifting the 4 captain points somewhere else? You would have to explain that. But of course, each to their own. I didn't want to say "you cannot" do this without manual secondaries. I say I enjoyed that game, it's like driving through fireworks, haha. I also enjoyed this game: 60k secondary damage, it's fun.
  11. It is fun, actually. Not quite 50% damage done with secondaries and resulting fires, but close-ish. 14 point captain: Wonder if I should try a similar build on Gneisenau and maybe Hood?
  12. PeterMoe1963

    Have you Quit Playing World of Warhsips?

    Well, that's a fair comment.
  13. PeterMoe1963

    quitting the game

    Maybe for the same reason, you are being Mr Smartypants here? I don't know, you tell me.
  14. PeterMoe1963

    One-Off - T-61 ASW (Montage-ish)

    Hmm, after you finish the edit do the voice-over like a "running commentary". In my experience, recording a voice track is faster than subtitles. I often watch this kind of stuff while I do something on the other screen. If there is a video with subtitles, I'm just not interested. In the end it's your call anyway, so just ignore what I say.
  15. PeterMoe1963

    Have you Quit Playing World of Warhsips?

    The poll won't either.