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  1. Fuso

    Well, the Fuso would not be my personal favourite, but within something like 10-13km range, any careless cruiser captain is likely to experience the receiving end of a “devastating strike.” That never gets old!
  2. I love co-op

    Apologies, but that’s how far I read your OP. Sorry, wast a bit too long for my taste... Well, co-op just got more interesting, potentially, with the new mechanics. Well, play what you like, obviously. Just be aware that the longer you play co-op only, the harder you will find it to play against human players. In co-op it is not hard to sink 2 or 3 ships in a first 5 minutes of the battle because the bots just do banzai charges towards caps and you can flank them and take them out quickly with citadels or torps. Not many human players will be this dumb and predictable, although some maybe. Over the last 6 weeks I played a lot of scenarios. Random had become a bit frustrating due to matchmaking and scenarios are very good to earn credits, XP and Command XP. All that XP has allowed me to buy a few ships, including Missouri, and train a few commanders to 10+ skill points. With the 8 ships I got out of Xmas crates, there are a fair few new ships for me to learn to drive.
  3. [MOG] Musashi Owners Group

    Sounds like MOBG = Musashi Owner Brag Group to me.
  4. About removing premiums, this is what 0.7.0 update notes say: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ver-070-patchnotes/ <<Developers, Supertesters and other special contributors can test US Tier VI Destroyer Monaghan, British Tier VII Destroyer Cossack, and Japanese Tier VIII Destroyer Asashio. With the next Update 0.7.1 only the following ships are available for in-game purchase with Doubloons: Alabama, Tirpitz, Perth, Kii, Duca d'Aosta, Loyang, Leningrad, Atago, De Grasse, Hood, Yubari, Sims, Molotov, Graf Spee, Błyskawica Get Japanese Tier IX Battleship Musashi, sister ship of the mighty Yamato, for 750,000direct from your tech tree! Now's your chance to pick up the US Tier IX USS Missouri for in-game Free EXP -- she's departing on release of Update 0.7.2 as we roll out Musashi, the new Tier IX Battleship that can be acquired with Free EXP. We decided two ships occupying the same niche at the time is one too many. Get grinding, you can still get Missouri for another month.>> Except for the Missouri, cannot find info on withdrawing more premiums. Just that the above are available in the tech tree for doubloons, for other you have to wait until they are offered in the store, I guess. Some of the Ships tested by super testers may be premium, don't know.
  5. Is this even a fair MM?

    Well, maybe not offended anymore. And to clarify, I said: The rest you added.
  6. Is this even a fair MM?

    I have found the "quote" function, I don't know how to tag by name, that's why I didn't tag you. I will not reply to the content of your last post, it sounds like you took something personal. I apologize if I somehow offended you, that was certainly not my intention. I should maybe ad that in relation to WoWS I don't consider myself an "expert" or even a good player. My stats are there for the world to see. My stats are improving on all levels, which gives me some satisfaction, but at this stage I would consider myself a mediocre player at best.
  7. Solutions? Hmmm, I think the way you see this is wrong. No offence, friend. Basically, you have the choice to spend your money on doubloons, or keep your money. Or you can decide to wait until WG have one of those discount weekends when they lower the exchange price. Changing conversion costs, or how often they do the discounts, that’s WG’s choice, not yours. Sorry, but that’s the cold, hard reality. Probably easier for you to make some money and buy doubloons, rather than convince WG to lower the conversion price. I had near 2 million XP sitting in elite and premium ships. So I converted about 700k XP to be able to buy Missouri because apparently, WG will withdraw her. I had a fair bit of doubloons form crates, which were cheaper than buying them in the shop, but I had to pay some money. It was my choice, so I cannot blame anyone.
  8. Any Mac players out there?

    I’m not using a Mac, so cannot give you the answer you are looking for. This looks like problem with sending F-keys under Windows on the Mac. So it would not necessarily a question limited to WoWS users. You can try Whirlpool. Create a login and find the appropriate section, ie Mac. People over there have helped me out many times. Not every individual is friendly and helpful, but many are. This is the site: http://whirlpool.net.au/
  9. Is this even a fair MM?

    Team play is always an advantage. Two players in good ships working together are much harder to beat than two individuals in the same ships. I was wondering about that comment about your battleships. How could he know how they behaved? Answer: he didn’t, he made an assumption. If you want my view on this: Belfast’s armour or guns are nothing special, and it doesn’t have torps. The combination of smoke and radar means it needs nobody spotting when it sits in smoke. The weak armour means, when detected, Belfast may not survive very long. I have the Belfast, and I played a fair bit British cruisers, but I certainly don’t win every battle in the Belfast. Of course radar means, Belfast can make the life of DD’s trying to cap, or hold a cap, very hard. With premium consumables and captain skills, two Belfasts can have radar on for up to 2 x 5 x 25sec = 250 sec = 4.1 minutes. Spreading this time out over the duration of the game strategically will be quite powerful in taking or holding cap circles. In a nutshell, if your team lost by points/capping, I would think the two Belfasts have something to do with it. However, you now have two ways of seeing this. You can blame the matchmaking. Or you can say, “We didn’t find a way to deal with two Belfasts contesting our caps.” Matchmaking will always pick ships from the queue, the MM will never be 100% fair. Battles are not won by ships, but by the people driving the ships. Captains who continue learning will improve. Captains who blame matchmaking or whatever, may improve their complaining, not so much their game-play.. Battles are not won by ships, but by the captains driving the ships.
  10. Torpedo Damage Mechanics

    Actually the OP, I guess that wasn't obvious, because I quoted you....
  11. Stop nerfing DD's plztykk

    Yes, I have to agree. A Belfast behind an island spotting a DD on the opposite side of the island with radar just isn’t realistic. Radar just doesn’t go through islands. Hydro is a different story, because that’s microphones underwater. You possibly could hear the noise from another ship, even behind an island. But the island would make this more difficult. The way it works now is just totally unrealistic.
  12. CV dive bomber damage

    Yes, they should!
  13. Torpedo Damage Mechanics

    That’s good advice. Rather than trying to make a ship “torpedo proof”, learn how to anticipate torpedoes. I say anticipate, rather than dodge. With T9/10 BB’s you will find it quite difficult to dodge torpedoes. The trick is to be aware where torpedoes could come from and position or manoeuvre your ship before you even see the torpedoes. I would suggest you are aware what the torpedo protection is, but you don’t pick your ships solely on torpedo protection. If your ship gets hit by full torpedo salvos, you are likely to die.
  14. Earning money is a good thing, it pays for the roof over your head and the food on your table... and your gaming PC. You should try it, earning money, I mean.