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  1. Consumable Resupply

    You pay for equipping premium consumables (and flags/camos) and those expire after one battle. Thus 'consumables'. I guess your grief is that even if you don't use them, they still expire. Fair enough, I can see your point. Can understand why WG do it this way, too. They make you pay for the slight advantage that comes with premium consumables/flags/camos.
  2. MM Rant

    Haha, you must have been on my team, then? I think a lot is perception. There was a time when I thought I am "always" bottom tier. So I started a list where I noted the match tier and my tier. As that list got longer, I saw that everything was fairly well distributed, within 5 or 10 per cent. So it was only my perception that I was "always bottom tier" when I fact it was not so. Now you could note the player names for both teams, then look up whatever you think is a fair measure of skill. See what you find. I think you will find that as you do this, you find the MM is fairly "fair". I think you have to learn to deal with the MM or stop playing the game. It's that easy. If the game causes you primarily frustration, stop playing. Since I started playing the game, everybody complains about the same things. The noobs, the matchmaking, WG making money. And of course, players complain when they experience a string of losses. I have not seen players complain about a string of wins, because the MM is unfair on the other team.
  3. Shootout. Aigle vs Blyskawica?

    Yes, both have 6.8km with CE and camo.
  4. "Legendary" Upgrades

    Well, looks like I looked at the wrong website. You guys seem to have ample experience looking up players stats, I don't. Why this obsession with stats anyway?
  5. "Legendary" Upgrades

    I know I can look that up on a website, but what’s wrong with simply asking a question? Do you want to say better stats means being right? Do you want to say before I post here, I have to look up number of games and WR and if I have less, I have to shut up? Or I have to automatically agree? If that's what you think, I guess you buy your hats in the tent department of the store. But you may win the next vote for forum diva.
  6. "Legendary" Upgrades

    Nice attitude. Anyway, not sure if I picked the right website to look that up, but it looks like you don’t have Z-52, so I guess you don’t play this ship. In this case, you are concerned others pick an upgrade that makes the game less attractive for you, is that about right?
  7. should I be worried?

    WoWS is server/client, same as WoT. Why would they not be able to program a client for consoles that can talk to the server? They did it for WoT.
  8. Server problems

    A post like that may vent your frustration, but it is not a good starting point to help you. At what times did you get disconnected? Where are you located? What have you done to assure it is not a problem at your end, ie rebooting modem/router or computer, run Internet speed test? I have not been kicked out for a few weeks now and I have not seen others complain on the forum.
  9. should I be worried?

    Isn’t World of Tanks available on consoles already? Apparently, the graphics is quite good. Why would you be worried?
  10. Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    I just saw 9 new notifications for this thread. On closer examination, I saw there is one “thumbs down” on all my posts on this thread. No new post. Whoever you are my anonymous friend if there is something you didn’t like it is quite OK to post your opinion.
  11. New Ship Trainning

    That would sound like a reasonable request from your side, but WG probably expect you to pay for doubloons to contribute to the costs of developing and maintaining the game. WG allow people to play for free, but the money has to come from somewhere. Always keep in mind that WG are a commercial operation, what they do, they do to make money.
  12. "Legendary" Upgrades

    Do you actually play the Z-52?
  13. As other said, you find the items in daily containers. Yesterday I had only one collection item in three container drops, rather underwhelming. I’m generally often 2 or 3 containers per day and I have now about 50% of the items. At one stage you will get doubles, and then you have to convert 1:5. At this rate, this collection could take forever to complete. But well, it’s a free add-on, so I’m not complaining.
  14. I agree. Selling KA as an OP ship really is false advertising.
  15. How to avoid trolls?

    Well, it takes two to tango. If one idiot doesn’t look and drives his ship in front of the guns of another idiot who doesn’t look, both are equally to blame, IMO. In the heat of a battle, these things can happen. However, the OP’s report sounds like that was no accident, but intent. I find that in operations ships often scrape against each other, especially in the escort type missions. I guess why there is no team-kill penalty in operations.