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  1. PeterMoe1963

    Can YOU spot the error?

    I don’t think that’s the case, smoke seems pretty much to sit at the same location, always. Sometimes when you drive a fast DD, you can spot one of the enemy BB’s before it even goes behind the island. What I don’t like is when a carrier attacks the enemy ships when still behind the islands, worst with torpedoes. I say that because that makes the enemy ships turn, which otherwise would have to continue straight ahead to eat torpedoes or get citadelled. And then you get the CV’s that upset the enemy ships without doing substantial damage.
  2. PeterMoe1963

    Can YOU spot the error?

    When the enemy ships just come around the island, you can position your BB back, so the smoke is between you and the enemy ships. Maybe you can fire one or two salvos undetected after that enemy ships come around the smoke anyway. As a bonus, being that far back means you have plenty of warning when the waves of torps come. Well, when I switched from cruiser to BB, I noticed I was spotted in smoke. I wanted to check if I can still make use of the smoke, so I looked up the detection range when firing from smoke and moved back. I found you have to be behind the smoke to use it for concealment. It is something you can do, I don’t say this is a recommended tactic. Sitting there stationary means when you are spotted, you are an easy target.
  3. PeterMoe1963


    What your image shows is not unusual, unfortunately. When I don’t need my hands, I do send a lot o nice chat message to those nice people who leave it to others to win the game while they farm and/or die. My motivations seems not to help much, though. Well, Aegis is so easy, don’t need much to win.
  4. PeterMoe1963

    Can YOU spot the error?

    Yes, most BB's have to sit BEHIND the smoke in that OP to benefit from it, something like 13km is not unusual detection range for BB in smoke. Even some cruisers get spotted when they fire their guns and are close to the enemy ships. I guess people don't know their detection ranges in smoke, and they don't know what that yellow symbol on their screen means. I got caught out a few times myself. About you getting shot, it's 'community smoke' laid by the Mahan and you cannot expect from a BB to consider others :)
  5. PeterMoe1963

    Aegis, some observation

    In many matches, I observed that a majority players only want to farm damage and leave it to others to survive to the end and win the operation for them. It’s frustrating so see those players at the top of the team table. In this particular operation, you can do well with a DD that can stealth fire torps. Because the enemy ships always spawn in the same spots, it is easy to position for a good torpedo run. For example, the two IJN BB in the north on DD can take out easily. So a good op to train DD captains of various nations. Maybe this would be an operation to allow T5 and T6 ships, like when operations started.
  6. PeterMoe1963

    Death of the destroyers role.

    That's hardly their motivation.
  7. PeterMoe1963

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Not a week since my last SC, happy with 50 camos, but again - no ship. I keep hearing some people do win ships in SC's.
  8. PeterMoe1963

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Another SC, only about a couple weeks after the last one. Good surprise. 100 November Foxtrot, I'm happy about that. But in my two years playing WG, I have not won a ship in a SC drop... would be nice.
  9. PeterMoe1963

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Here we go, 50k FXP. Happy about that.
  10. PeterMoe1963

    How to Gneisenau?

    When I moved up the KM BB tree, I loved Gneisenau. Compared to lower tiers, it has great speed and also torps. Now having played a lot of other ships, I am not so fond of Gneisenau anymore, but Gneisenau and Bayern is still among of my favorites. I also play mostly ops these days, and many T7 BBs (including Scharnhorst) give me consistently better results. Gneisenau, like any other ship, plays best if you use the strong sides and avoid weak aspects. Upgrade to Hull B as quickly as you can, for extra HP, secondaries and AA. Makes a noticeable difference. You have hard-hitting 15 inch guns, but KM dispersion, so you have to get fairly close to reliably hit something. Around 1 or 2 km I’d say 😊 Good armour belt, very hard to citadel at close range Concealment is reasonable – weigh up if you want Concealment Expert of Advanced Firing Trainng, for more secondaries range. AA is decent-ish… but I have not play Gneisenau in Random battles since the new CV mechanics Good speed, good to engage and withdraw. You will be able to dis-engage from fights with other BB’s, because of the speed For Gneisenau, it is key to learn when to get close and brawl and when to withdraw. I find that at longer ranges, her AP does not penetrate BB armour very well. It is worthwhile to learn when to use AP and when HE. Gneisenau’s turning radius is not very good Do you have at least a 10 point captain? That will make a noticeable difference, too.
  11. PeterMoe1963

    About the day-time Nagasaki Port

    Well, probably not what you want to hear, but I don't worry about the port. The only port I like is Hamburg, because that's where I was born and I remember several of the buildings that still exist or were re-built after WW2.
  12. PeterMoe1963

    soviet ERA UI

    Yeah, fair point, I didn't think of that. You are right, I don't think it is important. You are free to disagree.
  13. PeterMoe1963

    Sadly, it still is World of CVs

    You talked about losing the match, right?
  14. PeterMoe1963

    Game Mechanics

    I agree, the effort that went into Space Battles could have been better used to fix other problems. The owners of consoles probably see that differently. That’s a business decision for WG. The game mechanics constantly change, and keep changing. Saying that WG don’t do anything or don’t care is unfair. But they don’t do a very good job, looking at user feedback. I don’t get this and I don’t think it is a general problem, looking at the forum. Did you ever try to troubleshoot this with WG support? This mechanic was a reaction because many players complained about AFK players. I guess WG cannot please anyone? I didn’t get kicked out for many months and looking at the forum it seems not a general problem. The problem is, I guess, you lose connection because your computer crashes and when you come back, you are pink?