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  1. PeterMoe1963

    The New Invisible Soviet Railguns.

    Would that new cruiser be a premium? Sounds like typical WG sales tactics: bring out an OP premium. After the sales slow, nerf it into oblivion.
  2. PeterMoe1963

    T10 Noobs or Bots

    I have, many times. No, definitely don't nerf DD's. After the carrier rework the "old tricks" for DD's no longer work and many people stopped playing DD's.
  3. PeterMoe1963

    Press " F " for Narai

    I would think that is a reasonable request. There should be a good mix of T6/T7/T8 ops. Why create T7/T8 ops and then have only T6 for many weeks?
  4. PeterMoe1963

    Sorry WG , you leave me no choice

    I also don't want to tell you that you are [content removed] but I'm genuinely impressed. General Insults. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  5. Now, looking at the current Ranked schedule, it appears on the SEA server you have to play between 0:30 am and 4:30 am. Normal people would be in bed. Or do I overlook something here? Even if these times are UTC, that would mean Asia plays from 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm NZ time. Normal people would be at work. And on top, it appears operations are disabled? Could it be that WG *want* players to leave and/or stop spending money?
  6. PeterMoe1963

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    I see, thanks for that!
  7. PeterMoe1963

    Let's talk T10 DDs

    I do not have Gearing or Grozovoi, but I do have Daring. (I have USN up the Fletcher and Russian up to Kiev/Ognevoi.) With the many (but shorter) smoke charges, Daring works well when there is an enemy carrier… which is “often”, haha. If you ask me, Daring’s guns are fantastic. The challenge with Daring is that she is relatively slow, you have to position carefully. Speed flag is a must. Grozovoi’s obvious pluses are high speed and Russian guns with flat arcs. Gearing, well, I personally don’t like the USN DD high arcs. I find it hard to hit anything beyond 8-10km. I guess all three have torps that pack a punch but long reload. In the end, hard for anyone else to say which of the 3 you would enjoy most. I do enjoy the RN DDs more than USN or Russian. Whatever you decide, good luck!
  8. PeterMoe1963

    DDs very frustrating to play now

    “Especially higher tier games, it feels like what’s the point in having a detection of under 6km when I just get pinged every 30 seconds to a minute by 10-12 km radar, then if I manage to stay alive the CV will just non stop target me until I’m finished, game is getting less and less fun for me unfortunately.” Well, I play mostly ops these days, Random is often frustrating. But the few games I do play are often DD. Study the enemy team ship line-up before the match starts and identify radar ships. Track enemy radar cruisers and stay out of their range. As long as these have not been spotted, don’t charge ahead of the team. Also trying to charge ahead and cap early gets you killed. Likely there is an enemy radar cruiser sitting behind an island, waiting for you to start flip the cap. Under these circumstances, when people tell you to “Cap A” tell them to go and cap, maybe they learn why you don’t go? When you keep an eye on planes, you can often stay out of their spotting range by manoeuvring. Switch AA off, unless you are detected. I find RN and PA DDs that get more smoke charges work better these days. But fair enough, if a CV decides to kill you, he probably will. That is frustrating, because generally you cannot fight back, because the CV is outside your range. Hard to say more without seeing you drive a DD, but I guess your biggest problem may be your positioning. If you get pinged that often and ground down by carrier planes, that indicates you should improve your positioning.
  9. PeterMoe1963

    No teamwork

    “Why is there next to no teamwork on Asian server’s ,are people just that self absorbed that even when playing a game they must enjoy they can’t be bothered to communicate even simple instructions?” No idea if it is different on other servers, never played outside SEA. I think you have a point, but I find that often there will be reactions to chat window or F-key message. I should say that I play very few Random battles, mainly operations. For example in the current op Narai, sometimes I notice that nobody goes after the transports east or the carrier west. After a message, generally a ship or two turn and take on the job. Certainly not always. There may be a language barrier with all the nations playing on SEA, but the F-keys should always work. Sometimes when I press F10, not a single player responds. I find that irritating. But language barrier or not, for 5 stars the team has to fulfil the secondary tasks. Why people are unwilling to respond I struggle to understand. Wouldn’t everybody want 5 stars? Now, Narai needs T7 ships, so people should have some experience with the game. And Narai is around forever, so you would think there may be one or two players the most who do this op the first time. Another thing I find annoying in Ops is that many players die early, and leave it to others to win the match. The way it is now it has been since I started playing. I would have to say, if this bothers you, find another game mode (like clan battle) or something else to do. I cannot see what would cause a major change in player attitude in the future.
  10. PeterMoe1963

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    Do you have a source for this? I mean, some article or link or something like that? Besides I just FXP’d Moskva and Kremlin. I had saved up almost one million FXP for Friesland, when I realized that instead of exchanging all that FXP for one DD, I can FXP 3 or 4 tech tree ships.
  11. PeterMoe1963

    IJN DD Line Difference?

    Good post. Is this Google translate or something similar?
  12. PeterMoe1963

    IJN DD Line Difference?

    Haha, I was waiting for some time to be able to use this: But seriously, the only way to find out for you is try them both. The T8 Kagero and up are classic torp boats, those used to be fun. T9 Yugumo and T10 Shimikaze have usable guns but won't win knife fights with gunboats. Before CV rework, those certainly were fun for me. On the IJN gunboat tree, I got stuck at T8 Akizuki for quite some time. Have only recently unlocked T9 Kitakaze and T10 Harugamo. If you are lucky and not harassed by a CV, those boats are fun for me. Between the two, what would be more fun for you, difficult to say for me 🙂
  13. PeterMoe1963

    Advanced Gearing Haxx : Unlock all 16 guns!

    Why not play a second Smolensk? That really unlocks another 16 guns.
  14. PeterMoe1963

    SEA population exceeds NA's ?

    Obviously, for WG that is entirely secondary. The only question for WG is, how much do the players spend. And all those poor Asian teens may not spend as much money, compared to a few rich US teens, who knows? That's something you don't see in the stats.
  15. PeterMoe1963

    How is your British CA event going?

    I have the useless T5, whatever it's name. That's it. Looking at that ship, not impressed.