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  1. PeterMoe1963

    HMS Vanguard Disappointment

    Any particular reason why you don't answer my question? If you have more than your impression, what is it?
  2. PeterMoe1963

    HMS Vanguard Disappointment

    My cards do exist. No reason to be a dickhead.
  3. PeterMoe1963

    Will Arp ships will return?

    Your guess is as good as anyone's.
  4. PeterMoe1963

    HMS Vanguard Disappointment

    Well, I put my cards on the table, I have data from over 300 games to back up what I say. If you have more than your impression, what is it?
  5. PeterMoe1963

    HMS Cossack

    Yeah, maybe that’s why. I quite like to sit in smoke and switch fire between BB’s. They are easy targets. In a knife fight, I could see that Lightning did more damage, but I put that down to the faster turning turrets and better arcs.
  6. PeterMoe1963

    Black Friday Sales

    Boiled, mashed, fried, deep fried, there is a lot of variety in potatos. Last year’s Xmas crates were fantastic, I probably bought 100. Just the doubloons from those crates were worth what I paid. On top of that, I had about 12 premium ships and enough flags for the first 6 months of the year. Those really were good value. No guarantee the crates will be as good as last year, I guess. I’ll wait for people to give feedback on the forum and when it’s good, I go shopping. An additional 5% or 10% off a premium I only half-want, no thanks. Never say never, but don’t be disappointed when you don’t see her in the shop.
  7. PeterMoe1963

    HMS Cossack

    I noticed Lightning’s faster turret rotation, that is an obvious and big advantage. I was considering EM vs AR on Cossack, but it appears after the next update AR will be the obvious choice again. I may have to watch gun performance next time I play Lightning. I was under the impression that Cossack does more damge and starts fires faster, but that may be a wrong impression.
  8. PeterMoe1963

    HMS Cossack

    You are correct, I did miss that. But I cannot see that these guns feel vastly superior in game.
  9. PeterMoe1963

    Your torps - Your responsibility

    I agree, coop is a race for kills. I don’t agree it is so easy that the ship who launches the torp is always 100% to blame. I will not torp teammates on purpose, of course, but if someone sails into my torps because he refuses to use his eyes, ears and brain, he has to bear some of the responsibility. I’d be happy to take 100% of the blame for torping a teammate point blank, but I don’t do that. To put this into perspective, I get pink maybe every 50 to 100 games in coop. When I turn pink in coop I don’t lose sleep over it. That I turned pink in Random last, I cannot even remember. Random is different. Sinking or severely damaging a teammate’s ship may well turn the battle the other way. And we don’t want that, right?
  10. PeterMoe1963

    HMS Cossack

    I think the specs say a lot in this case. Lightning has 3x2 120mm guns, 4.5 sec reload = 80 shells/min. 20 deg/sec rotation, 2 x 4 torps/8km torps, 15.9k health, 7.01 km base detection, 36 knots, no engine boost, 5.3 sec rudder shift. Cossack has 4x2 120mm guns, 5 sec reload = 96 shells/min, 10 deg/sec rotation, 1 x 4/10km torps, 15.2k health, 6.97km base detection, 36 knots, engine boost, 3.6 sec rudder shift Guns are the same, 11.9km range, but Cossack has 2 more. Both have hydro and similar health pool. Both have 36 knots top speed, only Cossack has engine boost. When you pepper a BB with HE form smoke, Cossack’s extra 16 shells per minute are good to have. When you run away, Cossack’s 4 barrels pointing rear and engine boost is superior to Lightning’s 2 barrels, no boost. When you attack bow-in, Lighting has a slight edge, because of higher ROF. If you are in a knife fight with another DD, you’d definitely prefer Lightning’s fast turning turrets, even if there are only 3. Cossack's rudder shift is faster, but Lighting doesn’t feel sluggish, in comparison. I would prefer Lightning 8 x 8km torps over Cossacks 4 x 10km. I quite like Cossack, I also like Lightning, but haven’t played her enough to say much more than that. I would recommend to anyone who has come this far with the RN missions to get Cossack. Good ship.
  11. I really wonder if there is a difference between a Premium T6 DD and a tech-tree T6 DD with perma camo. I’m thinking GM with perma camo fitted, if you want to be under Pan Asia flag. That should be a profitable combination. Not sure how long Halloween ops still run, but ops are good to accumulate FXP quickly. I don’t own Anshan (I think) but know her as a ship on the enemy team, I’m not too impressed.
  12. PeterMoe1963

    As a yueyang player

    I guess you mean “win against”? T8 IJN translates Akizuki, Kagero, Asashio and HSF Harekaze. A T10 gunboat like Yueyang should be able to take on all of these in a one-on-one. No guarantees, though. Now sure what the update has to do with it?
  13. I’m playing for about 18 months and have yet to see a ship in a SC.