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  1. Some thoughts on Ultimate Frontier

    I don’t think it is “too hard.” It is definitely one of the harder operations. There is some coordination required because often players ignore the AA bots that have to be cleared before the planes arrive. When the team is weak, the balance will quickly tip towards the bots. I don’t consider myself a good player. What I often observe is when I’m in the middle or end of the table, it usually is a 5-star win, because of the good players on the team. When I’m in position one or two, it’s not 5 stars or even a loss. If a team is stacked with noobs, the operation is difficult to win and I think it should be that way. If these operations are win after win, what is the challenge?
  2. Worst Luck

    I have played the T7 operation several times with Lyon and Belfast, because on both I train captains. I found that the Lyon often gets through 80% of the battle with no or minimal loss of health. The Belfast seems to be the target of choice for the bots. I have the PT captain skill on both ships. What I have observed with Lyon is that the PT counter shows one or two for a few seconds, then goes back to zero. With Belfast, if there are bots in range, I have 2 to 4 ships target me. Now the bots seem to prefer attacking cruisers, but their “hunger” for Belfast is unusual.
  3. Varyag Marathon

    Yeah, fair enough, for me, those are more collector's items than ships to take into battle. But I have to say I like some of them, for example, Mikasa and Vampire. And some, like Emden, are unique ships in naval history. Arpeggio was before my time, but I seem them in battles. Fancy paint jobs.
  4. Varyag Marathon

    Ah, OK, thanks. It's all there, you just have to look, I guess Part 1 was too easy, Part 2 seems not harder.
  5. Varyag Marathon

    I just saw, this is Part 1, Part 2 still to be done. Cannot see any missions for Part 2 at this stage, but I guess that will show at one stage.
  6. Varyag Marathon

    I just finished the Varyag Marathon, 2 x coop in Neptune and Minotaur each to collect the 1000 ribbons. Collected the final reward, a SC which contained T5 Krazny Krym with 10 pt command, thank you WG! However, where is the Varyag? It's a T3, so it should show in port when I filter T3 ships? I don't have that many T3 ships. Or am I overlooking something?
  7. Public Test 0.7.4

    Maybe not a bug then, but very poorly explained.
  8. Public Test 0.7.4

    There is a mission in Public Test 0.7.4 that requires a ship T7 in Ranked, but Ranked requires a T8 ship. That looks like a bug.
  9. New player impression & questions

    Practice, practice, practice!! People already wrote very good answers to most of your questions. I like to add some thoughts on reaching high tier ships. As you say, T3/T4 you reach easily. I played to T3/T4 without spending any money. Then I bought premium account. With premium, daily win bonus and the flags you win in the game, reaching T6 is fairly easy. Once you reach T6, playing T6 and then T7 scenarios, you can get to T8 fairly easily. That is, in a week or two. With stacked flags, you can make over 10k XP and 20k command XP in one game, to give you an idea. That way, earning 200,000 XP for a T8 is not exactly difficult. If you are happy to spend money on flags and use doubloons to convert XP to free XP, you can get from T8 to T10 fairly easily. But even without spending any money, you will eventually reach T10, you just have to persist.
  10. Do Commanders Remember Old Ships?

    I guess you have always moved your captain up? I’m surprised you have reached T8 and not figured out how that works, being upset doesn’t change the rules. Captains have to retrain after you assign them to a new ship, unless the captain comes from a premium. It does not matter if you move a captain up the line, or back to an older ship. I’m surprised you say 250,000XP to retrain, how many points has your captain? I have moved a few 10 or 12 pt captains and from memory that was about 25,000 command XP to retrain after paying 200,000 credits for the 50% retrain. I then play a number of battles with captain skills 50% effective, that’s bearable. Is your 250,000XP to train a brand new captain to 16 or whatever points? Fubuki is T6, with all the T6 scenarios you can train up a 10pt captain fairly quickly in scenarios, and a T6 DD plays OK with that. If you have a T6 premium, you can train your captain there and move him wherever you like, as long as it is a ship of the same nation. Premiums earn XP faster. So you could train your DD captain on a T6 Mutsu or T6 Shinonome, if you had them, not sure there are other T6 IJN premium ships.
  11. Was called out as a hacker =(

    I recently switched from ADSL to fibre and that didn’t make a noticeable difference for the game. From time to time I still experience noticeable lag. A lot of people never blame themselves, always blame someone or something else. Just look here, it is always WG, the matchmaking, the noob players, the carriers, the destroyers or whatever.
  12. what do you think of pre-capturing base?

    I do agree with the general direction of your post, starting the game with a cap may take some pressure off. I guess we see after a few battles. In higher tier games radar ships are very effective against DD’s in smoke. And there would be a lot of DD’s in smoke inside cap circles.
  13. Need some advice for Richelieu

    Well, I didn't say it's difficult and it isn't. I said specific, because you need Aigle or a high tier French BB, T8 I believe.
  14. Need some advice for Richelieu

    It is Jean-Jacques Honoré. And he was the reward for completing the Vive La France collection... was quite specific, I believe you need Aigle for a number of missions, or high tier French BB's.
  15. Well, some of the scenarios are built like that. For Random games, don’t forget, this is an online multi-player game where historic realism is an added benefit, rather than the driving factor. I'd be quite happy to support the idea, but just imagine a real battle in the Pacific - it would be IJN vs USN, that's rather limited. Or it would be Bismarck and Prinz Eugen against the entire British Navy and Air Force, ahaha!!