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  1. Operation Cherry Blossom

    I've played it and can only reach 4 stars... I agree teamwork is fundamental in achieving the 5 stars needed. The Aerodromes look as if they are tucked are tucked away to force you to deal with the other ships first and the aircraft kills required to complete. Good and challenging mission overall. A few tweaks should make it fun.
  2. Commonwealth Suggestion

    Yeah but so were many other nations ships.. some were a mix up but it was worth asking. The RAN established there name through many battles and were well known for there efforts and triumphs. But nothing ventured nothing gained. Would be better to see Australia rather than "The Commonwealth"
  3. Commonwealth Suggestion

    Hi, Was wondering if there is going to be further ships added to the Commonwealth? Also, Is it possible to have the Commonwealth changed to Australian. I ask as even though Australia is part of the Commonwealth, the Navy was and is regarded as there own from well before WWII, even WWI. The Royal Australian Navy had many frigates and even had an aircraft carrier. The Sydney and the Australian ships did a lot of work with Allied forces away from the home shores leaving Australia vulnerable to attacks. However, these ships and several others were instrumental in the efforts in the war. Cheers