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  1. Petition for Higher Tier(e.g:10) Scenarios

    I don't want to play with BOTs and battle riggers
  2. 22+3+3+10=38 torp boats destroyed in total.Total HP=38*2700=102600. Major contribution threshold is 35%*102600=35910. Now I dealt 72538 damage,didn't receive this achievement.
  3. I love scenarios.Honestly speaking I learned many pvp tricks in it. Challenging high tier scenarios would be fun.
  4. 為什麼不為對話框設置基礎翻譯機制呢 ?

  5. Sudden Disconnect When In-Game

    I met the same problem 10 min ago
  6. You can see the infamous battle rigger CV's ID. Seriously,double-check the board before release,OK?
  7. 為什麼不為對話框設置基礎翻譯機制呢 ?

  8. 如何看待官網評論區關閉?

    https://worldofwarships.asia/zh-tw/news/announcements/forum-comments/ 對我來說,再也看不到有趣的段子了。 淚,流了下來,,,
  9. No scenario stats in Profile.

    Only achievements are available. I got 1000+ sea stars.
  10. Is Duca d'Aosta a good cruiser?

    It is a good CL:Good speed,AP,concealment and torp. Many T6 scenario available,thus makes it a money printer.
  11. I wanna try new Ranked style

    I still remember my 1st Ranked battle and the 1st losing one this season,at the 1st hour of this season.My DM was on the same side with a VOR player's Grozovoi,but we still lose.Even though we 2 crushed the 4-enemy-side with 2 kills and 1 cap,0 death,but the other 5 "teammates" got slaughtered by only 3 enemies,3 death,1 seriously injured in exchange of only 1 enemy killed.
  12. I wanna try new Ranked style

    I'll only play Khaba and Rush-B-Kurfurst at next T10 Ranked season.30 battles per day continuously. It doesn't violate WG rule(At least currently safe). Let's see what's my Rank at the end. Why I come up with this? This season taught me that MM is much more important than personal skill.
  13. How much of an improved is Minotaur over Neptune?

    1.DPS &very fast turning turrets 2.Radar 3.Concealment(Really important):Allows it to stealth-torp and stealth-radar.
  14. 為什麼不為對話框設置基礎翻譯機制呢 ?