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  1. I sincerely suggest a change for collusion system

    If this game must be actual,then almost all ship shall have long-range radar and DD should receive citadel damage.....
  2. A question about anti-abuse system

    Actually I don't mind:I can grind more XP and game will be more challenging.Current coop is too easy and get too little XP.
  3. At the last 5 min of the Hermes replay,Ruoan hit a mountain and can't move,therefore we lose due to time expire. There's often certain spots in game that will "absorb" ship,which means the ship will never get out there once entered.Probably the fault of 3D modeling So I sincerely suggest make a change. 20180419_203046_PFSB508-Gascogne_s09_LePVE.wowsreplay
  4. A question about anti-abuse system

    https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/anti-abuse-system/ Fleeing the Battlefield No active play for more than 75% of the duration of a battle will be treated as fleeing the battlefield/quitting the battle early (both at your own discretion and in the case of technical failure). Example: a player participates in battle for 7.5 minutes, saves the ship, and leaves the battle before it ends. If the duration of the battle is more than 10 minutes, the player will receive a corresponding warning or even punishment, if there are other violations on the account. Generally speaking I love this system,but 1 question: Sometimes player'd ship die early(especially DD),then leave the battlefield to start another game.This is acceptable and does almost no harm to ally.Will this situation be punished?
  5. 我讚成你的觀點。
  6. philo♂sophy

    BTW the 5-star replay,including the philosophical scene,is here 20180417_214948_PASC006-Atlanta-1942_s09_LePVE.wowsreplay
  7. Some thoughts on Ultimate Frontier

    I can still get 5 star,but only with a team of experienced players and a CV
  8. Some thoughts on Ultimate Frontier

    I'm an experienced scenario player(you can check my 1500+ PVE achievements),but I have to say 0.7.3's Ultimate Frontier is too difficult(perhaps it can be classified into "Hard" mode?) What makes it difficult? 1.Enemy AI fires much more accurate than before.Also they know light all 4 fire point one by one. 2.There're 3 Forts,instead of 2,to protect.You lose Fort rather easily without an experienced CV as teammate:The Clemson,if unspotted,will do a lot of damage to fort;Raptor's DB will also attack fort,let alone enemy fast-firing ships(And they become more accurate!) So I sincerely suggest make a change: The requirement for Fort protection be changed back to 2. or Make Ultimate Frontier more difficult,classify into hard mode,and allow Tier 8/9/10 ship's participation.
  9. 重視聯合玩家

  10. 随机匹配问题

  11. Is this the future of the WOWS?

  12. Any idea of making Makarov special?

    For example allow it take DFAA & Hydro at the same time. Just like making HIPPER and Eugen different.
  13. How to citadel a Hindenburg?