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  1. User_1145141919810

    Research Bureau : progress report thread

    Most economical: CV line / lines has branches like USN CA/CL, USSR DD
  2. User_1145141919810

    Why SOMERS is a steel ship?

    lol you're the victim of mod
  3. User_1145141919810

    Why SOMERS is a steel ship?

    What's your idea? 1.Because of its large HP pool 2.Because of its good main gun alpha damage 3.Because of its good torpedo alpha damage 4.Because of its good concealment and good maneuverability 5.Because of its nuclear missile 6.Because of Steel Inflation
  4. User_1145141919810

    Submarine Submarine SUBMARINE

    More difficult to balance than CV Plz delete BB line
  5. USSR CV line They're equipped with missiles
  6. User_1145141919810

    5 Fun Divisions to try in Ranked Sprint

    IMO it should be Payfast+Z-39
  7. Introduction video: Survey link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdf02XrdSv6wjlsdxqnkpUV0FNIfoC1Jw2mW_t-kEEEVwN1xw/viewform (Need Google account) Fill and share it to express your opinions(objections)!
  8. The current NTC proposal will harm the game in the long run. First, the battle enhancement it offered enlarged the gap between new players and senior players, which harmed the game experience of new players. Since grinding is tedious, newbies tend to get frustrated with the game. (or encouraged to use BOTs) What's more, most of the current players against it. It even receives more objection than uptiering Gulio Ceaser to T6. They're the ones who currently steadily contribute to the profit. I suspect WG wanna make more $ by introducing NTC, Shimakaze boost, Yamato boost, and the current New Orleans boost in Premium Shop is the evidence. But as for the reason for grinding, why must it be a battle enhancement? Taking 2 popular online games as an example, League of Legends and DOTA2. There's no P2W battle enhancement, just skins and etc. The final reward can be economical or cosmetic, for example, give tech tree ship Premium Status, or a permanent camo that offers better economical profits(i.e. gain Coal in battle). It has its advantages. First, it won't hurt the game experience of other players. Second, it will less likely to encourage BOTs because there's no need to BOT the line that you've already researched.
  9. User_1145141919810


    我倒是觉得,NTC如果可以把银币船赋予金币船的属性就会比较好(如舰长无需重新训练,独特迷彩且有经济属性加成),而不要搞战斗加成。 想想英雄联盟LOL和DOTA2的盈利模式吧。
  10. User_1145141919810

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.5

    The damage system to CV's plane should be changed like this, but CV also need to be buffed according to the new change. One obvious example is that the Repair Party on TB doesn't work at all. IMO, 2 new changes should be added. 1. Repair Party on TB reduces damage received. 2. CV should have a larger hanger and faster plane regeneration speed.
  11. User_1145141919810

    NTC will please no one but BOTs

    No matter how small profits brainless tedious grinding can bring, it will give rise to BOTs.
  12. The process of NTC is tedious for human players. I guess WG thought NTC can encourage more people to play PVP since enhanced ships can have better gaming experience. However, the reason why people choose not to play PVP is that the current PVP environment is too awful: imbalanced MM, losing the game because of badly-played teammates or BOTs. The popularity of teamed Scenario battle reflects the problem: WOWS is a good game, but PVP is not. So actually there're 2 other options that can solve the problem in a more friendly way. 1. Make Scenario Great Again: Develop more scenario maps that enable ships from all Tiers can join. 2. Make MM Friendly and clamp down on BOTs.
  13. User_1145141919810

    NTC will please no one but BOTs

    1. NTC offers battle performance enhancement 2. NTC acquire resources by grinding XP from T1 to TX, which is unfriendly to human players (they need 10 pt commanders and time etc.) but very friendly to BOTs. BOTs can research a TX from T1 within 1 week. Since actually WG failed to clamp down on BOTs (If not, why there are still so many BOTs in the game?), NTC gonna make the situation worse.
  14. Please replace "save star" system with "winning team's top player 2 stars, winning team's worst player (To be exact, less than 700 base XP) no star and everyone in losing team loses 1 star. The current system encourages passive gaming by sacrificing victory. The new system can encourage teamwork.
  15. The Colorado in replay keeps harassing our team with meaningless radio commands, and the defected client can't blacklist it! 20190517_214807_PJSC510-Azumaya_23_Shards.wowsreplay