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  1. User_1145141919810

    New premium ship spotted?

    Premium carbon copy of St.Louis. It's a gift for new players. I registered a new account in November,got this ship in daily shipments.
  2. User_1145141919810

    請問一些怪怪的旗子要怎麼取得 ?

    旗子是通过各种各样的活动获得的。可以是游戏内的任务,也可以是官方FACEBOOK发布的兑换代码。 不过一般除了周年旗子,大多数旗子会提供不止一次。 http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flags
  3. It reads that it will be valid till Dec.31. I have many missions unopened and many missions at stage 5.Shall I start grinding?
  4. User_1145141919810

    Some advice for new players

    No,worse than wallet warrior,BOT warrior/worse-than-BOT warrior are more than that.
  5. User_1145141919810

    Some advice for new players

    Why I wanna write this thread?Because this is what I've seen this week.......
  6. User_1145141919810

    Some advice for new players

    1.If you play DD above T5,do remember put on type 1 camo(-3% detectablity),pick Survivability Expert and Concealment Expert commander skill.T8+ DD should pick Cocealment Modification 1.This is the distance between life and death.7500 credits is nothing compared with the extra credits you can gain. 2.If you play Yamato/Iowa/Montana/Moskva/Minotaur,never show broadside to enemy.I know you wanna fire more guns,but stay alive first. 3.Don't just climb up a single line from T1-T10.Without knowledge of all kinds of ships,you'll have very bad performance and game experience. 4.As a DD,never hide behind BB and torp.You'll hit nothing except TK friendly BB.
  7. User_1145141919810

    Game Modifications Hub topic gone!? WHERE IS IT?

  8. AP可以殉爆DD,只要打中了弹药库
  9. User_1145141919810


    SIMS,发电机,打钱。 ATLANTA,爱马仕,打钱。
  10. User_1145141919810

    Personal experience of identifying BOT

    These criteria doesn't 100% mean it is a BOT,but the more criteria it meets,the more likely it is a BOT. 1.Don't use camo in T8+ battle. 2.Average damage per battle less than 20k when having access to T8 ships. 3.Win Rate<45%. 4.K/D<0.4. 5.Plays more than 50 battles per day. 6.Can't survive more than 10 mins,likes to rush(or hide then suddenly rush) 7.Average XP<600. BOT are rising thse days.....
  11. User_1145141919810


    我反對AP彈傷害機制的變化。大口徑AP彈對驅逐艦的傷害不應該被消減到最大傷害的10%。16%為宜。 戰列艦本身射速就慢,炮相比于巡洋艦更不准。就算是打10km停船的驅逐艦,以大選帝侯為例,12發能中5發就已經是很不錯的了。而且大選帝侯的HE傷害還那麼低,可以說戰列艦是沒有辦法反制面前的敵方驅逐艦了。何況防空炮等部件吸收傷害的機制仍然保留,就算是HE也沒法有效造成傷害,只能打壞部件。 大口徑AP對驅逐艦的傷害應當減少,但不應該減到那麼少。
  12. I just wonder 1 thing:Will there be new FXP ships????
  13. User_1145141919810

    "China(?)" player become more extreme nowaday

    If you believe racism and dirty words are wrong,then you shouldn't say dirty words either.
  14. User_1145141919810


    PT bonus usually valid for 2 months,then expire
  15. You know,the original,historical plan of CL Huanghe is 4*2 130mm just like Khaba,and it has hydro and radar. I want the historical one.