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  1. gib santa box plox to User_1145141919810 Thanks bro
  2. 可以寫回報單問客服。 理論上搜狗輸入法+中文客戶端 就可以了。如果你客戶端是英文的會顯示不出中文字符
  3. 大和級的主炮可以對空發射燃燒彈…… 武藏是因為主炮對空的時候防空炮組沒躲起來以至於把自己人震傷一大半導致的防空不足
  4. 日航飛機速度快,而博格的戰鬥機只有一隊,可以使用調虎離山的打法
  5. Does DoY need buff?

    However their accuracy is somewhat....................
  6. Does DoY need buff?

    Much worse than KGV IMO. I agree KGV is a good ship due to high DPS
  7. Scharnhorst artic camo looks awesome

    Just a DoY camo without the +100% free XP buff last year...........
  8. 中文輸入可以下載一個 搜狗輸入法 ,遊戲客戶端要換成中文的。 排位這個真的是運氣問題……我見到過有人5級船都沒打出來,直接買個洛陽來排位送人頭的。。。。
  9. 我建議!

  10. 英戰的AA是假的,只有2.5km內才有傷害,而且1輪HE下去就壞一大半
  11. 我建議!

    真心是看運氣的…… 我買了120個小箱子,一個船都沒有,買了20個最大的箱子,3個船。 小箱子出船的概率的確不高。建議買中箱子或者是大箱子。 但是有人僅僅開送的2個聖誕小箱子都能開出格拉斯……
  12. I guess this DDL is set at the 0.6.15 update.Maybe you'll lost your progress on Thursday but there may be a micropatch to fix it
  13. Does DoY need buff?

    Yes,some players buy it with real money
  14. Does DoY need buff?

    Today I found its accuracy terrible:I aimed and fired at an ATLANTA a salvo,no single shell hit,but 1 shell hit a KGV nearby......
  15. noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    After T5 USN's shell is "rainbow arc":slow and high,which need time to accommodate.