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  1. The Colorado in replay keeps harassing our team with meaningless radio commands, and the defected client can't blacklist it! 20190517_214807_PJSC510-Azumaya_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  2. User_1145141919810

    Server Problems

    Same here. Ping changes rapidly during battle. from 35-130-1000-130-35, often
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    Manual AA bug on CV

    I cannot strengthen my CV's side AA when I'm controlling aircraft. Neither of "~" key or "O" key works. Is it a bug?
  5. T10 BB has a big Spotting Aircraft hanger. Yamato and Montana have 7 spotting aircraft for instance. However, it's meaningless. Even using premium consumables and spotter got destroyed as soon as they launched, it's impossible to use up all 7 planes due to the super long CD. So why not reduce the CD of spotting aircraft? Stock 4 min, Premium 160s in order to make the big hanger make sense.
  6. User_1145141919810

    Petition for a CV scenario

    A great number of PVP players don't like to encounter CV in PVP, DD players in particular. And today, with the sale of T8 Premium CVs, PVP is crowded with queuing CVs. So why not make a CV scenario in order to share the pressure of outnumbered CV in PVP? It can be based on Battle of Leyte Gulf etc.
  7. 注意:所有數據在測試中都可能發生變動 本貼中的所有信息僅為虛假情報 “伊賈斯拉夫”級驅逐艦,因其搭載的305mm大口徑無後坐力炮而出名。 血量 - 11300. 船殼 - 10 mm. 主炮 - 40倍徑 System K 無後坐力炮 - 5x1 305 mm. 射程 - 13.7 km. HE彈最大傷害 - 4500 點火率 - 33% AP彈最大傷害 - 8600. 裝填時間 - 32.0 s 炮塔180度旋轉時間 - 36.0 s 最大散佈 - 163m(施佩伯爵號散佈公式) Sigma - 1.90 HE彈初速 -  762 m/s. AP彈初速 - 762 m/s. (備註:史實炮彈初速為540m/s) 魚雷 - 450 mm Goncharov Triple - 1x3 450 mm. 最大傷害 - 7233 射程 - 5.0 km 魚雷航速 - 55 kt 裝填時間 - 30 s 發射器180度旋轉時間 - 7.2 s 魚雷隱蔽 - 1.0 km. 魚雷發射方式類似於英驅,可單發。 極速 - 32 kt 轉向半徑 - 610 m 轉舵時間 - 3.9 s 水面隱蔽值 - 7.4 km 空中隱蔽值 - 2.8 km 在煙霧中開火後的隱蔽值 - 2.6 km. 短程AA:0.1 km - 2.5 km 秒傷:15 可用消耗品: 驅逐艦標準損管 驅逐艦標準引擎增壓 維修小組 持續時間:10s 每秒回復106 HP (類似於英驅) 冷卻時間:免費版120s、銀幣版80s 搭載數:免費版2個、銀幣版3個
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    吾日三省吾身: 上高账乎? 上银币旗乎? 上永久迷彩乎?
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  10. 纽波特CV的点亮作用还是比较重要的,可以尽快攻击敌人,降低被冲破的风险
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    Code:LONGLIVETHEKING A mission chain
  12. nerf towards concealment build BBs
  13. User_1145141919810

    How to get Adi Guntur commander?

    You can search for information on WOWS Facebook/Twitter. Usually given via Facebook/Twitter activities, just like the Thai captain last year.
  14. 以前護衛艦跑到地圖下方的時候不是會在最上方召喚3個戰列艦的么?難道現在修復了? 而且這樣做有一個風險,就是可能會來不及完成任務。
  15. User_1145141919810