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  1. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    [活動] 亞服:六週年活動

    我最怀念的还是以前的老剧情还有剧情收益 现在这游戏越来越无聊了
  2. My friends and I were playing Clan Battles on the NA server prime time today. When the opposite NA team noticed that we were an Asian team, a racist opponent insulted us with some really awful racial slur. We cannot report the racist in the game client because the report is unavailable in Clan Battle. I wrote a ticket to the player support with all relevant evidence. However, since my account is in Asia server and the racist player is from NA server, I wonder if player support will take that seriously and really punish the racist player. After all, every time I write a report ticket, I'll never get a follow-up, and it is always "Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the exact measures we took due to the protection of data privacy" (and I cannot find any clause in the EULA that gives a basis for this)
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  4. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    ST 0.10.8, changes to test ships

    Russian bias
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    这条规定是针对脚本的。 如果楼主真的确信从来没有用过脚本,而且给客服反复写回报单都没有答复,且是被长期封禁的话,我有一招:点开用户协议(EULA),找到争端解决那条,给WG那个塞浦路斯的地址寄国际挂号信(要签名领取的那种),详细阐述问题,并且指出,这是毫无理由的封禁,违反塞浦路斯相关法律法规(具体请自行检索),若在EULA规定的期限内无法得到Wargaming的合理答复,将按照EULA向加州的美国仲裁协会(AAA)分支提起仲裁请求(受理费200美元,但是WG要付的钱更多,是你的十多倍)。如果真的提起仲裁,请务必在请求里加上“让WG支付包括仲裁费在内的一切程序性费用” (免责声明:这不是提供法律意见,本人也不是执业律师。涉及到具体操作请找执业律师)
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    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    World of Makarov
  7. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    It's Monday, Time to Get Popcorn to hear what ......

    English teacher players, please don't miss the chance to be Wargaming's English teacher. https://wargaming.com/en/careers/vacancy_1884292/ (Seriously, at least Wargaming is aware of (one of) the cause of miscommunication now)
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    The only way WG will understand your displeasure

    And an easier way: remove the payment method from your account
  10. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    CC's Leaving

    LWM spoke about GZ and Enterprise APDB nerf if I remembered exactly.
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    亞服 - 仲夏聖誕老人活動

    HO HO HO! IT MIGHT BE TOO EARLY FOR ME TO START WORK BUT THIS SUMMER IS EXCEPTIONAL! 由於活動開始的 40 分鐘發生了一些技術故障,不幸追撞了黑色的高級車。對為了保護後輩而擔下全部責任的三浦,車主——暴力團員谷岡所提出的和解條件是…
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    Pan-Asia cruiser tech tree

    Only if WG decides to introduce missiles