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  1. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    Key Battle : The Betrayal

    This year's event sucks. Fighting so many battles for so little reward, even no Commander XP... BTW share a code here:ANINTERESTINGGCODENAME23
  2. I got these from WG email. Each person can only participate once. 1 coal container+ 1 random container + signals CREV-38NUZ-VZNEN CREV-38NYH-2NWCC CREV-38P2V-666UD CREV-38P7P-FRCSS CREV-38P8V-XX6BS
  3. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    I think it is because it's hosted by NA. I went one early this year. Event gifts include many in-game assets such as code for supercontainers and T6 ships, but they are for NA server only. However, it didn't frustrate me. There are more other awards and gifts.
  4. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    We may have the chance to attend Anchors Away Tour in late 2021. Currently, warships museums in the United States are generally open with modifications. USS Hornet, USS New Jersey, USS Iowa are only open on weekends, and lower cabins are closed. California is one of the few states that is getting better. My city has a mask mandate. In some areas, people are still refusing masks...
  5. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    [贏家揭曉] -《戰艦世界》周邊設計活動

    这个只是印了Logo,美服的是完全迷彩造型,而且有很多种,大量出售(我每种都买了一个) https://teespring.com/stores/world-of-warships?fbclid=IwAR2-1P3xp3yaN2cOpF0MlawRLopfE8vAiUtSs61uX1VTWdbFjdMqYiPZ-5s
  6. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    [贏家揭曉] -《戰艦世界》周邊設計活動

  7. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    [贏家揭曉] -《戰艦世界》周邊設計活動

  8. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew


  9. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    [贏家揭曉] -《戰艦世界》周邊設計活動

  10. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew


  11. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew


    我这张图主玩CV,说一下CV的小技巧。 1. 开局第一波飞机请派去左上角。如果中间的敌人被提前点亮,马汉会提前拉烟,队友会没有视野。 2.开局第一波飞机尽量不要起鱼雷机。如果攻击中间的敌人,则队友会因为敌人躲雷转向失去最佳开火角度。如果用鱼雷机投左上角的船,则可能会出现敌舰躲雷跑到运输船边上最后用副炮打死运输船的BUG。 3.护送运输船的5艘船是关闭防空炮的,CV可以尽情攻击。 4.CV本体需要跟着大部队一起走,这样飞机返航快。必要的时候需要把CV本体开上去吸引火力掩护运输船撤退。
  12. 链接:https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/a-secret-mission-in-wows/ 可以利用人机模式完成,相对比较轻松,奖励也丰厚 另外如果有人从中获得了超级箱子记得晒图
  13. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    secret mission--up to 10 random containers

    https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/a-secret-mission-in-wows/ Can be completed in co-op and scenario. Valid until 2020/11/15 @ 05:00 (UTC+8)
  14. 我能说我把这些都买光了才把东北大棉袄迷彩和棒读指挥官凑齐了吗
  15. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.9

    1.Game client will freeze when blacklisting someone 2.CV's attack has a significant delay, especially for German rocket planes. The actual firing position is a bit backward than the aiming position. 3.Significant FPS drop when a new enemy ship is rendered in sight.