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  1. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    Any suggession game to take refugee from this Capt skill disaster ?

    Red Alert Remastered
  2. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew


  3. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew


  4. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew


    You can get stars by redoing completed missions
  5. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    UFO Event, who missed it?

    I still remember combating the enemy Prism Tower with my Dolphin.
  6. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    Stolen Steel

    Better than Smolensk at long range. Smolensk's air drag is 0.291, while Austin's is 0.21. However, Smolensk has better initial speed.
  7. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    Should CV spot or deal damage?

    Depending on which CV you are using. Some CVs are not so good at dealing damages but are ideal for spot, such as Indomitable, Graf Zeppelin (really fast planes); Some CVs are good at dealing damages, but are, or even intentionally designed unfit for spotting or catching DDs, such as FDR. FDR's slow planes has a 25s attack interval, and rockets have a 3.5 km minimum aiming distance. FT is intentionally removed for its rockets, because its rockets deals huge damage to DDs. (But why not make them Interceptors which never spots ships?) (And that's the reason why I think it is really stupid to evaluate a CV's performance simply solely by the average damages per battle.) Generally speaking, when you happened to fly over a friendly capping DD and you have spared FT squads, drop one; If there is a 1000 HP enemy Conqueror, help spot or destroy. As for the other occasions, do what you like.
  8. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    Stolen Steel

    Vampire II is probably FXP ship, replace Smaland; Austin has very good ballistics and Worcester-level AA, 10 flaks
  9. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    "All warfare is based on deception", Clan Brawl REPOI edition

    Well Done Commander!
  10. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    Seriously Now, WG...

    Changing ID for Bizzard is not free either
  11. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    cruiser are pretty useless now

    3 points also covers firing speed
  12. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    [洋葱新闻] 0.11.4版本更新

    注:洋葱新闻指搞笑假新闻,不过欢迎Wargaming把它当真。 亲爱的玩家们! 技能系统改版之后广受好评。玩家们纷纷表示新技能系统对于购买了金币船的玩家十分友好,并且新系统针对不同舰种作出独具特色的技能,让游戏环境焕然一新。鉴于此,我们增加了以下新的技能: 驱逐舰技能: 白磷炮弹 (4) 主炮HE点火率 +10% 主炮HE伤害 -33% 主炮装填时间 +5% 主炮射程 -5% 舰艇被探测距离 +8% 深水鱼雷 (4) 鱼雷只能击中航空母舰和战列舰 鱼雷速度 -5% 鱼雷被探测距离 -50% 鱼雷射程 +3km 鱼雷进水率 +100% 鱼雷最大伤害 +15% 巡洋舰技能: 重型舰身 (3) 主炮最大偏差度 -8% 鱼雷防护 +10% 舰艇生命值 +2% 舰艇的最大航速 -7% 方向舵换挡时间 +10% 防空弹幕 (4) 切换防空分区准备时间 +100% 切换防空分区时,分区内敌方飞机编队中的每一架飞机额外受到自身血量15%的伤害 防空分区加强时,区域内黑云数量 +2 战列舰技能 白磷防空炮装药 (4) 防空炮黑云爆炸伤害 -50% 防空炮黑云持续时间 +100% 防空炮黑云作用半径 +10% 被黑云击中的飞机每秒将会损失其最大血量的5%,持续5秒 改动:死亡之眼 (4) 主炮最大偏差度 -5%;舰艇基础被侦测距离内没有敌舰被发现时,主炮的最大偏差度额外 -5% 主炮转动速度 -20% 主炮装填时间 +8% 航空母舰技能 自卫机枪手(4) 攻击中队中的每架飞机每秒都会对正在攻击本编队的战斗机造成等同于自身等级的伤害 (注:如T6航母龙骧,鱼雷机为5级飞机,编队中有8架飞机,则此编队每秒对敌军战斗机造成5*8=40点伤害) 敌方战斗机伤害 -5% 我方飞机整备时间 +7% 轻型机身(4) 航空中队攻击结束后重新编队时间 -33% 航空中队攻击准备时间 -25% 航空中队的瞄准速度 -15% 航空中队生命值 -10% 航空中队每秒所受伤害 +7% 注:根据《常规武器公约议定书三》,结合贯穿、爆破或破片飞散效果并附带具有燃烧效果,用于攻击装甲车辆、飞机和装备或设施等军事目标的白磷弹药,在国际法上可以合法使用。 详见https://www.icrc.org/zh/doc/resources/documents/misc/conventional-weapons-pro3.htm 全速前进!
  13. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    cruiser are pretty useless now

    I think this patch on the contrary enhanced CA's AA. With only 5 skill points, CA can strengthen one side AA by 100%.
  14. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    [Finished] 0.10.0 Test of CV commander skill "Proximity Fuze"

    Not only the least increase in damage but also increased damage even without torpedo protection. That is not mentioned in the description of the skill, because this skill only "ignores" torpedo damages.
  15. Make_Scenario_Great_Anew

    [Finished] 0.10.0 Test of CV commander skill "Proximity Fuze"

    Alpha damage per salvo: 5200*3=15600 Damage with commander skill: Des Monies: 14477 Buffalo: 14848 Seattle: 14900 Chapayev: 15438 Minotaur: 13668 Hindenburg: 13640 Damage without commander skill: Des Monies: 13099 Buffalo: 13470 Seattle: 13514 Chapayev: 14050 Minotaur: 12290 Hindenburg: 12224 with/without ratio: Des Monies: 110.5% Buffalo: 110.2% Seattle: 110.2% Chapayev: 109.9% Minotaur: 111.2% Hindenburg: 111.5% The higher the original top defense is, the higher the with/without ratio is, aka more effective. Therefore, if you wanna torp battleships, especially Yamato, this skill is probably a must.