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  1. Probably the position of the immobile CLEVELAND at H2
  2. (彼らが考えるもの)脆弱なグループ(<=4)は保護されています。 おそらく彼らは優秀船がより強く。(例えば,CLEVELAND は ティア 8 船に劣らない)
  3. 次のバージョンでは ティア 8-10 米空母の雷擊機のティアすべてが 8.......
  4. 合計ではなく、独自のティアが8以上の時,あなたの相手のティアが 6-8 または 8-10. それらの1つのティアが 9/10,あなたの相手のティアは 8-10 のみ.いかなる状況下でも苦しむことはない(隙間は小さい). (私は日本語で初心者です,すみません)
  5. 分隊での艦艇ティアを>=8に ≈ 分隊での艦艇ティアを±0に
  6. wrote a report ticket to WG that hope them to change the Pan-Asian flags(At least Thailand,Korean and Indonesian's anyway) back,and clarified some misunderstandings in detail,hope it works.
  7. It's better to "Not disappoint CV player" rather than simply nerf BB I suppose......
  8. It was never really about the flags.............
  9. PRC server's official website.However I doubt that if random player's cooperation can't easily get 5 stars in Tier 7,maybe they'll not release 8 nor the Hard Mode. Also the extra reward for 5 stars (can be get many times) for completed mission is coming.
  10. I know,the sixth slot. Deep water torp, AP bomb, Reduction of main gun's damage to DD....... BB really need a buff..... But anyway Tier 8 PVE is coming
  11. Really?USSR DD can extend range?
  12. Atlanta MUST DIE!
  13. My point of view is,if Raptor's plane attacks fiercely,then Sims.Otherwise,Mahan is better because it has better torps
  14. Why we must save it anyway?
  15. Actually it is about EU server and has nothing to do with SEA......