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  1. At least much more than yours
  2. 只有高級賬號是疊加的(*1.5),另外的是累加的。艦艇獎勵是基本經驗+迷彩經驗
  3. 3 times this month to be exact
  4. Current situation:Only care about ship Tier,what's more,CV.Sometimes maybe duplicate ship,that's all. What ignored: Player's average win rate of each team. Number of radar ships(I've seen 5 vs 0 in Domination) Number of DD(Must be balanced in Domination,I've seen 10 BB+2 DD with 11 BB+1 DD) Actually there's a lot to be evaluated for a fair game. And situation like that pic should be rare,but I've seen it 3 times.
  5. International Problem
  6. Can't wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep,sigh
  7. Let's exchange
  8. 5 in a row with MOSKVA


  9. Record:4 caps in a battle(with blank MAHAN)




  10. I've finished the collection. The reward of"2 Years of World of Warships" achievement also include 2.2m credits. However after fully upgraded MOSKVA,I'm bankrupted again.......
  11. This is a great battle,actually While this is not
  12. To some people:Don't be keyboard warriors who just sneer at those who found the problem of matchmaking as"[content removed]".The problem IS THERE.Anyone who found it can put it forward,no matter his win rate. Current MM only take ship Tier into account,that's the problem(sometimes in capping there'll be imbalance in the number of DDs,that's unfair too)
  13. At least better than me,and I previously got 25 Wyvern and 100 Zulu.........
  14. I'd rather exchange it with a radar or hydro