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  1. 今年会场都是和碧蓝美服cos展合租的
  2. FYI this is the link https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/anchors-aweigh-2023/
  3. 你如果说的是美轻巡的话我也有一样的想法
  4. 免责声明: 1. 我只是一个普通玩家,和官方没有关系 2. 不保证所有的问题都会被问到或者能被回答 ————————————————————————————————————————3.21 更新—————————————————————— 我参加了2020年1月25日在USS HORNET上举办的,疫情前倒数第二场的ANCHORS AWEIGH。那个时候可谓是人山人海,活动也多,官方还主动给玩家发问卷征求意见(那个时候是英重巡抢鲜体验,WG第一次用金币卖银币船)。给我印象很深的是来的人当中有50%是中老年玩家。 而现在呢,同一个地点,来的玩家并不多,稀稀拉拉的,主要是一些年轻人。当然这也可能是因为这次的宣发做的不够,貌似在美服是活动开始10天前才在官网发公告,而且很快就被顶掉了。气氛完全不够,我除了Q&A以外就坐在会场玩手机,因为实在是太无聊了。 Q&A的问题记录如下: 注:1.索莫斯也存在返场可能 2.联盟鱼雷双ping指,由于联盟鱼雷的速度极慢,因此在雷一些最大航速很快的船的时候,若最大射程未到,可能出现标记之后,鱼雷第一次没雷中目标之后会转弯从而击中目标的可能。(但谁知道后面会不会当成BUG修了呢) 漫展上的CC分享 并不好玩的见面会 最后打个广告
  5. Disclaimer: 1. I am not affiliated to WG 2. I cannot guarantee that every question here would be asked or responded. ____________March 22 Update_______________________ (The CC sharing on the CarrierCon the day before was much funnier) Personally speaking, I think this event is poorly organized and boring as hell. I spent most of my time outside Q&A on browsing Reddit. Not so many attendees. Part of the reason might be that this event was only announced on NA server 10 days before the start date, and then quickly flooded by other news on the website. Anyway, here's some notes from the Q&A: Next Azur Lane collab: they are working on it, but can't be as fast as we wished since there are so many details Option for no CV/SS battle: Hell no. The MM is already hard to find players. When to buff XX ship: Based on big data ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA- collab: Unlikely. It's difficult (copyright issue etc.) Massa, Musashi bullied by SS: bAlAnCe Kitakami: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON. Not a priority T9 & T10 ops: Not on the calendar. (Though I urged) Will Z-23's 150mm back: No, to keep the tech tree line uniform Aiming lowering bug: Got it. Working on repairs. Will Somers back: Maybe Publish the ship blueprints WG obtained: Difficult due to copyright issues. IJN battlecruiser line, French CV, 12 v 12 Brawl, Premium Republique, Celebrities voiceover, German light cruiser line: Maybe, it depends
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    Today's T6 Brawl allows submarines but disables all ASW?
  8. Big_Black_Hawk

    Auction (Ohio Flag for Premium Time [?])

    Good, a way to spend the useless 7 day premium from the supercontainers
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  10. Big_Black_Hawk

    Which Tier 10 Coal ships?

    Moskva or Khaba
  11. Big_Black_Hawk

    These 2 operations are too difficult!

    Cherry Blossom: Use a CV to attack the runways
  12. Big_Black_Hawk

    Anniversary Treasure Map Codes