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  1. Blankrang

    hey my Rant

    so why is it so inconsistent. I get alright games with brilliant rng in the morning AEST 12pm. but when it comes to night like 10pm the rng is so bad that I keep watching my shells disperse around my targets what gives. like I mean I'm in the yamato. and my shells disperse so far around the Montana that it looks impossible. next why is it always happening when the Chinese are on. and all these numbered accounts. lastly this dispersion inconstancy happens every night I play. yet in the morning my play is good. rng is good same play style and some way of aiming. what gives. end of rant. I feel better. though I'm gonna stop playing for a bit because the inconsistency is killing me and my enjoyment.
  2. so when do they insist on making shit change all the time like buff this Nerf that. why cant they get a boat with its realistic characteristics with its real accuracy plots and actually have it where the ships are what they really are. i recently did my research and found that the dispersion in this game is the only legitimate thing in this. they don't have the appropriate engine instrument it actually measures rpm and acceleration in knots not its actual knots constant speed why do they have it as one there not the same thing. on top of that why don't they have real water physics like when theirs a cyclone there should be large waves frigged not frigged sunset its supposed to be cloudy. on top of that why do they insist that all these boats have a particular ricochet angle. and why do the make it flat when the supposed to be an actual horizon. and don't get me started on shell relativity. what kids are programming this game for there own benefit and not others stick to realism please wg it getting but the unrealistic crap. looks like im gonna star playing war thunder now yet war thunder already takes these things into consideration. and no wonder their losing people to that game.
  3. Blankrang

    lol i got bugged

    so i was in a dd the jervis right and i pretty good with it but for some reason my smoke doesn't hide me. every boat near me was 6 k out and no radar or hydro sonic and i didn't shoot
  4. Blankrang

    Why? why do they up tier tier 8 to tier 10.

    and i thinks its unlucky
  5. Blankrang

    Why? why do they up tier tier 8 to tier 10.

    also is there a way to pull up all the matches you have recently had so i can prove my say
  6. Blankrang

    Why? why do they up tier tier 8 to tier 10.

    why does war gaming insist on making it so you are always up tiered in tier 8 why cant it be like t7 and even it out a little. because every time for 3 days in a row i only got four games where i was highest tier and yet this is a statistic that is 1/13 games averaging. in other words why is it so uneven
  7. so why is it they have so you are tiered with tier 10 when you would be a tier 8. why is there no 1 tier differences. why is we have to be plaged with 2 tiers higher in battle
  8. like when i use the nagato my shells will only ever hit 20% of the time
  9. I know that i mean why does a 410mm shell change its constant repeatedly
  10. also explain to me why war gaming has not made it so shell velocity is not a constant and made it random
  11. Why do they keep messing with the Accuracy of ships every time the game updates that changes ship mechanics i have to learn the damn ship all over again why cant they just add new things instead of messing with the damn boats all the time