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    Lost Saga balance broken because Unique Hero break any limits in Lost Saga beside the way you get unique hero only pay with cash, this way Pay 2 Win (for now you can obtain them from Unique Hero Scorll from Bingo event). World of Warships in the other hand, you need grind Steel to get those OP Ships, it mean World of Warships is G2W (Grinding 2 Win), but still they still break balance in World of Warships (like Unique Hero in Lost Saga) the difference is way you obtain them. My opinion World of Warships P2W case is very low, the possible chance come from Santa Gift Container and Research Bureau. But i still agree with you, this money milking go beyond the limit, just pay a lot of money just to finish one Tier X ship? That's delicious insane beside that directive from 1st until last become harder and harder.