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  1. I only have the T4 & 6 RN CVs (my only CVs post rework) and while the play style is fun enough, I would like the ability to deal damage. End of game 1v1. My Hermes vs 300hp Furataka: In the time it took the furry taco to cross half the map, all my many waves of rockets and bombs hit him for 0 damage. I know, if I had dropped my torps better I could have finished him long before he killed me, but obviously I still need to learn how to drop torps properly.
  2. luftkopf

    Finally, it's coming

    I can't say I entirely disagree. I'm not big on the aesthetic of the space or halloween modes, but I get the need to mix things up a bit, now and again.
  3. luftkopf

    Finally, it's coming

    At least it's optional, so no-one is forced to drive space ships.
  4. luftkopf

    Finally, it's coming

    This isn’t a simulator. I like seeing the ships that were designed but not constructed, or laid down but not finished. I’m less keen about the totally made up ships, like the Roon and Hindenburg when there are planned ships that didn’t make it in the game. But that’s beside the point. I like the fun side modes. They’re temporary, and they allow WG to test new game mechanics in a live environment.
  5. luftkopf

    Finally, it's coming

    This should be interesting.
  6. luftkopf

    I am helplessly a German main...

    @Paladinum @HobartAWD Interesting to hear your thoughts on the 406s. That's what I was thinking myself. The voice in the back of my mind telling me to try the 420s will be a bit quieter now.
  7. luftkopf

    I am helplessly a German main...

    Nice! I just got one too, last night. It’s my first tier 10! Which guns do you think you’ll run with?
  8. luftkopf

    IJN Cruisers

    Time to necro this old thread. The Mogami in 155mm guise is turning out to be a heck of a lot of fun! I haven't tried the 203mm yet. I'll get around to it one day, but I'm having too much fun with it as it is.
  9. luftkopf

    Patch "CV Rework" Poll

    If it weren't for operations, I'd just stop playing outright. It's ridiculous at the moment. If a carrier wants you dead, your dead. There's not one bloody thing you can do about it. Destroyers stay lit up until they're dead. You can be sniping in a Richelieu, and a carrier will fly, unharmed, over the top of your entire team, to just delete you. I don't usually complain on forums, but I'm royally pissed off at the moment.
  10. I took advantage of freeing my XP from the carriers I had unlocked. Between them all, I got back 110k FXP, and a nice chunk of silver. Now I'm enjoying the Mogami and Richelieu. I got them a while ago to try them, and satisfy my curiosity, and didn't enjoy them at all. I have no issues with the re-work except that the rush of planes everywhere is death to destroyers. Hopefully that settles down and I can get back to learning how to DD.
  11. luftkopf

    I wonder if this becomes a trend...

    One can only hope.
  12. luftkopf

    Gneisenau is my new luv bote.

    Interesting. Now you’re reminding me of its good points. Maybe once I’m done with/give up on the Prinz Eitel Friedrich grind I will buy it back, and see if it is better now. It remains my most played ship, even though I haven’t played it since I got my Bismarck, and I’m in the FdG now. I did enjoy the flexibility of being the fastest battleship around...
  13. luftkopf

    Gneisenau is my new luv bote.

    I did alright in it because speed and belt armour, plus people forgetting it's torpedoes, but I ended up rage selling it because German "accuracy" on so few guns that you can just about miss broadside battleships entirely with well aimed salvoes at under 10km.
  14. luftkopf

    FDG: Lemon or OP of the seas?

    Fires are infuriating, as is the mind-numbing inaccuracy of the main battery, but the reload is nice on the 40.6cm guns, so while you miss a lot, you get to send shells down range more often. I view my secondaries as a personal defence weapon system. Something to give anyone who gets too close second thoughts while my main battery is reloading, or frantically trying to swivel around to target. They're often good for 10-20k damage but I don't tend to push in early. [*WARNING* I am terrible at the game, so take what I say with appropriate caution]
  15. luftkopf

    Operation Dynamo

    Well, I’ve just unlocked the US tier 4 DD, but haven’t driven it yet, so I’m still a way off. If I should have money for a prem bote, I’d be getting a Tirpitz or whatever German ship I don’t already have... I am not biased at all...