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  1. German Cruisers or DD line?

    Unless there’s been a change that I’ve missed, isn’t the Prinz Eugen just an Admiral Hipper clone?
  2. Any Mac players out there?

    There is a setting in System Preferences to change them from their default behaviour to old-school Fn keys if you want to do it that way too.
  3. It's been like that lately. I've lost my last 14 battles in my Gneisenau, whilst setting my Personal Best for damage done, and average damage.
  4. Please help me git gud!

    Thanks for the tips guys. @Skarhabek I do have a Zuiho, but I'm not a big fan of the carrier gameplay. Too much micromanagement needed, and it generates too much salt when a Kamikaze R gets past my entire team and ends my game early. @BuckleUpBones My gunnery skills definitely do need improvement, but a lot of my games are in German Battleships, and sometimes I think they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from the inside. Aside from skipping all the way to the Leander, I am not skipping ships much any more. I use my free xp for modules now. I will start new lines at Tier III or IV now.
  5. Please help me git gud!

    Hi guys. After a couple of frustrating days of botes, and being unsure of what I need to do to break through to not being useless, I thought I’d ask the forum for some general advice. I have a tendency to kite my cruisers, and I try to hang back a bit in my battleships until I’ve seen how the enemy had deployed so I can push up into favourable matchups, and not get caught outnumbered, but just as often I'll push a bit too aggressively and overextend and die. The last couple of days have felt like there’s nothing I can do to get a win. Just about the only wins I’ve got have come after I died early, having done practically no damage. Get High Caliber in the Gneisenau, and it is a lost game. Some notes: I have the Bismarck, and I’ve unlocked several Tier VIII Cruisers, but I’m not in a hurry to use them. I’m not ready for Tier VIII. I tried German destroyers, and absolutely hated them. I kept thinking ‘maybe the next one is better,’ and upgrading to the next tier with free xp. I eventually realised that I am just #%^* at destroyers, and have sold them all except the Okhotnik, which is a heap of fun for some reason, and the Vampire, so I can look at it. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/community/accounts/2015542329-luftkopf/ https://asia.warships.today/player/2015542329/luftkopf
  6. Campaigns

    I got High Caliber, but in my Emden... To be honest though, I am too much of a noob to complete the campaign. I might get mission set 4 done, but there’s no way I could complete set 5 in time.
  7. I usually queue up these albums: Rammstein: „Rosenrot“ and „Liebe ist für alle da“ Eisbrecher: „Sturmfahrt“ Lacrimosa: „Lichtgestalt“ and „Testimonium“ Laibach: „Spectre“
  8. Goal(s) in 2018?

    Well, I achieved my major goal of getting my Bismarck, so now my main goal is to learn how to play it effectively. And git gud in general...
  9. yeah karma

    Not all of us are so good we can compensate for a team dedicated to losing the match.
  10. I’ve played this four times so far. Twice in the Pepsicola, and once in the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst. Pepsi is a poor choice for me. I don’t do well in it. Too slow dealing damage, too quick taking damage. I’m going to give my Yorck a shot, though I’m not expecting great things either. Those German battleships though! The speed to relocate, the armour to take a punch, decent AA, and the torps to punish anyone who gets too close. :-D
  11. Update 0.6.11 Feedback

    I’m pretty disappointed that tier 5 ships have been excluded from operations.
  12. I only have tier 6 ships because I did well in my tier 5s in operations. (I don’t take anything over tier 5 into random battles anymore, because I’m a scrub and want to get better before I do so)