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  1. Botes is too addicting

    ***WARNING: SALTY RANT*** I suck at PvP. Not just here, in every game ever. I'm just not good at it. So, once I made it to tier 6, Operations became my main game mode, and I have had a lot of fun there, particularly since the addition of tier 7 ops let me run around in my Scharnhorst. After WG upped the difficulty beyond my skill level, my fun evaporated, and losses for days (both in battle outcomes and credits) sapped any fun I was having to the point that I uninstalled it this morning. That didn't last very long. I have some very cool ships, and I want to use them, so I'm re-installing, even though I know I'm not going to have fun when I do. What is wrong with me!?
  2. ultimate frontier failure

    Well this is what WG wrote in their patch notes: Taken from: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ver-07_3-patchnotes/ Subsequently, I have had a lot more difficulty. I think it is more noticeable for me because I am quite terrible at the game.
  3. ultimate frontier failure

    I don't enjoy PvP, so I play operations, and I have enjoyed them. Since Aegis, they've become a real struggle to just complete, and now with how difficult the Ultimate Frontier is, there's little left to keep me coming back to the game.
  4. Get free goodies from Twitch prime

    You had it set to Worldwide? It really doesn’t want to let you in!
  5. Get free goodies from Twitch prime

    I had that too, @Torchwood5. To fix it, I signed in to Prime, then signed in to my Twitch account. In Twitch Settings, there’s a Twitch Prime section, and when I linked it from there it worked.
  6. Get free goodies from Twitch prime

    Just sign up with the Worldwide Plan. It worked for me, and I’m in Adelaide.
  7. Useful WoWS Guide

    Thanks for that. There’s some good info there.
  8. To free XP or not to free XP

    I’ll join the choir. I am not good in random battles at the best of times, unless I have have many tons of armour keeping me alive longer (which lifts my game just above embarrassingly bad). So, quite predictably, I am terrible in the Pepsi in randoms. In scenarios, however, it can be a lot of fun. With those guns, there’s not a ship that you face that you cannot wreck, and AI behaviour is a bit more predictable, so you can avoid being shot at much easier. As a result, the only ships I can get higher damage totals in are the Gneisenau & Scharnhorst The AA comes into play often, and unless there’s an annoying Atlanta nearby, you can expect to shoot down a significant chunk of the AIs airforce. No Free XP needed.

    I wish they’d add T8-10 operations! I’m only up to tier 8 at the moment, but I’d never need to play PvP again, unless I decide to grind a new line, and then I only need to PvP up to tier 5! Alas, I fear my dream will never come true.
  10. I'd like them to keep the Pensacola as the Salt Lake City. I've just done a bit of reading up on it and the Helena. In the Battle of Cape Esperance, The Helena (St. Louis class), the Salt Lake City (Pensacola class), the San Fransisco (New Orleans class) and the Boise (Brooklyn class), were involved in a battle with the Aoba, and it's sister ship, and the Furataka, along with the Fubuki, and it's sister ship. It's an interesting read. The US had the advantage of radar in a battle that occurred at night, but there was a bit of luck involved too.
  11. @RalphTheTheatreCat That's likely a long way off for me, but now that you mention it, I'd rather have a heap of empty slots, than have none and need them. And I'm up to 59 slots now.
  12. 55 reserve slots. 1 captain in reserve. What on earth do I need so many for?
  13. The 6 free crates I opened have lived up to expectation, and not delivered me any missions. I'll keep getting them, because free camo is free, but I'm not holding my breath.
  14. Oh, it’s way worse @S4pp3R. A destroyer was getting too close to my Zuiho, I sent all my planes after it, he turned in, and my torp bomber dropped before I could re-aim them. Copped a full salvo, broadside, of my own torpedoes.
  15. My best TK was accidentally torping my own carrier...