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  1. luftkopf

    IJN Cruisers

    TIL: Nelson has higher arc than I expected, so be careful where you turn your Myoko around. That Nelson AP likes Myoko citadel...
  2. luftkopf

    IJN Cruisers

    Haha, I guess it shows how much I've been playing lately, @drakon233. I was hoping the buff would at least bring them up to par.
  3. luftkopf

    IJN Cruisers

    @icy_phoenix, what effect do you think the upcoming IJN cruiser buff will have on these ships? Is it enough to lift any of these ships up, or is it just enough to make them a bit more comfortable?
  4. luftkopf

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Oh. Yeah. I should have thought of that, seeing as how I already got an Atago from one... I guess it comes down to whether or not I want a Darth Vader Edition Tirpitz.
  5. luftkopf

    IJN Cruisers

    Thanks for the info guys. It looks like there are some interesting ships coming up. I think it's time to dust off my Myoko.
  6. luftkopf

    IJN Cruisers

    I've been slowly grinding my way up the IJN CA tree, but none of them have really clicked with me. So far they've been quite underwhelming, although the speed and punch of the Aoba can be fun in operations. To be honest, I suck at cruisers, and the game in general, but I've made it to the Roon, and Charles Martel which I have been enjoying, and I have a massive pile of American cruisers, thanks to the line split, but I've largely ignored them all because, well, American, though I take them for a run in operations sometimes. I managed to get an Atago from the Black Friday crates, and I've had more fun driving it than I have in any IJN ship so far, so I want to know: Are there any Tech Tree IJN ships that are that much fun?
  7. luftkopf

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    I wouldn't be upset if I got a Tirpitz...
  8. luftkopf

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    I don't know. As a 'no alternative' beer, I'd choose West End over XXXX and VB.
  9. luftkopf

    New bonus code. HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    [nerd mode] Actually, on warships, the purpose of camouflage was make it more difficult to judge the speed and direction of the ship to make it harder to hit. [/nerd mode]
  10. AND FINALLY SINK THE YAMATO!!! Voted because hilarious.
  11. luftkopf

    Is Aigle good/fun for Operations?

    I've been enjoying mine in operations. I think it's worth the coal.
  12. Well, WG did say they wanted BBs to be less popular...
  13. luftkopf

    Lucky? oh no its not

    I got Leviathan this time round. I suppose I should start playing 'Murican BBs at some stage then.
  14. luftkopf

    What's your Warships music?

    I tend towards German Industrial Metal: Rammstain, Eisbrecher, Megaherz, Heldmaschine, etc.
  15. luftkopf

    Help with FDG

    I'd like to know too. My attitude in my FdG so far, is to hang back at the start, until I see how my team is deploying. The theory is that I know I'm going to be outclassed, so I want to engage the enemy with enough support that I don't get focused to death. It hasn't worked yet. When I get spotted it doesn't matter what's between the enemy and I, I'm back in port quick smart. Angling helps when cruiser shoot AP at you, but much BB AP melts you at any angle, and most people get three fires lit, and burn you down anyway.