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  1. luftkopf

    How is your British CA event going?

    I got nothing so far. In fact, I haven't got anything since Prinz Eitel Friedrich. RNG says no.
  2. luftkopf

    Can we get an update on tranfers?

    I'm still waiting for my NA account to get transferred here. It is taking a while for accounts to come the other way too.
  3. luftkopf

    [Poll] Paper Ships

    I have no problem with ships that were proposed, but not laid down, or proposed upgrades, but I struggle to accept entirely made up ships like the Roon.
  4. luftkopf

    My first T10

    @Earl_of_Arland True enough, but when they're that close, even German BB dispersion can hit them hard.
  5. luftkopf

    My first T10

    It is quite fun when some unsuspecting sod sails around an island to discover themselves broadside to your GK at 3-4km, and you're loaded and ready for them...
  6. Oh yeah, so there is precedence for the use of the name. Cool. I enjoyed this discussion. Thank you.
  7. @humusz I agree. It does seem to be evidence that, if not adapted from a story of oral tradition, it was certainly influenced by oral lore of the time. Also, the idea that people in the ancient world were homogeneous and didn't travel much seems to be quite wrong. People still managed to travel surprisingly extensively throughout history, and share and learn from many cultures. @Paladinum Hmm... Interesting... Give me a day or two, because my job will get in the way, but this is an interesting project. I will be mulling this over. I'll try to come up with names using the naming conventions of the times the various designs were laid down/designed, and probably a few from further afield, because I'm a nerd, and this is fun.
  8. I guess those people who say I am obsessed may be on to something...
  9. The Scandinavian influence on Beowulf is pretty obvious, but historians haven't found any corresponding works in Scandinavian mythology and literature for it to be based on, directly. But I suspect we're actually saying the same thing in different ways.
  10. Beowulf might have been set in Scandinavia, but it's an Old English epic. German mythology is basically Scandinavian mythology.
  11. It may as well be, for all the explaining I have to do when I just want to buy a coffee!
  12. I've got to be honest. Its name is weirding me out, just a little. I'm not used to seeing my name being used elsewhere...
  13. @Paladinum Some might say it is my obsession...
  14. I really hope the Siegfried is available for coal or free xp, because I can grind them, but not steel. I need this ship.
  15. I bought one crate for doubloons. I got the Izmail mission. #UsedUpMyLuck