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  1. pokemongomega

    O'Rly? It can miss by a football field ...

    Have you seen the "Battleships Role" on the match loading screen????
  2. pokemongomega

    Double First Blood

    TWO people got First Blood... What
  3. pokemongomega


    Is this a bug...
  4. pokemongomega

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Yamamoto Isoroku Part 2 Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ship model looks nothing like boise
  5. pokemongomega

    ASIA Benefits for novices

    a commander with 9 skill points for a tier 2 ship... while Brits get a 10pointer for a tier 6...
  6. pokemongomega

    Advice for playing uptiered randoms

    Torpedo the BB. With BB meta, they are increasingly not realizing what their wasd keys are for. Jap DD you get stealth and torpedoes. However, at Tier 8, you can face enemy DDs with CE and CSM1 which means they outspot you by a lot Gunboat DDs just have to pick their knife fights wisely. They can take on most of the DDs that outspot you(mostly Jap) Many BBs is good. They stay at range ->> you can take the caps easier. They stay grouped ->>Your torps have more potential targets. Just, when uptiered, careful of the enemy DDs that can outspot you. Div up with a cruiser that can support you. For cruisers, get the enemy DDs. Since you are divisioning, support your friendly DD with fire support. Burn down those BBs. Could you perhaps say what lines you are using?
  7. pokemongomega

    ASIA Server problematic NOW

    i press armory, then kreigsmarine trophies, then...
  8. pokemongomega

    ASIA Server problematic NOW

    does that mean now we can re-claim the random bundles...hooray
  9. pokemongomega

    ASIA Server problematic NOW

    i have the issue too: no top bar displaying resources german dd tab reset
  10. pokemongomega

    100 containers opened.

    no supercontainers? with 100 you've got like a 75% chance...
  11. pokemongomega

    Big Hunt thread

    Funny, I earned 44k so far playing only Big Hunt... Will check again
  12. pokemongomega

    Big Hunt thread

    You do. Check your elite commander xp numbers
  13. pokemongomega

    "Season" pass

    WOTBlitz is doing the season pass thingy Usually there will be a T3-T4 at like the 3rd stage
  14. pokemongomega

    Big Hunt thread

    You still gain a lot of elite commander xp since the captains of the ships are all 21-point, so all commander xp becomes elite