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  1. pokemongomega

    100 containers opened.

    no supercontainers? with 100 you've got like a 75% chance...
  2. pokemongomega

    Big Hunt thread

    Funny, I earned 44k so far playing only Big Hunt... Will check again
  3. pokemongomega

    Big Hunt thread

    You do. Check your elite commander xp numbers
  4. pokemongomega

    "Season" pass

    WOTBlitz is doing the season pass thingy Usually there will be a T3-T4 at like the 3rd stage
  5. pokemongomega

    Big Hunt thread

    You still gain a lot of elite commander xp since the captains of the ships are all 21-point, so all commander xp becomes elite
  6. pokemongomega

    The chill balcony. It's loose.

    which ship is this
  7. pokemongomega

    Italian Battleship Containers Contents

    got the same thing + 2 italian navy camos
  8. pokemongomega

    Twitter Codes

    Thanks, still works!
  9. pokemongomega

    Italian mission 3 code