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  1. Hi guys, so I've decided to come back and try out the new CV rework, and is it just me or are T6 and T8 CV's just really difficult to do well in? I've been using T6 Ryujo and T8 Kaga and in every match, flak bursts just pop up on top of me so there's no way to avoid them. You can't fly up and down, only left and right, so if a wall opens up right in front of you you planes are shredded. Kind of frustrating having 40 - 60 planes knocked down each match, and nothing you can do about it. What are your experiences with mid tier CV game play?
  2. Don72

    Strafing in low tier CVs

    +1 from me. From my perspective, I would like to see the game become less arcady and more real life. It has so much potential, however is being intentionally dumbed down which is a real shame. Personally, I've lost a lot of enthusiasm for the game because if this. Which also ties into OP's concerns. Having such a disjunction between T5 and T6 really throws the game even more deeply into the arcade realm.
  3. Don72

    Losing streak

    To me it's the same as flipping a coin. Sometimes you'll get a lot of heads in a row, sometimes a lot of tails in a row, and sometimes it alternates between the two.
  4. Don72

    Strafing in low tier CVs

    Personally, I think strafing should be removed from the game. Strafing is just a nonsense, and completely unrealistic. Strafing was used against ships and land based targets NOT aircraft for Gods sake. Manual dropping should be in all levels so new comers can learn how to do it - not wait until T6 to start getting smashed (or T5 as pointed out above). If WG so afraid of Unicums putting off new players by seal clubbing, then simply halve the damage and credits earned by players with captains over 10 points (or some figure). They won't have a reason to seal club if the rewards aren't worth it. WG really screwed up badly on this one, but are too arrogant (or stupid) to acknowledge it.
  5. Hi All, If I have two groups flying currently, say: Group 1 (1,1,1) and Group 2 (1,1,1), and I want to control them separately, how do I switch between the two? Currently each time I want to swap, I push "2", hold shift, push "4", hold shift, push "6" to select group 1, then if I want to select group to I push "3", hold shift, push "5", hold shift, push "7". Surely there is a faster way of switching between two groups, without having to reselect each plane individually each time?? Thank you.
  6. Don72

    Training Room Issues

    I just downloaded Aslains Mod pack and now it works properly. Thanks
  7. Don72

    Training Room Issues

    Thanks for your reply. However this doesn't make any difference. I'll try downloading one of the Mods and see if I have better luck with that. Cheers
  8. Don72

    Training Room Issues

    So I've changed the config file in the res folder from "true" to "false" as shown by various Youtubers, to activate the Training Room. However, when I start the training room, several things are happening: 1. When I first start WOWS I get the following message - any ideas what that means? 2. When I select an enemy ship (while setting up the battle), the training room does not select that ship, instead it picks a random ship! 3. Both boxes for enemy attack and movement are NOT ticked, yet the enemy ship DOES move and attack! I have tried ticking them (in case it was reversed) but the same thing happens. I then unticked them again, but the same thing again. Basically training room is completely broken, and doesn't serve to train anything at the moment, as you can't set up your desired scenarios. Does anyone know if the mod pack add ons work properly? Thank you!
  9. Don72

    Dragon Flags Expired?

    Here is the screen shot. Have definitely never used them, so no mistake has been made. I was deliberately saving them for my next ship to speed up captain retraining. Would they have expired at end of January for some reason?
  10. Hi guys, I received some Dragon Flags (333% XP) 2 or 3 weeks ago and was saving them up to use in my next ship. Today when I logged in, I noticed they are not there any more, and there is no greyed out silhouette either. I definitely have not used them. I didn't read anything about them having a limited time for use? Can anyone shed some light on this please? Thank you
  11. Don72

    Broken Replays / Replay not working correctly

    I have the same issue. I can replay them ok, but none of the controls are working. I believe it is an issue with the program itself, which is a very low priority for devs unfortunately. It is very nice to be able to record your gameplay for reviewing and improvement purposes, but it is also not helpful when you can't rewind or fast forward. Hopefully it will get some attention soon, however I will not be holding my breath. Better off installing a 3rd party recording device.