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  1. That Epoch (I think this is the name?) one gives a permanent T9 camo which you can apply to any T9 ship.
  2. I think the intention of the original poster is just to remind people that there are several perma camos that can be easily obtained for coal, even after the upcoming economic changes go live. Just more of a reminder than anything.
  3. Posted on the NA forum: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/256498-advice-complete-the-2-years-of-wows-collection/
  4. Don72

    FIRST time broke my OWN record

    Ah hah. I didn't see that it was Coop. I presumed it was a random game. I guess technically the same thing could be possible in randoms, although far less likely.
  5. Don72

    Camo/Ecconomic/Combat flag changes on PT

    His reaction at the end was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Rewound and watched it several times 🤣🤣
  6. Hopefully by "sell" they mean for credits!
  7. Don72

    Kills, who should get the kill?

    No such thing as kill steal. It is a team game, so should be treated as kill securing. A low health enemy is not guaranteed to die if you leave it for someone else to kill them. And why would you? Silly mentality. If a ship is low on health, kill it no matter what.
  8. Don72

    FIRST time broke my OWN record

    How was this only superships? Is there a mode for only superships somehow?
  9. Don72

    Regarding Ruckus in the Depot in Armory

    Hardly a very well thought out response. This comment is not coming from "we" the players. It is coming from you as an individual. There are obviously plenty of whales out there spending up big on this RNG troll fest, which is encouraging WarGambling to continue in this direction.
  10. I for one personally hate basically every camo in this game, and am looking forward to never having to wear one again. Question, will I be able to sell off the visual camos once this economy rework goes through? And do we have any rough idea how much various camos will be able to be sold for (assuming that they can be sold)? Cheers
  11. Don72

    Camo/Ecconomic/Combat flag changes on PT

    Not if you read the NA and EU forums it isn't...
  12. Don72

    Regarding Ruckus in the Depot in Armory

    If you gamble on ANYTHING with WG you will get burned period. If you want to buy something, then buy what you can actually get, not something with RNG behind it. Simple as that.
  13. Don72

    Ruckus in the depot Bundles RNG

    If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that WG is trying different things to see what works and what doesn't. See how much they can milk out of weak willed / ignorant people, who can't / won't read all the verbal garbage they put in to confuse the player base in these events.