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  1. Don72

    Ban thunderers from ranked battles

    It's not hard to grind up to T10. This doesn't make you a good player by the time you get there. A noob in a coal ship is still a noob in a T10 tech tree ship.
  2. Don72

    Cant pen ANYTHING

    Hence my earlier comment. HE is now mandatory on Yammy 🙂 Please take her into battle and try. I guarantee you will start more fires.
  3. Don72

    Journey to the West containers

    This has been my experience. Now I only buy premium account 1/2 off and nothing else on this game. Heck, I'm not even playing for over a year now after having spent over $6k on the game. I contemplate coming back to play but my heart is still not back in the game yet.
  4. Don72

    Cant pen ANYTHING

    IF you can't pen with Yamma you're playing her wrong. Everybody knows Yamma has to be played using HE only.
  5. Don72

    Own more than 1 of a specific ship

    Yep, it's just money. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Can you explain why Conqueror wins big? Is it solely due to the number of guns ie shells?
  7. Don72


    Also ship modules can be demounted free of charge currently. Still costs to select a different module, but the demount at least is free for the time being.
  8. Don72

    Link to reset all commander skills?

    Of course, but at least this way you can just set your commander skills as you use your commanders in battle. And only one button to wipe every commander is very handy. Can only imagine what it will be like when players who are having a break come back to this $hit $torm later on after the free respecs are over. Good god....
  9. Ah ok thanks. Wasn't sure, so I ground out Moskva from DM Donskoi in two days of casual play, and managed to respec my new 19 pt commander 🙂 Bring on the Soviet split!
  10. Don72

    Ikean Whale Spotted

    You are one very disturbed individual.
  11. Don72

    Ikean Whale Spotted

    It actually reminds me of "THAT" scene from The Brothers Grimsby. Check out the movie if you haven't already. But be warned, you may not be the same person afterwards....
  12. Do we know a date that this ends? Thanks
  13. So what was the chance of me losing my first 8 ranked games in a row then?
  14. Don72

    Failure to log into the game

    WOWs found the bot program you have been using and decided to make an example of you.
  15. Don72

    Spending Coal

    JB is going away soon so get it now. You're a fool if you don't 🙂