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  1. Ah ok thanks. Wasn't sure, so I ground out Moskva from DM Donskoi in two days of casual play, and managed to respec my new 19 pt commander 🙂 Bring on the Soviet split!
  2. Don72

    Ikean Whale Spotted

    You are one very disturbed individual.
  3. Don72

    Ikean Whale Spotted

    It actually reminds me of "THAT" scene from The Brothers Grimsby. Check out the movie if you haven't already. But be warned, you may not be the same person afterwards....
  4. Do we know a date that this ends? Thanks
  5. So what was the chance of me losing my first 8 ranked games in a row then?
  6. Don72

    Failure to log into the game

    WOWs found the bot program you have been using and decided to make an example of you.
  7. Don72

    Spending Coal

    JB is going away soon so get it now. You're a fool if you don't 🙂
  8. Don72

    Ikean Whale Spotted

  9. This makes zero sense. Granted there are a lot of bad players, however its randomised as to if you there are more or less noobs on your team. Sometimes you'll have lost of losses and sometimes you'll have lots of wins. People by nature like to complain and forget about all the good runs of games and instead complain about the losses. I went 1 win for 11 (I think) losses in this latest ranked and gave up out of frustration. But that's life. If I kept playing I may well have won the next 10 games in a row.
  10. Don72

    Extended version of the IFHE changes. 0.9.2

    Max will chime in with a detailed summary I'm sure 🙂 He's probably working on it right now.
  11. Sarcasm? Me? Never! Although to be honest I actually didn't think about torps as I have so far played her as a long range spammer. However this kind of negates her radar, although I have used it late game which can be beneficial.
  12. Don72

    In light of the recent decision by Wargaming

    That's the whole point! Soon they will be back onto subs and everyone will be rejoicing because they will be so OP against CVs (despite their slowness and boring AF gameplay).
  13. Don72

    Extended version of the IFHE changes. 0.9.2

    If one were cynical, one could argue that WG are deliberately confusing as many things as they can, so players will eventually stop trying to understand things and make sense of them, so that WG can "slip" things into the game without people knowing or caring. Sort of like petrol price changes. When I was younger petrol prices would stay the same for at least 6 months. Then about 20 years ago the big oil companies decided to start changing prices more often, because people used to jump up and down when they changed every 6 months. Now, we have the oil companies changing prices basically daily, so people get used to it and don't question it so much any more.
  14. I'm sure they are aware. There is a button you can click to report issues with the forum when it is offline, so they will definitely know (assuming that the button actually relays information to somebody..... On the other hand now that I think about it, no, they probably don't know the forums have problems)
  15. Don72

    if i by tickit !

    I caught Corona virus from attempting to read the OP's post.