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  1. That's exactly what most things in WOWS are these days, and yet all too many people still cry about it despite knowing that WOWS is just a casino game now.
  2. Don72


    So which T4 CV for max tears? Hosho?
  3. Don72

    Forum Connection Issues

    It's simple really. Millions of people have heard what an amazingly fun and balanced game this is, and are rushing to join the greatest game ever made. Servers can't handle the stampede.
  4. Don72

    A new bot deteced

    Most ships killed in a battle "9". Most damage in a battle "228,493". Damn, this bot plays better than me! I'm quitting this game and gonna find me a bot to up my stats.
  5. Don72

    Priority Target

    It's taken you 14,500 games to work this out? Good God.....
  6. Don72

    Flambass' Live Tutorials

    OP is one, that's for sure. No, not a crazed worshipper by any means. I watch most reputable cc as you can pick up something from each of them. However Flambass has decided to run these tutorials in which he talks about his reasoning behind his decisions. Sure you can say "but Asia has a completely different meta" (which IMO is total BS), however listening to a unicum player explaining their thinking processes will be your most valuable resource IMO. Also by following this mentality and not learning from other (good) players you end up with the games we have now a days, filled with rubbish players because they are playing their "own game", instead of learning to improve and become better. I for one, like to improve my game play and that doesn't happen if you think you can't learn anything from the likes of Flambass, Flamu, Notser etc.
  7. Don72

    Flambass' Live Tutorials

    Well you stated Flambass isn't a top player, so clearly you know what a top player is, and his stats obviously don't conform to your idea of what a top player is, whereas most people would believe he is a top level player.
  8. Don72

    Flambass' Live Tutorials

    Being a Super Tester means jack squat. Getting to test things and report back doesn't mean you actually know everything about the game. Clearly from your first comment you have shown that you don't know what a top player is. Makes me shudder to think what else you don't know about the game.
  9. Don72

    Flambass' Live Tutorials

    Care to take your head out of your arse now?
  10. Don72

    Flambass' Live Tutorials

    So someone who is officially a purple "super unicum" player with 66.5% WR after 19,000 battles is not a top player? Okay.... Remind me to ignore every post you reply to, as you have just clearly proven you don't know much about this game.
  11. Don72

    BB Streamers

    Have a look at the topic I just posted. Flambass is starting up a series describing just this. His first one published today on YT is in the JB.
  12. For those of you who don't know, Flambass, one of the top players and youtube / streamers is starting a new series of YT tutorials, where he live commentates his matches explaining his reasoning behind why he does what he does, and the decisions he makes in game. This will be the best resource ever for explaining how to play WOWs and get better at it. Highly recommended to watch if you want to get better at this game. Below is the first one which he has just put out. Cheers
  13. Don72

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    But it's not enough for some people. They have to write b-itch posts about how WG owes them MORE...
  14. Don72

    Pushed into torpedo path

    Because pushing ships into torpedos is fun. And WOWs is a game about having fun right?
  15. Don72

    LNY code

    I used a Thorn 4242 cassette recorder to record music off our TV! It was such a long time ago apparently that even Google can't bring up any images of it! (late 70s / early 80s).