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    Referral system doesn't work

    Or means either not played in 3 months or they are up to service record level 3. IF they have to be both it should be 'they can be friends who haven't played in three months, who only progressed up to Service Record level 3. Because the current wording is quite vague and unclear. Sorry if this was a unnecessary post BTW. I had a problem and I figured forums are there to ask questions.
  2. Adii01

    Referral system doesn't work

    So it says in the invite a friend site that if a player hasn't played for 90 days they're eligible for the referral links. I didn't played for about 118 days. So I thought I'll try the game again and asked a friend for a referral link. I didn't even logged into my account before clicking the referral link, because there are confusions about what inactive means actually. (A clarification from an official source would be good, if it means not playing a match for 90 days or not logging in) Anyway so I log in using the referral link and it says YOU ARE ALREADY A VETERAN, You can't use the link for recruits. This should not happen, because it clearly says on the same site that someone who hasn't played the game in 90 days is eligible for this link. If that's not true why keep that in the site, please remove that part from the site or fix your systems.