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  1. OzHeat

    Twitch Stream and Rewards

    Totally agree I get up for work at 4:30am and don't have time to watch or enter codes and can't be up at 2am watching a stream; it's bad enough helping my clan out doing clan battles if I'm up past midnight it just wrecks me for work which isn't good in my line of work. I watch when i get home but hey No bonuses because they only work during the feed pffft why do we bother following?
  2. A lot of mid tier DD's are only just finding their feet playing a DD and don't have the confidence to take on 2 DD's especially when half the teams these days are to busy shooting BB's and CA;s and not supporting the lone DD; but these days if your in a tier 7 and above capping is becoming a mugs game with the amount of radar being made available, radars that reach further than most DD torp's so given that DD's don't stand much of a chance. To top it all off everyone gets the chance to own 1 or more radar ships by next month lmao, i must admit though nothing pleases me more than torping an Atlanta or a Belfast with 7k torps from minekaze or kamakaze, but i do have more frustrating games than good ones when it comes to radar spend more of the game running than actually playing thats if i can get out of the radar circle before being smashed. Just got to look at the last few rank seasons: tier 6 season was good flowing matches whereas the last 2 seasons being tier 8 and then 10 are exactly as was described earlier stagnate the cap and hide behind islands forcing long drawn out battles that just frustrate all involved causing more arguments and insults than i've seen in any other season. I've even told CA's to go cap cause until radar ship is down theres no point in me entering cap cause soon as i do radar goes up and low and behold i'm dead again maybe adding some cap incentive as described would help in some situations but once entering radar tiers no incentive is going to help....><>><>
  3. Just 1 quick note, Wargaming is a business and they want to maximize profits and PVP ie: random/ranked makes them so much money, then why have they shot themselves in the foot this rank season and limited their market to only tier X players from rank 10 onward; i mean it's not like you can make rank 10 and go i want to keep playing so i think i'll go buy a tier X when there isn't any tier X premiums available. i'm guessing they must have made a bit last season and that's why 23-10 stayed at tier8; which has annoyed me and others cause i was looking forward to trying rank at another tier possibly without radar. I played at tier 6 and it was a lot more enjoyable without radar as i think it shows more skill/tactics being used to win battles; last season i just reached a point of having enough of radar and hydro that i just stopped playing rank altogether as did many others. Obviously scenarios have made them money as they wouldn't have put so much effort into continuing them and yes i agree people buy premiums for a multitude of reasons as myself who with a little help from containers and xmas boxes no owns 32 premiums and not 1 bought for a scenario yet ( although have enjoyed using quite a few in scenarios). and after typing all that it clicks that maybe they sell more flags and camos with people trying to rank up cause like any market it's the consumables that make the money the premium ships are just a means to use more consumables and also use doubloons to convert xp to get there quicker and premium to boost everything but i still think they shot themselves in the foot a bit this season; who knows maybe it works for them maybe it doesn't, i guess we'll see.
  4. OzHeat

    I think this crates situation is seriously wrong.

    ok fair enough i didn't know this and as for your" it's on you for not knowing this ";where am i supposed to find this when i couldn't find it specified anywhere and equivalent for what it isn't purchased with credits there fore doesn't have an equivalent value maybe a tier value roughly as not everything is the same price. when i went looking for some idea as to what it was all the Aigle material wasn't to be found on the web page making it hard to find anything out .This is the first time i have seen a ship available for early access then available for a mission so how is it the norm for this. anyway my main point is this should be specified some where in the pages of information put out on these things and i was unable to find anything anywhere hence why i was a little annoyed this morning.
  5. OzHeat

    I think this crates situation is seriously wrong.

    Would like to know what the compensation for getting Aigle through the missions is having already purchased Aigle through the premium shop, as normally for a premium ship you are compensated with the equivalent doubloons but from what i see as i finished The Aigle Marathon this morning and my compensation i think is possibly a few million credits ?; If i pay money for a ship that's available through a mission i think i should be compensated by the same monetary value of doubloons fair enough on a tech tree ship already owned gets credit compensation but a premium ship should never be compensated in this way and i can not find anywhere to tell me what the compensation is in fact most of the Aigle stuff seems to have vanished off the WOWS server.
  6. OzHeat

    Request for information

    Glad to see there has been some response to LargerNeptunes3's post even if it is from a moderator. I know he is just after information as i was regarding the issue; but there are some easier solutions to CB time frames,my clan has made a great effort so far trying to get involved and same as other clans even getting up-to 13 members on in this time slot in the past few weeks( we have had 25 members participate overall, but still only getting the average of 10-13). Expanding the clan size may improve these numbers because it's a law of averages, a few members say kick everyone who can't play in these time slots( which isn't going to happen as competing as a clan is one thing but it's community of the clan that makes it a clan and makes the game worth playing). Community is everything when it comes to any mainstream media/online gaming, without said community people lose interest and that mainstream begins to die; fastest way to create something great is word of mouth and if word of mouth is nothing but disgruntled communities then how can you expect to grow anything. My point being is maybe changing the time slots expanding them or anything else along those lines will not work for you then how about expanding the clan sizes; we currently have 40 members and so far 25 of those have participated in CB, granted a lot of the time it's the same few with a few ringings; but we have been bombarded with applications from others wishing to join our clan some for the reason that we try to participate in CB and so far to date their previous clan has or had not bothered due to current time slots. So the law of averages comes into play if we had double the current members we could easily supply 2-3 teams ready to do battle, thus making a larger community of players who play more often because the community is there; even when having a bad day gaming the community makes it more enjoyable to be on. I hope Neptune gets the information regarding this issue but i also hope that common sense regarding the issue of clan battles prevails; this is your community(player base) and keeping everybody happy including your accountants isn't going to happen (well more likely for the latter) but surely something as simply as expanding the clan sizes will benefit all involved; no one says you have to grow a larger clan but those willing to do so should have the opportunity to do so( this could even make your accountants happy as i'm sure quite a few clans would more than gladly pay a nominal fee to do so, considering we pay money to start a clan in the first place a small fee to expand wouldn't bother the majority).
  7. Hi guys, Here is the part we are waiting for, let's make the right choice in what "Prime time" we want for our server. I hope you can see this message before the poll, or you read it before taking the poll. Let me just explain how this will work for us. The schedule we will be trying to fix is limited for the Saturday and Sunday ones, that's the one we are influencing with this poll. Just select ONE of the 3-hour window for each day, in what would be our preferred Prime Time for Clan battles. Rest assured that we will start working on the survey result, feedback, and real CVC data on October 23, and no later than October 30-31 we will be able to present our solution for this case. Every one of your opinions matter, we will do our very best to make sure that everyone is included in CVC, but CVC mode cannot live with a small number of players, and we do need to launch it with current prime time settings - while we can tweak these settings during the season. Your votes are very important to ensure that we give you the best decision we can get, with all the data included. Share this with all the clans, even rivals let us make sure that all our players are in this decision together. Also let us stick to the decision once it has been done, we did all we can, no salt ples. (I have hypertension, so please....) Hi not trying to cause any issues but my clan members and friends in other clans are all asking if anything is actually going to happen with this, as it stated we would be notified of the solution to this issue by the end of last month; As i have searched and waited for any news regarding this as to let people know if we are going to have any chance of a genuine participation of this event. My clan has had approx. 15 battles so far and not the greatest outcome because the few who do stay up for them are generally tired and are usually going to work in several hrs time, so being able to play consecutive games is very hard, that's if we can get enough on( we have even purchased ships just to get another clan member up to tier VIII to qualify as they were the only ones around able to fill the 7th spot to battle). Can we hear anything even if it's still in discussion or just nothing is going to happen. i hear WOT's is getting servers in Australia lucky them but from everything else, I've heard about there battles they have a more than fair playing field which allows for Australian, New Zealand and other countries better access to participate, why isn't this used as a model towards WOW's. i know our counties are the minority on these servers but if your wishing to grow WOW's shouldn't you accept the fact that you'll have to cater for the players from these other regions and make some acceptances towards us. i read that the reason for such a short time for clan battles is the strain on the servers but the servers only strain during peek times which is the time you said you put the clan battles in; so extending the hours surely wouldn't strain the servers any more in fact it should reduce the strain as clans wouldn't all be on at the same time or even on during peek times. anyway i hope something does change as my clan and many others were looking forward to participating in clan wars and so far for us it's a fizzle. Regards OzHeat Commander of AUSDF P.S: looking at it another way wouldn't extending the hours and having more people on during hours it's normally quiet make your business look more viable and also have more people spending money to participate, i have members who have relented to the fact that they will not participate in clan battles at those hours so have given up even trying to get a tier VIII to qualify and due to this i have quite a few members who have lost interest in the game and stopped playing at this point altogether..
  8. OzHeat


    Old thread but still worth a mention almost any Acca Dacca song is good playing WOWS, Our clan (Australian Combined Defense Core) commander loves it so if your like minded you're welcome to put in an app and have some fun with some fun loving aussies. P.S. gotta love the cello renditions awesome musicians