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  1. Same here... I wrote earlier that I wait and contact support Monday; but in the meantime went ahead and contacted support. No answer so far 😞
  2. No email yet so far but I am patiently waiting... My worry is that I do have an EU account (which I never really played with) under the same email address as my ASIA account... wonder how they manage this. Should I have no news from WG until Sunday I will contact support..
  3. I cant help but feel there are a couple of trolls here in the forum 😞
  4. Didnt work for me. I really would appreciate Wargaming to make a statement... When is cut-off date? Until when can I play and progress is transferred? I also bought a ship in the premium shop on 2nd December... furthermore I got a couple of Black Friday containers within the past week with doubloons in it... I hope that is part of the transfer.
  5. ??? be more specific?? Why making it a secret?
  6. Interestingly there is no "note" on the EU & NA news that this transfer is delayed... Even though the players there also writing that they haven't got any email on the transfer, yet. EU News: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/server-transfer-offer/ EU Forum: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/126875-/ NA News: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/server-transfer-offer/ NA Forum: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/204774-/ Next one is my speculation; please correct me if I am wrong: I guess it is not a technical problem... I really think it is a legal thing because (if that hasn't changed) each server is handled by a service provider and not by WG directly itself... So this providers are getting a share of the sales to this users... now for sure a lot of players from Asia wanna leave (because in general it is a bad player base). This would mean that the service provider in Asia loses a lot of the revenue; and of course they don't want this to happen. So I guess there is a lot of background negotiation ongoing. Speculation on possible outcomes: - the transfer offer will be withdrawn (official reason: technical difficulties or similar) Probability: 90% - other arrangements and the transfer happens in a couple of days/weeks Probability: 50% - WG arranges a server sync to make all partners & players happy Probability: 1% What you guys think?
  7. Hey WG... please an update... if we play at the moment is this process still part of the transfer or not? When is the progress cut-off date/time? Really need an update here. Thanks! R.
  8. Hmm... is this the wrong thread...? Stays oddly quiet in here... I can understand that this project is not an easy task but would appreciate an update/more specific details. In addition to that; maybe a server sync is better than moving people between realms... On the other hand, I did read once that the servers are outsourced to a 3rd party who handles the operational part for a certain remuneration... Dont know if that is true and/or still applicable, but if it is, it could explain why things are more difficult, especially the "sync" part. Also it would be interesting how many players are actually wanting to migrate their accounts? Any ball-park number... less than hundred? 100-500? 500-1000? 1000+? If it is just a few then the effort and headache probably isnt worth it. Why not implementing a server change for Doubloons? For name changes this is already there. 2500 Doubloons... I would pay it. R.
  9. Yep, wanna know this, too. Also there was no ingame message or whatever affirming the participation.
  10. RezzoRix

    Can't log in WOWs wiki

    Great... You can access it with a VPN ... but what the heck... so all Asia players are locked out?