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  1. Doubloon %25 cash back ....... ?

    Thanks for the fast reply Ralph, i got my dubloons back , but only %10 of the total purchase [unless] theres a second refund? i purchased 3 packs of doubloons
  2. i purchased a substantial amount of dubloons , and didnt get %25 percent back ..... anyone else have this problem?
  3. what a ripoff

    You can change the language (lingo) It would have been better for the community to release English speaking Alf Stuart's imho or steve Irwin voice overs 🤔not sure what a Japanese Alf Stuart would sound like
  4. Stalingrad release date

    Hello long time reader 1st topic post How long do you think before we get the Stalingrad I have moskva and kron But I eagerly await the Stalin Kind regards Raider
  5. I rate moskvas better ship , more of a tactical weapon . Kronshdatd is a heavy cruiser with bb guns and bb dispersion , in close is a devastating machine . At range use he or if enemy is broadside use so I have both but rate kron cheaper to use and get mm with t7 ships . Moskvas reign is always t8 to t10 games . She has ultra good guns with great reload and can bounce most shells while in the shootout 1st post hello Kind regards Raider