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  1. Rina_Pon

    Spanish Cruisers?

    I guess it speaks to my level of interest in the game that I no longer have any idea what the latest content additions are. I hear Spanish voiceover, I assumed they are Spanish ships.
  2. Rina_Pon

    Spanish Cruisers?

    Trust me, the Japanese CL line underwhelms in any environment. The Spanish cruisers are better. Any same-tier or lower broadside cruiser can be deleted, the torps are both useful and deadly, and guns are very good against enemy DDs. Excellent concealment is nice but usually negated by plane spotting. At the same time, your damage output to anything that has the sense to angle against you is minimal. I'm warming to the T6 boat though. In a low tier games there are plenty of melee battles, and the line excels in these.
  3. I'm not sure exactly what it is that makes them feel off-meta, as Grozovoi is essentially just a Russian Gearing after all. It's a subtle thing - but if I had to pick I would say that with the sheer number of planes in most games, a DD can't run off by themselves. You have to protect your friendlies, and have your friendlies protect you. USN DDs are the best DDs for that kind of playstyle. It's depressing to think how much of most DD playtime is now spent on AA support duties, or worse, sub-hunting. But that's where we are.
  4. Rina_Pon

    Spanish Cruisers?

    Haven't been paying attention, was gifted T3,4,5,6 cruisers in the new Spanish line. Initial impression is of a light cruiser with heavy cruiser ballistics. I find the AP utility is situational and I miss being able to set fires. The gimmick consumables reload accelerator really, really feels like a last minute addition to give players something to do as a substitute for switching shell type. The techtree design (exceptional concealment, excellent torp firing angles, hydro) seems to imply a playstyle of sneaking in and ambushing less well-armored ships. As such I find it underwhelming. Another mediocre, over-specialized ship that's harder to do well in, and less fun to play, than the existing lines. Don't hate them, don't like them much.
  5. 12 km RADAR isn't the plague it once was, so smoke is again viable. Strong AA wins games. Thus, Fletcher and Gearing once again run the show, with a shout-out to Groningen. Everything else is various shades of okayness, though I would put the French and Russian boats at the bottom of the current meta.
  6. Oland, with one of my favorite camos in the whole game.


  7. ... and then there are the games where it's not clear whether you are even playing the same game as everyone else:
  8. If you play randoms during the days and early evenings, I'm sure you've seen that every match now has a CV, and at mid-tier odds are better than even that you'll find yourself in a double CV match. As a DD main I can deal with this, but it's boring because I'm essentially spending the game dealing with CVs - whether AA defense or simply evasion - and trying to cap. It's just not possible to push in and get close to the enemy ships - essentially meaning you don't get to do any DD things like ambush BBs. Perhaps CV players are all kids and DD players are all older folks, but for a while now I've seen that after around midnight Tokyo time the team makeup changes completely. CVs (Malta..) are still common at T10 unfortunately, but mid-tier CV-free "bluesky" games are common and there are often 4-5 DDs per team! As a DD main the game becomes infinitely more fun. Spotting, torps, DDvDD brawling all come back on the table. In comparison, CV games just feel like abuse.
  9. Seems like lag has become a widespread and long-term problem with this game now. Things have been really bad for me too. Yesterday (Sunday afternoon) was the worst I've ever experienced, with my ping never going below 300 ms: the whole game played with a 0.5-1 s delay between button press and reaction. Later that day, or more correctly early Monday morning, it was excellent, with 30-35 ms and no lag spikes at all. So definitely congestion related, though whether it's WOWS servers or the general network that's the problem I can't tell.
  10. Rina_Pon

    WTF is this nonsense WG

    AFK is a regular occurrence though fortunately not happened to me personally. My pings continue to be flaky though.
  11. Rina_Pon

    People you've encountered in-game

    GG. Things did get a little testy on the red side, didn't they? Fun fact(s): That was my first game in Dalarna. Good ship. In addition to the 90 km/h torps, the AA dissolves T10 planes on contact. Despite >2300 bxp and having premium time, the round cost me >100,000 credits to play. Probably could have broken even with a credit bonus, but still...
  12. Rina_Pon

    What happened to Velos?

    I'd completely forgotten about this ship until I saw a youtube video the other day. [Velos: Greek Fletcher-class DD, a real ship, probably of little interest outside of Greek players though the trireme camo was pretty neat.] It was promoted as the main reward of a mission chain last fall, notable because it was a) impossible to get without paying money and b) the amount of money you needed to get Velos vastly exceeded the cost of a typical T9 premium DD because of all the extra junk in the emission chains they made you buy first.
  13. Suspect that's highly map dependent. The scoring and timer settings in this mode favor players that bully into the cap ... something Ibuki is not well equipped to do. Personally, brawling in T9 cruisers seems like a odd concept. Most are support ships by definition, not intended for direct engagements. Since showing broadside means deletion, most battles devolve into either bow-on HE slugfests or yolo ram attempts, with the winner determined by the ship types in play rather than player skill.
  14. Rina_Pon


    The tokens could be redeemed for boxes that dropped economic bonuses for tier 5, 6 and 7 shops though, so the net haul was pretty good and as mentioned it was no effort.
  15. @Skarhabek You finally noticed? Statistics will balance out 12 member teams automatically without needing to skill match ship for ship. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that cv matching takes player skill into account though. Winning streaks can be put down to playing sessions when other high skill players are not playing vs sessions at peak when they are.