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  1. Is Duca d'Aosta a good cruiser?

    I've never run into a credit shortage in my two years of playing this game. I didn't even realise it was a thing until this thread, actually. I've never run into a shortage of any currency or resource to be honest, though I blew some major chunks of my freeXP and credits on fitting out Ibuki, Zao, and N. Carolina. I don't buy premium time, though most of my main ships have premium camo. I have a few premium ships but I don't take those out any more often than the non-premium. There's no secret, it just comes down to resource management: Keep playing middle and low tiers. Be sparing when equipping flags or premium consumables. Don't convert elite XP to freeXP with doubloons. Keep playing the elite ships you already have fully researched. Finally, give WG some money as a thank you for making a great game. Buy 5000-10000 doubloons, use it to slap premium camo on 4-5 of your fav. mid tier (6-8) ships, and go out and have fun.
  2. The next update referred to in the video about 7.10 means 7.10, the next update from our current point of view of 7.9. In 7.10 you will not be able to earn RN currency, but you can still spend it. In 7.11 you will no longer be able to spend RN currency.
  3. target lock query

    It's always better to have target lock on. Dispersion doubles otherwise (as per the recent explainer vid). Target lock rubber-bands your aim to the actual target distance. It would be near-impossible to hit anything otherwise. You can aim short or long by mousing up or down, but the sensitivity is much lower than if you were trying to aim with the lock off.
  4. Detonated? Hasn't happened yet - though I rarely get hit outside of late game yolo BB rushes. That's the thing with Acasta: It's tricky to do a lot of damage, but SmokeOnDemand(tm) makes you nearly impossible to kill. Perhaps you should equip det flags?
  5. The Royal Navy event this month must be the most generous (easy?) one yet. A Tier 6 premium ship, a T5 DD (yes, of course I get Acasta and not Jervis... I am not lucky just persistent), and a truckload of flags'n'stuff in return for playing what, maybe 30 random battles over three weekends? This is my Warspite. Currently one of the few in the game equipped with last stand and survivability expert, but Jack Dunkirk is just popping in for tea before going back to Acasta. Acasta ... people seem to slag this ship off, but I like this DD a lot. It's similar to a Nicholas I guess, but sneakier, and with several patented RN tricks: SmokeOnDemand(tm), TorpsInALine(tm), and Stop'n'Start(tm) which, combined, offer near non stop hilarity. Plus once the line opens up there's Jervis and Lightning to look forward to.
  6. As you know, coal is a recent addition to the game. If the coal container and arsenal feel like bolt-on additions that's only because that's exactly what they are. There must be some significant benefit for WG to make them want to introduce a dozen different in game currencies. I guessed a while back that it was to gate off the real-money doubloon economy from the incentive-based reward economy. I have no idea really... Back on topic, the container selection is got kinda bloated, but since different players have different needs and wants it's hard to see that it can be retroactively fixed to the satisfaction of everyone. The only "fair" way is to have one single container type with all contents selected at random, which is likely to please no one.

    Has anyone else experienced the carousel view resetting? I normally keep it a 4 rows and every, I dunno, week or so it resets to 2 rows.
  8. Spot enemy ships and hope your team are close enough to focus them down. Gun down low health stragglers. Use smoke as cover.
  9. Is Duca d'Aosta a good cruiser?

    Pretty much sums it up. Atago is never a bad ship to play, whatever the current meta or your MM luck. It rewards your skill, and punishes your ignorance, to a much greater extent than most other ships in the game.
  10. Is Duca d'Aosta a good cruiser?

    Sounds like you want an IJN cruiser. No premiums exist below Atago however, though you'd have to imagine WG have plans. T6 Aoba is strong but a bit hard to get the best out of. I find Nurnberg a powerful and easy ship to do well in: just sit back and let the DPM do the talking. At T7, Algerie is probably my first pick for firepower, though Myoko is stealthier and tankier. But, come to think of it, what's wrong with the T6 premium, degrasse?
  11. jus wth is wrong these 3 days

    I experienced an extreme case of the "Saturday Winrate Inversion" effect last weekend. I had foolishly thought I might buff my Atago WR... But, I think I finally cracked the basic problem: I was playing poorly. Tanking way too much damage, playing too aggressive, trying to bring the fight to the enemy. So in that sense it was worthwhile. I learnt to dial it back, be less aggressive in the first half of the battle and let someone else do the tanking while I concentrate on burning down enemy ships. Then in the later half move up, isolate, and destroy remaining threats. Way better results. So, advice: take it as a learning experience. Rewire and retune your gameplay.
  12. Warspite

    And you'll need to turn the ship 'cause it's the only way to bring the guns around!
  13. To answer indirectly to @legionary2099, this is not an account that will improve by playing games with good players. There is no downside so far as the good players are concerned to removing this account from the MM we access. The only legitimate criticism of the idea is that new players will end up stuck in a cesspool of bots and rejects for a while before they graduate, which will give them a very negative impression of the game. I think this could be sorted out easily enough by making the gated "reject pool" separate from the protected new account MM. For @icy_phoenix 's example, let's assume this is a bot (or some poor peasant in rural China paid to grind accounts). Those numbers (0.06 avg frags on 100+ games, almost the same amount of games played in every ship, etc. just scream account farming. 1. These accounts can be identified reliably by datamining. 2. These accounts are of negative value to the playerbase and to WG and to the game. WG can and should get rid of them. There is no downside. Yowzers. Well, at least now we know what bots look like. The first step to a solution is identifying the problem.
  14. All the stat needs to do is separate the competent from incompetent. WTR would be sufficient, or base XP, or whatever metric you like. My problem with 50% WR is eventually, once you are in a pool of 100% unicum, unless you are unicum also, your WR must dip below 50%. Something like WTR 500 or WRT 600 would, on the other hand, be a reasonable bar that once cleared most players can forget about - you are never going to fall below it even if are reasonably good, even if you play at the highest tiers. "WTR500" or "BXP300" (base XP) either would be acceptable I think.
  15. This, or it's equivalent, is the most realistically implementable solution to the problem. At least so far as the problem exists outside the minds of frustrated players. As @icy_phoenix said, a considerable amount of it is two players not sharing a common notion of what is the correct strategy, but at the same time some players really are so hopeless that they contribute nothing of value to a battle, regardless of tier or number of games played. It would not be impossible to divide Randoms into two leagues, by WTR for example, and I think the player base could handle the split without excessive queue times. Bots, or human players than play at the level of bots, would be removed from the "Premier League" and sandboxed into the "Training Pool". Thinking about it further, it isn't even necessary to divide it 50/50. Most players are decent enough to contribute something and should be in the main group. So just extend the protected matchmaking already implemented by keeping players in it until they reach a given WTR, and dropping players back into it if their WTR falls below a certain threshold. Rewards in the Training league could have to be curtailed to discourage farming by bots, but sealclubbing would be impossible since anyone trying it would shortly be removed back into the main league.