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  1. Des Moines with spotter plane

    I read Yuro's advice not as "never take RADAR" but rather "take the spotter plane to train yourself to play as heavy cruiser". i.e. learn to walk by throwing away the crutches.
  2. Supercontainer Drop Rate

    I've only got 4-5 in total over my entire WoWS history. It would seem to be closer to every 1:300-350. But I then don't actively select the "do you feel lucky" option.
  3. Potato famine?

    It has upsides and downsides. One less green potato is one less red potato also.
  4. Potato famine?

    Potatoes are becoming thin on the ground. Even in T3-5, depending on the time of day, the random battle rosters are stacked with players who I'd consider, ahem, overqualified. In T5-7 about half typically have significant clan/ranked tags, or the T8-10 flash by their username. Weekends are still more casual I guess, but most weeknights it's pretty difficult for someone like me to find any space to sealclub in tranquility. Chances are now I'm going to be facing at least 2-3 ships on the enemy team who are significantly better than me irrespective of tier. This isn't a complaint, just an observation that the idea of tier being a measure of difficulty level is not really valid anymore. The challenge is constant, only the boats change. The only downside I can see (outside of not being able to stat-pad anymore) is there is no longer the same buffer area for new players there once was at intermediate tiers. Things get really hard almost immediately.
  5. You are entitled to nothing. It's a free-to-play game. We pay money, on voluntary and individual basis, to keep the game going. WG offers digital trinkets and shiny as incentives and rewards. Your time is worth nothing to them. Your effort is worth nothing to them.
  6. It's understandable that WG wants to encourage people to join clans. Harnessing the peer pressure / team sport aspect to boost engagement and spend. So yeah, you are meant to feel left out. WG wants you to think it's unfair. Remember though, if you are aware of their Jedi mind tricks you can learn to ignore them.
  7. Having a God-eye button pressed every 2 minutes must make games tedious. I'd say the probability of a nerf here is relatively high, as it was for smoke. WG tends to have it's antenna closely tuned to player tedium as it makes all kinds of vital metrics trend in downward directions.
  8. We may see some in-game adjustments like we saw detection radii when firing from smoke get nerfed. Making radar/hydro "for your eyes only" would be one way, as would allowing islands to block spotting. The latter would be the obvious route I think. Speaking as someone who uses hydro alot for DD hunting, I'd have to say that this would be a significant nerf to the point where the usefullness of the consumable (vs. equipping DFAA instead) itself comes into question, but I could probably live with it.
  9. While y'all line up to put the boot into Mr. Rank 1 Typhoon League Hosho what I was actually trying to get at there was the experience level I'm seeing recently in T4-5 random. It's not seal clubbing, it's a T8-10 battle in dinky boats.
  10. So this just happened...
  11. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    As a general comment I concur with most of the replies. You are not factoring in the difference in tiers into your evaluation of the Kronshtadt. (aside: I'm never gonna be able to spell that without looking it up first) Myoko is tier seven. Kronshtadt is tier nine. And you are not factoring in what the Kronshtadt is: a souped up Sharnhorst sporting a cruiser icon. Maybe the analogy isn't quite right but you get my point. Would you sit around and expose yourself to Sharnhorst broadsides? Would you complain your 203mm AP didn't pen the belt armor from 12km? I hope not! I traded some long range volleys with a Kronshtadt in my Sharnhorst a couple of days ago. He was flat broadside and my wonky guns weren't doing much (though I did see a couple of pens), I was angled ... and his AP wasn't doing much to me either. He switched to HE, I started burning, but one of our BBs took him out shortly thereafter. Anyhow thinking of Kronshtadt as a Sharnhorst with improved weaponry might not be a bad starting point. That's not an opinion of whether the ship is OP or not. Flamu says it is, so I guess it is, all I'm saying is you can't use your experience in a Myoko as proof of that.
  12. I was thinking about that. I'm definitely not the most efficient WoWS player. I've got close to 1 million XP on elite ships, and a dozen 10-12 point captains but nobody with 13+, and am grinding 7 different tech trees concurrently. So my effort is all really spread out, and largely worthless from an advancement point of view. But, yeah, I do enjoy lower tiers...
  13. Not much, but I like to have it for the post-game analysis. If I see the enemy team had 3 Storm League players, vs. a bunch of Squall/Gale Leaguers on our side, and say we won, I'd like have a feel for the accomplishment (or lack of) that implies. Also, it's helpful to match a clan name to a color and threat level for future reference. What really bugs me though are lookalike clans. Is [NOOBS] the good one, or [NOOOBS] or [NOOB]? [SALT] or [ASALT]? Don't play games with my lousy memory like that!
  14. In order of progression, a player's position in clan leagues are indicated by the color of their clan tag as follows, [does not play in clan battles] (white clan tag) Squall League (bronze/brown/orange) Gale League (silver/grey) Storm League (gold/yellow) Typhoon League (green) Hurricane League (purple) Since I'm not in a clan and don't pay much attention to that aspect of the game, it took me a while to notice the color of people's clan tags introduced a few patches back and track down what it was signifying. Now I know what league the players are in, but I still don't have much sense of what it means in terms of how good they are, i.e. how much of a threat to me / how useful a teammate. Okay, sure, I learnt pretty quickly that purple was essentially God tier. (hello, [MEGA] ) Green is also quite impressive, gold seems to be consistently strong, but I can't really work out if silver and brown are better than average or just trying really hard. What percentage of the playerbase does the Gale, Storm, and Typhoon players represent for example?