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  1. Rina_Pon

    Update 0.11.1—Pan-Asian Cruisers: Part 2

    Looking through the fine print, Atago gets a pretty massive AA buff. Atago and Myoko get acceleration buffs. HIV gets its acceleration slightly un-nerfed. Some of the new German BBs get hydro nerfs.
  2. Rina_Pon

    Blimp Mode

    I like that WG are trying new things, though I'm still miffed that they are unable to get asymmetrical battle mode to work. Convoy modes have been in the pipeline for years. Finally, we get to try. So I did. 1. Should not be TX. Seems inherently wrong to be using expensive hardware for just a goofy battle mode. 2. And it is goofy. Basically the Transylvania operation but mirrored for PvP. Two blimps which go on parallel tracks towards a common point for no purpose, blimps which speed up when there are more friendly ships underneath it. For all the illogical and unrealistic things about this game (Shimakaze torp reloads on down) there are certain lines that, when crossed, take me out of the immersion. "Oh, my blimp has stopped dead in the air because my DD has moved out from the escort circle" crosses that line for some reason. 3. The mode requires more coordination than you normally expect from a random team. There are specific choke points that you need to secure, and if half your team has no idea what to do the outcome is pretty much a toss up. Maybe things will clean up as more people get more experience, but first day in that was my impression. 4. Because you are forced to go to certain areas of the map at certain times, radar and planes are overpowered commodities in this more. That needs to be addressed.
  3. Rina_Pon

    Dildo or Canarias ?

    I already have Exeter and London, as well as Repulse and Warspite, so I'm not exactly short of low tier RN fremiums. Still though, I'd probably get Dido just because I have the high point commanders already that I can plop on the ship for a cheap thrill. And I kinda like Rahmat.
  4. Rina_Pon

    Who did suggest these nonsense ideas?

    Does anyone pay any attention to service/ammunition costs with respect to gameplay choices? I'm just curious, because I never, ever have. Seems crazy to consider not shooting because it costs too much. But maybe for Worcestor / Harugumo lines it's a thing?
  5. Rina_Pon

    Light House Auction Summary

    Winning bid for 100k coal seems to be pretty consistent at around 110-115 million. Roughly: 100 million credits, 100k coal, 10,000 steel, 7,000 doubloons (~= $35 US) Hard to work out how much a 14 point captain is worth. 10 pt are 1500 doubloons in the armory, double that for 14 points and 50 million credits seems about right. Honestly I think the auction system is a pretty OK way of bleeding credits off rich players who have little use for them.
  6. Rina_Pon

    Pan Asian Tokens

    You are better off spending the leftovers it on flags, in other words, or anything else you can find in the armory. Normally you wont have many leftover as the mission drops work to the T7 camo more-or-less.
  7. Rina_Pon

    That Feeling in Lighthouse When.....

    Don't worry, you aren't even close. Based on the last time you'll need to bid over 100 million credits to win 100k coal.
  8. Rina_Pon

    Azz Battles Gen II

    They have to stop adding bots, just let the MM queue balance itself out. If people have to wait forever at low tier but get in right away at high tier, people will play high tier. If I play high tier and I'm in a match with myself and 6 bots, I'm never going to bother playing high tier again.
  9. Rina_Pon

    Azz Battles Gen II

    See? 😄 [waves from Kiev]
  10. Rina_Pon

    Azz Battles Gen II

    WG has tweaked the MM to an "all or nothing" scheme where you'll either see a full team of high tier players, or it's full on coop mode. Sometimes I've seen one player on the high tier team, but never more than one unless it was a full team. Point is, very few players are choosing the high tier teams, and, like last time it's self-reinforcing: no one plays high tiers so no one wants to play high tiers so no one plays high tiers... Which is too bad because in full on PvP mode, asymmetric format is really good. All kinds of challenging matchups, swarms of low tier DDs, crazy fun.
  11. Rina_Pon

    Pan-Asian cruisers : what's the TL:DR?

    This seems to sum up the experience nicely. It also made me think: if the new German DDs are cruiser-like DDs, then the PA cruisers are DD-like cruisers. Though the approach is from opposite directions, they end up sharing a similar role, with similar weaknesses: both are reliant on having a real DD as a teammate to screen and spot for them. The PA cruisers get more DPM, but being made of 100% citadel they also take on much more risk. I think the secret to making them work is to lean into the concealment and extremely fast torpedo reloads and play the ships like big torpedo destroyers until late game when smoke-gunboating becomes more attractive. Edit supplemental: Rahmat (Dido) I'm liking. it starts to get comfortable once you get a 10 pt captain on there and the concealment comes down a bit. (Coal Captain Da Wong Wei to the rescue!) the AA is stonk (against T6 CV) the torps reload quickly smoke has short cooldown Getting the ship to work comes down to leveraging devstrike opportunities out of the combination of very fast torpedo reload and smoke. Don't underplay the AA support role though, it really makes a difference in double CV games.
  12. Rina_Pon

    Pan-Asian cruisers : what's the TL:DR?

    At heart it's an entire tech tree of radarless Flints. As an alternative to playing the UK CL line I guess it's fine, but don't see any reason to invest in both.
  13. Chungking (T5) is a Leander clone, with 152 mm rifles is has the heaviest weapons of the line. Rahmat (T6) is a Dido class cruiser, so a welcome addition to the game. It resembles Atlanta with 10 light caliber, dual purpose guns. Chumphon (T7) is an Atlanta, closer to Flint in outfit, but no radar. Harbin (T8) is a russian CL of some kind, 130 mm guns and no radar. Sejong (T9), Jinan (T10) are both US CL variants with 127 mm main battery (i.e. Atlanta / DD artillery). So if I understand this, for the line traits in general we are talking deepwater torps with long range and fast reloads, moderate duration smoke, good AA, smoke, very light caliber weapons, and no radar or hydro? My hot take (and I have up to Rahmat now) is ... fine, I guess? I'm not super-stoked to play them, or against them. Nothing bad, but I struggle to find the motivation to invest in the time/energy/resources to pursue the line.
  14. Rina_Pon

    Sick of these OP ships ruining Coop

    Co-op is about how fast you can go, and how much damage you can do in a very short period of time, vs. how fast your teammates go, and how much damage they do. No risk involved, and very little skill either. How well you do just comes down to whether the other ships were able to pump out more damage before you could. Unlike PvP, there is no penalty for rushing in first, in fact its the only way to win. (And by "win" I mean come first on the leaderboard... actually winning the match is of course a forgone conclusion.) A lot of cruisers work quite well, assuming there's no Marceau around. Atago is great, simply because it has the tools to take out all ship types quickly at short range: torps for BBs and angled cruisers, HE+hydro for DDs, and 203mm AP for broadside cruisers. The UK CL line dominate for similar reasons, but DesMoines is also high on the list of good ships for the mode. It's all comes down to DPM.
  15. The problem isn't the ships it's just that despite being the most powerful peices on the board no one has more than a few games of experience playing them or against them. They make for very unreliable teammates.