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  1. Rina_Pon

    The Yamato Family

    So I'm pretty much OK with this. First it'll be profitable for WG since there are tons of people who will get it for the simple fact of wanting to have the biggest guns in the game. Second it's only 6 guns, so it should not be a horrendous job to balance properly with just range/sigma/dispersion parameters. Third it's a direct counter to bow-tanking Russian ships. So in terms of utility, it's moving the meta in the right direction. Fourth, the shells will probably overpen just about every other cruiser in the game, even if they do land. So less of a threat to smaller ships than Yamato, again moving the meta in the right direction. Just my 2c.
  2. That's certainly true. At mid tier, I remember there was (T6) Cleveland and Atlanta and everyone else trying not to move too far from their (enormous) AA bubble. Similar story with DesMoines. It's much fairer now. German BBs have pretty good AA, some IJN CA like Myoko and Ibuki are surprisingly strong, too. Then theres the likes of Freisland.
  3. Rina_Pon

    Nurnberg isn't as good as I thought?

    The KM cruiser line switches dramatically after Nurnberg, from light cruiser to heavy. Nurnberg is all about HE: long range, high arcs, and high rate of fire. Your job is to burn down BBs from out of sight, or at least so far away you can dodge incoming shells. I found her an enjoyable ship, though perhaps rather limited in scope. I'm not sure I've ever fired the torpedoes in anger. If you do happen to end up in late game shenanigans, or low tier shoot-em-ups, the AP does not dissapoint at close range. From Yorck on, you are in a mini-battleship. You play a similar role as the Myoko or Atago, but tend to sit out in the open more often and rely much less on your torps. Your armor permits you to hold an open water position while firing that Myoko for example could not, letting you employ your main strength - fast, flat shell ballistics - to maximum effect, killing off DDs and cruisers from long range as opportunity arises. I prefer Aoba over Nurnberg, and Myoko over Yorck, but all four are good. I just find the IJN ships have a more flexible playstyle.
  4. Rina_Pon

    A Random Thread with No Context

    This is the money quote. You can talk about combat efficiency all you want, the fact of the matter is that at T6-7 there are many, many more battleships I'd rather spend time in. A short list: Warspite, Nagato, Gneisenau, Sharnhorst ... and yeah, I'd even take Colorado over DoY. Maybe even Bayern/N. Mex given favorable MM. Haven't played Vanguard.
  5. What is it about AA that people don't like now? flamu has mentionned in a couple of vids recently that DFAA isn't worth taking anymore ... but that's probably a "working as intended" nerf on WGs part, DFAA has to be weak enough to make hydro a viable option. Back during the reework basically hydro on IJN cruisers was nonfunctional since without DFAA you were dead. In my view the DFAA part of the equation on AA-centric ships works as well as you might reasonably expect now. My problem with the current system is that when you use use the sector AA boost (pressing O) together with DFAA the AA goes into restricted efficiency cooldown well before the DFAA runs out, essentially making DFAA only useful for the 10 seconds the boost is active. Combined with the reality that most plane attacks outlast the 10 seconds of active boost, pressing O is an unknowable gamble of "will a boost + restricted cooldown be worth it over a longer term continuous enhanced AA bubble" I expect sector AA (which has already gone though a few iterations) will get further tweaks in upcoming patches.
  6. Rina_Pon

    DD is the hardest ship to play in current meta

    It's that way because in CB you can choose your team. If randoms, the system as it is now - individual contributions multiplied by a team bonus for winning - is far more sensible really. What we are really talking about is the relative contribution of spotting/tanking/actual damage/kills/caps/defence to the XP awarded and whether the DD is fairly rewarded given the contribution split currently implemented. Personally I think it's pretty fair overall, at least in game modes where caps are in the middle of the map. In capture the flag modes (regular battles) a DD is forced to make more direct contribution to the damage done since there are no cap points usually. Which is not unfair either, really, but definitely makes it harder to do consistently well.
  7. Rina_Pon

    DD is the hardest ship to play in current meta

    Playing DD is hard because it's hard to say "no". There's always that pressure to take the cap early, or get some juicy torp dev strikes in the opening stages. Almost always though, getting killed for it is not worthwhile trade. For other ships it can be, at least from a team perspective, but having your DD alive late game is almost always of more value than some early points/damage lead gained from a suicidal yolo play. So yeah, a good DD avoids temptation. You play the long game, feint and counterfeint, and the small contributions build up over time.
  8. Rina_Pon

    Tell bye-bye to your Henri

    "Tell bye-bye to your Henri" Why? It's not going anywhere soon. yukyukyukyuk
  9. Rina_Pon

    DD is the hardest ship to play in current meta

    WG, get on this. A simple QoL improvement with no downside.
  10. Rina_Pon

    DD is the hardest ship to play in current meta

    DD drivers are an elite club of hardcases. It's a tough, dirty job no one else wants. It's a perverse satisfaction: saving your team day after day, night after night ... not because they deserve it, but because you can.
  11. Rina_Pon

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    Unless they tighten up the difficulty settings, I'll likely end up with at least one early access RN CA, and maybe a couple of premium camos just from regular playtime. So that's something to look forward to. And I'm quite stoked about the Euro DD line too.
  12. Rina_Pon

    Gearing sucks now?

    A pretty typical Gearing game is 2-3 torp hits, 60k dmg, 80k spotting, 2 caps, 1 maybe 2 kills. The damage tally builds up bit by bit, there is very little drama or excitement since the aim is very much to stay out of harms way. This, beleive it or not, will likely place you in the top 3 on your team. I struggle to do better than this, but at the same time barring a really awful early mistake, achieving that much just requires basic situational awareness and an abundence of caution.
  13. Rina_Pon

    Gearing sucks now?

    Not entirely true, capping is well-rewarded. Winning is well-rewarded. The other things not so much, but then average damage in Gearing is about 50k. If you aren't pulling in at least that then a strategy re-think may be necessary.
  14. Rina_Pon

    Gearing sucks now?

    I had a nice, but frustrating Gearing game yesterday. Nice because it demonstrated the cooperative strength of DD-CA-CV teamplay. Frustrating because we still lost due to BB incompetence. 😕 In the first move, the enemy Harugumo smoked up at one end of the B cap, which I contest by moving into the opposite end. That's a stalemate since if I get spotted he will nuke me. However our CA pushes up and radars him, I immediately smoke up and shoot him with impunity. The combined fire soon takes him out. In the second, late game move, the red team Daring was in a position to re-take the B cap. CV spots his approach. I move to counter, but I know he'll win if we get into a gun battle. So I take a little detour to lay smoke for my Smolensk (his had just ran out) and then rush the Daring head on. He went from happy to take the fight, to horrified as the wall of Smolensk HE hit, to dead, all in the space of about 30 seconds. Despite several torp hits over the course of the match, I never got any dev strikes on the enemy BBs, which I suppose might have contributed to our loss. Still scored second on the team however.