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  1. Rina_Pon

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    And planes. Don't forget planes. And BBs camping out of reach in spawn. And, most recently, 3-4 DDs per side in high tier being fairly typical. Way too much chance of running into unpleasantness.
  2. Thanks. I had often wondered about the fine details. I didn't realize that the excess ship XP goes back to the T1 ship, but does that mean anything? I mean the XP to get to T2 is trivial so what is the use of it except for being able to exchange it for FXP ata later debate for a gazzilion doubloons? (Which no one sane would ever contemplate.) As I understand it, resetting the line means you have to grind back, and buy back, all the ship modules and ships, but you keep your camo, upgrades, and captains with no penalties. So you are looking at a spending 50 million+ credits (I believe the sell back price is about half the buy price?) and grinding about 700,000+ xp, plus the cost of the signals and consumable camos you'll probably be using to speed up that grind. And in return you can buy the unique upgrade (if you didn't get them already before the rule change) or, if you reset 2-3 times, a RB ship. I am about right here?
  3. Rina_Pon

    Grand Battle is great with a few buts

    My experience also. Plus Hannover has hydro.
  4. Rina_Pon

    IJN Ise vs Tone

    @Skarhabek Ise as a carrier with guns I can see. Tone as a Myoko/Atago/Mogami with remote air-dropped torpedo, the issue I see there is that piloting IJN cruisers is a bit more of a full time job. Parking your cruiser to enjoy some airtime isn't just dangerous, it's also removing your effectiveness vs. an Atago which is in full on cruiser mode full time. Let alone the "rub your tummy while patting your head" problem of trying to pay attention to two things at once...
  5. Rina_Pon

    The Wait is Over

    Austin seems to be a variant of "The Colbert Problem". Awesome in theory, kinda silly in practice. I regularly see Shikishima carry games. If it was me I would get Bourgogne though.
  6. Rina_Pon

    My 1st Grand Battle with HANNOVER Super BB

    I'm not too impressed with the game mode overall though. Random T8-10 battle, but with 3 TXI BBs per side. Because WG gave out free 21 point captains, every superBB is going to be running vigilence and radio location. Add in the fact that Hannover has hydro, and Hannover is about 4 times more popular than Satsuma for some reason, torp-based DDs are surprisingly weak (Asashio possibly excepted). Any heavy cruiser is more-or-less overmatch waiting to happen. Don't even think of showing up in a regular T8 or T9 BB. Smoke and DPM are the meta. Kitakaze rules, Freisland, pretty much any ship with high DPM and smoke (Smolensk) or at least high DPM (Worc) are going to have a great time. For everyone else, they'd have more fun in regular Randoms.
  7. Rina_Pon


    T-61 : just buy it.. just a great little bote Z-39 : deeply underrated, great for ranked, but not a must buy unless you held special feelings for the old 150 mm Z-23 Lenin : It's not my cup of tea, at T7 prefer Gneisenau or Nagato or even Sharnhorst, not a must buy though undeniably strong Asashio : tricky one. No. Not a must buy, unless you find satisfaction in scoring 150k+ dmg games with no effort. Other T8 DDs (LeFantasque, Oland, Lightning, Cossack) are more interesting to play. ...No comment on the CV...
  8. Players were abusing the flags-from-achievements, since these awards could be easily obtained in certain game modes compared to high tier randoms, where it is relatively hard. The bigger reason is WG wants to reduce the float of free signals and camos in order to cool off the economy: Give out less, make you run out, make you buy signals for credits, make you run out of credits. Same thing for camos. Personally I've stopped running signals. I still have plenty stashed of course, but I just don't feel the need anymore.
  9. I guess it was inevitable. Sounds like a difficult line to play though, as close proximity of the CV to the target ship is encouraged. Even with good concealment that's unlikely to end well for the CV.
  10. Rina_Pon

    ST. 0.10.6, NEW SHIPS (American Hybrids)

    Rochester looks like the Baltimore upgrade we really wanted when we got Buffalo. If she's coal I'm in.
  11. T9 premium DD ZF-6, two permacamo, 10 point commander T7 Z-31 + iron cross permacamo + 6 point commander iron cross permacamo for the T8 DD Maerker Three 10 point commanders (battle of the beasts) [[ somewhere along the line I got the HSF Yamato permacamo]] Kii and 10 pt captain from the super container at the end of the daily drops + a very large stash of signal flags, some doubloons, FXP, 200 kECXP, coal, etc... I did pay for the privilege though, having bought the dockyard booster pack as well as one stage of the event, about 10,000 dubs all told. Even with that assist, it was a long grind that I would not want to repeat. Still, all in all a pretty good tally from the event, considering the two permacamos alone are worth 5000 dubs, the commanders 1500 dubs each, and ZF-6 about 15,000. (and the Yamato camo 5000, though not directly related to the event per se.) It will be nice to sit back and not have any in-game goals for a while. No interest in ISE, or in airstrike-capable Dutch cruisers. So until the Italian DD line shows up I sit back and chill.
  12. Rina_Pon

    Ise is badly need buff!

    ISE is trouble if you are a big, flat BB poor rudder shift. A BB with poor AA that doesn't sail with the fleet. As a DD, the extra planespotting can be a bit of a pain but the torps are harmless. I haven't been hit by one yet. That said, I haven't been in a match with more than 1 ISE per team. Triple ISE div would be something else. The main problem is teams doesn't focus an spotted ISE like they would a regular CV. It's not given an appropriate threat priority.
  13. Rina_Pon

    ARP Yamato

    WG correctly assumes the system is self-balancing. First, because people like to win, so they naturally stop playing ships they do very badly in. Second, because for every instance you lose because of a noob player on your team, there's a time you win because the noob is on the other team. There is no net liability to anyone else's win rate. Anyway, ARP Yamato issues have been minimal to be honest. Most people who bought it were already experienced Yamato players.
  14. Rina_Pon

    Battle of the Beasts progress...

    I need 1 more container to get the last duplicate to get the Maerker camo. Fortunately there's a German Destroyers mission you can get which gives one container. So even if I get no more from the Beasts event, I'm assured to complete the collection. The weirdest thing about the event is the feeling that I'm spectating it, getting rewards as status bars tick upwards automatically - without me actually ever having to complete any of the timed missions. I mean I do get a few of the 8k BXP done, but that seems to have no bearing on whether I get 10 or 20 tokens delivered the next time I log into the game. The whole things seems to be running on autopilot.
  15. Rina_Pon


    Fubuki is sus.