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  1. I was giving this a little thought and came to the opposite conclusion. First though: you can start fires on ships that are already burning, just not on parts of the ship that are already burning. A BB can have, what, four fires going simultaneously right? Anyway please hear me out on this: Each HE shell that hits has a percentage to start a fire, so the number of fires started is proportional to the number of HE shells fired. More enemy RN BB, more HE shells incoming, more fires. The total amount of fire damage, however, does not increase linearly with the HE shell hits. It's nonlinear, suddenly going from small to large. If fires happen infrequently, the damage control will always be off cooldown to take take of it, but once the fires are started more quickly than the damage control reloads suddenly the total damage inflicted goes way up as you face 40 s or 50 s burn times. And there is basically nothing a player can do about this. So facing one RN BB, you can probably manage the damage control effectively and not lose to much hp. Face two BB or more, or a BB and HE spamming cruiser though, and the fires will be burning almost continuously. By my rough estimate we've gone from 2-3 firestarting ships per team before, to 4-5 firestarters since the RN BB introduction (and the BBs have very high percentage change to start fires!), and the fire damage I typically take has probably quadrupled as a result. I wonder if Wargaming simulated this out in beta testing?
  2. My 2 cents on this is that the ships themselves aren't overpowered, it's just that the net effect of adding the RN BB fleet is to vastly increase the number of HE shells being lobbed around in each game. There is something ignoble about death by fire damage. Torps or AP shells or ramming, I'll take it. Being slowly burnt down time after time is frustrating. And when survival comes down to equipping damage control premiums and cool-down management (should I use after 2 fires or 3?) the game itself if not so fun. I think once the RN line starts to thin out and we stop seeing 4+ British BBs per team in each game, things will settle back to be more enjoyable again. The experience has anyway taught me the value of HE in BB, I'll use it more with the USN line now I think.
  3. I'm not sure the number of shells or dispersion is the full explanation. Colorado's gun's feel swivel-eyed, but having played a few games now I'm beginning to realize the main reason for this is I'm typically firing initial salvos at a much greater range than I ever was with N.Mex. 18-20 km vs. 16-18 km. I have the plotting room module installed (for now) which I never had in N.Mex. So, yes, at 20 km I'm bracketing the target but often landing 0-1 shells. Close that up to under 14 km though, and Colorado feels like a totally different - and much more dangerous - animal.
  4. That's 12+/-2 km regardless of ship, so the rule can be generalized to: if he's more than 12 km out and busy with the rudder it's probably not worth the ammo. Except that ammo is free and unlimited, and a small chance of a hit is better than no chance of a hit... I think a better rule is "Take the [content removed] shot!" Profanity. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking
  5. Being on the receiving end of a lucky Colorado shell is no joke I agree, but from the gunner's perspective IJN are more likely to put a shell on target at range than Colo.
  6. High BB count at the moment because of British tech tree additions. But to quote Starship Troopers "that just means more BBs for us to kill!" If you are in a CA and are getting shot at by BB's, your boat is in the wrong place. The idea with cruiser play is to advance only when you can, and hang back behind your team's BBs and give support fire if the enemy BB presses the attack. BB's are dangerous to cruisers, they are not to be engaged without a BB of your own side. I like it that torps are hard to land. They should be hard to land. It's not click and shoot, you need careful planning and a lot of luck. And, what most people don't seem to understand, DD's are not just for guns and torps and smoke. Your main role is to help your team: keep the enemy cruisers lit up in the minimap, screen enermy DDs away from your BBs, and keep the enemy pinned down by staying alive and just driving around unseen but they know you are out there somewhere. You'd be amazed at how skittish BB drivers get when they even imagine you might be closing in on them.
  7. I'm looking forward to Colorado, 20k xp left to go on N.Mex. Now, I know already before playing her that this ship needs to stay in cover while getting in close, you can't go up against same or higher tier IJN BB in open ocean and expect to come out the better for it. This is a brawling boat. And its very slow. So the trick is getting into position without calling attention to yourself first