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  1. I meant to give my impressions of the ships in and of themselves and/or relative to other T3-4 ships. How much fun factor if you will. Not intended as "these suck please buff". Tenryu is a fun T3 ship, a few of the DDs too. The Kawachi, imho, is not.
  2. Kawachi: 12 battles played, 7 wins 5 losses, 893 WTR This is a terrible ship. No speed, no range, no accuracy, no AA, burns like a fuel depot and cannot dodge torps. Cruelly, leveraging it's only strength - the tankyness - is only possible if you can convince your teammates to delay their advance while you catch up. In free-for-all low tier games this never happens, so after spending 5 minutes steaming at 18 knots to where you hope the battle will be your team has either won by then, leaving nothing to to, or they've been obliterated and you are quickly overwhelmed by 3-4 enemy ships and sunk. Gimmick feature of side-mounted main battery turrets good for when you get surrounded though. Myogi: 37 battles played, 18 wins 19 losses, 1212 WTR Battlecruiser, plays like a micro-Scharnhorst but without the close combat capability. Same "dash to outflank, run back if pushed" gameplay, but with more emphasis on long range artillery. It wasn't difficult to play, I farmed plenty of damage and had a high survival rate but found it a bit boring. 6 guns and 30s reload leave you very vulnerable to enemy DDs, you only get reasonable AA on the C hull, and not being able to take on enemy T4 BBs one-on-one means few opportunities to brawl. Wyoming remains my T4 BB of choice. Both ships sold, and now on to Kongo!
  3. It explains why things have been so weird lately that's all. MM is random. If you think about it, if my level is constant but I get put on a weak team, I'm going to be near the top of the scoreboard but still lose. When I get put on a strong team, other players are going to do better than I am, and we are likely to win though I am unlikely to do especially well. So the complaint "why does my team always lose when I am the top scorer" does have some real basis in matchmaking statistics provided you as an individual play consistently. Matchmaking works by first collecting 2 teams worth of ships, grouped in pairs closely matched boat-for-boat, in class and type. Then it decides which of those two ships in the pair it puts on team A and which it puts on team B. Since MM has access to the player history, it knows which of those two ships is captained by the stronger player. In principle it would divide that "skill pool" equally between the two teams, but I don't believe it does. In order to make it "fun and engaging" I think it makes some games unbalanced deliberately. On average this of course balances out: for each easy game you get a hard one. At an individual level though, it could in principle be tweaked so some players get an easier time of it that others. To be clear I don't think WG does this, but it certainly could do this. See some of the recent shenanigans over at EA as a example of the unpleasant possibilities.
  4. I had not appreciated that random battles were being influenced by DoY grinding. That explains a lot. For a while now I'm seeing good, skilled players behaving strangely in matches. They do well, score highly, but aren't playing in the way that I anticipate and that has really thrown my game off.
  5. I am not the world's best BB driver, especially at higher tiers, but I've still managed to be in the top 3 on my team in three of my 7 Scharnhorst games, with 50-70k dmg done in those and not pulled a single win. What more does it take?
  6. On the plus side you don't have to worry about the detection circle increasing when you fire. :-/
  7. I pity CV players

    A CV that does their best does their best. You may not get the support you think you deserved, they may make mistakes that you think they shouldn't have, but my advice is to hold abusing CV in chat. It's not their fault that making small mistakes (or simply being less skilled than the enemy CV) has such a great influence on the game outcome. Me, I've just resigned that at low tier there are going to be games where facepalming is the order of the day. I've had more than a few recently: You advance up, see two enemy torp squadrons and escort slowly work their way up the map towards you and think, "ok, CV has spotted spotted those, but I'll just ping them on the minimap anyway..." half a minute later nothing, so you hit F6 and prepare evasive ,,,, another half minute later you are caught in a perfectly executed 4x2 V-drop and sunk. This happened to me in the opening frames of the game, practically right in front of our CV, no green planes in sight. Makes one wonder...
  8. The only ships I have legitimately hated playing are tier III BBs. I dare anyone to enjoy themselves in a Kawachi.
  9. WoWS Discount History

    You and 90% of the player base, explaining why the WoWS virtual economy is set up the way it is. All WG is really interested in is $$/transaction however, which explains why the "discount" is usually a bundle with sweeteners like doubloons or a 10 point captain. You pay more for the premium ship, but still feel you got a deal. That said I'm seeing 30% discounts on ships like Scharnhorst currently, Dunkerque also... no bundle. So... yay? [Looks pointedly at shiny new Scharny in port...]
  10. Actually what bothers me is the that the better I score on the team, the less likely my team is to win.
  11. I My team is losing a lot in Random. My Furutaka WR is stuck at 48% since two months ago, even though my WTR has gone through the roof, at about 1100 recently. Shout out to our Kamakaze R who did a great job capping, and everyone on our side down to and including our Wyoming who did his best, all the top 7 played competently at least. Unfortunately our CVs were hopeless, made worse because we had so many potatoes on out side. This one hurts because we had all three caps mid game and looked certain to scrape the win. But seriously - matchmaking hey? With 2 ace Langleys and 2 terrible ones assigned randomly, the chances of getting two bad ones on your team is just 25%. ... so why is it always my team!?
  12. Maybe we need to rehabilitate "elite" as a positive term. The longer you play, the better you tend to get, and wargaming's tier system tends to group players of similar skill level together. If you come in to a higher tier pool, you should be respectful. If you go into a lower tier pool, gracious.
  13. I got both today as well. 3 day rental. I suppose I'll take Scharnhorst out for a spin this evening. Not too keen about buying a bunch of modules for her ... I'm not sure if I'll lose credits on the mount/demount and unwilling to find out. I have no idea what the criteria are for getting the ships, or what the deal is as far as WG is concerned. (I'm filing it under mild diversion/amusement.)
  14. Detonations happen to me about once every 100 games or so, mostly DDs but once in my Colorado. On balance, I like the randomness .. knowing it's not all pre-ordained makes it seem more realistic.
  15. Atago - my first premium

    I spent some time thinking about which ship to buy, and shortlisted Scharnhorst (so pretty!), Dunkerque (different, cheap!), and, eventually, Atago. Got Atago. A bit early on in my WoWS career since I am still about a week away from unlocking Myoko, but I rationalized it... you know, like you do. 1. I am enjoying IJN cruisers Furutaka and Aoba. 2. I figured since I had Mogami in my sights as the final boat in the line to grind out, it would make some sense to stop at Myoko and get Atago instead. The tougher economics at T8 make having a premium there more 'useful' than at lower tiers. 3. Ship has a pretty good rep. After sea trials in the Co-op kiddie pool, I headed out to my first Random. MM was kind: T6-T8. Our team won, I came middle 7/12, 35k dmg and 3500 XP and 350k credits. Wait, what? Oh wow ... premium multiplier! I feel richer already!! I find her a comfortable ship. Like a very small, very violent Furutaka. A Furutaka with double the torps, double the gunpower, 2 km more reach ... combined with a tiny profile and insane 9 km concealment. I was so used to Furutaka's 12 km that I didn't take advantage of the extra stealthiness at first, but I look forward to making the most of it in future. 9 km detection and 8x 10 km torps ... oh the possibilities!