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  1. I've been playing a fair bit or T8 recently and ... well you get used to being the only T8 in a T10 match as it happens often enough. Sure it's less fun I guess than being alpha dog, and your options for battle contribution are often limited to support roles, and very conservative play generally, but the satisfaction when you do well is higher in proportion, and as you say WG is quite generous with the XP multipler on bottom tier ships. .. And back at T5-7, being a T5 doesn't phase me in the slightest. I just dial back the aggressiveness proportionate to the anticipated threat level. So no, I wouldn't want to see the end of the T,T+1,T+2 battle bracketing.
  2. Well, what people were asking for, in essence, was for skill-based MM only where it reduced the chance of them losing. i.e. they were upset and grasped whatever appeared to solve their problem (more good players on my team!) without thinking it through to the logical conclusion. No one complains when the unicum CV is on their team!
  3. If that's correct and it's only coercing MM by type i.e. BB, DD then it's not that much different from what it is now where it's almost always within +/- 1 (i.e. some times one team has one more DD and one less cruiser, but I've personally never seen say 1DD vs 3DD) I agree with you in that I never felt MM was broken. I just learned to roll with the variance. Some of the outlier matches were quite funny.
  4. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/ver-07_4-patchnotes/#balance_change I have three issues with this. 1. It's not what people were asking for. What people were asking for was skill based matchmaking. The problem was not ship asymmetry, e.i. Nelson vs. Colorado, it was skill asymmetry, for example unicum Kaga player vs. noob Kaga player. 2. It's boring. Each team has the same ship roster. Like in Co-op. I want more variety in Random, not less. I'm willing to play a few matches with a handicap (disadvantaged) team lineup because statistics means I'll also get the same number where I have an advantage. 3. This is going to increase wait times considerably, especially for people who play less popular ships. Good luck Belfast. Kami R. Kii. Yubari. Texas. ... Flint? just forget it.
  5. The first rule of battleshipping : don't go alone. Got a DD up front scouting, a CA for support, and a friendly BB nearby? By all means, push up like a boss. The second rule of battleshipping : know the odds at all times. Any situation where the enemy can deal more damage to you than you can deal to them is a losing proposition. The third rule of battleshipping : a-a-a-a-angle. Survival is often simple geometry.
  6. ultimate frontier failure

    General consensus on Reddit is that WG overcompensated for Narai and made Frontier too hard. Apparently buried in 7.3 patch notes is a statement to the effect that the bot AI was "fixed" to meet the original intent of the designers.
  7. Wow @Ordrazz I don't think I've seen you upset like this before. I seem to end up on Estuary a lot and I can't say I've noticed it especially. The widely spaced islands mean one does end up sniping the enemy from near max range more often perhaps than on other maps though, which might be a contributing factor. It's certainly a map where I tend to use my ship's concealment distance to maximum effect.
  8. DD can dodge aerial torpedo?

    Guilty. React first think later.
  9. DD can dodge aerial torpedo?

    The draft of the ship at the stern is so shallow that even a regular torpedo can sometimes pass under without detonating. At least, I've seen it happen a few times.
  10. Space Battles

    I like the idea, I like the ship skins, I appreciate all the work WG put into this but so far as the play experience is concerned it's a dead loss. I can't see a thing. And not even blind in a good way: the bright neon and shiny, glossy black backgrounds actively hurt my eyeballs to look at them. I have no sense of distance, I can't see torps, I can't aim properly.... Back to the ocean for me.
  11. Shell Hits

    Oh. That explains a lot. :-/ Also, is saturation relevant here? I've seen videos that show how the total health pool is distributed over several sections of a ship... so if the bow section is already at zero putting more shells into it doesn't do more damage.

    My 2 cents on this - 1. Weapons are dangerous. Being able to damage friendly ships is realistic -- and having the trigger discipline to not damage your teammates is part of the skillset required to do well at the game. I understand the reasons behind the exception for ramming damage though I'd actually be ok if it was full... 2. The pink ship penalty system as currently implemented in game is actually pretty darned effective. It is not lenient, but it is fair. 3. Everyone goes through the same experience. Seems to happen about the 2000 game mark. That is to say, that seems to be the point where a basically non-malicious player gets good enough to become overconfident and turns pink as a result. But, it's a learning experience. It's no big deal - no permanent effect - you know why it happened (noobs will blunder into your torps) and you now know how not to do it again (do not shoot torps anywhere a noob can run into them). Lesson learned, move on. As to the original request: people don't shoot at friendly pink ships unless shot at. At least I've never seen it.
  13. The ships are strong. It's just that they are risk-averse. Flamu's distant, calculated play-style is the most effective way to play these ships ... but also the least interesting. IFHE Mogami is up. Essentially the same deal:
  14. Y'all ready for the split in 7.3?

    For some reason I thought it was the next patch, but I guess not?
  15. As of this post the IHFE Mogami vid hasn't been uploaded, but expect it shortly. Anyhoo as an IJN cruiser main I found the videos helpful. I realized I was being over-reliant on HE and that the AP can be strong against certain angled ships, battleship superstructure etc. Flamu's style has evolved a bit since he last featured these ships. He's now much more "hang back and shoot from stealth" ranged attacks, where before it was a rougher, riskier, get in close and blast them approach. The recommended captain perks are adreneline rush, last stand, expert loader and preventative maintenance... I guess you'd say I was disappointed to learn that Flamu's Myoko games don't look qualitatively much different than my Myoko games. He gets more damage than I do because he reads the enemy better, but in terms of positioning and strategy what he did on the Two Brothers map there is pretty much what I would have done. I say disappointed because I dunno, it was a pretty boring game to watch I was expecting once you reached unicum level you'd be able to pull off more heroics in the ship. Instead it was all pretty routine and businesslike, kite off and fire HE while your teammates spot for you procedure.