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  1. Tier VIII USN DD Benson. Despite being generally regarded as a very good destroyer, it seems to be almost completely defined by the fact that it is not nearly as good as the Fletcher. As a result I almost never see a Benson in randoms. And when they do they almost never do well. So there's not a lot to go on in terms of in terms of working out the best strategies. I finished up Mahan with an undistinguished record. One of my lowest WR ever actually, despite doing quite well in Farragut, Nicholas, and of course Clemson. Mahan never clicked with me the same way. I suspect it was because I was overconfident, I hated the ship at first as I expected to bully around other ships like I did in Farragut and that doesn't work well at high tiers. By the end I was doing okay, but even when I pulled in big numbers it rarely translated into a win. So for Benson, any advice on playstyle and captain skills? I assume PM/PT, LS, SE, CE for the first 10, but after that? Is BFT or AR the more viable choice for increasing DPM?
  2. Rina_Pon

    Twilight Battle is broken

    Reading the thread, it seems they were "abusing" the game mechanics. So, no. They found a loophole in what is a new and complicated game mode and exploited it through cooperation. It's all within the rules, though I guess we can argue over whether it is "unsportmanlike" or not. (I imagine it falls under the same broad class of offense as "border humping".) As a rule, I'm in favor of these more arcade-style game modes precisely because I don't have to play them (and don't). More casual players who like that kind of thing can put their time and effort there instead of the cluttering up the team rosters ranks in the more competitive modes.
  3. Rina_Pon

    Thanks, Santa

    Read a post on reddit where a guy claimed to have bought 200 Mega crates just to get a Missouri. $750 US. Just kept going until he got it. Last premium on the list to drop, apparently. I have every reason to believe he wasn't joking. Think of it as a fund-raising Xmas raffle with the proceeds going to WG. That's not too far off from the truth.
  4. Will definitely hit the big 5k milestone before the end of the year. Contrary to my expectations of it all settling down, a lot of big changes happened over the last 1000 games (about 5 months): 1. I was invited to and joined a clan. Started playing CB (Zao). We're a casual outfit, and struggle to fill division most nights, but it's fun to play as a group. 2. Started playing ranked (sprint). Stopped playing ranked (sprint). (tight gameplay + unreliable teammates = stress.) 3. Went from wanting more ships to having too many ships. Thanks to sales, events, and resources added Warspite, Cossack, deGrasse, Acasta, Aigle, Texas, Tachibana L, and Alabama to the carousel, plus Algerie, Nurnberg, Kagero, Mahan, Fuso and Gnevy from regular play. The only ship left on my want list is Benson, but having ended up with Cossack that's become less of a priority now. 4. All my favorite ships got a major buffs in patch 7.11. T5-9 IJN cruisers got a dispersion buff, the IJN DDs got a damage buff, and Myoko saw turret traverse increase. 5. Gravitated to Mogami as my "weapon of choice", with Atago, Ibuki, Myoko, Zao in regular rotation. Akatsuki is another favorite now. "Work in progress" trying to bring my Mahan and Sims games up a few notches. Also enjoying Gnevy. 6. I'm losing interest in BBs. Very occasionally take out Scharnhorst, Warspite, or Alabama. IJN grind kinda petered out at Fuso (I enjoyed Kongo much more). N.Cal is a port queen ... and that's a shame. I reached this ceiling where I could do reasonably well, but the static nature of the gameplay frustrates. There was this "event" at around 4500 games where something "clicked" again and I started seeing the whole game in a different light. The immediate consequence was a big jump in damage numbers ... and a dip in win rate and heroic awards. I guess you could group the enlightenment as a set of advanced skills called "How Not to Get Killed". Unfortunately being risk averse means giving up chances for big early gains in favor of consistent damage over the whole match. Sometimes that's a winning strategy, but sometimes it's not. The next level now is to refine the risk assessment so I don't pass up so many opportunities for bigger strikes early on... For all that though I can't shake the feeling that I'm kinda "done" with this game. My level of interest has been pretty static and the non PvP elements (ship collecting and outfitting, missions, resource management) have grown tiresome. Going forward I plan to stay as a am: play the ships I already have regularly in random battles. No more grinds, no more premiums, and no bingeing: just 2-3 games a day. I wonder sometimes if I am just one big change away from stepping away entirely: if submarines are introduced into PvP, or if the carrier re-work really messes things up, or some other change that makes the game more onerous or too obviously P2W. To be fair WG has done a pretty good job with the recent balance updates, but I sense lately that they are more and more desperate to keep revenue numbers up. So we'll see where that goes I guess. Final thought: they game looks better than ever! Was in a blizzard for the first time last week. The effects were wild. P.S. Benson ... unlocked!
  5. Rina_Pon

    Open/Close Wallet? 2018 HOHOHO

    warning: rant incoming WG gave away 20+20+20=60 lootboxes to all the major Youtube contributors on condition that they make an unboxing video highlighting the list of premium ships it was possible to obtain, and highlighting within that list the possibility of getting the rare, discontinued, OP ships. They did not discuss the probabilities of getting ships. They did not discuss the price of the lootboxes, or the total value of the items they contained. I notice a lot of critical comments on Jingles' video getting huge upvotes, to the tune of "you shouldn't be advertising gambling on a non age-restricted platform, Jingles". I also detected a trace of "contractual obligation" in the tone of Jingles' voice, which happens from time to time. Remember when all the contributors had to make a video boosting World or Warplanes 2.0? Yeah, like that. So let's run with the assumption that the videos are operating from a bullet point list sent directly from St. Petersberg. How do we feel about that? Not especially good. ***** Those 60 crates would cost a player about $160 US to buy. According to some compiled threads I've seen the chance of a ship runs about 10% on the big and mega boxes, quite a bit less on the regular ones. The odds of getting one of the "rare" premiums is unknown, but obviously really low. It's not like a complete rip-off. On average you'll get 4-5 ships, and a large stash of flags, camo, doubloons, and coal. At the end of the day, perhaps 2-3 ships you are happy to get. On the flipside, spending the cash directly would buy 350,000 doubloons, or three T8 premium ships. WG doesn't care how you spend your money in game, as long as you give them your cash. There is no reason for them to "cheat" players, and I'm certain that the technical value of the items given away is equal to or exceeds the amount spent. Is a "can't lose" lottery gambling? That's a technicality I'm not interested in settling. And honestly I don't care how you spend your money in game either. My complaint here is the misleading and manipulative way these lootboxes are being marketed. Contracting the contributors to make unboxing videos with specific instructions to obscure the price, drop rates, item value, and overall value-for-money. Contributor videos are not usually advertisements, so it's hard for a lot of people to tell when a video is inserted that is 100% advertisement. It's the "unmarked" nature of the add, and the fact that it is on an all-ages platform, which disturbs me.
  6. Rina_Pon

    IJN Cruisers

    I thought it was a pretty significant buff, effectively increasing your practical engagement range and providing a significant survivability buffer in consequence. Myoko also gets the turret traverse buff, a pretty big deal in itself IMO. The very first shots I fired in Furutaka after 7.11 dropped I had to do a double take ... such completely different dispersion than I was used to, outside Zao. I conclude from the above that how much you "feel" it very depends closely on how deeply you are dialed into the IJN cruise line.
  7. Rina_Pon

    IJN Cruisers

    dpm is far from the be-all and end-all. That damage is multiplied by the hit:miss ratio, and distributed over the ratio of cits:pens:bounces:overpens. Omaha has a high skill ceiling - I won't deny that - but if it can hit me and I can hit it, at medium out to my max range my guns hit more often and for more damage.
  8. Rina_Pon

    IJN Cruisers

    @icy_phoenix If I'm in a Furutaka and in open water and can get within 12 km of any of those cruisers on a 1:1 basis they are food.
  9. Rina_Pon

    IJN Cruisers

    Furutaka - Invincible. No really. A CV is the only thing that can drop me. Aoba - Streetfighter. Myoko - Rock solid. I've peaked at 167k dmg in this bote. And that was before the turret traverse / dispersion buff. Mogami - Screw the 155s and the slow turret traverse and useless penetration. The 203s with the buffed dispersion are the way to go. It's all the tools you need and then some. Atago - I prefer Mogami for the better armor and faster rudder, but Atago has the heal and those sweet torp angles. Ibuki - Mogami with a heal, credible AA, twice the secondary DPM, and hot rod torps. And the best part is you aren't a Zao so people don't appreciate the threat until they're already dead. Zao - All fear you.
  10. This probably reads like joke advice to a lot of people, but it's 100% true: Let other guys rob the bank, your job is to hold off the police.
  11. Rina_Pon

    Is it worth to spend $3.5 for cossack?

    The "gotcha" is your Cossack comes with a zero point captain. So unless you've been heavily playing your RN DDs or have a high point RN captain you are willing to re-spec you are in a bit of a bind. Or at least I am, since I play PvP and shipping out in a T8 DD without CE is close to suicidal. DD captain specs to 10 points are pretty near universal: PT/PM, AR, SI, CE. Although the guns get the benefit of BFT AFT, IHFE might be the better bet, along with SE. AR is also pretty terrifying. My Cossack is in port while I move through Icarus. Get my 10 points and some more experience on RN DDs first.
  12. Rina_Pon

    203 Mogami

    PT EM DE CE, then EL PM for 12 points. AR and direction center gets you to 15 points. MBM1, SGM1, ASM1, SGM2, SGM3. Of course CSM1 works also. The choice is defined by your playstyle and preferred engagement distances. It is my considered opinion that Mogami favors rudder shift, while Atago and to a lesser extent Ibuki are slightly better off with concealment. 203 Mogami is my favorite ship at the moment. Not an easy ship given T10 MM is still the norm, but a very responsive and versatile cruiser nonetheless.
  13. Rina_Pon

    7 stalingrads can be beaten

  14. As the article explains, few people are still gaming on PCs with 32 bit OS or pre DirectX10.1. Cutting support for ancient hardware should in principle improve the game visuals and the overall stability. It moves the least common denominator a little bit forward. What graphics card do you have that crashes running DirectX 11? I wouldn't trust Intel integrated graphics to deliver, even if they technically say Direct 11 is supported. Most AMD/nVidia cards should be fine however. Graphic card prices have fallen a lot recently since mining has fallen out of fashion. You can pick up a used one real cheap.
  15. Rina_Pon

    Can someone help me?

    If you are stuck at 43% that's not a connection speed issue. 'sides this isn't the main update package but a smaller "helper" file of some sort. It shows just 156 MB to go, so the whole block isn't more than 350 MB. My guess is the installer hung and you'll need to go in there and reset the update process. If that's not obvious how to go about it, then the simplest thing is probably just wipe-and-reinstall.