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  1. Rina_Pon

    Yugumo is op and necessary ?

    Look more closely, or at least think more carefully. The difference between 10km torps and 12km torps, in high tier games filled with radar, is huge. Yugumo torps also reload faster, and your guns are, unlike Kagero, a real threat to any DD you can catch out. Yugumo is my favorite IJN DD. Similar to Mogami -> Ibuki, the T8 to T9 progression seems superficial, but the ship becomes a lot better as a result of the small improvements.
  2. Rina_Pon

    Fix Gearing

    Yeah, DD-710 is Gearing herself. Another photo from the Wiki page, you can see the ratio of hull of superstructure is completely different from the game model. Especially around the stern. The ship in the photo has no propeller guards, game model has guards about where the actual ship has the waterline, then half as much again of freeboard...
  3. Rina_Pon

    Fix Gearing

    This has been brought up many times before, but really - the TX USN DD should look like the above. Not the tubby rubber duck of a boat we see in the game. So disappointing. In game model is too big, and sits far too high in the water.
  4. Rina_Pon

    French Destroyer Gameplay

    I also find the flatpack botes easier to work with than Les Baquettes. I'm having quite a bit of fun in Fantasque these days though. Maybe not always the most effective ship, but always a fun ride. The guns are surprisingly meh. I mean I know they are technically not, but it never feels like you have a lot of firepower on tap. Torps feel average, Mayhan-ish if you will. And of course concealment is average to bad. So you only have speed, and you have to make speed work for you. A couple of situations I've found Fantasque does well: 1. Chasing down enemy DDs like Kagero. If they overextend then try to run, you can easily keep them spotted as your team and you pile on the hurt. 2. Yolo-ing enemy BBs. Find a lone target pointing in your direction, you can get to point blank range so fast they can barely react. 3. Generally being an annoyance. You are almost impossible to hit, especially BBs and CVs will waste a lot of time for little effect if you bait them properly. As @Bot_test_66wp said, this is a not a support DD like the USN line, you want to play well away from your team. Not in front or to the back, ideally, but to the side.
  5. Rina_Pon


    The game survives Thunderer. And Kremlin. And Conqueror. And Shikishima (those boom sound effects tho!). Not to mention all the Russian railgun equipped cruisers. It'll survive Slava. The worst off is once again the IJN cruisers. Fast, accurate long range BB guns make open water kiting very unpleasant, and it's already bad enough with the existing Russian battleships.
  6. Rina_Pon

    Update 0.9.7

    Explain. What have they done to my Zao?
  7. Rina_Pon

    What the hell is this collab?

    Saw this exact same comment on Reddit this morning. Lol. Also from Reddit: "Proof the game has entered the Barbie dress up phase."
  8. Rina_Pon

    Getting there

    Judging by the number of Odin seen in battles, many, many others fell for it too. Well played, WG. Though it's only a bad purchase if it's a ship you won't end up playing much and you buy it simply for FOMO. Otherwise it's a legit premium T8 BB for 60% off the usual price. I certainly never regretted getting Cossack at the end of the British destroyer event, which cost me roughly the same. OTOH I wonder how many people can say the same thing about their Puerto Rico.
  9. Rina_Pon

    A rework of the Penalize system.

    This had come up many times before. The system as currently implemented is effective without having any real impact. There is no need to change it. Going pink tells the other players that that person might be untrustworthy. Insofar as someone with an unreliable connection is untrustworthy, the warning system works even in such cases.
  10. Rina_Pon

    Who's playing what in ranked?

    Ranked ends at Rank 10. Get your ** flag and get out. It really is the best plan.
  11. Rina_Pon

    Discussion Time! Dunning-Kruger Effect

    Sustainability is a 53% global winrate. Just lettin' ya all know. That's all there is waiting for you on the other side.
  12. Rina_Pon

    Anchorage is the next after odin

    That's where I am, too. Odin, I think I can skip. Though I do appreciate that it's probably a pretty fun ship, I don't have time to play BBs. Incidentally I got all three KM CVs. So I got toys already. I didn't play for the missions, it just happened. Regardless I'm looking forward to stepping away from it all for a while over summer holidays.
  13. I've revisited my high tier USN DDs, after not really playing any of them in quite a while (except Benson in Ranked). Took a couple of days to get back into the groove. Here are some thoughts. The take home : "No Solo" Go into a game thinking these ships are powerful gunboats, able to able to fight anyone and anything, and you will die quickly and accomplish nothing. With all three ships you have to play very careful, and very quiet. Staying full health into the second half of a match is critical to your ability to take trades in the late match gunfights. You are by nature well-equipped to win these, but if your opponent if full health and you are at half, you will lose. Until then, you are really just a torp boat, operating similar to the IJN ships, but not the same. Unlike IJN line, you are not a solo hunter, going that route is doable, but its letting your strengths go to waste and letting down your team. You support your team. You have AA, which, while not hero level, is still good enough to shield friendly ships and deter attacks. You have US smoke, which - pause for emphasis - is not for you, it's for your team. You're guns are good for a DD, but pathetic for a cruiser. Smoke up a cruiser, spot, and let his guns work for you. I'm am of the opinion that Gearing is the hardest ship in this game to play well. It's big and bulky and slow, facing multiple enemies each able to delete you in one salvo from across the map. High scoring games requires superhuman patience and God-tier level map awareness. Gearing though, played well and played correctly, is one helleva force multiplier. Consider a 3 x 3 battle between 4 BBs and 2 cruisers, then put a Gearing helping one side, spamming 16 km torps spotting, and hiding the fleet in smoke. The key for Gearing as the match decider, is deciding who to help where, and when. Get it wrong, and you win the flank but lose the game. And that's best case.
  14. Rina_Pon

    Radar edinbugh?

    Doing the unexpected almost always pays off in this game.
  15. Rina_Pon

    Where is players ?

    Guys... it's simple. Peak hours are about 7 pm to 12 pm daily. Weekends you'll find people playing during the afternoon, and still a few on weekdays too. Things tail off rapidly late night after 1 am, and things will stay light until mid-morning. For those that care about such things: peak CV is about 10:30 pm. If you prefer non CV games, I recommend playing later at night, after 11 pm. EDIT: All times Japan local.