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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I agree it's best not to know these details of a match like this. Wargaming does not promise you a evenly matched battle, only that on average you will get as many lucky breaks as unlucky ones.
  2. What am I supposed to be looking at here? I don't understand what "E" and "F" represent...
  3. You are both so very very right. I can't believe I missed that change in reload time. +33% DPM ... Though tier-for-tier, and considering the big downgrade in torp firing angles, Furutaka C seems a lot better than Aoba. Certainly a more fun ship.
  4. "Smoked up battleships win you games." Lot's of great advice ... but like most of flamu's videos there's a lot of hidden precision that allows him to get away with stuff that you probably won't be able to. The island he hides behind is just high enough that the arcing fire from the Cleveland can't touch him. Graf Spee is too preoccupied to shoot back at his broadside. etc. I also watched his early Furutaka video. He makes an aggressive play in Solomon islands putting himself up against 4-5 ships and gets away with it. The enemy BB's are on lunch break or who knows... only the CV seems to be paying attention to him. Perhaps back then there were far more complete noobs playing T4-5, I don't think anyone could get away with that today.
  5. WoWStats is a great site because it is brutally honest. I had this idea that I was pretty good in Furutaka. Numbers don't lie: I suck. And the reason I'm not as good as the BB/DD lines is equally obvious: I don't play them enough. So this week it's been as much CA games as I can stand, with DD/BB games only when my bruised ego can't take the punishment any longer. It's been quite a drubbing. Taking a break, I'd like to ask you guys a few things... First: Aoba "feels" much bigger, heavier, and more powerful than the upgraded Furutaka but looking at the specs it seems practically just a re-skin. +6% gun range, +3% health, 3 mm more bow armor. Armor, armament, and detection radius are almost identical. So, what makes Aoba a T6 ship? I don't get it. Second: does MM hate me? My win rate is tanking, even though I'm rarely in the bottom third of the leaderboard. It seems the better I play, the harder the enemy team gets and the more likely we are to lose. Also, I'm up-tiered T+2 way more than I used to. So, yeah .... have I angered the MM gods or is that how MM is supposed to work to keep up the "challenge"? (I suspect that since I'm doing relatively well with the BB games, MM is giving me a tough time in the CA games assuming my skill level is equal for all ship types ... does that make sense?) Third: How do you Aoba? DD support I think I have the right general idea, but BB escort I don't seem to be able to find any kind of groove. My play style can best be described as "taking long-distance potshots when I think I can get away with it". Do you position behind a BB to support, or in front? Any advice welcome.
  6. That's so very familiar to me, yes. But, them's the breaks when it comes to IJN DDs. Sometimes you find a sweet opening .. most often you don't.
  7. Minekaze is my least favorite IJN DD of all the ones I've played so far. It has torps. And low detection. That's it. If you get spotted you are completely defenseless. No guns, no AA, no health, no armor, no nuffink.
  8. I'm appallingly bad at playing Japanese destroyers. Yet the gameplay, the challenge of it, keeps me coming back for more punishment. Lately I've been trying very hard to buff my DD skills, in the following order: Learn to not die. Learn to cap, scout, smoke, defend, and generally be useful for your team (and not die). Learn to sink ships (and not die). Learn to win 1-on-1 DD fights (and not die). Steps 1 and 2 I've cleared, but step 3 ... the business of connecting torps with unfriendly ships... I'm having all sorts of problems with. In a BB or CA, map awareness is all about the predicting the flow of the battle and knowing where to go. Which I'm OK with. With DDs it's much more about making short timescale predictions of what an enemy ship will do. Guessing right, left, straight, speed up or slow down. And most often than not I guess wrong. As for risk assessment, that idea of judging how close it's safe to get before putting fish into the water... Let's just say I'm considering of making a compilation video: "A Hundred Different Ways to Die in a DD". And just when I think there can't possibly be any more surprises ... no. 101 and 102 make their appearance. I was doing so badly with Hatsuharu and Fubiki that I repurchased Isokaze and headed to low tiers for retraining. This turned out to be a surprisingly good idea. Isokaze is of course a powerful DD tier-for-tier, and I found that having a little more breathing room to explore different tactics without being insta-deleted actually improved my gameplay at higher tiers too. Next step: winning 1v1 DD fights. Another thing I'm really bad at, partly because I panic and behave predictably, and partly because I consistently fail to predict my opponents moves. Playing Isokaze, I realized a lot of it comes down to confidence. I even won an Isokaze-vs-Isokaze fight on Straights the other day, the first time ever I've sunk an enemy same-tier DD single-handed. It wasn't pretty or pleasant, but I got the job done. I really like the IJN destroyers, especially Hatsuharu. Nimble and stealthly, ideal for contesting caps or scouting, with (compared to Mutsuki) a decent set of guns. IJN DDs have a steep learning curve, and "do not suffer fools gladly", but are all the more rewarding for it.
  9. One complaint you often hear about WoWS is how long the grinds are and how it costs money to shorten them. Well, fair enough: if WG can make money off impatient people, good for them. Better pay-to-scrub than pay-to-win. I realized very early on playing the game however that grinding is the game. If you play for the enjoyment of the battles, it doesn't matter what tier you play at, or how long it takes to unlock a new ship - you'll want to go back and play your lower tier roster anyway. I've noticed that even with a regular account, I'm stockpiling credits and free XP faster than my skills are advancing. So I have a fully upgraded Colorado, but I'm only just getting decent at playing N. Mexico... and most days I can be found in a New York, learning the art of carry, or "clubbing" in a Wyoming (the only ship I'd consider myself actually dangerous in). Same story with the IJN CA and DD lines I play. I could get any of the T7 ship today (Akatsuki already in port, could afford both Shiratsuyu and Myoko), but I'm basically still a T5 player - so why rush? I don't consider this stat padding. I'm not playing at lower tiers to win. Mostly I'm playing at T5 to get good, and if I'm playing T4 it's for the fun of those chaotic T3-4 matches, not to pad my reputation. And it's not like I'm the only "good" player down there ... you regularly find several high-ranked players in isokaze or clemson or kuma and this makes the games quite challenging. So, "what's your end game?" Do you guys really want to work your way up to T10? Originally my goals were modest: get Fubuki, Furutaka, and N.Mex. Today, I'm thinking I'll get N. Carolina and the T7 IJN boats and that will be that. I'm never going to be competitive at T8-10. Other people have more time than me, and it doesn't even appeal. From what I can see the fun is at T3-8.
  10. Rasputin seems relatively susceptible to fire/flood. Burn it stem to stern while while the Jackels immobilize it by ramming, the hp falls rapidly.
  11. Only played a few times. Seems the key is cooperation, to get everyone to fire on the nearest Zikasa once the catapults are down. Didn't understand about the heal circle: does more ships in the circle make Transylvania go faster? I don't think that was explained up front.
  12. Radar is a separate issue, but as for BB's hitting DD's at 10 km and out ... a DD would have to be pretty unlucky/stupid not to dodge effectively. But my greater point is playing DDs is all about risk management. Contest a cap against an enemy DD who is well supported by his teammates .. that's inherently a high stakes gamble, and not always wise. The game mechanics have to be able to punish a DD who loses the bet that he or she will not be spotted, without that players who more carefully calculate those risks are not rewarded for that care. Quote updated. ~amade
  13. My view on this is a little different. If you are a DD, you should learn to expect an unhappy time if you end up detected at business end of a BB's main turrets. It doesn't really matter if those 16" shells are HE or AP, your only hope is that you get lucky: the shells either miss, or, for AP, pass clean through... which they might, or, especially coming through the ship bow to stern, might not. The game mechanics are fair and realistic as they are: BB's can take you out with whatever they have in the barrel, but HE gives a small advantage. A DD should not be made impervious to AP shells. That would be terrible. A DD's defense is concealment, and to a lesser extent, small size and maneuverability. Once the heavy shells start connecting you done messed up and that should be the end of you.
  14. BBs play several roles, dealing damage is important, but taking it is too. If you soak a salvo that would have deleted a friendly CA, that's your teams advantage. IJN BBs tend to play further back than other BB lines. All well and good, but USN for example tend to play further towards the front especially in domination and/or late in the game. With BB's position is everything. Too far back and you are useless. Too close up front and you are dead. I will say this though: an unused heal is a wasted heal.
  15. T10 is above my pay grade. Just calling it as I see it down at T4-7.