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  1. Bad luck b̶r̶i̶a̶n̶ Bayern

    I lost my first 7 Scharnhorst battles, and my first 5 in Pensacola (T6) , and to this day have a 0% WR in Omaha (played one battle and free-xp'd the ship). Though statistically speaking, your WR given zero useful contribution from your ship works out to about 40-45%. That is, your team can still carry the win 2 times out of 5. Anyhow, you have to start somewhere. No captain skills, no upgrades, no familiarity with the ship ... it will only go up from here with practice. That's why they call it a "grind".
  2. Balance Wg. Balance....

    We've survived Roma, Asashio, Kronshtadt, GZ and Conqueror, I'm sure the game will survive Stalingrad.
  3. WoWS is a 32 bit app so it can't store more than 3 GB's worth of assets in memory no matter how much RAM you have installed, even with 64 bit Windows. For a single application to access more than 3 GB, both the application and the operating system must be 64 bit.
  4. Just 'cause the game .exe is 32 bit doesn't mean you won't benefit from moving to a 64 bit OS. Your OS has to run the game, the WG update center, and 80 or so background Windows processes and utilities. This is much more efficiently done from a 64 bit address space and 8+ GB RAM, even if the game itself only uses 2-3 Gb. It does suggest though that adding RAM in excess of 4 GB won't make much difference to the game performance.
  5. WGC works fine and as advertised, for what it is I'd consider it a model of restraint. Its resemblance to a backdoor is the only thing I'm uncomfortable with.
  6. derzki super torper

    That's prolly 'cuz you figured the Derpzi only had three launchers or something. It has five. It can pretty much maintain a constant barrage.
  7. A pretty common complaint no? You are in the top three with mua points but your team loses and it can't possibly be your fault ... I have two observations on this. 1. Actually it can still be your fault. XP is primarily given out for damage done, and its very easy for a good player to draw out a game and farm damage after most of his team is already dead and the game effectively already lost. IJN cruisers are especially guilty of this. Damage comes in two flavors, useful damage that leads to kills early in the game, and useless damage, for example on a BB who still survives to the end of the game. The game mechanics is such that damaged ships retain 100% combat effectiveness: no kill = no good. So don't look at the score, think back and reflect what you accomplished in the first 8 minutes of the game. Did you protect your DDs? Did you sink enemy ships? Which brings me to my second insight, 2. The most common way to guarantee a loss in random battles is to lemming train your BBs. I lousy DD or CA player on your team, while a significant handicap, can usually be overcome since on average the enemy team will have a couple of potatoes too. Having all your BBs break right or left however is a strategic error of such magnitude that the game can be considered over before it even starts. Typically: 3-4 light ships DD/CA/CL steam off for the side of the map without BB escort, they get wiped and the enemy force pushes up through into your spawn to flank your main BB group who are pushing down together on the middle of the other side of the map. I seen this error made several times recently, it always lead to the same result. So yeah: pro tip - with those spawn configs where 4 BBs are in the middle with CA/DD groups on both sides, split your BBs L/R or lose.
  8. Losing in co-op? Funny. Getting upset at losing in co-op? Incomprehensible. If you don't want to lose, stay in the training room. Problem solved, Sir!
  9. I was looking at the daily leaderboard last night. The top players are in the 4000+ point range. It was a smart move on WG's part to make the points earned a function of (no. of games played x skill). It means any lunkhead can top the stats if he/she just plays 12 h straight. And it seems people are encouraged to do just that. Yikes. OTOH the daily 3-tier mission (1 win at 250, 1 win at 500, 1 win at 1000 XP) can be done in less than an hour, and requires no more effort/planning above what I'd normally play in an evening anyway, so I guess I should be happy.
  10. I agree with OP that T8 has been particularly brutal recently, but as noted above it's not quite so bad off peak hours. I think that's more to do with there being fewer T10 ships in the pool at other times of the day than more T8 ones however.
  11. Maybe the player base has settled in, or all the weekend warriors are on summer vacation, but I had some good - if challenging - games this weekend, and it was all pretty civil in chat. A few camping BBs, one or two CV letdowns but on the whole most people were competent even when mistakes were made. Anyway ... I see WG has come up with yet another overlayer of cruft to try and boost engagement numbers, this Eagles vs. Sharks thing. It feels really artificial, crass, and frankly so plainly obviously manipulative that I don't think it even works as an engagement incentive. Of course I join Eagles. They have sunnier color and I anyways always join the underdog team. WG gives me a few extra crates. Yay. Thank you WG. That's all. I'm not playing more, I'm not getting excited for Eagles to win (they won't...) and I don't care about points or loyalty tokens or any of the special mission objectives like "use 5 consumables" or "get 10 defend ribbons". Sometimes I happen to get them sometimes I don't. What I don't care for is WG trying to make me play for anything other than the objective. It's a distraction I can ignore, but a distraction is still a distraction. Also, encouraging my teammates to play recklessly or distracting them with side bonuses is not appreciated. But anyway the whole concept is dumb. People choosing sides and summing the points to decide a winner just means the team with the most people, or who play the most, wins. There's nothing interesting in that, because there's no challenge. Sharks win because they have more players. Where's the satisfaction in that? No, alright alright, the concept at a higher level is fine: special events where people can join teams and work for common, long term goals? Not bad in principle, but WG needs to tweak it so that it actually amounts to something beyond "X more people clicked the right side of the screen this morning."
  12. Domination game mode ruined

    It's a smart strategy, RADAR or no RADAR. It's called "letting your opponent have the first move" and it has been known for centuries. So far as contesting caps goes, it's generally preferable to the alternative doctrine of "seize the initiative", though I admit neither are foolproof.
  13. Doubloons

    Right, so by hitting the "buy" button on the discounted ship you already own you are just converting that money to doubloons at regular rate. As I said, the wording is misleading since it suggests there is some advantage to the player to get the compensation, but really it's just "well if you are dumb enough to buy the same ship twice, here we'll give you some doubloons rather than refund your money" ...
  14. Premium ship summer sale

    Kii seems to be the most universally reviled premium ship in the game, quite an impressive feat, with Ashitaka vying for second place. I dunno whether that's just because the tech tree ships Amagi/Nagato are so strong, or what, but the consensus is as near-universal as I've come across.