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  1. ZattaZ

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    Thanks for the third class matchmaking 😀
  2. ZattaZ

    Update 0.9.9. U.S. Battleships in Early Access

    This update is a bust. Undocumented cv nerf, game shuttering, and server switching made the game unenjoyable.
  3. ZattaZ

    Public Test of Update 0.9.9: Round 2

    Where is the season missions?
  4. ZattaZ

    Spot The Difference

  5. I know,but I was talking about the upcoming 0.9.8 update. When should I reset the line to get the rewards? That is my question.
  6. Well I have a question that what is the "Prior" time frame is in the following patch note (taken from 0.8.8) : If you have used the Research Bureau and reset a branch of ships prior to Update 0.8.8 going live, you will receive the Anniversary Victory Bonuses for all Tier V–X ships of that branch automatically. Moreover, any ships of the reset branch that you buy back can bring you Anniversary Victory Bonuses once again in accordance with the general rules of the event. Should I reset just before the patch hits or i can reset in the prior update like 0.9.7 and still get the anniversary reward. Thanks. Link: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-088-fourth-anniversary/
  7. ZattaZ

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.6

    Why I can"t see ship xp on port?This was a necessary feature
  8. ZattaZ

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    Please don't randomly add rewards. We make plan when to activate wargaming container and use premium time.Let us have the opportunity to activate the rewards by ourselves. Thank you.
  9. ZattaZ

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    What is the compensation for graf-spee? credits or doubloons?
  10. Don't you guys think that we should have a blacklist color showing option when we start a match ,,,,,in team lineup view,,,, like penalty, we have pink and orange name-tag ,,,image given below,,,,, we should have a red color whom we blacklisted,,,, so we will be aware of that player that plays very poorly or have conducted foul in match or chat,,,,,though it would be for individual viewing,,,but it would still help to take precautions ,,, do give your opinions,,,,, thank you