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  1. BoBaLoT

    Clan Battles server timings

    Ah cheers @S0und_Theif
  2. BoBaLoT

    Clan Battles server timings

    @mademoisail @Hapa_Fodder Other than MM being +/-1 instead of +/-2 I think the single biggest suggestion I can request to make is to consider having n East and a West timing for each server Clan Battle. As it currently stands we poor Australians (excluding our West Coast) have had to deal with 11pm-3am local timings for Clan Battles and our NZ folk have to deal with it being 1am-5am. This basically means that more often than not we are not able to play in CB at all, which sucks. I really want to grow as a player and a clan and we struggle immensely to even field a team because the timings are atrocious. The only other option for us is to jump on the NA timings which are 10am local time but that leaves us only a Sunday to play (better than nothing but still only 1 day a week). Well after some consideration it occurred to me that me that all the servers are probably in the same situation and having 2 timings per server could possibly be the solution. Essentially having a West Coast time, which for ASIA server would be more suitable for Aust (WA only), India, Thailand, China and perhaps Korea for example and an East Coast time which for Asia Server would be more suitable for Aust (excl WA), NZ and Japan (possibly even Korea also) for example. The same could apply for EU and NA servers as well. Also is a similar timing about to happen with Ranked battles as well? Because if it is the same as CB timings then we are really getting shafted again 😞 Thoughts?
  3. BoBaLoT

    Another post about Matchmaking! :-)

    I totally agree mate. And whilst it would have been awesome for me to capture every tiny detail, I didn't want to end up being consumed by capturing so much information that it took away from actually playing the game 🙂 I think it is safe to say that regardless of time of day and class it really should only be one tier up/down. I propose that it would stop at least some of the yolo'ing. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a T7 just go up the guts to end it's misery and get onto the next game because it got into a T9 game lol
  4. BoBaLoT

    Another post about Matchmaking! :-)

    That's pretty much what I am thinking also. To be honest Tier 9 is often the most enjoyable (because it has a higher chance of being same tier game and that means NO CV 🙂 )
  5. BoBaLoT

    Another post about Matchmaking! :-)

    So my mate was doing the same thing since 04 Oct this year and I got him to send me the data. His spreadsheet was slightly different and captured a bit more information than I did but I collated it and put it into my spreadsheet to see the similarities / difference. Here is his numbers. He has about the same amount of total battles as I do.The number of games captured for this data is a bit higher than mine.
  6. BoBaLoT

    Another post about Matchmaking! :-)

    Awesome idea, I had not considered that. I will start a new column to capture whether I am majority bottom/top tier as well. As for capturing the data, I do it manually as I join a game.
  7. Okie Dokie folks, I have been capturing data from my games since 02 Oct this year to get a better understanding (at least in my own mind) of whether the matchmaking was indeed giving me the raw end of the deal or if it was just all in my head. I mean we all do tend to remember the bad more than the good which can impact on our ability to accurately describe what's going on and I didn't want it to be opinion based so I did the only thing I could think of doing and started recording them. So anyway here is my numbers since 02 Oct. As you can see I have not included my T10 battles as this has little to no value (that I could really see anyway) as you are always going to be top or same tier. I did find it interesting that the numbers @Hapa_Fodder was talking about on an official WG stream a couple of months ago were absolutely accurate, albeit a tad misleading. He was saying that after ~40 games (I think) or so the matchmaking will only bottom Tier you ~40% of the time. Turns out this is very accurate but what you may not have realised is that that is actually the highest bracket of the 4 variables. That means that if you're bottom tier 40% of the time then only 60% is left to cater for the 3 other tier types (Top, Middle and Same tier), giving each one around 20%. Essentially, if you're feeling like you're bottom tier 'all the time' then it is probably because you are. I will of course continue to capture more information. I am hopeful to get more data on Tiers 4, 5, 6 and 7 in particular (my numbers are not really high enough yet to make a solid call for these tiers) but honestly they are just horrible lol. Tier 7 in particular is atrocious with ~50% of my games since recording them being bottom tier. It is quite challenging to get motivated to play against Tier 9's in my Atlanta right. But nevertheless I will continue to gather information and see where it leads. If anything I am hopeful that this will bring light to the comments everyone is making about matchmaking? Personally, I would love to see a change from the two tier up/down system to a one tier up/down system, even if it means waiting for a few minutes. I am confident/hopeful we have the numbers of players to make this viable option. I would love to hear from others who have captured similar data. It might also be important to note that I started capturing this data when I was already over ~5500 games I think. I wonder if that makes a difference? Oh I almost forgot, I was also capturing the number of games that I was unfortunate enough to have a double CV. Other than Tier 9 it would seem that ~15-20% of the time you will get double the pleasure. I thought WG said this wasn't going to happen anymore above Tier 4 games? Enjoy 🙂
  8. BoBaLoT

    Tier V Battleship Challenge!

    Oops that was T6 battle, disregard
  9. BoBaLoT

    Free code for asia only

    There didn't appear to be a stream last night for this weeks German Container code. Does anyone know if there was one?
  10. BoBaLoT

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.6

    Please allow me to change the audio settings back to how they were. I can seriously hear someone getting hit at 1000dB when they're 5km away from me. Also the sound of my turrets traversing and stopping is like scratching a blackboard with my finger nails. Can someone please point me in the direction of a mod that puts it back to the sounds pre 0.9.6. please please please
  11. BoBaLoT

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.2

    This is very good, thanks mate. I should have been more specific with my post and I suppose frustration led me to posting without a proper explanation. (Also I don't crunch the numbers so that isn't helpful). I was more relating to the fact that the JB with the smaller guns can no longer seem to penetrate the hulls of cruisers anymore. Particularly cruisers of same tier and higher but not excluding cruisers of a lower tier also. I watch now as cruisers happily sit broadside to me and somehow I cannot do the same damage to them as they do to me in a single hit. Previous patch would never have seen cruisers do this because they would have been citadel for certain. The fact a cruiser can now sit and go toe to toe with a battleship is somewhat absurd (especially when it doesn't seem to even need to angle itself). Do the devs actually consider the second and third order affects of these changes? Anyway, for now it seems I need to get on board and play more cruisers. Perhaps the new UK ones? That seems a little convenient... But again, thanks for the info mate. I appreciate a response from anyone at this point.
  12. BoBaLoT

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.2

    I've got to say, the update has completely devalued my Jean Bart to the point where I am wondering how I get a refund. The fact that a cruiser a tier below me can do 6k dmg with one salvo while I seem to only be able to do half that amount now is utterly absurd. Looking at the results of the poll above I don't see a single person who likes the update. At this point I am ready to pack it in again for another year. Prior to this patch I was playing more than I have ever before. 0.9.1 seemed to have most things right and now the cruisers are doubling the dmg of Battleships whilst Battleships damage has pretty much halved..... There are plenty of other posts from a lot of players with far more technical information why this is the worst update ever. For me it just lost it ability to keep me playing again. To the devs. We all make mistakes, the best characters admit there mistakes and correct it.
  13. BoBaLoT

    0.9.2 Bug Report Thread

    Hello, not sure if this known or not but it appears Fire Prevention skill is not working. As you can see in the attached pictures I had 5 fires set on me and yet I have fire prevention skills which is supposed to reduce it to a maximum of 3
  14. BoBaLoT


    Yeah this is my main effort also but recently my attack planes and normal bombers don;t even make it to the target
  15. BoBaLoT


    I am not getting my planes close enough to even shoot anything (except torpedo) because my planes are being shot down. Nothing to do with lag