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  1. decipher this you <content removed> General Insults. Post Edited. User Warned. ~ADM_dude
  2. I just played the GK , with premium camouflage , lost the battle , I did 164,347 damage had a + credit of 89,790 I had a couple of signals up so that might have contributed to the + score So in a nutshell the premium camo does gain a massive advantage , I did learn something from this post other than human interference that ambushed my topic
  3. Name calling and gender bias , now who's dropped their high standards ? You're just another forum junkie nothing better to do than to go off topic
  4. <content removed> hilarious , my post gets hijacked and you expect me to not have a say ? You know what - I don't need life lessons from you or anyone on this forum and I don't care a rats arse if i get banned because I don't really care for nazi attitudes to free opinions. So have a good day one and all Profanity. Post Edited. User Already Warned. ~ADM_dude
  5. If you think that was offensive then you live under a rock - however I don't really care for your comments they are without any substance and as usual you feel the need to stand on a soap box and be the voice of every player on world of warships. Once again if you think my comment was aimed at you then thats your problem because I made a general comment , I just wonder how many boxes of tissues your mum must buy from the supermarket every week for you.....
  6. ReNation I have already considered the Premium Camo on my GK because it makes a lot of sense from what you and others have been saying. I already have a 12 month Premium account going - and someone asked me how long I have been playing WOW ? Possibly 5 months at most ? Thanks
  7. I clearly stated a question with a new ship asking if this was common the credit cost , it seemed a valid question seeing I had just attained the GK and wanted to know what my options were - yes my "example " was a co op game but that was literally my second go at the GK. As for the naysayers you're wasting your breath because the valid information I got was from posters who did not get personal so thanks to the contributors of information ( ie: ReNation etc )that was fantastic to know. And lastly ...yes I am an effing idiot , a dumb fool , whatever you want to throw at me , but I can afford to play the game and pay as much as I want at any time ( however before I spend my $ I just want to know my options ) - my concern was for the uninformed , vulnerable people who might get caught up in a world of credit pain....* pointing at no one so don't go crying you know who *
  8. Happy to anytime , you are so right if 3 players just work a strategy it can make quite a difference - on the flip side I did see 3 clan members go to A and get absolutely smashed in less than 5 minutes leaving us all in C and B exposed to being flanked , which obviously happened and we lost.
  9. drakon233 I knew before you posted you were a teenager , obviously taking advice from a mature person is something you are not used to , however get off my thread if you cannot have a decent adult conversation , no one pointed a finger at you so don't be a smart arse and start crying and running to mommy because I never said anything directly to you until YOU started calling me out. As a world of warships paying consumer I have every right to voice my opinion on the cost of the game , and the possibility it might have in leaving innocent people with some big bills to pay.
  10. Really ? a "well known or famous" player is going to awaken the dark dormant communicative senses of players I am playing with?? Really ??
  11. 1st - not all players on WOW are so finely experienced as you are so imagine their confusion when they attain higher levels ( without paying for premium etc ) and discover the hard way to lose credits and to grind day in day out 2nd - I was not aware only T10 had this because in my T7-T9 battleships there is a premium camo by purchasing doubloons 3rd - It's a saying , if you take it personally then thats your problem not mine , there are a lot of kids ( I am past 40 years of age so don't put me in that category of unintelligent and uninformed ) that might breaking their pocket money banks just to play the game, but I certainly would not let my teenage son anywhere near a game like this where in no time he would have racked up $200 - $300 dollars on my credit card to become a "fully camouflaged , fully premium , fully sick as " World of warships player.
  12. so drakon you're saying if I spend $28 for my GK $23 for my FDG $17 for my Bismark and $12 for my GNEISENAU for a small total of $80 I will have premium camouflage and the only benefit I see if WOW making money out of another idiot ? Sorry mate but I prefer to spend my $80 on something more meaningful than being sucked into the web of pay pay pay to play. I started playing this game to enjoy the experience not to thrash my bank account weekly , more reason I am not far from quitting
  13. Mate running a massive Battleship with 2 -3 destroyers randomly running around and laying smoke for their own use pretty much sums up the gameplay I am experiencing. When I use my destroyer after I spot ships I always try and keep an eye on the main Battleships in my team to see if I can lay smoke in their path because they will bring the damage down to a level that my torpedoes are now going to finish the job... to me no plan means less chance to win... it doesnt have to be a ranked battle to teach people these game skills in fact it's in the Random and bot matches is where they should be learning their craft.
  14. OK before I get a bunch of rude replies let me say this - I have been playing a lot of FPS type games for around 15 years and I have played America's Army , Battlefield , Medal of Honor , Counterstrike etc etc over many years and I have also been a clan leader of around 150 players - lots from Asia - Japan / S Korea / Singapore / Indonesia / New Zealand / Australia and then European and USA players. I am Australian. In my time with other online games I have always found players very communicative and wanting to discuss strategy or giving commands so that in a team we follow a plan. Unless I play on servers with some very strange happenings but I am so sick of starting a Random round by saying " OK team where do we go what's the plan" and the I get NO ANSWER..... I try again and still no answer - so in 9 out of 10 games I usually just follow a bunch of people who have no game plan and see what happens It's become such a bad trend I am seriously considering giving up playing this game - there is something fundamentally wrong with this game when a team of 12 players have no communication and just play like a bunch of noobs or heroes in both cases the result is same ...zero... I am keen to hear of others experiences because I cannot be the only person that notices this day in day out....Either WOW has something wrong with the communication by allowing players to message in their own language and that means the English speaking players are not able to communicate with players whose text is no being deciphered on the game chat .... and if this is the case then it's actually a massive negative to the "team gameplay" these online games are so famous for...
  15. drakon233 I run the 7,500 camo is that premium ? Its not the camo thats the issue it's the SERVICE its 135,000 credits every game irrespective of result. If I used say a Class III or IV destroyer the SERVICE is like 5,000 credits? Can you see the massive difference ? Don't get me wrong the GK is a fantastic piece of weaponry - I am now blowing up Cruisers with 40,000 health with one broadside salvo ( distance was around 6 kms )! Best one i had was a Bismark with one salvo I took 64,500 of its health ( 3 citadels ) , second salvo I basically could have blown a breath of fresh air and it would have been destroyed....