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  1. Corlione1

    WoWS x Transformers. More than meets the eye!

    What is an Transformer Type Combat mission? Did I miss a memo?
  2. Corlione1

    Public TST - CV Test

    I need a Help Page for the Aircraft controls in Public TST for the CV enhancements please. There are three types of planes - Fighters Torpedo bombers Dive Bombers 1) How is each aircraft type controlled - targeting; bomb runs; views etc. 2) How do you toggle views between a Squadrons and the CV? 3) Can you have more than one squadron airborne at a time? How do you do this? 4) What other key controls are available - F, T … And what do they do when in Aircraft flight mode. I'll look to get this in the proper CV Rework Test feedback forum.