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  1. constantly being demoralise

    Very good advice there. Sounds like a person worth listening to.
  2. If I saw that camo in real life I would 100% jump into a life boat and abandon ship too.
  3. Varyag Marathon

    I got 50K FXP in the SC. To go with my 1.4 Million FXP. Lol. I would still gladly take FXP over a Krispy Kreme or a Marblehead.
  4. ultimate frontier failure

    So why would WG enable the hard mode without any mention of it? The patch notes say that the bots have been tweaked to match the original design of how they were supposed to function in combat. That's it. No mention of hard mode being enabled for the Ops. No mention of having no choice to do the normal difficulty (despite normal difficulty being selected!). In fact you still cannot select the hard difficulty on any Op. It has the same message "Hard difficulty will become available in future updates".
  5. Can't seem to land hits with Fuso

    Thanks for the info......... but it was a rhetorical question. People complain about Izumo but after suffering through the grind you get glorious Yamato. 18.1" guns that overmatch anything and best in game BB sigma. However even my Yamato despite the sigma value feels like the shell groupings are not anywhere near as tight as before.
  6. Shimakaze buff in new update

    Here ya go https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/public-test-074-key-feature/ "As the game progresses and introduces new ships, Shimakaze also must adapt and continue to be capable of completing her main battle tasks. In the Update 0.7.4 we enhance the battle performance of this destroyer and reduce her standard detectability range by sea to 7.11 km (5.59 km with all possible modifiers applied), which lets the ship spot most of her adversaries while staying undetected."
  7. ultimate frontier failure

    Don't forget that there is a HARD mode for these Ops that has not been implemented yet. When you try to click on the HARD button it says "coming in the future" or something to that effect. If what we have now with the current Op is only the NORMAL setting..... Holy underpants batman! Why can't the Normal setting be how this Op was before but have slightly toned down rewards? I am 100% ok with that. WG if you wan't to make this current Op so much harder, make that the HARD mode. Don't completely nerf the scenario mode altogether and upset the player base. Don't forget that the Asian server doesn't all speak English as a first language and for some not at all. Demanding that the entire team co-ordinates effectively to complete all primary and secondary tasks is a bit of a stretch at the best of times. Making the Op much harder at the same time, well.............
  8. ultimate frontier failure

    Premium ship only and pay to win at it's finest.
  9. ultimate frontier failure

    I have not had a break from WOWS since i joined. As much as i enjoy certain parts of the game, I really think you are talking sense. At the end of the day if you are not having fun why would you play. I certainly don't look to spend my time doing something i don't enjoy. When i have a choice anyway. WG take note and listen. I just got a new Dell 27" 1440p monitor with G-Sync. Witcher 3, The Division, GTA V and Far cry 5 all look great and gameplay is uber smooth at 1440p even on my lowly GTX 1060. WOWS looks amazing at 1440p and 70 FPS with everything on high, but if things keep going they way they are i definitely won't be around WOWS as much as i have been. The scenario mode was a fun addition to the game. Emphasis on the was.
  10. ultimate frontier failure

    It most definitely has changed. I have gone from getting 250K + damage games to having to work really really hard to not only stay alive but barely get 125K damage and scrape through for a 2 or 3 star win. Enemy gunfire is now SUPER accurate where before it was the same as co-op bots, which was perfectly fine. In co-op their aiming is fine. It's the charge full speed ahead AI that makes them a bit dumb. Most recent game in Atlanta. I was at the repair base when the "Whiskey" DD group spawned. Me and a couple other ships engaged them. I was at almost max gun range so i could avoid their incoming fire. Yeah right. Only 2 of the DDs were firing at me. Despite slow lazy US DD shell arcs and me turning every which way basically every one of their shells hit. I was just under full health when we engaged. I died in under 60 seconds. 7 HE hits from the Sims did over 11K damage to me if the post battle screen is to be believed. WG WTF?? If you want operations to be a unicum only mode just say so. Straight up the bots in OPS are getting OP. Ridiculous aiming and dealing ridiculous damage. I would not be surprised if WG has completely cheated and raised fire chance on all OPS bots. Please explain WG why enemy bots set so many fires with such a ridiculous fire chance on my team and me. Every single time we play this Op. This is now the second time in only 2 patched where a major gameplay change basically receives little to no mention or explanation in the patch notes. "We enhanced the interaction between the shells and ship's armour during contact." Dealing less damage to broadside targets is not an enhancement and is not rewarding good play. "Fixed an issue with bots showing poor combat effectiveness in Operations. They will now operate with the required effectiveness depending on their tier as was initially intended at the release of the Operations mode." The issue of poor combat effectiveness only existed with WG. No players were complaining. Since we are the player base why not listen to us?
  11. Seems like I (and many other forum regulars) owe WG an apology. WG have listened to the complaints about constant AFK players and morons who simply enter battle to team kill etc etc.... Also coming in 0.7.4: Shima detection buff. Hipper and Prinz Eugen buffs. Midway nerf. Orion nerf. UI tweaks. New port Kronstadt. Check it all out at the link below. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/public-test-074-key-feature/ System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct World of Warships is a game in which players team up for a single purpose—outfighting the opponent at sea and in the air. But let's make it clear—players are all human. We all have emotions, and no man is wise at all times. It definitely won't do any good to your team if you miss a teammate's maneuver and send your torpedoes right into his path, or if you succumb to anger or frustration and send a salvo at your ally, or if you forget that you've already pressed the "Battle" button and go do something else. In World of Warships, we've always kept an eagle eye on, and tried to act up on players whose behavior does not always correspond to the rules of the game. The upcoming Update 0.7.4 bring in an enhanced system for tracking offenders, bringing it to a whole new level. Like in the previous iteration, the main indicator of a player's status will be the color of their nickname. If it's white, the player has not committed any violations recently. A nickname that's gone pink means the player's had a warning and should mend their [in-game] manners. Orange color means the player's been punished for unsporting conduct. Let's take a quick look at the main violations which can result in a warning or penalty followed by a change in the player's nickname color. Inactivity in battle Damage to Allies/Team Kills Fleeing the battle For violation of the rules, AFK/sleeping status in battle or fire at allies, the system will display a warning in the Port, informing the player of a change in their status and explaining the actions that entailed the change. If the warning does not produce the desired effect and the player continues to violate the rules, the next step will be a ban on entry to certain types of battles, in particular those where individual performance may affect the final result. To be allowed access to battles with real players in Random, Ranked and Scenario Battles, violators will have to play several Co-op battles against bots.
  12. Maybe ill quit this game

    After the FPS fix i am getting very smooth game play again. 70+ FPS unlike the choppy 40-50 FPS before. The port UI now seems a lot more responsive and less glitchy also. Same here for me, since the latest patch all is good again.
  13. The way I understand it is if the ship is unlocked but not purchased the corresponding new ship will be unlocked but not purchased as well. The full rundown of exactly how it will all work will be announced closer to the date of the split. I would recommend having in port US cruisers T6 - T9 if you can. As well as getting the perma camo for Cleveland. Also putting a high point captain on Cleveland before the split. I know some of these things are expensive in credits and doubloons but it will maximise your gains when the split occurs.
  14. Maybe ill quit this game

    My CPU, mainboard and Ram are all approaching 6 years old. Granted I have a more up to date GTX 1060 6GB GPU now than the Ati 7950 when i built this PC. I get 70+ FPS in WOWS with everything on high at 1080p. My PC does everything I need it to and is very fast when gaming and encoding audio and video when i do that kind of stuff. I am choosing some parts now to upgrade my system. Not because i need to but i want to. Being a former PC tech i get the upgrade bug from time to time. This is the longest i have had the one PC. Ever. Upgrading all the time is just a money trap set up by big PC parts companies. I seriously pity the people that fall for it.