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  1. Already had the Texas but I just bought the ship and camo package anyway to help in the saving and restoration of this 100+ year old BB. Good to be spending money on something real and thoroughly deserving and not another pixel bote. Well done to WG for adding this to other servers and not restricting it to just NA. Have been looking for this elusive camo since the 6.12 patch notes. All is now clear with WG's delivery of it to us and was hoping for the + 150% also, but the saving of the ship is more important to me than a bit of extra exp. I doubt they will change it to 150% just because of a simple typo.
  2. Never seen it listed as a method of payment when I have bought stuff, so probably no.
  3. Damn, I can only wish for MM that good and even. You could have done a lot worse. Seriously there is not much to complain about there. You should see the kind of MM I usually get.......
  4. I have played in BB such as Nikolai or Konig Albert or New York or even KGV and got all AI bot DD as teammates. More than a handful of occasions. WG why add in 7 DD per side? Have you heard of cruisers? Have you heard of CV? Silly question based on WG high regard for CV this year. Game over so quick as all DD charge into the sunset and YOLO ram and I'm left to plod along and eventually get into the battle and fight maybe one DD who survived and the enemy copy of my ship. Not very enjoyable. Co-op MM does need some serious work.
  5. My second choice goes to the County class heavy cruisers. Australia II, Canberra and Shropshire. Again a ship class not in the game so that's a plus. Allows the County's to be added to the RN line either tech tree or premium, plus allows an Australian County premium to be added. Funnily enough I lived as a kid for 2+ years in the Solomon Islands but on the northernmost island Bougainville and not near Guadalcanal and Iron bottom sound where HMAS Canberra and so many other ships went down. I will have to make an effort to try to get back there one day. So many places I would like to see now that I wasn't able to back then.
  6. Giulio like the Scharnhorst or Dunkerque? Similar only in that they are all ships. Scharnhorst is in a category all of its own. Excellent battleship turtleback armour, good turret speed but small 11" calibre, bad dispersion guns that are fast firing. Almost cruiser speed and of course torps. Ultimate close in brawler at T7. I would always choose the Scharn over the Gneis, as the faster reload is handy when in close and the horrible dispersion is offset by being closer to the target. Do not ever play the Scharn as a sniper BB. You won't hit anything. Just don't do it. BTW Scharn and Gneis (in her original 11" form) were built as a direct counter in response to the French building the Dunkerque class. Dunkerque has average armour but good speed. Pretty average guns that are all up front. Their awful dispersion and sigma can troll you hard at times. At longer range hitting 1 or 2 shells out of 8 is good. Use your speed and kite and spam HE. Use AP when you get the opportunity. Different play style that requires some getting used to with only front guns. Also WG wasn't bothered to properly model the real life 2x twin barrel with a turret divider these guns had per turret, to make her a bit more resilient to her guns being damaged or knocked out. So due to this and having a more bow on play style with all your guns being upfront you will potentially get turrets knocked out more often than other ships. For those who don't know these turrets had a steel divider between each pair of guns per turret. In real life a penetrating hit to a turret would not knock out the entire turret, only the pair of guns where the shell hit. The divider in the turret would protect the other pair of guns. This divider was proven effective when, at Mars-el-Kebir, Dunkerque was hit by a 15" shell in her B turret and due to the steel divider only the right half of that turret was knocked out. You can see it modelled cosmetically in game as there is a bigger gap between each pair of barrels on each turret. My experience with her is that her turrets get disabled and knocked out more than any other ship I have played. Countless games I have played half the battle with only one turret. One game I had the A turret completely destroyed and minutes later the B turret followed. Not very fun or engaging. Giulio Ceasare has decent speed, combined with good turret speed and an interesting armour scheme make for an enjoyable ship. Nowhere near as heavily armoured as the Scharn. but the armour extends beyond only the citadel to protect the bow and stern also. With proper angling she proves to be quite tanky for her tier. She is more tanky from the stern than the bow due to the layout of the armour scheme. An ok dispersion and above average sigma mean tight shell groupings can regularly be achieved. Unlike the Dunkerque if you lose a turret it is not a huge percentage of your firepower lost. Same like the Scharnhorst and Dunkerque your lower calibre shells will struggle to pen well angled or long range targets. To reliably pen you need to be in a bit closer. This allows your excellent concealment to come into play. Stay hidden wait for your opportunity to fire against an isolated or out of position enemy, do your damage, then kite away and use your concealment to disappear and re-engage on your terms.
  7. I strongly second that motion. The ship that single handed kept at bay the German East Asian Squadron under Vice-Admiral Max von Spee. Shame we only had her for a short 11 years. She was sunk as part of the Washington treaty disarmament agreements. She was classed as a ship of the British Empire despite the fact that we paid for her! So to satisfy tonnage restrictions for certain ship classes she was scuttled off Sydney heads in 1924. In contrast to every single military purchase of late she was built at 250 000 pounds under her 2 million pound construction budget! Our defence department could learn something from that!
  8. Just logged into WOT to check for myself, and yes I got 50+ days premium time as well. I must admit I had been avoiding the game due to the high ping, but I probably would not have been playing much anyway due to work commitments. Credit where credit is due. Cable is now fixed and ping is much better. WG stepped up and compensated players, so thank you WG
  9. Do I need remind you all this is the SEA server. What did you honestly expect? Oh ok, you seriously wanted to be told of a major discount ahead of time, so we don't go and waste millions of credits buying upgrades days before said discount drops. Credits we have earned with our hard work faithfully playing their game week in and week out. Of course not, you are all dreaming.
  10. Pretty much sums up my experience. No rhyme, reason or logic behind the TK system. Get persistently, intentionally and deliberately shot, no worries, all good no action taken. Get clipped by a BB at a lofty speed of 3 knots when I have done no team damage at all and I'm pink before I can even say WTF WG! Surely in 2017 WG Stronk™ computers can tell the difference between a left mouse click when guns are aimed at friendlies and a minor low speed "fender bender". Dunno maybe I'm asking too much.
  11. I hope we get similar packages for the Giulio Cesare as EU have on offer. With similar discounts too. I'm not going to hold my breath from past experience, but it would be nice.
  12. We here on SEA always get treated worse than EU and NA so it should after so many times almost be accepted as normal. I was hoping it would be for sale today or tomorrow seeing as NA and EU already have it for sale.
  13. This is the SEA server you know. Why would you expect to be treated equally to the other servers?
  14. Shouldn't be too far away I would think. Only ship I have been genuinely interested in for quite a while. Much more appealing than another copy and paste T8 American BB. My wallet is open and poised for action