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  1. HobartAWD

    Australian National Flag or Australian White Ensign

    Unfortunately we are not the only country with players, many of whom might be navy vets for their country, playing the game on SEA server. We are one nation out of many represented in the game. We are also not one of the larger player bases in the game. Many Asian countries with healthy player bases have zero ships or any other nation specific content in game. We are already extremely generously represented with 2 and soon to be 3 ships. We also have an Aussie digger flag from last year i think it was. Why should we expect anything more. Discussion regarding the Australian white ensign has not fallen on deaf ears. This same exact topic comes up again and again from time to time. The RN ensign that is able to be selected instead of the commonwealth flag on the Australian ships in game is the correct ensign for the time period that these Australian ships served. The game does not feature any ships, Australian or otherwise, that entered service after 1967, which is the year the ensign changed I believe. Be Grateful we are represented in game at all. Many nations that play the game have no flags or any content specific for that nation. Agree with @S4pp3R, really hoping that we can one day have something like HMNZS Black Prince, one of the RN Dido class light cruisers added to the game as a commonwealth ship under the NZ flag.
  2. Ask the lone BB drivers who have been sunk by 8x 24K damage torps that magically appeared out of a smoke screen traveling at around 60 knots from very close range what they think of the ship. Not even close. More like 50 knots for Smaland. All the different speed boosts are calculated as a percentage of the base speed of the ship. Smalands base speed of 35 knots is just too slow to be a serious contender, even with all speed buffs applied.
  3. HobartAWD

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.0

    Add me to that list. No issues last patch or previously, except for chat crashing constantly and needing to reset itself. Now it crashes and won't come back at all. Can be while I am in port or when I go into battle then return and no chat. Only temporary solution is to restart the game, but it can do it again after the very 1st battle. Extremely annoying having zero communication when we are in the clan all talking about the new skills and comparing and trying to help each other with advice for builds. WG please fix!
  4. Yolo Emilio can outrun its own "High speed" smoke with the new perk and the flag and spood beast running. That smoke just isn't high speed enough it seems. Surely this should have been checked before release? Hopefully it gets fixed. Oh and it also does 60.3 knots. lul. That will clean the barnacles off for sure.
  5. HobartAWD

    0.10.0 Test of "Standard Detectability Range" in commander skills

    This matches up 100% with what I have been witnessing in my battles.
  6. HobartAWD

    PSA - Deadeye [Clarified!]

    The testing I have been doing would suggest it is the current detection value even after concealment buffs are applied. Played more than enough games in the ships I have been using it on to see consistently improved dispersion I have never seen before taking the skill. Either that or I'm getting all my 2021 good RNG in one day..........
  7. HobartAWD

    PSA - Deadeye [Clarified!]

    The cruiser skill top grade gunner, has the same obscure wording "standard detectability". Surely they would both operate on the same value? Also for tool tips why can't the skills for consumable duration only show the buffs for consumables that are actually on my ship, similar to how superintendent does. I know my ships pretty well but it would be much easier than needing to go back to the equipment screen to check. Very confusing for those not playing often or just starting out as it just shows a heap of buffs for all the consumables. Many of which likely are not even on my ship. Same goes for tooltips for any skill that has a detection range value applied for the skill to work. Show me the money! errr value for range that it works at for each ship when i mouse over the skill. The hardest part of this rework should be finding out what works for you on the ships you play, not trying to decipher and understand what the heck the skills even do. WG and communication.......... need I say anymore.
  8. HobartAWD

    Day 1 Quick Assessment on Skills Rework

    I was going to ask the same. Does it mean the standard "default" detection range of the ship before any concealment buffs are applied? Or is it simply whatever the detection range of my ship is after I have added all concealment modules and captain skills? Also what if the enemy inside my detection radius is then un-spotted? Does the skill remain active until that enemy dies or only when they are spotted?
  9. HobartAWD


    Used to play all of them all the time, but the bottom fell out of my enjoyment bucket when Cherry Blossom was removed with no intention to ever add it again. I still play Aegis when it comes around and usually hit it pretty hard to get some FXP and Elite commander XP. 10k Free xp and 50k elite commander xp is not uncommon for me. Play Narai occasionally for some variety (used to play it a lot b4 the nerfs) but not real interested in the other ops.
  10. HobartAWD

    Day 1 Quick Assessment on Skills Rework

    Can confirm for Roma. I know a single game is not much to go on so far, but I saw greatly improved and consistent dispersion that I have never seen before in 200 games. Tried out deadeye after respeccing my Roma captain and the first salvo I fired I swear it looked very similar to Kremlin dispersion and I nearly fell off my chair when it did it again and again for several salvos. Got 1 cit in each of 3 successive salvos plus many extra pens as well. I have played this ship enough to recognise extra performance I am not used to ever seeing.
  11. HobartAWD

    I have no idea what I'm doing

    I can't find it either and I have been trying. Very odd that it isn't there. No idea why a feature we have had since forever is suddenly gone. I also can only find the list you mentioned. Either clicking on a ship without a commander or clicking the "Change commander" button under a commanders portrait when viewing commanders skills screen, will bring up the same list showing all commanders for that ships nation. Commanders in the reserve in the left column and commanders currently assigned on a ship in the right column. Nothing showing all commanders I have in one place.
  12. HobartAWD

    Link to reset all commander skills?

    Same here. 379 ships in port. Should be 380 but last night I stupidly forgot to check how far along in the 20k base xp final mission I was for Strasbourg and went to bed something like 1000 base xp short, so i didn't get the ship. For me every single tech tree ship has its own captain but some ships have more than one captain. Such as GK, I have the captain sensible build and the full 2nd spec with IFHE build. Most premiums use a suitable tech tree captain but many prems have a unique playstyle that a tech tree captain cannot provide. Example would be Massa which can be a decent brawler and requires a slightly different captain with some 2nd spec. Anyway, no way was I going to manually reset 300 odd captains. Being able to do it in one go is a very welcome feature. I don't play all my ships obviously but I have a main group of 15-20 ships I play regularly on rotation, and then an extended group of another 20-30 ships I play less often or are specific for certain ops. The others are played seldom but they do get played eventually. I want to be able to decide for myself by trial and error what skills work for me for the main ships I play in all the different ship classes. Once I have them sorted I will hopefully have the knowledge to then put skills on all my captains when the time comes to play other ships. If it means I will take a few minutes before a battle when I go to play a ship I have not skilled up the captain for, then so be it. Much better than finding out these automated recommendations are pretty bad in several months time and then needing to pay to redo it. No idea way anyone would not want to take advantage of the mass reset. Exactly. Every time this kind of thing happens I can't help but feel that it is a way to catch some people out who did not know so they have to pay for the privilege which should have been provided automatically en masse. Surely the 7 people on the server who would complain about the mass reset feature should not take priority over what is right.
  13. 378 ships in port. I own every ship in every tech tree except for a few CV's, plus plenty of coal and special ships. Darn it you made me count. I still have 110 ships still to do for snowflakes. Been fun playing ships I really like but never seem to play anymore especially at T5 and T6 where there are many actual real ships. Well better get back to it or it will never get done.
  14. HobartAWD

    free xp ship advice

    Unless you are a DD main or a casual but decent DD player who thinks a DD with no torps sounds like heaps of fun and a great challenge, go for Agir.
  15. HobartAWD

    Who added this feature seriously...

    I have said it before, but it still amazes me that WG rework CV's but don't fix the autopilot which is fundamental to actually using CV's. Not to mention anyone else in any other ship who wants to use it. This "feature" with the double click just reinforces that they don't play their own game and don't understand what the changes they are implementing actually do to the gameplay. WG and logic have never been in the same room at the same time it seems.......