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  1. HobartAWD

    I can't see the logic here...

    Your mistake was looking for logic in things WG do in WOWS. WG and logic........ Yeah, don't even try to travel down that road.
  2. The requirement is to have over 350 ships. I have had over 350 for quite a while now. I currently have 357 in port since adding Petropavlovsk and the new T4 CV Rhein. Emblem is still locked and i cannot select it. Is it something silly like some ships don't actually count towards your ships in port, or is this a bug?
  3. Unlike Agir, Siegfried was a planned and actually ordered ship but did not get built due to material shortages and a change in priorities. Funny how its real life armour scheme has the extra bow armour extending forward from the main belt, ice breaker as some call it. Even more curious is that it is missing from the actual in game armour scheme. Well it is a non Russian German ship after all........
  4. HobartAWD

    Odin - Do you have it?

    I have recently done just this. Two 19 pointers i had laying around both trained for GK. One basic BB survival build and one a full secondary pew pew build. Mainly for coop fun really as it is not a practical build for randoms. Seeing as many other German ships I have with decent secondary battery guns are Prems, I can now moonlight this secondary build capt on Tirpitz, Siegfried and now Odin.
  5. HobartAWD


    I used all mine up on that other thread that was almost as entertaining as this one. Went to buy more but my local supermarket says they are all out and no new deliveries yet, due to me buying it all over the last few months. So me being home during this beer pandemic and reading the forums more often has apparently been bad for our local popping corn supply and i'm to blame. MEA CULPA, MEA MAXIMA CULPA
  6. HobartAWD

    Captain Sensible's Seigfied build.

    Welp! Not sure if it is cool or extremely un-cool to admit i remember this song (quite well) from those ultra hip daggy days back in the 80's. Send your opinions to anyone but me. Yeah I know right, he doesn't even bring his own naval themed hat. Rear Admiral Jingleton Smythe the 3rd would be most disappointed...........
  7. HobartAWD

    About Mikoyan [Meme]

    Wowsers! I have been up against Emeralds in Mikoyan many times now and have not taken frontal citadels thank goodness.
  8. HobartAWD

    Nvidia Physx

    PhysX is listed as being supported by the Bigworld engine, but is not listed as being used by WOWS, WOT or WOWP. So I'm not sure if it is even implemented in WOWS. The official list of games that support it is only like 40 or so games. Maybe someone else knows if WOWS actually uses it? I would not have thought it was really needed in WOWS as there is not that much going on compared to a FPS game with destructive environments or an open world adventure game like the Witcher 3 with cloth simulation for example. As to your question, I would not think it would have much of an effect at all on graphics performance. WOWS is not a very GPU intensive game at all. I hit the 75 FPS cap easily in game with my GPU power target set at 50%. Plus I have been using PhysX in supported games since PhysX was introduced and have never noticed performance loss due to using it. It might have actually done something, but the games were always smooth regardless and definitely looked better.
  9. Oh the smoke firing detection changes. They were offered to be sold for dubs. I had forgotten all about that as I was not interested in selling either ship. Belfast and MK are listed on the link provided to the OP by WG, and are both listed as credits to restore those ships. However if you got dubs when you sold a ship you will need dubs to restore it.
  10. HobartAWD

    Mikoyan should be T4 if Kirov is T5

    I thought that several of us saying that Mikoyan is a strong ship at T5 would have been a clear sign that it would be stupidly OP at T4. The ship speed and agility not to mention the shell accuracy and pen, Mikoyan would eat T4 alive.
  11. HobartAWD

    Mikoyan should be T4 if Kirov is T5

    Not meant to be funny, but I'm glad you got enjoyment out of it. I did say in my post that for quite a few games at the start I was playing Mikoyan badly and dying early. Obviously I was doing something very wrong. I changed the way I was playing the ship and I was no longer dying and having crappy games. So I went from doing it wrong to doing it right. Every ship is not the same and requires changes to its playstyle to get the most out of it. Same goes for torps. How many players with these 4km torps on Russian DDs or cruisers do you see doing completely stupid things just so they can use their short range torps? They almost always end up dying and missing the torps due to it being so easy to tell that they were trying to get torps away. So some games you don't even get to use them as the situation never allowed it.
  12. HobartAWD

    Mikoyan should be T4 if Kirov is T5

    No way. Mikoyan is a very capable and strong cruiser when played right. I went in thinking, oh wow high speed, great guns and torps! I'm going to play this like Furutaka and boss everyone. Bad idea. Several dumb and early deaths later I realised I was to blame. Mikoyan does not have Furutaka armour. If you get caught in the open even a DD will wreck you in short order with HE. Happened to me on several occasions that I lost 30-40% HP to DD HE shells. I overextended often, which is easy to do with the high speed, and got into a situation where I was the best target for everyone to shoot at. RIP me. Play at range, play smart and use the speed to change position and pop up where you are not expected to be. AP has great pen and hits hard. Stay mobile and angle always. The torps might be only 4km but hit hard and are very useful when the situation allows. Started out not enjoying the ship at all but now I really think Mikoyan is not only a good T5 cruiser, but close to being the best one.
  13. Nope, not interested. Do you own Moskva and the perma camo? Speaking for myself here but I would be very surprised if very many Moskva perma camo owners would be happy and content with a credit refund. Only 2 options I can see working. #1 Give us the item we bought. T10 in the line with a perma camo. ie: Nevsky's perma camo. Or #2 Give us a refund in the medium we bought it in, Dubs. Credit refund is very pointless and a token gesture as most players with more than one T10 have many millions of credits anyway.
  14. Yes, it is meant to be credits. From their own info it says so. Not done it myself, but members of my clan have successfully done it and it was for credits. On the page they directed you to there is not a single ship on the entire list of ships that can be restored that is for doubloons, they are all credits. Who the heck has over 1 Million dubs in their account anyway? What ship are you trying to restore? Someone is clearly messing you around or has no clue what they are talking about. Or you lucked out and got the work experience kid. https://asia.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/27196/ https://asia.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/27197/
  15. HobartAWD

    Richelieu is an amazing BB

    Congrats. She is a good ship