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  1. HobartAWD

    What happened with the replay controls? [SOLVED]

    Thanks. Good to know.
  2. HobartAWD

    What happened with the replay controls? [SOLVED]

    Let me know if this works. I was trying to do the same with some of my replays and was getting rather cross that it no longer was working as it did before.
  3. Sorry to hear you are having internet problems. My internet is not great at all either. Speed is around a 1/4 of what I pay for and it disconnects a lot as well. Plus we don't have 4G reception here at all as yet, so I have no alternative. Choosing to play an online game when you know for a fact you will constantly disconnect is in your control. If you are having so many problems you can elect to not play, until it gets better. You are after all also being a major burden on your team if you AFK/Disconnect at some point through a single battle, let alone knowingly doing it repeatedly. When my internet connection is bad for me I choose not to play as I am considerate enough to other players to not burden them like that. Also why would you expect Wows support to be able to do anything, let alone even ask them to change the penalty system to suit you? As you say this is a issue with your ISP. It is not Wows fault after all that your internet is dropping out, but you want Wows to allow you to keep playing, with no penalty, when you know you will constantly disconnect? Ok. As to your question, yes I do feel that the penalty system is ok. Not perfect, but fine as is. The penalties are fairly minor anyway. At least with them in place it should in theory make people think about their actions and internet situation and how it impacts not only themselves but other players in the game. Don't mean to state the obvious or to sound rude, but Wows being an online game caters to those with a working PC and a working internet connection. It cannot be expected to pander to those that don't have both of these.
  4. HobartAWD

    Code not working again?

    Number of people on Russian, NA and EU forums complaining that our SEA exclusive code from last week doesn't work................ zero.
  5. HobartAWD

    USS Florida a decent TVII

    27 knots standard or 28.4 with the speed signal is not slow for T7. Also what ship isn't more fun to play when you are top tier? One of my first games in the ship I took massive damage from a Bismarck at 12kms while being bow on but angled at around 25 degrees. When I say massive I mean close to 50% HP. Had a bit of a WTF moment and after the battle decided to investigate Florida's armour scheme much more closely. Turns out that Florida has shot trap armour. The frontal citadel plate is not flat and has a step in it. The armour plate above the step is angled outwards at the top to increase the chance of shells ricocheting down and into the much thinner citadel roof below. Quote from the Wows Wiki: Armor-Piercing Internal Ricochets An AP shell that ricochets after penetrating armor will cause another instance of penetration damage in the section where the ricochet occurs. Additional ricochets will cause additional instances of penetration damage until the shell exits the ship or explodes from fuse activation. This extra source of damage is most commonly encountered when shooting at "turtleback" armor schemes (common on all German battleships and other nations' dreadnoughts). Plunging fire that is insufficient to penetrate interior decks may also ricochet, causing one or more extra instances of damage. So if I'm understanding this correctly (please set me straight if I am not) In my example of taking huge damage against Bismarck, my 25mm bow cannot bounce 380mm due to overmatch. So I got penned and took damage in the bow but the shells then most likely ricocheted off this shot trap area and got more damage by penning additional armour and getting citadels? In this pic everything below the barbettes is citadel. You can clearly see the shot trap area below and in front of the A turret barbette. Plus the upper citadel section is much wider than the lower citadel. AP bombers are going to love Florida.
  6. HobartAWD


    They did work for me and many in my clan. I am in Australia. They are time limited. You usually need to use them the day they come out and even then they might have expired if you don't get in quick.
  7. HobartAWD


    Thank You
  8. HobartAWD

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Not me, but a clan mate got a Warspite from a daily container. Makes my Krasny Krym that I got from a SC long ago, look not so special now...........
  9. HobartAWD


    Thank you
  10. HobartAWD

    jolly rogers(fake) flag code

    Thank You Still working
  11. HobartAWD

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    Yes. Don't know why WG do this. In my opinion if the ship is released and is not an OP never to be released again ship, it should be for sale always. Same with Makarov T6 RU cruiser. It is basically a Nurnberg with fewer torps but better AA. It is also hardly ever for sale, which is why I was happy to get it during the summer sale event.
  12. HobartAWD

    The Amazing Petropavlovsk

    Have you been typing bring back Kitakami as well? They listened to you on that one. Kronshtadt returning, we will have to wait and see.
  13. HobartAWD

    Anchorage impressions

    Also the agility and overall maneuverability is quite poor. Rudder mod is a must have. Balti gets 730m turning circle and 7.8 sec on the rudder. Anchorage gets a BB like 800m turning circle and an almost BB like 11.2 sec rudder shift time. Plus lots of players in reviews saying that it really feels very sluggish like a BB when trying to slow down to stop in smoke or stop next to an island for cover.
  14. HobartAWD

    Anchorage impressions

    That would be because it does not have Baltimore guns. Or AP shells It has Pensacola/New Orleans guns and AP shells. These are not super heavy Mk.21 US AP either, these are the older standard weight Mk.19 shells also. Baltimore has 10 sec reload on AP that has 5000 alpha at 762 m/s velocity with great pen. Anchorage has 15.5 sec reload with 4600 aplha but higher 853 m/s velocity but ok pen. Pensacola / New Orleans / Wichita and Anchorage all share these underwhelming AP shells. Plus she has much older and worse secondary and AA suite. Anchorage really gives up too much just to have good torps and smoke. So guns and AP shells you first get at T6, put on a T8 and put into T10 battles......... I think you mean penetration power is poor? Penetration angles are great as they still get the improved pen angles like all these US cruisers do. The penetration power is ok, certainly on par compared to other nations 8". However it is worse than the US heavyweight AP that Balti gets at T8. Yes hitting main belt and well armoured parts of BBs at that range, the AP will struggle to deal damage due to the poor pen power.
  15. HobartAWD

    The Amazing Petropavlovsk

    Do the bots usually answer you back when you type to them in chat in the training room?