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  1. HobartAWD

    YueYang nerf is a really bad idea

    Honestly what are they smoking/drinking over there? This unnecessary and unfounded nerf will totally ruin the ship. Pan Asian DD line isn't the most popular as it is, if YY gets this nerf what's the point of grinding the line if your goal is YY? Much better T10 DD to be found in other lines. It will become another DD that won't be used much as it will be low DPM and not able to effectively fight for caps against other DD. It's guns are its bread and butter when contesting caps obviously due to deep water torps. Agree with Notser's 2 hull idea that keeps guns good for smoke build and nerfs the radar build ship. Hopefully sanity will prevail and it doesn't come to that. Never going to happen but I agree that money should be refunded to people (like me) who forked out for the perma camo. If this nonsense gets to the live server I won't be playing the ship as much, if at all. I'll be sticking to Daring which I absolutely love. WG probably going to nerf that next too for no reason.
  2. HobartAWD

    Colonisation Intensifies : Vanguard Buffed

    Good to see Vanguard getting some love. As it was before it was going to be a very meh bote at T8.
  3. HobartAWD

    Best use of dubloons?

    Was expensive but I have put it on all my T10 ships. Not fun grinding to a T10 ship and not being able to enjoy the pinnacle of that long hard grind due to crappy T10 economy. T10 perma camo allows you to play them regularly and actually enjoy these great ships you have worked so hard for. For me as a co-op player with only prem account, 5 economy signals and the T10 perma camo, I regularly get as a minimum 100k profit per T10 game.
  4. HobartAWD

    Best tier for fun?

    +1 Fiji most definitely does rock. Fiji is my pick for the sweet spot of the entire line. Very similar ship to Edinburgh but you don't see T10s. So if you are playing for stress free fun, and are not grinding, why would you play Edinburgh?
  5. HobartAWD

    Best tier for fun?

    Maybe based on your own experience. Not sure I agree with that. Leander, Fiji and Mino are fantastic ships. Grinding to Mino is well worth suffering the few ships that were not so good. RN CL line was one of my favourite to grind. Maybe the high skill level needed puts some people off but I like a challenge. Plus it is only going to make you a better player if you can persevere and succeed at something more difficult.
  6. HobartAWD

    Best tier for fun?

    Hawkins, County and York Classes. Hawkins were a 1915 WW1 design and only had 7 single gun turrets. Some served into WW2 but were not in frontline positions due to begin old and obsolete. County Class has 3 sub-classes. Kent, London and Norfolk. HMAS Australia (II), and HMAS Canberra were County class ships of the Kent sub-class. Hoping, along with many others, that one of them gets added to the game as a Premium ship one day. Yorks were simply a cut down version of the County class. Only 6 guns in 3 turrets instead of the Countys 8 guns. Also Yorks had significantly less belt armour (3" vs 4.5"). HMS Exeter, the ship that was completely crippled and almost sunk by the Graf Spee, was of the York class. I'm actually interested to see what designs were put to paper but never implemented by the RN. I have books here on this but cannot find them due to having too much junk.
  7. HobartAWD

    Best tier for fun?

    That's going to be interesting considering there were only ever 3 classes of CA in the RN. And one of these were modified versions of the preceding class anyway. Time for WG to pull out the fantasy ships again...…………
  8. HobartAWD

    Well that's some Fair Dinkum BS right there...

    Have had this happen to me as well unfortunately. Many times. Worst thing is when the torpedo alarm is blaring and you cannot see any torps at all so you think you are ok...……. then BAM! Experienced a different bug many times that the wakes and little red markers for torps don't show up until there is 100% no chance to dodge. Torpedo alarm is going off but I cannot actually see the torps to dodge them until it is too late.
  9. HobartAWD

    Whats your favourite camouflage?

    For gameplay it's restless fire for commander training, and the old gamescom camo when playing Missouri. Show me the money! For looks and historical accuracy I like Hunter and as a nice extra is actually has decent bonuses too. I must be missing a heap of the special event camos as I count only 36.
  10. For those that don't know, Warspite is also modelled in game very poorly and sits way way too high out of the water. As a result she is showing a lot more of the torpedo bulge above the water line than she would at wartime displacement. Known issue for a long time but WG never listen and never fixed it. Plus Warspite is a T6 almost always facing T8 HE spam ships. She isn't going to fare well.
  11. HobartAWD, you kindly responded to my post, but I seem to have 'lost' your reply ref. GPU's to replace my nVidia 630... any idea how I can get your reply back?

    Thx, Mike

  12. HobartAWD

    WoWS UI is the worst across the platform

    It's very laggy in port for me too even with a GTX 1080 Ti. I am getting very similar GPU clocks and temps in port screen as I do in battle. Well designed and optimised game right there.
  13. HobartAWD

    unique upgrade, one in a life time only?

    You need to be careful what you click on, but I agree they should not be able to be sold.
  14. HobartAWD


    I put Ovechkin on my Grozovoi and he will moonlight on Leningrad also. That extra DD health on Groz or Leningrad is very useful
  15. HobartAWD


    Leningrad tries and fails. Le Terrible is Le speed king. (Dunce of everything else though)