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  1. Just installed the security update as a standalone install so I could see its impact directly. As far as its impact on WOWS game performance is concerned..... NADA. Runs exactly the same for me as it did before. Silky smooth with high 70+ FPS. In the words of Bill Shakespeare "Much ado about nothing"
  2. Thoughts on Kawachi and Myogi

    Huh? You do realise this is T3 and T4? If all T3 and T4 ships were quite good with no major bad points there would be no point of grinding through the tiers. They are not very good for a reason. Play the game so you are happy with your contribution and knowing you did all you could to support the team and aid in getting a win. WTR at the end of the day is just a number. It can be useful but it should not be relied on as the only measure of performance. You should enjoy the Kongo. I kept it for the operations................. and then WG removed T5 ships. Great top speed when upgraded. Huge improvement overall from the Meh-ogi. My favorite low tier IJN Battlecruiser is the Easy sushi (Ishizuchi). Orion is good also for the RN. At T4 Nikolai takes 1st place however if you are lucky enough to have one. Like me.
  3. Should i choose IJN or KMS

    Can't seem to offer feedback on your replay as I cannot view it. I get an xml error. Tried link on a couple of different browsers but no go. I really liked the Kongo. I'm at the Fuso now and have just grinded enough xp to fully upgrade the ship. I like the ship and have enjoyable games where i personally am happy with my damage and kills but also my contribution to the team overall. For me personally I'm not 100% in love with the more sniper play style of the IJN BB. I much prefer being able to actively contribute by getting more involved and brawling at closer ranges. Something that the IJN line doesn't do well. My favourite BB in game are Tirpitz and Scharnhorst. Had many great games in them. I prefer the KM line as i feel i can do more for the team as they allow me to play a more active role.
  4. Giulio Cesare

    First game i had in the ship was amazing. Decent speed, great maneuvering and great guns. Similar damage and xp to posted screenshots. Looking forward to more of the same please. Since then every single game the guns troll me hard. Barely hitting more than a couple of shells per salvo and the ones that hit do only 1000 damage to broadside BB and cruisers. I've put it down for now and gone back to my reliable KM BBs and Alabama and Mighty Mo. Sure there will be times that RNG says nope in these ships but it doesn't seem to last for days on end like for me in the Giulio. Guess my yearly sacrifice to the RNGesus was deemed highly inadequate
  5. Poor Ping = Poor RNG

    Personally I have experienced this on and off whether or not the cable is fixed or broken and both with good ping and bad ping. I didn't actually realise that the cable had broken again and I have been having great games lately. However I do still experience this issue of continually straddling the target for salvo after salvo from time to time. Fundamentally it is the problem with a heavily RNG based game. Sometimes try as you might, you just can't win a trick.
  6. Poor Ping = Poor RNG

    Ok. Good to know the issue will be eliminated in the future. I honestly am surprised it broke again as I haven't noticed any change in my average ping, considering I was getting upwards of 400 ms last time.
  7. It's actually a word. Implies that someone has less than stellar mental acuity. Cheers to Flambass the EU WOWS CC for his funny and speshul youtube vids.
  8. Poor Ping = Poor RNG

    Well there you go. Didn't know that. What do they repair it with? Sticky tape? I know it is not an easy thing to access and fix, but surely due to its importance they could do a better repair? My ping hasn't changed for the worse at all since it was fixed previously. Guess I am just lucky.
  9. Confirmed. Working now for me too. Why is it almost every patch something completely unaffected by the patch get broken?
  10. When you get one of those really super teams of speshul players remember this fun and handy fact
  11. Poor Ping = Poor RNG

    RNG isn't calculated on ping. Ping of course can affect how hard it is to land hits. 140 - 150 ms ping is quite good compared to before cable was fixed. If you are meaning that you are aiming with correct lead but shells are falling behind and in front of and all around target at the same time but not scoring many (if any) hits, this is normal. I have times when many games in a row I seem to straddle all my shells and don't deal a lot of damage. It is just the way dispersion RNG works. After a few more games or a change of ship it will change. It happens to me personally in BBs more than any other ship. Cable has been fixed for quite a while now. After it was fixed my ping instantly went from an unplayable 250-400 ms to down to 80 - 150 ms. Has been stable for me at around 110 ms average since the repair. I was having ok games even with the lousy ping before, but much better games now that it is down to a sub 150 ms ping. If cable had broken again so soon I am sure many other players would have noticed.
  12. Selling stock ship modules works. OP confirmed this already. Selling anything else, such as surplus camos or signals doesn't work and you get the error from screenshot in the opening post Unlocked the Fuso an hour ago. Just sold my Fuso stock propulsion module. Works. Again tried to sell one papa papa signal. Nope.
  13. I can't confirm as I don't have any modules to sell right now. Sold everything i didn't need already. Not real keen to try to sell my radar upgrade mod from super-container in case it decides to work. A bit annoying as I'm trying to get some extra credits to afford some new ships I'm about to unlock.
  14. Last week isn't a problem it no doubt worked for everyone. New patch dropped this morning and the since the update inventory wont allow you to sell anything.
  15. Yep confirmed not working. Same error message as your screenshot. Just tried to sell a single papa papa signal. No go. The inventory for me has been bugged for a couple patches now. Every time i load the game the first time i go to inventory it hangs and does an infinite loading loop but never gets to the inventory. Have to esc back to port and try again. I usually finally get to the inventory on the second or third try.