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    Encouraging the crew to paddle faster so we may catch up to our first ever enemy submarine

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  1. HobartAWD

    Struggling with CVs

    For someone with unicum to super unicum stats on CV including just shy of 65% winrate...... not sure to take this seriously or not.
  2. Didn't the T10 also not get included in the previous nerfs that many of the others got? Clearly there is an agenda at play here. Would not be that since we have early access for new lines and can pay our way to the T10, that making the T10 clearly more attractive will get them more money? Nah. Cant be that. More than a little sus.
  3. HobartAWD

    Auction (Ohio Flag for Premium Time [?])

    I usually buy 1 year when it is on sale. Had several friends and family do the same without telling me as a surprise over the course of a year or so. Now I have tons of prem time and no idea if i even still will be playing in that time frame. Can't refund or do anything with it which really blows.
  4. HobartAWD

    Auction (Ohio Flag for Premium Time [?])

    Hold my beer.......
  5. HobartAWD

    Ping since update.

    I have noticed it is a bit higher than usual. Normally I get 30-50 ms but since the update I am regularly getting 70-150 ms, or something around that.
  6. HobartAWD

    Not Loading Into Game / AFK

    Had it happen to me quite a lot in recent times, maybe 10 times in last year or so, that I will load into game but it will stay on team lineup screen and never actually enter battle. I can hear the battle going on but i cannot see anything except the loading screen. If I kill the wows.exe and restart, I then load back in and join the battle properly.
  7. @Vaxso @seezer Any chance we all could be enlightened as to why so many players never receive these offers? Why are they not offered to all players? What is the magic criteria that decides who does and who does not get it? Speaking for myself I would have definitely used this voucher if I received it and probably used some of the offers in the armory, but like so many times in the past I never get it while so many other players do.
  8. I have been playing since the first week of 2017. Playing extremely regularly I might add. Never once received any of these offers over the years that others mention they have got. Be interesting to know why many of us never see them at all.
  9. Agreed. I have certain ships that are my "go to" ships for certain ops. I would not bring them into other ops as for me they do not do well or are harder to perform doing different tasks in a a different op. Not a fan of being given a totally random op if I try to play a ship I only like to bring to specific ops. Having a random op when going solo is a terrible decision IMHO. Will have to encourage some clan members to div up so we can do some of the older ops that are returning. Or come and div up with the Wolves again. Also if the rewards do not scale with the increased difficulty then WG have totally missed the boat again. The rewards need to reflect the effort put in. As you say basically no point in taking a T6 or T7 from now on if going solo as you could find yourself the only T6 in an all T8 human player game with much harder enemy ships.
  10. HobartAWD

    Server tracking Ships speed is broken

    This annoys me a lot. Often the player doing the wrong thing gets away with it and thinks they did well. While the player who played well by positioning and aiming properly then has RNG or whatever causes this to screw them over. Agree it is clearly some kind of bug or game code issue. If it was some random mechanic then why do they never ever fall long only short.
  11. HobartAWD

    Server tracking Ships speed is broken

    Yes, has been happening to me a lot in the last year or so too. In open water perfectly aimed and they fall so short as to get zero hits from a full salvo. Or 1 hit from full salvo if i'm lucky. Also when ships sailing angled towards me, shoot at tip of bow and shells still land way short at times when they should be hitting upper hull or superstructure. Sometimes it is at very close range and i am amazed that my shells can all completely miss. I'm not shooting over islands either, as that usually very noticeably still will cause shells to drop short. Even though it has been reported a very long time ago, still not fixed.
  12. HobartAWD

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I got 100 Heal signals yesterday from a SC when picking coal from a daily. Already had something like 1200 but they will be useful.
  13. HobartAWD

    ​📰 Closed Test, Visual Improvements

    Agreed. Same for the newish water transparency effect around islands. Makes island hugging quite hard on many islands as it is very hard to tell what is water and what is land sometimes.
  14. Same here. Nothing in my armory at all. What gives? Very curious as to why these offers others mentioned are not in my armory. Ever. Same for many times in the past with armory and email offers that others say they received. Not saying I would 100% spend up big, but if i never receive them i certainly won't be. Very sus. @Not_Ch0m1n Any chance you could try to find out why so many players never received these offers?
  15. HobartAWD

    Can't access British ships after update

    They are working for me. You mean all British ships or do you mean the early access RN battle cruisers?