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  1. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    New Premium T8 French DD incoming Finally the Le Fantasque class is being added to the game! Looks like a mini Khab at T8 Main gun reload booster gimmick consumable. Takes 75% off reload for 10 seconds. Interesting that Le Terrible officially reached 45.1 knots on trials in 1935. In game she is being only able to do a lazy 43 knots. Balans™ reasons or just a different measurement used? French destroyer Le Terrible, tier VIII: Hit points – 18600. Plating - 19 mm. Main battery - 5x1 139 mm. Firing range - 11.2 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 2000. Chance to cause fire – 10%. Maximum AP shell damage - 2700. Reload time - 7.0 s. 180 degree turn time - 25.7 s. Maximum dispersion - 99 м. HE initial velocity - 840 m/s. AP initial velocity - 800 m/s. Sigma – 2.0. Torpedo tubes - 3x3 550 mm. Maximum damage - 14833. Range - 9.0 km. Speed - 60 kt. Reload time - 90 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability - 1.3 km. AA defense: 2x2 37.0 mm, range - 3.0 km, damage per second - 5. 1x1 37.0 mm, range - 3.0 km, damage per second - 2. 2x2 13.2 mm, range - 1.2 km, damage per second - 7. 2x1 13.2 mm, range - 1.2 km, damage per second - 5. Maximum speed - 43 kt. Turning circle radius - 690 m. Rudder shift time – 4.3 s. Surface detectability – 9.1 km. Air detectability – 4.6 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 3.7 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Smoke Generator Slot 3 - Engine Boost Slot 4 - Main Gun Reload Booster Reload Time of the Main Caliber -75%; Duration 10 s; Cooldown 90 s and 60 s for Main Gun Reload Booster II; Charges 3 and 4 for Main Gun Reload Booster II; All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  2. Premium ship summer sale

    Each offer only last for 1 day. Today is Scharnhorst at 50% off. If you don't have the Shiny horse, get it while you can at such a good price.
  3. Shootout. Aigle vs Blyskawica?

    Yeah, guess I'm being a bit romantic and reminiscing about the days when Blyska was a real terror. IMO she was one of the ships hit the hardest by the removal of stealth firing. Shame that she has become a bit of a shelf queen in my port. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought their detection range is exactly the same? Aigle is a BIG ship and her handling is rubbish also. Better rudder shift but much larger turning circle than Blyska. Doesn't really matter however as Aigle clearly has the DPM advantage. Aigle has 2000 damage HE and 4.8 sec reload vs Blyska with 1700 damage HE and 6.5 sec reload. I was thinking about adding Aigle to the collection with my coal, but will save it for other ships that might get added to the arsenal later. Littlewhitemouse gives Aigle a "Meh" rating. She has not steered me wrong yet on any ship I have bought.
  4. Why Normandie's AA is so bad?

    Lyon class was to be built after the Normandie class. The 4 ships of the Lyon class were to be ordered from January 1915 and laid down sometime that year. However they were cancelled after WW1 broke out. Lyon though is a complete paper ship, it was designed but never built. The 5 Normandies were laid down and in various stages of completion when they were scrapped. Except for Bearn which was completed instead as an aircraft carrier. Lyon has been completely hypothetically modernised by WG to simulate what she might have been like in the WW2 period. All the original secondary casemate guns are removed and replaced with modern turreted dual purpose secondaries. Her AA also, much like Richelieu, has been heavily reinforced with US 40mm bofors. Lyon pays for this excellent AA and extra turret by being a bit less nimble and a few knots slower than Normandie. Normandie in game is closer to what she would have been like if she had been built and received a French refit in the early 1930's focusing on the AA. All her AA is French. WG took more liberties with Lyon and gave her a thoroughly modernised secondary battery as well as a US AA refit.
  5. 4K GUI scaling still not fixed?

    Yes this is an issue that still exists but unfortunately 4k is not a resolution that has enough support at the moment to justify WG (as well as many other developers) to spend time and money to cater to. It is not silly, it is sensible. WG cannot in practical terms cater to every complaint about the game not being optimised for XYZ. Many Mac users have issues running WOWS with the codeweavers macwrapper. Again they are in a minority. When more WOWS players have taken up 4k and complain about it I'm sure WG will get the 4k UI scaling sorted. 4k definitely is not useless. 4k is the future. Most newer things are in the minority before they become more main stream. Even on a good 4k 27" screen the difference is very easily appreciated over 1080p and 1440p. Decent 4k monitor and a GPU to run 4k are not cheap. Most people will not be jumping at spending $2000+ on a 4k monitor and GPU unless they are in the market for a new PC, or until there is more choice especially for high refresh rate 4k monitors. For my recent new PC build I was very close to going down the 4k path. My GTX 1080 Ti GPU was bought to future proof me for 4k. Only reason I went with 1440p instead was the very limited choice of monitors that support G-sync and at least 144 hz. That has changed since I built the PC, but I am not going to run out and replace a 3 month old monitor just to get 4k. Maybe in the future I'll think about it.
  6. HMAS Vampire

    If you mean your shells needing to travel over the moon before hitting a target only 8 - 10 km away, then yes they are great guns.
  7. Shootout. Aigle vs Blyskawica?

    My vote is for Blyska. Aigle has terrible firing angles and very slow shells. 700 m/s for Aigle vs 900 m/s for Blyska. Blyska's firing angles for the 4th turret are not great but from memory are better than Aigle. Aigle needs to be very broadside to use all 5 guns, and Aigle being such a large and clumsy ship being broadside makes it very easy for a DD like Blyska with 7 guns firing fast shells to reliably hit you.
  8. I shot down a spotter plane in co-op with Kamikaze. I think I even kept a screenshot of it somewhere just for the LOLS.
  9. Is the USS Salem worth the coal?

    Nope. It will always be worse than Musashi, Kronshtadt and Missouri. The only thing you get with the stock camo is the 10% reduced repair cost. That's it. Despite being a premium ship you get no ship bonuses for credits or exp. If you spend 5000 doubloon on the TX perma camo it will get better, but it will still be well behind what these other premium ships, that actually have premium earning bonuses for credits and exp, will get you.
  10. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Musashi being just a wee bit OP is something we both agree on.
  11. Is the USS Salem worth the coal?

    Salem cannot mount a spotter plane (or a fighter plane). In real life she was built without any aircraft catapults. This is how WG modelled the ship in game. See my post above. Really the major differences between the 2 ships are Salem gets the uber heal but only Atlanta radar. Salem also does not get any economic bonuses (other than repair cost) unless you get the TX perma camo. @DFaultPlayR69 If you are a collector absolutely get the ship. As you can use coal and you don't need to use FXP to get her that is a huge plus as you can save FXP for other things and other ships. As a viable ship you are going to play regularly? That is entirely up to the individual buyer. A more tanky Des Moines with worse radar and worse economy does not appeal to me at all. But I already have Des Moines. If you don't and are not grinding the US cruiser line than maybe Salem will be more interesting to you.
  12. Why Normandie's AA is so bad?

    Normandie is a WW1 design ship. Aircraft were not really a credible threat to BB as yet so it was not in her design to have more AA. While the ship in game has a hypothetical AA upgrade it still fits well with her original design period. You can't always have your cake and eat it too. Normandie is very nimble and has a good turn of speed for a T6 BB. Guns are great too. You want super AA as well?
  13. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    No word on Musashi getting the same buff? Not a bad thing in my opinion to have some extra differences between the Yammy and the Musashi
  14. Yep. I had this same thing happen to me yesterday also. Thing that sucks is that I sold a heap of special signal flags to get credits to buy a module on my newest T10 the Republique. Didn't notice the exclamation mark thingy over my credits and doubloons (as it has never happened before) so I sold many millions worth of special signals and never got the credits. Lesson learnt.
  15. For me WOWS has been about setting goals. Not only for what I wanted out of the game but also for me to improve as a player. I simply could not mindlessly grind all the time if I was not heading towards something I was trying to achieve. If it is your goal to grind every line in the game than that should be your motivation. If you cannot find that motivation then maybe you need to change your goals. Otherwise you will just get salty and unhappy and lose interest with the game.