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  1. HobartAWD

    Enough is enough

    "After numerous stages of Closed Tests and three major Open Beta Tests, we are happy to announce that the new aircraft carrier gameplay is ready, and will soon arrive on the live server." It matters not how many stages of testing you have. It matters greatly if people know what the blazes they are doing and can spot serious issues early on. Statistical analysis from reading reams of server data is fairly useless if you do not get in there and play the ships and experience it for yourself. Statistics can be easily skewed and mis-interpreted without hands on knowledge and experience. Very clear for all to see from the huge differences in the 3 open beta tests, that it wasn't really ready for open beta let alone released on live server. Something very wrong if you need to change the AA power so drastically 3 times during open beta testing, AFTER "numerous" closed beta tests which should have at least gotten the AA system to something polished and balanced needing only minor tweaks. One is a number right? Must have been just one closed beta test, because if it was actually many how the heck does no one realise how poor it is and green light it to go to open beta???? Simply amazing. End of the day we are the guinea pigs for actual proper beta testing. Hopefully not so WG can collect more valuable statistics...….. What we have now is low or no spec AA ships can at times wipe out planes, while high spec AA ships can get wrecked and barely shoot anything down despite having DFAA up. Also attack planes flying over entire groups of ships to attack a ship on the other side and coming out basically unharmed. So much for safety in numbers It is so RNG based it is silly. Plus what iChase showed in his vid where he only attacked once and pressed "F" to recall his planes and then could take off again instantly without any time penalty just seems wrong. Unlimited aircraft is just a stupid idea plain and simple. Bottom line is, if this is what WG can achieve when they pull significant resources and put all their effort into something they are supposedly passionate to "fix and improve" for over 1 year...……. then heaven help us RIP WOWS
  2. HobartAWD

    Social Wolves - An Ops Div Group

    Will be keen to join if I can manage to stop falling asleep, usually at the PC, as soon as I get home from my second job late in the evenings. I just need to harden up and Git Gud™
  3. HobartAWD

    Has WG changed the economics?

    Think of it like a prepaid mobile plan. You are paying in advance for the ability to use your phone for that month (premium consumables for one battle in this case) Whether you use them (through need or choice) is entirely up to you, but you have paid for them being there regardless. At lower tiers unless I had the credits to waste, I would not bother myself.
  4. HobartAWD

    Russian DDs - Khaba line - still competitive?

    That's what I did. If I want to play a DD with cruiser level concealment I will play a cruiser. One day I might do the Khab line, but for now it not something that interests me. Groz imo has the best of both worlds. 3/4 Khaba guns but very useable concealment and decent if unspectacular torps. Plus since buff gets heal and smoke at same time.
  5. HobartAWD

    Is this a joke ...

    I saw that too. LOL. Seems the marketing department are all out of ideas about what to do since 0.8.0 got delayed and are scraping the bottom of the barrel again. Great idea to rent this ship for a week for $6.79 so that players can experience its unique and Le Terrible qualities to allow them to reach the informed decision to not buy it. Special offer indeed. EDIT: inb4 WG do it for real. Imagine the profit stream if you were to rent ships for a week like Belfast, Nikolai, Kutuzov, Missouri and Kamikaze etc...…. for a nominal fee of course
  6. If you enjoy BB and like the more aggressive playstyle get Tirpitz. If you like CA playstyle get Atago. I own both. They are, I'm pretty sure, the first 2 premiums I ever bought and I still play them now. I cannot say that about many prem ships I have. I greatly enjoy both of these ships. If you like playing BB and getting into a great position where the enemy is completely broadside to you at a good intermediate range and dealing basically no hits and no damage, look long and hard at Roma. When you expect and need the guns to deal damage they don't, and when you take a speculative shot at something heavily angled and turning you get citadels. If you want to own a ship that makes German BB accuracy look excellent and will make you want to exit a battle early out of sheer frustration at the mind boggling inconsistency of the guns, do it now buy Roma. Roma is a beautiful ship but it will troll you with it's extremely inconsistent guns. I do not expect a ship to insta delete everything I fire at. I however, like most players, do not enjoy a ship that requires significant sacrifices and prayers to RNGesus almost every single battle just for it to function
  7. HobartAWD

    Is this a joke ...

    If anyone can do it @Max_Battle the posterchild for all day gamer can! 1 Mill base exp in 48 hours? No Worries Yes as Max said it is simply a placeholder mission to record battle results to see if you get a reward from the event. Shame the info telling everyone this is rather obscure, and there is no mention of this on the actual personal mission. All rather confusing really
  8. Sigma never tells the whole story. A higher sigma value simply means that more shells will impact closer to the point of aim. Despite 1.7 sigma not being great, if these RU BB have ok horizontal dispersion and excellent vertical dispersion values like Nikolai, they will be very good. Nikolai's shells tend to spread out left and right of point of aim (ie along the waterline) but not spread out high or low of the point of aim too much.
  9. HobartAWD

    Is this a joke ...

    Don't worry I did the same thing this morning. I clicked to sign up to the event a couple of days ago, but since I work 2 jobs 6 days I did not have time to read everything associated with the event. Got a surprise when I noticed a new personal mission of 1 Mill base exp to be completed in 2 days Would be very hard for WG to put some description on the personal mission to explain this is linked to the leader board part of the event, you know to avoid this kind of confusion
  10. HobartAWD

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Without engineers the officers don't either
  11. HobartAWD

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    Well thank goodness for that. Had me worried for a sec there. I agree with a German Coal/FXP bote coming to the game I have not heard anything but I hope it happens soon (not SOON™)
  12. HobartAWD

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    "Alaska in 0.8.0 is NOT confirmed" Musashi and Kronshtadt being removed in 0.8.0 is confirmed. Unlikely WG will replace them with nothing and miss this great opportunity to extract 1 Mill FXP from players
  13. HobartAWD

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    Don't forget the average WOWS player cannot do 2 things at once so expecting them to look at the minimap and make decisions based on that info is obviously above most of us. Actually I think it is true as I can never do these 2 things at the same time. I never read about WG making changes and expect well thought out results to come from those changes, so I think they might be onto something...…
  14. HobartAWD

    10K Battles

    She is the sister ship to Baguettes
  15. HobartAWD

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    Good, we get the existing CV and AA system for another whole week before the game gets ruined by the rework version. But why do I have to wait even longer for my new pixel bote? I want Alaska Dammit! I want it now