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  1. HobartAWD

    Funny moment in low tier battle

    Just be thankful this was at lower tiers and not T10 and the Pan Asian DD player complains after dying, about his "magical broken torpedoes" that keep missing all the DD's he has been shooting at. Free XP is a nice thing to have, but using it to advance to T10 of a line without playing any lower tier games or doing any research into the traits of those ships can get you into plenty of trouble
  2. HobartAWD

    [Reminder] New Legendary Upgrades when, WG?

    The "premium" coal and steel ships and research bureau ships should not get one they are fine as is. Well not "fine" at all, but you know what I mean. Kremlin doesn't need a legendary mod at all. The recent so called "nerf" showed exactly how overperforming Russian ships are treated when WG are forced to nerf them. Been waiting a long time for one for Daring. Not sure Harugumo and Kleber need one to be honest, but it would be nice to have the option of one for some varied gameplay
  3. HobartAWD

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    But it is a Russian ship comrade...…….. surely they wouldn't be that sadistic, would they?
  4. HobartAWD

    Italian cruisers opinions - Buffs needed

    To my mind SAP seems to be a knee jerk reaction to all the hate against HE spam and fire damage from ships like Smolly, Conq, Harugumo, Wooster, (insert HE spam ship here), etc etc... What to do to stop releasing HE spamming ships? Release an entire line of ships that cannot HE spam. Brilliant! Only problem is that they are so mediocre with stupid long gun reload, rubbish torps and unable to support team with no DFAA or hydro, they will hardly be played. GG WG.
  5. HobartAWD

    High ping times/packet loss to WG servers

    Same here. I am getting spikes and not a constant lag. Goes up to anywhere from 500 - 2000 ms, but only for a short time, then settles back down to the normal 100 ms I usually get.
  6. HobartAWD

    Italian Token

    Never hated on pasta. Never insulted olive oil. Never said a bad word about Italian cars..... well maybe one or two things were said in jest, just observations really, about Fiats and Alfa Romeos. Come on, who hasn't right? French RNGeesus loved me when I got the Mogador on like the 3rd try in those bundles. With Italian RNGeesus im not feeling the love as much. Genova. Last. Dead last. 22 of 22. Well as the saying goes, at least my luck cannot get any worse...……. Hopefully
  7. HobartAWD

    Getting Genova in random bundle

    Well seems I used all my luck in getting Mogador on like the 3rd try in those bundles. Genova. Last. Dead last. Bundle number 22.
  8. HobartAWD

    Coop Battles needed more love.

    While I am very happy that co-op mode is getting some love, I can see a very big issue. As it is now co-op games can be over in under 4 minutes with alarming regularity. What happens is that the DDs and Cruisers who spawn further forward and are the faster ships charge in and get all the kills. Enemy team loses points for getting ships killed and because they have not capped and received any points, game ends when their points reach zero. Even when there is still one or two enemy ships still alive. This is only going to get worse if there are now 9 ships that lose the enemy team points when they get killed. I have countless screenshots of games ending in the 3-4 minute range. Also there are slower ships in the game, even at higher tiers. A lot of battles it is a complete waste of time clicking the battle button as the kills are all taken and the game is over before you have even had a chance to shoot at anything because you were physically never in range of anything and the enemy reached zero points. Some games are over so fast that sailing at full speed directly towards the nearest cap and the game will end before you get there. GG WG Happy to see attention being given to co-op but I cant' help but feel that it is slightly misdirected and it doesn't address the core problem with the co-op game mode, which is the sheer amount of battles that cannot even last 1/5th or 1/6th of the 20 minute game time. If co-op is meant to be a training tool to help transition to random battles, I fail to see how YOLO tactics and the game being over in 3-4 minutes helps to teach you anything.
  9. HobartAWD

    Conqueror: Where are her 457mm Guns?

    You can add me to that list. I thought that nothing was coming anytime soon so I got Yoshino for kicks and giggles. Proceeds to spend the coal without a discount coupon and 3 days later Smolensk arrives! Didn't I feel like a dill . I now have fixed that mistake and got both Smolensk and Thunderer. Would not have bought Yoshino if I knew this in advance as I am not going to play it much. Probably was announced when it was coming, but I work 2 jobs 5-6 days a week and don't feel the need to look at my phone every 23.6 seconds like a teenager
  10. HobartAWD

    Conqueror: Where are her 457mm Guns?

    Upfront I will say that I had Conq very early on and grinded to unlock the 457mm guns. I also have Thunderer. Conq with 457mm guns you were not missing out on anything. Trust me it isn't a nerf. Removing an option that was barely used because it was so terrible is not a nerf. It is doing everyone a favour. The 419mm guns are way better. I used the 457mm guns for a grand total of 4-5 games in coop and then never touched them again. Playstyle didn't change, just you would not land more than 1 or 2 shells on average every salvo from your 8 shells. 419's do a little less alpha but you consistently land way more shells. Legend mod Conq with the 419mm guns is a real lot of fun. BB armour on a very agile 10.4 sec rudder hull with the 419mm guns is a hoot to play. I never show side intentionally in any BB I play, so even after the citadel was raised I was still having good games. The AP shell fuse change also means now the Conq AP is very deadly and makes intelligent ammo choice very rewarding. While you can still play like before and just spam HE all game, switching to AP is a highly recommended tactic now, even against BBs. I would call the shell fuse change a huge buff. Overall I am enjoying Legend mod Conq with the 419mm way more than before. WG's decisions are their own. They could have chose to make the 457mm option work better on Conq but they chose to release a new ship with the improved 457mm guns.
  11. Um you might want to check that. My Huanghe only has 6 guns. 3x2 configuration. Last time I checked anyway. I'm happy if she has grown an extra turret since I last played her...….. Goes well enough in Aegis if you want to train a captain up for her or Irian.
  12. I ended up getting the Huanghe, but already had them all so got the dubs as compensation. Only T6 prem I didn't have was the Makarov, so I was expecting to get that, but I didn't. It wasn't even listed. What's the deal, seems it is made of Stalinium Unobtainium. Never in the store either web or in game. Definitely don't need it, but my OCD wants to get the last T6 prem I don't have
  13. Molotov is excellent for Operation Aegis. T9 Donskoi guns on a T6 hull. AP is godlike. Any cruiser that shows you broadside out to max range is gonna be in for a lot of hurt. Just need to get used to the crappy sluggish handling and zero armour and use those WASD hax boi
  14. Never heard anyone say that out loud before. Good for you.
  15. HobartAWD

    DD Streamers

    I like watching vids like that as I learn something. Knowing what I have done wrong and what I actually should have done, and paid attention to in that same situation is what makes you a better player. When you stop wanting to learn and think you know it all you stop improving. I like watching wows vids for fun and laughs, but I do appreciate players who explain why they did what they did at that moment and their thought process behind it. Flambass and Flamu do this quite a bit too, in most of the vids I have watched anyway.