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  1. Where it says game settings in the upper left, have you tried clicking on "add game to firewall exceptions". If no joy there try clicking on "check and repair" to verify your game files are intact and not corrupted. It appears that the WGC program is connected to the internet as the new feed has updated the "2nd anniversary event" it says today at 11.38 AM. Strange that the program has an internet connection but can't run the update.
  2. Izumo looks funky also, but not that many people get exited to get her! Sounds like you were out of position and overextended unable to disengage and had zero cover from islands. Because she's quite slow you need to be able to use terrain to your advantage to protect yourself from Kutuzov (and others) HE spam. If you are left as the only target in the open..... You will burn real good. Having fire prevention on your capt is not a get out of jail free card if you do not know how to manage damage control and repair party. I find it hard to believe that your HP went from 100-0 in under a minute if you had both dama con and heal available. If you are in a situation where you know you messed up and it will take time to disengage you cannot insta hit dama con even when you are a towering inferno of multiple fires. You can use heal to negate damage but you hit dama con when there is little chance of getting set on fire again. ie: disengaged and not getting focused anymore.
  3. Ise class are proper battleships that were modified to have a small complement of aircraft and a small flight deck to be hybrid battleships. They still had the same armour after CV conversion. Tosa class were also classed as battleships. That's correct. Only completed battlecruisers were the original spec Kongo's. After refit they were almost fast battleships but armour was still weaker than contempories from other navies. Amagi was laid down but destroyed by an earthquake and Akagi was converted to a CV. I would rather have an incomplete line, like the IJN sub branch, rather than WG fantasy ships.
  4. No wonder you are "extremely unsatisfied" with the high tier economy if you do nothing in the battle. No spotting, no damage and no contribution for your team. Many zeroes added together equal zero. You seem to expect many zeroes to add together to equal 150k credits. Doesn't work that way.
  5. No. Not at all. It's not historically accurate. Like I said if there ever is a new second IJN BB line, like the IJN destroyer split, maybe we will see new high tier ships and maybe the super Yamato in a new TX spot. It is WG after all. They have been known to do slightly oddball things at times.
  6. Having a lot of fun in the British BB's and CL's. I do mainly play co-op though due to abysmal ping, so PvP experience may be a bit different. RN CL's while fragile are very rewarding for the thinking player willing to put time into learning the playstyle. I really enjoyed the Tier 4 Danae, but yes the Leander is the first RN CL that shines through. I'm currently about 3/4 through the T7 Fiji grind. Also an excellent ship. Honestly if you can make the Nurnberg work you should be ok with the RN CL's. Having smoke is something the Nurnberg could use seeing as she is so fragile. Lower tier RN BBs are a bit OP in my opinion. T3-5 you can easily citadel CL with your HE and do massive damage, not to mention the hilariously good fire chance. As mentioned decent armour but very slow turrets and weak torpedo protection coupled with weaker AP shells. T3-5 AA very underwhelming. All RN BBs T3-6 are a bit slow. KGV is the first with a decent turn of speed. Queen Elizabeth is a bit of a change compared to the Warspite in all honesty. A bit odd seeing as she is the same ship. If I had a choice I would pick the Warspite. QE has slower rudder and a much worse turning circle. Slower turrets than the Warspites already slow buffed turrets. Like the Warspite also you will catch fire a lot due to big hard to miss superstructure. She does get the best AA suite at tier 6 I believe. Can be a bit of a no fly zone if optimised for AA. Main guns are glorious! Very tight groupings and very accurate. Very slow shells though. Only bizarre thing is I got occasional shatters at close range against other BB belt armour. Also I got overpens and shatters on 2 occasions in the same close range volley on a BB. Don't remember that ever happening on the Warspite. WG physics™ hard at work. I'm at the KGV myself but have not played a single game due to only unlocking her yesterday.
  7. Both parties incur collision damage and I would assume pink points. Sometimes a bit hard to tell who did the bump. ie: sailing in formation and torps are spotted and 2 ships evade by turning into each other. In reality though in open seas, no excuse for a DD or CL to be unable to stay out of a CV or BBs way. A lot of the time only one party actually is at fault but it's careless and unintentional and not deliberately malicious. Unless you can prove it and submit a replay showing deliberate and continued obstruction of your ship to WG. Unfortunately CC's who have raised this issue and provide a replay to WG get told that the issue has been dealt with. Then that same player was seen playing again the same day and doing the same deliberate buffoonish things over and over again. I've been pink a few times. Not sure about the damage threshold to turn pink increasing or decreasing. Each time the "games to lose the pink" threshold increased. 3 games, 5 games, 7 games, I think from memory. Not sure if it decreases over time for "good behaviour". As it has been quite a while since I was last pink I'm not real keen to go and do some hands on research to find out either!
  8. Not so sure all Yamato owners who worked hard for the grind are gonna just say yes please to a big nerf to 18" overmatch mechanics and 18" shell alpha. Yamato is the pinnacle, I cannot see it being knocked off Tier X. Nerf the Yamato and if I were WG I would be . It just isn't practical or logical. End of story. If there is ever a second IJN BB line there may be a new 2nd line Tier X. Maybe we will see this super Yamato then?
  9. reload time doesn't change the overmatch mechanics of 18" shells lol
  10. Unlocked the Grozovoi just yesterday. My SC was waiting for me right after the first battle I played. 50 of the 10% AA buff flags. Something useful would have been nice.
  11. I unlocked and bought the TX Grozovoi just yesterday and played a battle right away with a 10 point captain but no ship upgrades cus I was exited to try her out. My first and only TX. My SC was instantly there after winning and returning to port. 50 of the 10% buff to AA flags. Not real useful to me but hey can't get the jackpot every time. Hope anyone still waiting for theirs are hopefully not too far away.
  12. If wind gets introduced to push sailing ships, just wait for all the simulation cry-babies who will be screaming for wind to affect shell dispersion for added realism. Yeah good old WG Realism™
  13. Cheers for the heads up. When I've extracted all the fun out of my Grozovoi I'll go to WOT and take a look.
  14. It is working as intended. You are confusing the achievement with the reward. You got the achievement "skipper on deck" 10 times. You receive the signal flag reward only once per 24 hours. The actual achievement can be had many times in a day. Proven by the fact you got it again the very next battle. Just so you know, this is the same way most other achievements work. Kraken, clear sky, dreadnought, confederate, witherer etc.... These all can be achieved once per battle, but you will only get the signal flag reward once per 24 hours.
  15. Yeah, bringing the mighty 18" guns down to tier 9 to bring the smack down on even lower tier and less well armoured ships ........ not the greatest idea I've ever heard.