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  1. Log in as invisible

    Awkward when you run into somebody you're hiding from in the middle of a battle!
  2. Premium shop info

    I got that too, so its not that user specific considering I rarely play IJN BBs.
  3. Alternative Premium Ship Camoflages

    Sharnhorst does have an alternate camo, Arctic, you had to earn it thorugh an event. I'm not oppsed to having more premium camo choices but I dont like the idea of having to buy them, something like Missouri would be fine, where it comes with two different camo schemes. I'd like to see the possibility of more choice for tech tree premium camos though, especially since there are some temporary camos that look a lot better than the premium ones
  4. Stolen kills

    If I'm playing BB I wont waste a salvo on a low health target unless I think he's going to escape and be able to heal. I'm not really worried if somebody finishes my target off for me, thats one less ship firing back and we can all move on to the next target. Kill stealing can be a bit frustrating when there is a mission, especially when it seems like the person doing it is intentionally doing it for a mission. But in the end if you play well you'll still end up with kills to complete the mission, so not a huge worry. I've also held fire on a low health target so sombody can get kraken, it was done once for me too when there was only one enemy left.
  5. Performance issue after 0.7.2

    I honestly have no idea, this old rig just keeps on going! like I genuinely dont know, it seems to defy all logic, but I dont really mind so long as it keeps on doing so I have turned down the graphics a bit but I'd say on average I'm running things on medium settings. I feel like things have gotten a bit off topic here though. Is anybody else having a performance drop after the latest update?
  6. Performance issue after 0.7.2

    Ive got a pretty old system, but I can still run a lot of things well. intel core 2 duo E8400 3GHz, nvidia GTX 660
  7. Is Conqueror really a foolproof warship?

    You can still help your team a lot in Conqueror by drawing a lot of enemy fire. I find that if there are five or six ships shooting at me as I zig-zag all over the show it means that allied ships have more chance to manoeuvre properly, and once they've done that I can disengage and heal. People seem to forget that a BBs job isn't just to deal damage but also to soak it up. That being said it can be fragile, going 1 on 1 with another T10 BB and your only really choice is to burn them down. Also if you get caught too close to the front and take a few torps then its all over. Like any ship it has its own playstyle and tactics to be most effective, it is very possible to play Conqueror badly Also I wouldn't really use PT as a good reference point, the games there tend to play out far differently than on this server.
  8. Performance issue after 0.7.2

    Im the same as Drakon, It went from 50ish down to 30ish
  9. Repair base

    unless you put the repair base right in the middle of the map, all exposed
  10. Inventory showing in Japanese

    I also have this problem, and Frank you assumed correctly it is Japanese.
  11. How to find Aussie clan

    https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/282-english-clan-section/ Hopefully that helps
  12. Does DoY need buff?

    The only thing that needs to be improved is the accuracy of its guns, as it is it's like firing grapeshot from a carronade!
  13. The Duke's guns dont work

    I can agree with the OP, there are a few times where at 5 or 6km away I've landed one hit with a broadside, RNG can be pretty fickle with DoY, there have been other games where I've scored citadels on BBs at max range, if you're on target its just the luck of the draw. Still haven't got a dev strike with it though
  14. that would be a D*#% move if they were waiting for the 100% first win to finish. Hopefully its just a bug and will be fixed soon.
  15. You beat me to posting this by one minute! I've noticed the same thing, is it registering progress but not showing it, or is it just not registering at all?