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    Где то в Тихоокеанском море
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    Politics, diplomacy, military history, technology and tactics, psychology, global systems - economics etc, science and the scientific method. Have also been known to watch some Sci-Fi and anime, and play (addictively) various PC and console games

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  1. blauflamme22

    Suck game and suck company!

    By the sounds of it I think a few vodkas to take the edge off would be more helpful, or perhaps something stronger
  2. blauflamme22

    Admiral Hipper - Well that makes perfect sense.

    Putting Admiral Hipper in Admiral Hipper sounds a bit dirty. or maybe that's just me because I've spent a bit to much time on boats like Admiral Hipper
  3. blauflamme22

    Admiral Hipper - Well that makes perfect sense.

    meow how many times can you say admiral hipper meow?
  4. blauflamme22

    fix your damn game

    My UAZik has four windscreen wiper speeds but only three positions on the lever! But even when half of the things in it are broken it'll still start so I guess there's that. Also I too have noticed the pen damage seems a bit off recently
  5. blauflamme22

    Clan battles fail again?

    По техническим причинам клановые бои тестового сезона «Север» в выходные, 10 и 11 ноября, отменяются For technical reasons clan battles of the test season "North" on the weekend 10 and 11 November are cancelled. @RalphTheTheatreCat I do so you don't have to. how's that for service!
  6. blauflamme22

    Clan battles fail again?

    technical issues again
  7. I actually mentioned this set up as a premium a few years back, you can still find it the the developers suggestions section of the forum in case you want to upvote it
  8. blauflamme22

    unique upgrade, one in a life time only?

    If you "accidentally" sold it you can send a ticket to support and they can reinstate it to your account https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/23025/
  9. blauflamme22

    Any BB newbie friendly line?

    personally I'd recommend the French line, its a decent all round line, they aren't brawlers like the Germans but the can get in close which other lines don't do so well, but unlike the Germans they can also do quite well at range like the more conventional lines. the UK line is quite beginner friendly because you can spam HE but it gets boring after a while, and never really gives you the opportunity to learn decent BB play because you can spam your way to T10 pretty easily. The french line is definitely the one I've had the most fun playing.
  10. blauflamme22

    What's Russian for "John Doe"?

    @AntifoulAwl is right, its Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov
  11. blauflamme22

    clans 7.10 fail

    What is the deal with clan battles? Just looking before in game said a session would start now but its not an option to be selected anymore and there seems to be conflicting times and dates on the website, we keep getting teams organised because we're keen to test things out and get some oil but nobody really seems to know whats happening
  12. blauflamme22

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I just like Lazo's camo, can they make that for the rest of the Russian line please
  13. Well done WG, I'm with Icy on this one, when will we get to see the names and punishment of those who did this on the Asia server?
  14. Honestly I don't see how naming and shaming a proven bot or cheat would breach privacy laws, you're literally just posting an In game name and stats to the forums, this doesn't reveal any personal data about the player (its very hard to have any personal data at all if you're a bot. but It would, in my opinion dramatically improve morale for the genuine player base. Since the beginning of time justice has often been served in a very public forum, because that's the most effective way to prove to people that the authorities are taking action. Innocent until proven guilty, but when proven guilty given appropriate punishment and shown as such on the public record.