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  1. blauflamme22

    Why are the doubloons always gone?

    To be fair to drunk you that is one of the coolest camos in the game.
  2. blauflamme22

    Thanks Weegee for making me semi-hard grinding.

    I actually think hindy's one is pretty good, and worth grinding for if you like playing that ship
  3. blauflamme22

    Thanks Weegee for making me semi-hard grinding.

    And I'm just sitting back chilling since I've had Moskva and the unique upgraded for ages
  4. blauflamme22

    Forum Connection Issues

    I, like everybody else here, have also had the problem, and given its happened twice is as many weeks it would be nice to hear from WG as to what is going on and how they are fixing it. @Nya_gaming Can you give us any info?
  5. blauflamme22

    Let's talk T10 DDs

    I enjoy republique more too, but I would recommend Kremlin over both if you want to play competitive
  6. blauflamme22

    How is your British CA event going?

    Now I really want that boat! Combat wise it might be average but who wouldn't want to enjoy Devonshire Tea whilst sailing around
  7. blauflamme22

    The Double Standard With The National Ensigns

    Damn it, why do all these loose threads happen when I'm, asleep? I'm too late, but I'll have my say anyway - I agree with the OPs point, getting worked up about some countries flags and not others is petty, and while I understand that games have to comply with various laws etc I do think the fear of these symbols is often overblown, and while they shouldn't be used trivially or for hate, banning there use or deliberately hiding from them is also not right and has on occasion in history lead down some dark paths too. I'm not sure why Rommel is involved in this, the one obvious thing here is @Max_Battle clearly isn't a fan of Liddell Hart. 😂 I don't think Rommel was any better (and there were certainly many worse) than other German generals of the time. But whether you like the guy or not it should be noted he was a capable Commander and he managed well in North Africa given he never had the numbers or resources to win
  8. blauflamme22

    Tennis is my Spirit Animal

    The fact that buying the PR with dubs briefly crossed my mind after seeing how ridiculous the grind was also spooked me a bit, and combined with the who fiasco and the poor handling it put me right off WoWS which was a good thing, because it tempered my Christmas crate spend up a lot. I've spent a lot less time in game and only jumped on to play a few games with mates rather than do any grinding, it actually turned out to be a good reset. Instead I've been playing a whole lot of Assassins Creed Odyssey - picked it up on a massive discount and at a quarter of the price of a high tier pixel boat the difference in value for money is palpable. This is a good bit of wisdom, and something I need to do more often too! That is why I opened it up once, saw what it was about and quickly closed it vowing not to open it again. And good luck with the move mate, it looks like a nice place and a good spot to observe the whales - rather than become one
  9. blauflamme22

    IJN DD Line Difference?

    Also despite being in the gunboat line of the split Shiratsuyu is actually a better torp boat than Akatsuki, and can be a lot of fun if you play it with TRB, though it's a completely unforgiving option without the smoke
  10. blauflamme22

    What can i say.....................

    I just thought it is because you are honourable and don't want to seal club. but it turns out if it weren't for the CVs you'd be out brutalising everybody in your Nikolai
  11. blauflamme22

    Tennis is my Spirit Animal

    Yes, wouldn't that be nice - a civil playing environment. The tennis is great to watch, especially Wimbledon, because that's all the sportsmanship plus the classic white outfits. The handshake at the end bugs me though, why cant they shake hands properly, why the clasp? Also Good to see you lurking there Max, was wondering where you'd been, thought maybe one of your alts had gotten you into trouble, perhaps Max_British had been taken to the yard after being caught walking on the grass or something terribly untoward like that.
  12. blauflamme22

    How is your British CA event going?

    Nice for the bonuses but they are kind of ugly, and not typical of the RN
  13. blauflamme22

    Roma is not trash tho.

    That's a solid game there Lawrence! I like my Roma but I tend to get the experiences that Moggy described, being trolled by those guns. Still, I'd play that boat just to enjoy looking at it, its a beautiful ship.
  14. blauflamme22

    How is your British CA event going?

    I haven't gotten anything so far, though I haven't been trying much, I'm playing pretty casually and enjoying some downtime after the Christmas/New Years event. I do think it would be better if there was a guarantee of getting a ship after spending a certain number of tokens, even if its just the T5 ship. That being said It doesn't actually take very long to grind through the low tiers, so I'm not too worried if I don't get any ships at all this update. Better to just enjoy the game that get frustrated with WGs lottery
  15. blauflamme22

    Lunar Boxes results

    The whole point of WG gimmicks is they never give you what you want