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  1. NO NO NO SH1T

    I second that. They haven't even sorted the CV rework. Besides, have any of the people clamoring for subs bothered to learn anything about them? they're raiders not participants in major fleet actions. Maybe WG need to add a mode where you endlessly search for merchant ships on the Ocean map at 5kts only to find that the first ship you come across 15 minutes into the game is a destroyer that sends you to Davy Jones' locker winthin a minute, so everybody can finally see how pointless subs would be in the game
  2. Real Karma?

    This thread has gotten more off track and become more chaotic that Field Marshall Haig's battle plans
  3. Things you'd like to see

    Yea, but if the British and commonwealth lines were merged to British Empire or something like that then you'd be able to move captains across ships. At the moment the only ships in the commonwealth line are premiums, more there for collectors or something a bit different but no use for training captains, also they share a lot of similar traits with the British lines. Remember at the time of River Plate the NZ ship that fought there was still part of the Royal Navy, as part of its "New Zealand Division"
  4. Ribbon board

    So, A while ago patches were introduced to the game, along with special badges that can be worn instead of a patch that show a certain level of achievement, like being top three a certain number of times etc. The problem is you can only wear one at a time and with so many players having achieved various levels of this the badges are hardly unique. How about instead of having the badges, everybody gets to have a patch and beneath the patch there can be added a ribbon board with ribbons that can display these various achievements. so for example you could have a Soviet command ribbon level one, then Soviet command ribbon with Bar. you could also add ribbons for participating in various campaigns and events much like like the theatre ribbons awarded in real life for service in various campaigns and regions. I know there are the badges in game dreadnought, first strike etc, and the ribbon bar wouldn't replace these, but it would be a nice way for experienced players to display their achievements in a vary quick to read format, so when the message comes up showing the patch of the player that sank you and you see a packed ribbon board beneath it you know the person has been around a while and achieved a few milestones/levels of skill. I'd be keen to hear others thoughts on the idea
  5. Things you'd like to see

    Reading this just makes me want to go and raise my Achilles thread from the dead, necromancy here I come
  6. Real Karma?

    You'll just have to go watch Blackadder, otherwise that reference will be more obscure that a reference to the word obscure, in a rare old dictionary in a back alley bookshop full of obscure books and strange curiosities.
  7. Looking for an Aussie clan

    The clan section is hard to find, it sits in its own little part of the forums home page, here's a link https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/282-english-clan-section/ Also KOOKA is looking for active players who are looking to div up and have a bit of banter on discord. There's no requirement for T10 ships at the moment since we're a growing clan but having a T10 cruiser by the time the next clan battles season starts certainly wouldn't go amiss. If that sounds like what you're looking for flick us a request in game and one of the commanders/recruiters will get back to you. Hope this helps.
  8. Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    I'm annoyed at it too. when I saw that, I was about to open my wallet then read the fine print. When will WG give us some decent incentives for existing players? @icy_phoenix past purchases? one can only dream!
  9. Ranking

    It's common knowledge that you will get much more XP and credits from playing random than playing Coop. Also getting shot up and sunk isn't a good way to earn XP in random, dishing out damage is. If you're low on credits try playing T7, the credit income is decent and the after match repair costs aren't too bad, that plus the scenarios are good ways to earn credits if you don't have have a premium account or permanent camos for your high tier ships.
  10. So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    Was wondering the same thing, but I still choose eagles, maybe it's the challenge of being the underdog or maybe its just self loathing.
  11. Log in as invisible

    Awkward when you run into somebody you're hiding from in the middle of a battle!
  12. Premium shop info

    I got that too, so its not that user specific considering I rarely play IJN BBs.
  13. Alternative Premium Ship Camoflages

    Sharnhorst does have an alternate camo, Arctic, you had to earn it thorugh an event. I'm not oppsed to having more premium camo choices but I dont like the idea of having to buy them, something like Missouri would be fine, where it comes with two different camo schemes. I'd like to see the possibility of more choice for tech tree premium camos though, especially since there are some temporary camos that look a lot better than the premium ones
  14. Stolen kills

    If I'm playing BB I wont waste a salvo on a low health target unless I think he's going to escape and be able to heal. I'm not really worried if somebody finishes my target off for me, thats one less ship firing back and we can all move on to the next target. Kill stealing can be a bit frustrating when there is a mission, especially when it seems like the person doing it is intentionally doing it for a mission. But in the end if you play well you'll still end up with kills to complete the mission, so not a huge worry. I've also held fire on a low health target so sombody can get kraken, it was done once for me too when there was only one enemy left.