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  1. blauflamme22

    A useful method for dodging Rocket Fighters

    Bar a few situations that depend on your positioning it is almost always better to turn into torps whether fired from ships or aerial launched
  2. blauflamme22

    I want some tactics and strategies of IJN DDs

    The forums hate necros but also don't like double ups so damned if you do, damned if you don't As for play style, I think Icy's guide still stands up. Not that much has changed, there are more CVs, but life in a CV game is much easier now than it was in a pre-rework game with a CV. Sure rockets might take a chunk of your health at the start but its better than being devstruck a minute in. And sure you may be spotted a bit, but it's better than being perma-spotted for a whole game by a fighter squadron following you around. If a DD player is interested in how to counter rocket planes now then @Moggytwo has written a handy guide with a pretty picture too, that is applicable to all DDs
  3. blauflamme22

    I want some tactics and strategies of IJN DDs

    better to bring back an old post if people are interested than to start a new one. The forums are filled with some many duplicates. @SidTheKnife two points, firstly as @Verytis pointed out, Engine boost isn't really just so you can speed around dodging shells. I use it in case I've messed up in smoke and need a boost for some torp beats. Its also helpful for re-positioning, eg having to go across half the map because a flank has just collapsed. Don't underestimate IJN guns, if you set yourself up correctly the slow traverse wont affect you. The also pack quite a punch and I've caught many a gunboat by surprise who thought they would have an easy job in a shooting contest. You'll notice the higher tier boats have the two turrets at the back, this is great, if you wiggle your stern as you run from a gunboat you'll find yourself quite hard to hit but, thanks to the good IJN gun ballistics you'll give them a bloody nose and will often find they will drop the chase unless you are very low health.
  4. You clearly have bad luck, or there are just more CVs on at the time of day you play, I only had one game yesterday with 2 CVs at T8, the rest had either none or one. Come div with me so your luck improves
  5. It is only low tier games that have 3CVs per match, once you make it to the mid and higher tiers it isn't a problem anymore. Unfortunately as it currently stands the MM is rather broken and this is highlighted by the problem or 3 CV games in the lower tiers
  6. blauflamme22

    Pizza BBs

    and give it 20km torps so it can easily stab its teammates in the back
  7. blauflamme22

    CV experts

    The problem is if you bough say Dreadnought down at T3 you would be having a terrible time no matter how good of a BB player you are. You have almost no AA, and cant manoeuvre to avoid aerial torpedoes etc. basically you get to sail around being farmed by 3 CVs most games, you are also slow so if you try and manoeuvre it'll take you half the game just to get in range by which time you have half you HP gone and you are wondering why you are playing this game. After playing a few games in low tiers recently I found it so bad I actually spent some coal getting Yubari and setting it up to be purely AA so I can shepherd some friends just starting the game though the lower tier pain with some AA screening. I want more people to play the game, I want more people to buy premium ships and be invested in the game, I want more people here enjoying the game, because that doesn't just benefit WG, it benefits all of us who play the game. Right now though the state of lower tier match-making presents a pretty challenging and hostile welcome and this is mostly due to CV numbers and the balancing of AA in the lower tiers.
  8. blauflamme22

    AIRCRAFT Carriers

    I think strafe was actually the worst one of all, because a good player could completely deplane the other CV very quickly, if an average player still had access to fighters they would be a deterrent to DB and TB squadrons. Obviously though its all a moot point as they are never coming back. Overall though now I don't think they are too badly balanced, the biggest problem is the number per battle, I find with high tier DDs one CV per team is easily manageable though this can sometimes be skewed if there is only one DD per team and you happen to say be a french one in which case your team suffers a huge disadvantage with you not being able to cap. Without a CV in game you will find that even a French or Russian DD will find opportunities to cap if they are playing well and have good awareness. More and more it seems to be coming down to the MM distribution of ships, rather than just a single class or particular ship and that is another topic and problem altogether.
  9. blauflamme22

    AIRCRAFT Carriers

    You don't have to lay into new players with only a few hundred games under their belt, he has a point, the 3 CV per side games in the lower tiers are terrible. I was in a div with a clan mate who was starting a new line and playing those low tiers was not fun and I knew what I was doing. To any new player that jumps into a ship only to find it's got almost no (or actually completely no) AA and is now at the mercy of CVs farming them will be put off.
  10. Honestly that is freeXP well spent, Nelson is a fun ship to play, several of us advised a clan-mate to do the same recently and he is not regretting it at all.
  11. blauflamme22

    Devblog- CHINESE IMAGINERY PAPER ship is coming

    Considering a number of EU countries actually built their own DDs and many saw action I don't mind. They wont be copies of existing ships in game like all those UK and US DDs that were sold after the war and were then refitted with deepwater torpedoes lol, and the certainly wont be any super imaginary scenario of WGs like a pan asian Izumo. As @S4pp3R pointed out though the one issue with a commonwealth line is that most already exist in game in the British line. That being said there are still ships that aren't in game like Black Prince or Dido class so there are some real ships they could work with.
  12. blauflamme22

    Devblog- CHINESE IMAGINERY PAPER ship is coming

    I'd give you a thumbs up but WG limits the number I can give out per day. I'm totally with you on this, there are so many real ships used in real combat, and I think a lot more people would want to see these ships before clones of paper ships in highly hypothetical scenarios here, a fake ship and a fake sale
  13. blauflamme22

    Do's and Don'ts in Battleships

    I don't think the OP is on anymore, you might have to write the guide there @LawrenceXVIII
  14. blauflamme22

    Do's and Don'ts in Battleships

    agreed, you don't have to fire a full salvo but always finish them off.