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  1. blauflamme22

    Are these ships worth it?

    I actually have Huanghe and if you know what you are doing it can be a great ship, I've only had a dozen or so games in it (I have way too many ships) but I had some great runs. Any T6 is gonna have problems being uptiered but its a decent boat in the T7-T5 range. the others are meh, but i'd actually recommend Huanghe over a lot of other T6 prems
  2. blauflamme22

    Secondary cruisers

    So did I. If there was ever a cruiser that should actually be set up by WG for decent secondary spec it should be Spee, i mean its got those 150s on the side and its a cruiser at T6!
  3. blauflamme22

    So German Cruisers are Bad?

    Pre rework Hindy was actually an AA beast. It was always underestimated in that area but the 105mm guns packed a serious punch, combined that with AFT actually giving them a decent range and it ate planes. In the few games I've played recently in Hindy I've noticed it seems to take big hits even with proper angling, I enjoyed it for its durability but now it feels pretty average. I haven't seen many hindys or roons in game recently either, so I'm guessing a lot of people are picking something nicer to play, which is a shame since I really enjoyed the line, especially those two
  4. blauflamme22

    So German Cruisers are Bad?

    as @PunishedKAsual They have suffered from power creep, and now tend to be mediocre in every role.
  5. shameless Ralph, but I like it
  6. blauflamme22

    Karma Karpetbombing

    Wait, you used to be able to see who gave what smiley? How did I not know this? My ignorance continues to surprise me, every day I seem to learn things I didn't know Also to the OP, it's karma, that thing that you can lose even if you carry a team just for being too good, or for sinking somebody or because somebody was in a bad mood, just ignore it and you'll feel much better
  7. blauflamme22

    huge nerf in a WRONG way

    Can anybody remember why they chose to have only even tier CVs after the rework? I feel like that contributes to the problem too since as people have mentioned a they try to balance a T8 so it can handle T10 games bnut it crushes T6s and because there are no T7 CVs there is a much higher chance that its a T8 CV going into a T6 game, especially since they rereleased all the premium CVs at T8 at the same time
  8. blauflamme22

    clan recruiting

    Another sad truth, probably because there just aren't that many people on the forums in general. If you want a response to your post then general chat tends to be the only place to go.
  9. blauflamme22

    clan recruiting

    I really wish they'd move that section to somewhere a bit more visible. They hide it quite well
  10. @Paladinum looks like like its my turn to say oopsie daisy. I think the point here is that WG has said a lot of things and then gone and done the opposite
  11. You're forgetting that Alaska and Azuma were available for purchase in the store with real money which is something I was definitely against
  12. blauflamme22

    armored CVs OP

    And then tomorrow you detonate multiple times to balance things out?
  13. blauflamme22


    Actually I think its a nice ship, the spotter plane with its short reload works really well so you can keep your distance an not expose your thin armour. It plays like any of the other mid tier Russian cruisers, and while it isn't OP (is that what you were hoping for?) it is a decent ship
  14. Nice signature there by the way @Max_Battle very, current?
  15. blauflamme22

    What's Happened to Alena?

    just an FYI, that's how her name is supposed to be pronounced, the "e" is actually a yo sound