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    Changing Servers

    Is it possible to change to a better server , playing on the asian server is well ... shit , everyone hangs back or doesnt communicate most likely due to the fact hardly anyone speaks the same language. I know that i can create a new account to play on another server , but id like to use the ships ive already researched and purchased like the hood. and before you say "all servers are the same" , they are definately not , not only myself and others that play the asian server aswell as other have noticed this is the worst server.
  2. The Saipans fighters are tier 9 so for a tier 7 carrier is either going to have a tier 6 or 7 tier fighter which are no match. It is so bad that I dont even launch planes due to this unbalance in the game. Im sure it pisses others off , but there is not much I can do. I've lost all my planes trying to remove 1 squadron , i say try because they all failed. Wargaming needs to fix this unbalance