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  1. Massive lag spike

    I discovered that when i alt-tab out, the ping goes back to normal but jumped back to 300-400 when I actually in a game.
  2. Massive lag spike

    Since 0.7.5 update I got these 400 ping lag spike, Any suggestion? :(
  3. Will I get tier 7 replacement for my Pensacola after the split?
  4. Best premium for noobs?

    Well that sucks, I was hoping to buy Belfast.
  5. Best premium for noobs?

    I also see Loyang and Enterprise on sale,Is it some weird glitch?
  6. Best premium for noobs?

    What about Leningrad. Is it any good?It's on sale right now.
  7. Best premium for noobs?

    Thanks for every replied,i suppose i forgot to mention that i enjoy playing DD.i have unlock more tier 5 as well, like Nicolas, Podvoisky and Mutsuki (Also sorry for the late replied, school work take most of my time right now)
  8. Best premium for noobs?

    Hi, i just got Kongo but now im quite low on credits, is there any good premium for new player?